The Truth

Truth is an elusive culprit that lurks in the shadows of our own imaginations and sometimes just like a chameleon “truth”, our imaginary truth can even take on the appearance of what surrounds it?

Our gullibility for our created version of truth offers us the opportunity to deceive ourselves into believing that our transgressions appear as something else…hum?

At times we can dress up “truth” in the colored disguise of a Clown’s face makeup, which may afford some of us an unrecognizable reflection in the mirror of a soulful personal identity.

For in the illusionary deceptions that one may create in the solace of their own mind, an escape routing is offered up!

This action can provide a path of retreat from one’s responsibility for creating such illusionary truth!

Although to what degree we deceive ourselves will depend upon how immersed we become lost while pulling the cloaked deceptions over our own eyes.

These episodes in life may allow such decisions to blend into the surroundings of our virtual and very creative realities!

It is in the hypocritical conduct of our self perpetuating desires for our realities, that the spiritual consequences for our duplicity remains invisible to us in our here and now life existence.

Yet all along however these exchanges go unnoticed to us, the purposeful intent in our actions scribe and log our profiles upon the form that represents our characters.

This representation is what becomes the results of our hole punched Cosmic Identity Card (CIC) and this is what attests to the weighted worth of our souls.

Life’s trials and tribulations offer us up many opportunities to provide testimony for our trials, verdicts, convictions and executions of ourselves and others.

Our adherence to any thread of “truthful conviction” in the examples we offer as our identity is very much like giving a factual accounting or a statement about our individual meaning for truth under oath!

The associations that can draw conclusions for the weight of our individual souls are derived from the scaled measurements of our reactive characters.

These are scaled and weighed from the representations of our conduct and our adherence to the common laws of virtues, values, ethics and morality!

Some will choose to wear the Clown’s painted mask of self deception 24/7 in order to remain unrecognizable to their untruthfulness!

As such, some performers may choose to participate in many three ring circus events during the span of their lifetime’s performance, yet they will fail to capture a glimpse for the obvious in their own transparencies!

In our defiant arrogance we may refuse to recognize the obtuse meanings which become interlaced in between the interpretive results from our individual statements but, we will never escape the responsibility for the results!

The testimony of one’s individual character is what is being testified to and our attempts at narrowing the gamut of the more than 100,000 discriminable variations in color is what identifies the image being painted for our self portrait.

These resulting swaths of streaming colors will scream as an innocent bystander or key suspect!

It is in our choices for black or white, verses the fullest spectrum of colors in the rainbow that will afford us the picture’s framed view for the definitions in our examples for individually painted characters.

We can limit our field of view for our world of beauty to just the basics, it is entirely up to us!

Our truth…hum, isn’t necessarily truth at all as it begins to take on the new form of desire in the illusions painted upon the Clown’s face.

In that of the pastel colored mask there in “lies” one’s exclusive self…the selfish “self”.

This is the narrow minded dimension where we deed ownership to the illusion of “need” to the new found real estate of fulfilled desires!

As we fan the flames of desire we can starve the oxygen that breaths life into the laws of logic and we can succumb to the age old weakness, vanity!

In Proverbs, we can hear the wisdom of Solomon;


Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

What’s lost…

In such a cloaked identity one can lose the opportunity to own their individual identity by affording themselves the liberty of abstaining from recompense for the obligations of their blessings.

It is in such masquerades of the soul that our truth can sometimes become unrecognizable, even to ourselves!

So…who are we individually while standing in front of the mirror of reflection?

Are we the lust-fulness of the body or are we the lovingness of the spirit. Can we serve two masters,…hum?

Luke 16:13

“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon”

Do we place our own wants and desires ahead of others and seek self fulfillment on earth or do we set aside our earthly illusions and recognize that the gift of greater faith is acquired by abstaining from the rewards of immediate gratification?

In finding one’s truer self, I believe that one must begin peeling back the onion skin layers of obscurities, which all too often cloaks our view for what is truthfulness.

We fail ourselves in failing to recognize our own transparencies.

In the convergence of assimilating a meaning for what’s behind the veil for one’s truth one can inadvertently exchange the definition of unequivocal truth for a worldly secular version of half truths or even less.

Our rights…

Each of us may choose to do what we choose to do and from time to time we can allowed our subconscious emotions to subject the world, our world, to our exclusive right to our exclusive perception!

In less than the span of a second in time one’s internal dialog can fail thy self, in failing to recognize what corrupts our immortal spirit.

In the blink of an eye one may script the dialog for a story of hallow and meaningless value or strong substance of character in allowing such decisions to manifest as their desired reality.

For in that “blink of an eye” during that span of unrecognized time we earn reward or pay the consequence for the right of free choice!

