Day’s End…

At journey’s end what sins pretense shall make no sense in trends with friends ‘n choices made who’ll save the day and walk away unscathed?

In numbered days that one is given what name in cause ’tis known from living, will example set represent yea best and what might get forgiven?

‘Tis life yea see that’s meant to be a place of challenge for you and me and on this walk of path less straight we seek to find the keys to gate.

In Book of Life we scribe while walking on this path alive, the steps we take for life’s God sake shall express the measured weight in faith.

‘Tis haven’s sake one signs thy fate of action’s choice in spoken voice and in thy words of life’s perturbs one’s name is framed from scripted banes.

Or narrowed path as straight alas one chooses life with loving class and in exampled sampled test one makes thee choice to do one’s best!

In journey long what songs are sung with lyric’s rhyme in measured time, ’twill represent thee life’s torment ‘n struggles of thy soul’s ferment?

Some will hear the sounds of cheers and others may get lost in fear, as faith’s partakes for heaven’s sake and shan’t dispense eliminates nor stop what causes bellyaches.

In good and bad and sad and glad we leave the trace on dirtied face, yet all the falls that one forestalls can’t reconcile God’s gifted grace!

In knowing not thee measured lot one tries to keep thy soul from rot, and in due course on galloped horse thy race to finish can cause diminished in story without a trace!

The choice is ours to be devoured by shadowed haunts of Satan’s power or turn blind eye to his disguise and seek the light of God’s surprise.

At end of days we hope and pray that journey’s end shall give away to glimpse’s portrayed of golden rays and open door at heaven’s gate.

Some might ask why faith in tasks has to do with exampled class, ’tis chance in life, compels think twice ’bout choices made in self portrays and falling short in false charades.

Thy choice is yours to choose deplore ’bout mind’s resistance to God’s existence, yet think again as God as friend and ask thyself ’bout what is gained from truth’s abstained?

Those who run and hide decide that God and faith shan’t eclipse thy pride, refuse thy clues and close thy eyes as if they’d owned the source of wise!

Oh my friends yea think again ’bout who’s above observing trends and knowing all ’bout all our falls that fell’s compels paved road to hell.

At end of days we’ll have paved thy way to glory from thy story, or choices made to own charades ’bout who was who in being you and failing chance in circumstance to place thy faith in God’s good grace or roll the dice for otherwise…hum?

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…