The Wider Eyed View

The Wider Eyed View…

What lurks in the shadows among the halls and corridors of life’s opportunity for truly learning how to advance our mind’s designs?

What remains obscure in the categorical proposition and delusional security that is created in our self predicated beliefs?

Running on Empty…

In such hurried pace, we force upon our moment by moment decisions a delusional unprepared halfheartedness for how our choices actually influence the results of our lives and the lives of others.

Sure Footing…

An appreciation for our uniqueness may become lost in the shadows of life’s fog and it is in such obscurity that an imbalance may occur, which can cause one to have greater difficulty in placing one foot in front of the other.

With one eye closed and while walking in the fog on hurried pace, we can mistake our holographic silhouette as proof of life!

We can fail to be formally introduced to the substantive value in the uniqueness of our soul’s character.

What I mean by this is that the physical properties of our earthly accomplishments can seem to offer a form of comfortable justifications for the representation of a soul’s character on earth and in making these choices our life’s accomplishments may fail to deliver us from evil.

The Teeter Totter…

It is in this balancing act that one becomes defined as being “invisibly” a good, bad or indifferent human being and in that process one my choose to exchange truthfulness for half-truth or even less?


In our individual struggles and while peering out into that foggy window’s framed view of our world, what sways the selections for our way-points between so many opposing differentials?

What statements will become our testimonies and authenticate the worth in the measured weight of our souls?

What oils the hinges and eases the door’s swing into the corridors of our mind’s desires or keeps the ghosts of crimes past all locked up in basement?

More Questions…

It is from questions such as these…that my writings seek to engage an internal dialog for what “lies” beneath the undertone influences for such individual choices?

What is measured as truthful success when placing valued weight for the span of a lifetime upon the scale’s balance?

What can truly be measured in the weight of our souls in that of our accomplishments on earth?

What will be deemed as most valued from the differences between worth and worthless, when such substantive meaning is placed upon the scales in the domain of the divinity?

Twenty Eight Thousand Days…

As life will have it’s limits…and in the allocation of our God’s given time allotted,…what is to be understood from the conquest, the subjugation and the scaling of subservience to a higher authority?

We are allotted (as Americans) on average,…28,000 days to go on a quest for discovery of “thyself“… or we can remain a stranger and write any such thinking off to an over exposed moon burn.

For in the phases of the moon’s twenty eight day cycle, what vision becomes magnified on the horizon that appears to be etched upon the lunar surface?

From where did we derive our lunacy in that of the imaginary illustration of man’s portrait on the moon’s ruddy surface?

Comparatively, don’t some today choose to apply inequality to their beliefs? Don’t some attempt to validate unsubstantiated scientific theory, offering it as well-substantiated, yet it is still only a theory?

The lunacy, that for eons allowed man to perceive man’s portrait on the surface of the moon was also a theory.

As our ability to develop greater ocular assistance from magnification improved, greater understanding evolved and it became recognized that, that perception was purely imaginative…hum?

Our Imaginations…

We can build fortress walls and arrange an all exclusive world between our own two ears…or we can construct a town, city, state, country, nation for an all inclusive world, these choices are ours!

There is a world of discovery that may too often escape us…even knowing that discovery may be acquired without ever having taken a single step?

Know thyself…

In my life’s quest of searching for greater meaning of my life’s time allotted, I stumbled upon an assembly of woven text,…that forms the fabric of a laconic phrase called the 8th Delphic Maxim (Gnôthi seauton).

This laconic phrase can be taken as a terse interpretation or circumlocutory, as the choice is individually ours to do with it as we will or subordinate thy will, to God’s will.

In setting our individual way-point and selecting a heading for one destination in lieu of another, we will own or we can discard the value that may be acquired from the simplest or most complex interpretation for the 8th Delphic Maxim (Gnôthi seauton).

One may choose to obscure a greater meaning for life in deciding which path is to be taken, as one can choose to refrain from identifying the most illusive culprit in discovering our reality, thyself!

In the refraining of rejoinder, a moment of further contemplation for the meaning of truth for our existence may afford us a little clearer focus upon our strongly marked individuality.

It can be in the span of a single nano second, that blinded eye may be afforded the opportunity to be opened, the most important thing to remember is to always be ready, because God doesn’t blink twice!

Beyond The Thin Veil…

The cosmic realm lays purposely hidden from our earthly focus, as the limitations in our perception only offer an occasional fleeting unsubstantiated glimmer for what lies beyond.

Yet…for some of us, a belief in something greater than ourselves is authenticated in the peripherals of such glancing flickers.

In choosing to use a blind eye to focus upon only the physical properties of our world, we close our mind’s eye to the infinity of the cosmos!

For in blinded eye’s rigidity of such posturing, life offers us an illusionary view of safe refuge.

Unfortunately the loss of depth perception in the exclusivity of this one eyed view for our earthly domain, also limits our spiritual growth.

The peripherals of life’s view are every bit as important as a dead reckoning, as it is from these frayed edges that our eyes acquire the most acute focus that can lead us out of the darkness!

The Darkness…

Jesus said; “I am the light” and in this statement, I believe that he infers to the vastness of the universe as being mostly dark matter.

I am the light is offering us a beacon of light along our path that can lead us home.

The light walks with us (when invited), through the disproportionate valley of darkness that spans the universe.

It matters not (in this example) if you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim, because a reference is made to God’s light in all of these theologies.

The weight of our individual souls are measured in the way that we let God’s light shine through us!…

The transparency in our individual lens offers us opportunities to produce reflective magnification of God’s light, in the angles in which we adjust our +/- ocular assistance!

Might I suggest, for you to now go about your day with an greater appreciation and responsibility for letting God’s loving light shine through you!

Write a sentence, paragraph or chapter worth reading in your own 28,000 days of story be told!

God’s One Question for us all…

He is only going to have one question at the end of this journey called life; “ My child, did you learn to love?

If so…it will be written in your Book of Life from which your story will be told.

Writing with the Veiled…