In that given moment, in that nano-second spark that glimmers the radiant glow of one’s soul, we make the purchase of our individuality,…we choose?

The choice is ours to become lost among the dark matter of the cosmos in making the poorest decisions for our representation and become lost in the darkness…or we can choose to shine a light upon our earthly path and the path of others…hum?

If we choose to continue into the darkness’s obscurity, a definition can become upheld for one’s self and from that story-line script we cast verdict of guilt or innocence in the testimony that we have provided of ourselves.

For what is the meaning of one’s journey, if not to provide a testimony for the weighted worth of our soul?

Our testimonies…

In such performances we have the freedom to betray ourselves during this existence and in the murmurings of our internal justifications our need for truth (our own individual truth), denies the purest form of truth.

The unequivocal truth, God’s unadulterated all knowing truth is the only form of truth that man can’t really ever seem to truly imagine!

As we too often exchange our own desires for this earthly reality letting “our” will be done, not his!


For we carry a heavily laden load in the weight of our free choices. In these free choices we can become distracted along the trail-head journey of life with all the colorful choices afforded us in accomplishing a self-fulfilling life.

In the conquest of life’s acquisitions we can all too often take on the additional burdens in our choices and in doing so,…this also can give cause for us to be fumbling with a “Lazy Man’s Load”.

Judge and jury…

Our convictions are our choices and we will have the titled ownership of all our verdicts.

The sentences that we pass down shall become like blemishes upon the clean and youthful complexions of our adolescence.


Oh…how we must pain God’s heart in our shallow behaviors that ooze from the pores of his creation.

He provided us a beautiful appearance and so many unworthy souls only choose to disfigure their own image with the blemishes of fanciful conceit and blissful arrogance.

Woe unto them and any of us who “choose” to rise each day and not ask for forgiveness by forgiving!

In the hypodermic injections of selfish impurities our complexions can begin to exhibit the ruddied affects for our own free choices.

In our quick witted convictions of others we can become consumed by the fever or we can be prescribed the antidote for the infection of the soul.

We can choose to ingest the medication that can cure such illness, forgiveness!

It is only in this action, this choice, this decision,…that we release the chains that bind us to the confines of our earthly inheritance of being human!


If we wish to rise above, then we must begin the journey by practicing to rise above whatever it is that is holding us down!

Our Representative…

In the forms of our individually cupped hands, the Potter’s clay forms definition for our characters.


In the spinning wheel of life, we become shaped and the closer we get to the flames in the Kiln the more resilient these forms become unchangeable profiles, representing the imperfections in our own characters!

It is only through further contemplation that we may come closer to understanding our shortsightedness for the deceptions we create in our individual choices for truth.

The Olive Branch…

Realize, that all to often our creative and imaginative deceptions in our self-afforded perception can shake the leaves right off the olive tree!

We can choose to turn blind eye to what should be a recognizable and distinguished olive branch offering of loving intentions and instantly turn it into a brutal switch of discipline for get evenness!

The Development of A Loving Plan…

A “Loving Plan” is better intended and as such one’s approach should be elucidated upon with close friends and family in order to become well rounded.

Prior to executing an eloquently offered plan that could meet a loving objective, it should require much dialog in arriving at a culmination of consensus.

In order to decide what direction is to be taken at such an intersection in our life, it would be most wise to develop a harmonious uniformity in human interaction for the laws that identify real solutions.

After all, our incarcerated thoughts that may arise in the mind’s solitary confinement may not always be the best conclusions for representing our truest loving intentions?

As imposing a disproportionate singular opinion as an absolute or abstaining from the participation of debate, would only incriminate one in the future.

For in having failed to collaborate and play an effective role in facilitating recognizable loving intentions, self incrimination of the soul becomes evident.

Critical thinking…

Unfortunately, our emotions can afford us the liberty of justifying our independent perspectives, which can incinerate any appreciation for the common “laws of identity”.

If a paralleling appreciation can be adopted in our “laws of identity“, as in the phrase; “a rose is rose” or a father is a father (at the very least in the eyes of a son), then maybe a higher purpose could be recognized as the long-term LOVING goal!

After all, it is really the purposeful well being of another above one’s self that is the most important purpose of representing God’s expectation for the future of our ever-lasting life, right?

Doing the math…

Mathematically speaking, in order to be a function of an equation,… it requires recognizing a constant in the problem solving exercise, so that the problem can be solved!

The “constant” in the equation of life is LOVE…we all seek it everyday and depending upon the availability of this constant, we flower or wither in formulating the responses to the problem solving equations in our life!

Recognizing love…

The many examples in the patriarchal and matriarchal roles of our parents provided us with different perspectives in acknowledging our own responsibilities to love and as such…our views of the world can be seen through this fog or clarity that becomes our focus through those lenses.

