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This is the official website of the Author, Poet, Public Speaker, Michael Chaffee and…Thank You for visiting today!


This site is under current development and will be providing Expositions of my newest fictional novel in the coming months.

For the time being, we hope that you may enjoy some of his previous writing, in that of Ballad Style poems. These are viewable, by clicking upon the bold underline titles below, that will take you to the poem specific page.

Story Form Poetry…

Michael’s approach to poetry, is to chronicle life’s time sensitive experiences and “frame-in” unique retrospect observations for a variety of subjects.

His poetry often asks questions, that delve into a story form of dialog, and attempts to dehumidify the opaqueness in life’s dimensional boundaries of height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other. In doing so, he uncloaks an obscure appreciation for life’s perspectives and promotes his own forward looking conclusions.

In this approach, he captures the emotion that fuels further contemplations for the ever illusive meaning for…what is life?

His poems provide an opportunity for insightful discoveries, in that of ascribing meaning to the feelings behind the passing eras in a life and in taking a few minutes out of a given day and expressing appreciation for the pursuits as well, as the escapes!

It is in seeking out deeper meanings, that we become better known, if only to ourselves. After all, in the opportunity in which we are afforded life, isn’t discovery a key component to our journey?

“If not for the struggle, what worth could be measured in the gain”

My personal philosophy, is that when and if we choose to peer deeper into life’s meanings, one also honors the inherent obligation of fulfilling the gifts of one’s blessings.

In engaging these responsibilities, we pay homage to those who’s genetic chemistry forms our ancestral heritage and summons a viewing by those beyond the thin veil.

They are separated from us in this physical world but, we are closer than we realize at times and we are never alone. We came from this spiritual domain, and inevitably…we shall most certainly be returning to it!

However cognizant or not, that one becomes aware or chooses to lend ear and focus open eyes on the gift of intuitiveness, it can be equally scaled to the same degree, that life’s many questions find answers unveiled.

We may choose to remain asleep or become awakened and give the receipt of acknowledgement in the acceptance of something communicated by the Tableau Vivant.

Upon such a motionless stage, it is only in that still and silent cast, that meanings are able to emanate from the unspoken whisper behind the curtain and touch our souls.

To the exact degree that one may come to recognize the hidden domain where wisdom resides, …they also will honor the blood that runs through their veins, in making the formal request.

Realize that it’s origins have spanned eons long before our humanness was invited to partake in the warming of hands, while seated along side the tribal campfire called life on earth…hum?

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