Thyself is one of the most aloof personalities that we will ever attempt to discover in the course of our lives!

Steadfast Loyalty…

We will make every excuse for him or her in tight situations and offer reprieve for almost any infraction.

He or she can be like that select family member that is exempt of critique, denied cross examination, never insulted with being questioned about their motives and the ones we’d offered a hall pass during instruction when in fact they were tardy!

In the solace of one’s own mind some may choose to give a reprieve for running a red light to “self” merely because they were in a hurry without even a second thought as to the risk to others?

In other situations one might find distaste in recognizing the accomplishments of others merely because the fruits of their own labor would appear less palatable in comparison.

In failing to appreciate the accomplishments of others,…however these may pale to one’s own imaginary sense of value, one only deprives one of the real proof in the pudding.

The Proof In The Pudding…

While savoring the bowl full of self-redemption, absent an appreciation for the obligation of humility one can become engorged on the abundance of “self” predicated feasting.

The biggest problem with this is that the more one consumes of “self” the hungrier one becomes.

We never seem to get full on ourselves while engrossed in the arousal of our imaginary successes!

Modern society too often teaches us that looking within our own justifications and reasoning isn’t worth the pursuit, as others will offer us a daily reminder of our faults and mistakes, so why be redundant?

In failing to recognize our own faults and or mistakes we never leave room for desert, which is atonement!

Now just think about that for an extra second or two longer…hum?

Atonement, the definition of “atonement” is; 1.) Recovery of something pawned or mortgaged. 2.) The payment of an obligation


Autonomy is too often confused with atonement as it is often mistaken or switched with paying the mortgage on our blessings!

Atonement is the only cosmic currency that is reconcilable for paying the debt of our spiritual obligations.

In applying the exclusivity of a self-governing freedom that is predicated upon the absence of any external control or influence, what is pawned or mortgaged in the requisitioning of such independence…hum?


The sweet taste of desert (so to speak) only becomes known by pushing ourselves back from the banquet table’s feast of self, and discovering the greater abundances in life’s multiple course meal.

We can never truly savor the aroma and flavors of atonement while our faces are buried in the delectable sweet taste of self!

Additionally, we can never fully appreciate the chocolate icing on the cake of atonement without first applying the flavor enhancing seasoning of humbleness!


The idea that we own all the rights to our life is one of the world biggest misconceptions.

I think God made it crystal clear to Job when he was all caught up in his own self-image.

In the story of Job God identifies the limits that Job had over the world and exposed him to the transparencies in his own self righteousness!

The Bigger Picture

Prior to Job’s suffering of humility he had acquired a certain image of himself being a good and perfect man.

It wasn’t that this image was completely incorrect but, his self-righteousness had falsely projected something internally that had achieved perfection, yet had not!

As the story goes, upon hearing the testimonies of his three friends he became filled with anxiety in recognizing that his own failures originated in the very heart of his own soul.

God offered Job a cleansing by shattering Job’s image of himself before his very own eyes!

When being challenged by the confrontation of examples of duplicity between his external and internal representation, what did Job’s transparencies reveal to him?

Did he defend his image of himself or did he repent?

Did he suffered from the embarrassment of humility and offer up atonement as compensation, or did he afford himself the continuation of living in the safe refuge of autonomy?

Initially Job did not perceive that anything was wrong with him, why? Because if something was wrong it would have been a major embarrassment which at the time would have been irreconcilable with his own self image, until humility could enter his field of view.

Therefore, he initially did what most all us do from time to time, he chose to defend and justify himself and in turn conceal the real truth about himself.

His story is about the destruction of his “owned” self-image, of which he had never actually paid the mortgage on. His image was financed on the collateral of his acquired earthy imaginary wealth.

Retribution for self righteousness can only be compensated in the increments of recompense that are earned in the form of cosmic currency.

The weight of these shekel earnings can only be measured in that of the sincerity in exchanging humility for self righteousness!

The outward exhibits of our human nature’s desire to hold fast to self righteousness can only be overcome by the overpowering of our internal sincere humbleness that radiates from the heart of the soul in recognizing God’s unquestionable authority.

Just because we manage to hide our flaws from ourselves doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, and that they are somehow hidden from the view of others.

Even in the case of what God discussed with Satan, in that, Job was an unusually righteous person he still was not perfect!

The conduct of our lives may have the illusion of being perfect, yet…the problem is just as in the story of Job, it is who we are in our internal thoughts that authentically represent us. This being especially true in how we perceived ourselves in relation to God, as well as our fellow man.

For it is in this internal dialog that our self identity testifies to the truthfulness of “Thy Self”…

In order for us to even begin to recognize how we may appear to God and others, we must begin by seeking to discover The Truth about who we are not, before we can become acquainted with who we are.

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