The voyage upon the sea…

We may choose to see ourselves as the Helmsmen or Ship’s Captain of our own vessel, yet fail to see the example of the under-“lying” tones of a passive aggressive personality, with the impending risk of a mutinous crew’s revenge!


So…”volatility” and mood swings can certainly present challenges in staying any charted course while sailing uncharted waters!

It is in the translation of such navigational language, that an example of gale force winds blow and as such, destructiveness can weaken the threads that binds the strong sail’s fabric of a family’s unity!

If we can cinch down the sheets and tighten the knots in anticipation, then individually we can be ready to ride above the pounding waves and tack a straighter course to an island’s leeward safe refuge.


It is upon these imaginary wayward seas, of which we choose to sail beyond lands end off the edge of the world, or we choose to sail into a sea of tranquility!

Are we in each others life so that we may head-strong sail off the edge of the earth or are we here to discover something beyond the limits of our own imaginations, our truest statement…hum?

Fallible mankind…

Oh…how we subjugate life’s journey to the dominion of the narrows of our thoughts and the shallows of our own psyche. What can our age gained wisdom gift to others in a package that would be acceptable and received as loving?

In the infinite spans of the universe how is it that our self predicated logic applies such significance to us as God’s most significant creation, is truly beyond me and you.

We only fool ourselves in choosing to believe that we can truly come to know “truth” from those of whom we have chosen as our shipmates.

Our individual truth can only be discovered by embracing God and God alone!

How could any of us truly ever fathom the depth of God’s meaning that comes from the results of our own testimonies?

I believe that we can only imagine truth and in that process, we have a choice and in that choice we all too often fail to recognize our individual fallibilities.

I can only hope for divine intervention, as God intends to work through each of us but, we must allow his will to be done, not ours!

I to believe that God helps those who help themselves and in order to find favor we must appreciate and contemplate a strategy that will help come to terms with taking responsibility for our own participation in the results of our lives.

I don’t believe that patronizing immoral improprieties are going to help any of us become more aware but, shaking the rag in front of another person’s face as a reminder isn’t going to get them any closer to the common goal, the loving well being of our soul’s intention!

So…we must realize that we are not the judge of others, or we too shall be judged in a similar way!

Luke 6:37

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

Matthew 7:1-3

7-1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
7-2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
7-3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

In the same light Luke spoke of our responsibilities to one another in this;

Luke 17:3-4

“Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. 4: And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him”

We are all defendants in the common crime of life’s misconduct and at times bad behavior that doesn’t exemplify honesty or modesty at times.

It might have been a time when we had chosen to inadvertently dishonor ourselves (in a biblical sense) in some way shape or form in our decisions to ride with the devil.

In taking such a ride…we only fail ourselves in recognizing the “Dark One’s” influence over some of those decisions.

In succumbing to the temptations of The Seven Capitol Sins, aren’t we subordinating our choices to something that is beneath us…hum?

We must realize that the dark one takes glee in using us as a divisive tool to inflect hurt upon one another, all awhile obscuring the instructions for living a loving life!

He’d like us to fail in obtaining a passing grade on our examination. He does this by distracting us during the test, so that we’ll punch the incorrect holes on the Cosmic Identity Card’s CIC form.

It’s a multiple choice examination during our lifetime and one must study and concentrate on selecting the most correct answers!

Leading by example, the example is set in our attitudes…

If we don’t become recognized as part of others considerations (except when we’re seen as a vehicle for their self-serving opportunities) then our love is held hostage!

We can’t get caught up in choosing to refrain in giving and from reciprocating in kindness regardless how the world slaps us in the face.

Why?…Well because we know that the only power that anyone has over another is the attraction of a positive attitude.

We know that in exemplifying such behaviors that a curiosity envelops in the mind of even the most negative person and it can more effectively entice the goodness in others to rise to the surface.

We will read these parts of our story’s someday, and some will exemplify a weaker or stronger soul, for these are the crimes of the heart and the misfortune of the “Jumbled Truth” that has perpetuated from the illusions of so many false realities.

Our job today,…and in whatever piece of time our future owns is to develop a way to inch our way into a meaningful relationship with our brothers and sisters so that we can make everyone we meet the beneficiary of the strongest example of love through our development of a strong God respecting character.

Any decisions that we force upon the world, without concerns for diminishing the potential for loving friendship isn’t living up to our own potential of letting God’s love shine through us!.

So…go out and practice letting God’s love shine brightly through you today!

Take a shot at creating that surprised look on someones face when you rush to get to the door first, and then step back to open it,…offering assistance…hum?

Or maybe pulling out that shopping cart from the intertwined tangled mess and give it to the person who rushed up to beat you to it?…That’s one of my wife’s favorites, thanks Janine for the example!

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