The Matrix Defense

In dehumidifying the opaqueness that surrounds a man’s soulful silhouette an illuminated portrait may become better defined when one allows the fog to clear and the edges can peak from the misty haze of life’s obtuse.

If a true yearning is desired and self discovery is sought for what “lies” beyond the fog, then a holographic image of one’s face can begin to more accurately define some of the edges.

It won’t necessarily be the face of the familiar self-image that is looking back at one in the mirror, as life’s appearances may take on many different faces under the oscillating conditions that intersect along one’s path.

At first, our reflection may seem unfamiliar much like an unknown cross-street that intersects the labyrinthine streets and alleys of a new town or city.

Yet as one stands in front of the foggy mirror of refection a shape will begin to take on new dimensions. New dimensions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed!

It is in seeking out such reflections that one may begin to become reintroduced to The Eight Year Old, who all too often resides buried beneath the compounding layers of protective defenses which may have developed over the course of one’s lifetime.

Too often this evolving personality may feed upon excessive pride and admiration for one’s self portrait and fail to recognize the reflective resemblances in the imaginary mirror, as being only one’s own conceit.

In such evaluations of response we are freed up to produce our imaginary friends or foes.

In conjuring up such views, one may allow a transient guest to take up residence in the shadows of one’s reality and authenticate these illusions as being one’s own truthful self…hum?

One may choose to create the arguments for their justifications and impose the ultimate conviction for how one sees the intentions of another, absent a fair trail.

In subtle brush strokes that place pen upon a worded canvas my poetry provides an invitation to cast a lime light upon the grayish hues and tones that lay asleep in the shadows of our vanities and may otherwise escape illumination.

These defensive acts of “self” preservation can take the form of an emotional body armor of sorts and allow one to distance themselves from being affected.

More importantly, such a stance may also disable one’s opportunities to contribute a more positive effect upon building stronger relationships with others.

In this subdued lighting, my words whisper of the stark contrast that exist in one’s subordination to the alternatives to presenting a more truthful self to the world.

In ushering in an internal dialog, I conjure up the arguments in the comforting domains of pillowed privacy where we all attempt to defend the unjustifiable actions of in-actions. Oh yes we do, and within those clever folds of our mind’s desires, we also issue ourselves reprieve.

Such alternatives to a clearer view of one’s self can offer escape into illusionary Matrix Realities but, will never escape…The maze until one discovers the correct branch of passage that leads them out of the puzzle tour of life…

MY field of view reckons with a greater responsibility for the discoveries of a more meaningful life and summons an appreciation for our inherent obligation to pursue a more truthful quest.

As I travel along the rolling hillside landscapes in my life’s journey, it is often the grayness in the shadows that affords me a deeper appreciative understanding for the obligations that are the debits in our blessings.

Truer meaning can often lay hidden in life’s challenges and piece by piece, bit by bit our chosen directions leading down these branching passages can fail to fully define the uniqueness of our individual souls.

Our descriptions that are aided by our words can appear in likeness as synonyms and attempt to describe the meaning behind our choices but, they can also betray our authentic representation.

In selecting the vernacular of self-description, and in order to describe a resulting definition for the desired results in choice, we must realize that the arrival at one’s destination results from the translation from the language being interpreted, not necessarily the one being spoken!

For along our trek many opportunities provide us with the avenues of discovery for the truest form of wealth, which can only be measured in the “emeralds of knowledge” and the “diamonds of wisdom”!

These most precious stones that line our paths, define the edges of the passages during our pursuits and the reflections off of the walled corridors in life’s maze offer us assurances along our journey that we haven’t lost our way!

I uncloak an appreciative connection and purpose in the exposure to the brilliance of God’s gift, which embraces the obligation to express it to the fullest potential of my being.

The value can be obscured in the muting of colors and the delicacy of fragrances that float upon the wind can all become vaporize if we choose, nevertheless they are always present!

The intuitiveness that becomes invoked during the pursuits can elude physical descriptions, yet they are always offering influences and they are always part of the forms and shapes that we choose to embrace as our realities!

The discoveries sought are after all just meant to provide greater meaning for what a life might yield in seeking truthfulness?

The illuminating brilliance that radiates from the sources of all knowledge can acquisition wisdom, if we truly begin to peer through the grey shadows and cast light upon our truest meaning.

The reflective gleaming that emanates from these precious stones that line our path are from the one true source of light in the universe, our God!

It is in such contemplations that we are afforded the opportunity to open our blinded eye and in the process of evolving a broader perspective we can become better known to ourselves and the world…

Our physical realm may provide a reckoning for height, width, depth, and position but, in order to formulate meaningful conclusions for the increments of the soul, we must begin to recognize the image from which we were modeled?


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