In the beautiful gift of life there exists many opportunities to gain an appreciation for the loving nature of our all knowing God.

Our challenge is to recognize the many ways in which that love is bestowed upon our lives in order to gain greater insight for how we are loved so deeply.

This may escape our recognition in the darkness of night when a thief may come while we are sleeping and steal away some of the trinkets of our blessings.

Yet realize that in the discovery of such a loss that the weight of such a taxing burden is only scaled against the counter balance in our beliefs.

It shall be in these times that we are exposed to the character of our very own soul, and once again we will be afforded an opportunity to examine what binds those beliefs to believing in faith and hope.

At such times, we’ll stand seemingly alone naked and raw to one of life’s harshest realities.

Time itself may appear to stop, leaving us to fixate upon the immediate finality that reminds us that everything on earth is only temporary!

However we choose to obscure this during our daily rituals there comes a day for us all where this stark contrast strips away the opaqueness and delivers the transparency of such finality. It is in these moments that the harshness of our earthly reality is introduced to the very bottom of our hearts.

We must realize that “BELIEVING” is an exclusive choice to either be in the light or sit in the darkness, naked and alone…hum?

We are all God’s children and however difficult life can be in the moments that we are burdened with or joyfully living, we must never take for granted the blessings in the precious moments that we are afforded in our lives.

Money and acquired wealth can come and go and be won or lost over the span of a lifetime but, “TIME” is the single most precious substance know to mankind for not even a single millisecond can be repurchased in order to extend the allocated allotment from God’s gift of time living life.


In suffering the loss of a child, it can shake us to our very souls and in some instances the unsettled emptiness may seem to provide just cause for momentarily relieving us of any of our steadfast beliefs.
What’s important is for us to retain our soulful humility and acceptance for the infancy of our human knowledge and invite a greater appreciation for the magnificence in his grand design.
We must be willing to accept that he and he alone calls each of us home to fulfill his plan, not ours!
We must view life’s uncertainties in our acceptance of having no control very much like our ability to have influence over the storms or sunny days in the weather patterns.

There will be hurricanes, heat waves and frost bitten periods that mirror life’s struggles and as well there will be the delight of a cool breeze on a summer’s morning.
The measurement of our characters will be scaled against our foundational belief and the resistance to the winds of life that blow hard shall provide evidence of the girth of the footings from where the strength of character is founded upon.
We must never forget that it is his will be done, not ours!
For it was from his will that creation of the entire universe was formed and it was from his imagination that he also conjured up human-beings to partake in life!
In the most raw moments of life this reality can sit idle in the heartfelt woes that life ushers in from the loss of child but, it is purposeful. The destiny for all of us is to return home and we must come to realize that his all knowing understanding, far, far exceeds our ability to fully comprehend the greater depth in his meaning.
For the truest meaning of life as a human only comes at the moment of death and if we believe, then the warmth of God’s all loving heart shall shine the light of love so we may all find our way back home.
We could have no greater hope for a child than to be welcomed home once again by our loving father in heaven so, take solace in being given (however temporary) a role to play in the contribution to one’s life.
As time unwinds the continuance of whatever life remains for each of us on earth, we should always remember as Christians, that God gave his only son so he above all, knows of such pain, for his son adorned, is always mourned, ’twas hung to tree while slain



Oh heavy is the heart when the bell tolls for the loss of a child in depths of which we’ll seek to slumber, if only for a while.
We contemplate capture escape bow heads for child now dead, ‘cus ‘tis no place we’d find the face of life ‘twhere eyes lost dread.
Oh child of mine ‘twas months of nine as life was carried in womb but God called home your soul alone and left me with thy tomb.
My heart screams out just seeking doubt for why I’m left alone this gift of love from God above now gone to heaven’s home.
In depths of days without sun’s rays the dark comes rolling in no friend or kin can aid within nor still thy rage in loss of grin.
My God above in taking love ‘twill know he’s taken mine the one who goes both to and fro ‘twill challenge love’s divine.
No time or place can stop the clock and bring back life of child no place to hide or take a ride or talk with voice once dialed.
Oh woes my soul and let me go to be with child again for what’s the sense continued hence all joy ‘tis now disdain.
Inside it seems while dreaming scenes I see a life with child, awake you’re gone I dread the dawn close eyes and hope for smile.
No answers here just hold life dear and pull those close to vest, take sighs relief count toes on feet and make child safe in nest.
Of mother’s fears and life unclear can’t hover net’s safe cover, ‘cus life of fear can’t exchange secure with hopes employed by smothers.
Know life we live ‘tis challenged with events we cannot fathom ‘twere not alone all kids go home ’tis been this way since Adam.
Take rag from face there’s no disgrace shed tear and cry for loss, ‘twill be a day not far away till then put faith in cross.
Know deep inside that God knows why for he has felt such pain his son adorned is always mourned ‘twas hung to tree while slain.
No pain can claim of love’s refrain you’ll know why time’s to ponder the reasons why will come to eyes when time ‘twill come for yonder.


Michael Chaffee


Dedicated to our second son, Adam Chaffee PASSED: 3-9-89


2 thoughts on “LOSS OF CHILD”

  1. Mike,

    I love how you processed the healing you needed through your conscious gifts through evolutionary transformation and came to a higher clearer perspective of the truth divine.

    Love, Tanya

    1. In attempting to imagine how a Mother might feel in the bottomless pit of desperation, I wanted to acknowledge the thoughtfulness in appreciating, if only for a moment, and if only with the liberty of imaginative assumption, how one might try to express such events.

      I of course, am not qualified in that of having never been bestowed the honor of being a Mother but, vicariously through the observance of suffrage, in that of my own Wife’s loss of our second son at child birth and two of my Mother’s own children, I came to know the finality in that of the presence of the aroma of death!

      It appears like a thief in the night with no warning, and it’s whisper emanates from the stillness of the darkness and finds comfort in residing in the bottomless hole of your heart! Nothing can prepare us for it’s finality, it’s shocking and abrupt silence!

      The pale grey face of death leaves us with no answers. It is devoid of reflections from what was once gleaming eyes full of life. We search back and forth in the stark contrast of the fixed dilated pupils, as life leaves the body once known, and wonder to where they have gone? As vitals eclipse and the body still lays motionless, the harsh reality take residences in the hole in our hearts.

      It is in these moments of despair that we are left with only two choices, to believe or not to believe? My choice is to believe, as it is the only choice that offers me hope that I may be with those who have passed through that mysterious thin veil when my day comes…

      It’s not farewell, it’s just until we meet again!…hum?

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