Isn’t “Fake News” really just like bearing false witness against thy neighbor?
Isn’t what we’re all hearing and seeing on every form of mass media just exactly that?
Aren’t they really just pitching and selling us with the bias of speculative gossip, and in doing so isn’t this exactly like bearing false witness?
Thou shalt not bear false witness” forbids:
1. Speaking falsely in any matter, lying, equivocating, and any way devising and designing to deceive our neighbor.
2. Speaking unjustly against our neighbor, to the prejudice of his reputation; and (which involves the guilty of both).”

The Eight Commandment…?
I believe that in order for Jews or Christians or Muslims to be fully informed about an obligatory adherence to their own dogma and doctrines as followers of their “faith” they need to familiarize themselves with the Talmud!
No really, we all need to understand from where the laid foundation for our very own practiced laws and the laws of society have their origins!
Rather than to get caught up in a debate between what is or isn’t in The Old Testament vs The Torah or for that matter the Quran, I believe it is fairly straight forward at least to agree that ALL have their roots set in one of the same mindset, at least as to the foundational origins.
Unfortunately, most people believe whatever supports their world view. And whether that’s the view of Evangelist, Zionist or even Islamist many seem to forget or just ignore such foundational facts.
And some people can seem to ignore the origins of that facial autism thing, which shows exactly who they are in applying their own convictions when the nerve strikes them…hum?
In wading through the E-coli bacteria count of today’s mind priming contingencies, which commands the sway of our apparent free choices, we are prodded and poked with attention grabbing urgency, alerts and propagandize importance, which is being broadband injected into our lives!
The bacteria that I’m speaking of in essences is what we are seeing from our so called media press corps these days.
Of course no one from an opposing point of view believes what’s being propagated by an opposing point of view because that would require someone to entertain another prospective, right?
What is being popularized by the priming narratives is in effect nothing short of subliminal mind control that fosters further division!
How many of these talking points do you suppose are actually a real crisis or a critical issue that is worthy of demanding so much of our attention?
What if an urgent, critical alert attention garbing narrative is something that’s just made up?
What if it’s truly a purposeful attempt at sensationalizing poppycock or at the very least the promotions of purposeful embellishments that are designed to meet an objective like better ratings and rankings?
Doesn’t it make sense that such narratives are merely veiled attempts at propagating socially engineered directives?
No, not a conspiracy but a “Consensus” of understanding (PBS, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NEWS MAX, ETC..) that applies a politically charged and motivated rational for how we all get informed and on which side of the divide that we’ll be standing.
In the broadcasting of seeds, any Farmer can explain that in order to have any hopes of bearing fruit you’ll need four must haves;

  • a.) Seeds
  • b.) Soil
  • c.) Water and of course
  • d.) Fertilizer

Thus, in thinking of the so called “NEWS” of today like a Farmer would (when planting his crops), what are the parallels?
Well first you’d need some land and the land needs to be fertile ideally with access to water by irrigation or natural precipitation, correct?
If you need to rely only upon the natural precipitation then your yields may suffer. Equally so, if the soil has fewer nutrients then the same can be said about the potential growth of any given crop.
Comparatively, imagine that the land is the populous of a listening or watching audience as in this metaphor you can’t plant anything without a place to plant it, correct?
Now a place to plant something from a “go to market” business strategy should consider what type of crop will not just have the highest yield but also exemplify what type of crop will bring the highest value!
And once again, comparatively the selection of the type of crop here in this example is exactly like the selection of what kind of story that will bring the highest value (audience) when being broadcasted upon fertile ground.
Realize that the soil preparations would have already been completed prior to the seeding operations in a News worthy example, as the divisions in the populous would have already been fed the fertilizer and crop specific micro-nutrient blend that could accelerate the planted seeds growth and explosion of bearing fruit!
The potential yield of fruit in the “News” is measured in the evaluation within a measured demographic response and this is very much like measuring the germination rate of a sampling of seeds.
Old seeds don’t have as high of a germination rate as say new seeds, and Avocados bring more return than Bananas do!
Thus in the successful ideas behind the “SELLING” of a story be told, it is crucial to know your market and your product!
Our News agencies today know and sow the seeds into the shallow fertile ground that produces what can only be explained as an anticipated contagiousness and contentiousness in the results.
One resulting effect of this irresponsible journalistic broadcasting technique is like yelling fire in a crowded theater, which is fostering and promoting a civility gone rouge.
Their narratives (their product) for a prescribed reality aren’t interested in providing healthy food they just want to produce a non-organic GMO variety of fodder that will get gobbled up by the unsuspecting herd that’s being lead to slaughter!
And they know exactly what fertilizer to use in order to gain the highest yields!
They also know what’s needed in preparing for the soil’s micro-nutrient deficiencies, as the application of these are a key factor in having any chance of successfully seeding ideas that will take root and flourish.
Also, seeded ideas can’t germinate when a mind is resting in sterile soil nor bear fruit with a bountiful harvest unless all the preparations are carefully dissected, analyzed, categorized. For after all the potential of a crop’s potential yield has everything to do with the selection of it’s genus and species.
Thus, in attempting to catch a bird’s eye view for how the media’s toxicity is hell bent on poisoning the next generation of crops and even eventually sterilizing the soil well, you’d need a power line (elevated observation location) perch in order to watch the slow and methodical growth patterns of the crops below.
Ever since the beginning of the O.J. Trial back in the early nineties (when several lawyers were hired as announcers), the news began to become a ligating argument for or against what was actually the TRUTH?
They’d lost interest in telling what had actually happened and found it more profitable to make suggestions as to what might have happened.
If that didn’t quench our thrust for current events they’d add the possibility for what could have happened or would have happened or in some cases should have happened?
These so called news agencies have blatantly transitioned from reporting the news to sensationalizing our exposure to daily events and then speculating on them.

Now days they just make it up and in providing us with the “FAKE” versions they also collaborate with their co-conspirators to spin their contrived versions of truth so that it can best accommodate their political agenda!
No one should argue that the vast majority of the press and social media is anchored (no pun intended) in a liberal minded bias that leans heavily toward a political agenda. And as such this influence should therefore take responsibility for the vast majority of what is being recklessly and relentlessly propagandized.
They choose to refrain from investigating while suppressing and ignoring a factual story about information on Hunter Biden’s laptop. All along while propagating the idea that is was merely an attempt by Russia to influence the 2020 election.
Then they collaborate in promoting a FAKE narrative about Trump being in bed with the Russians. The simple and glaring fact was that this was exactly like the pot calling the kettle black because Hillary Clinton did in fact do just that during the 2016 election.
That’s right, these news agencies are poisoning the next generation of our American populous, very much in collaboration with academia’s one sided slant toward totalitarian socialism.
This mindset is called “Wokeness” and it is very like the promotion of a new religion, except that they’re trying to replace God with science (mammon).
If one can’t easily see the parallels between developing a hybrid version of agricultural crops and how this is being applied to the next generation, well maybe you need to climb up to a little higher perch?
It’s slow and methodical very much like how plants grow and it should be alarming, to say the least!
This style of news has become just like a herbicide, which is developed in order to kill opposing plants (point of view).
The only free speech that matters to them is the freedom of the press to say and print any version of what they’d like to call the truth.
Unfortunately, their version is the only version that fits their own narrative and they control and suppress the allotted time that another version should deserve in providing a well balanced verses an agenda driven story.
Academia is really no better as they have partnered up to virtually eliminate any opportunity for debates by socially criminalizing a conservative for having any opinions that run contrary to their own…hum?
As an example, the news media promotes and supports the right of a woman to relinquish her unique ability to reproduce life by giving her the right to terminate a new life that she has the responsibility for nurturing and caring for in her womb.
This so call “CHOICE” is gifted to woman because they are told that they and only they have the right to control their bodies. Never mind that a woman has been gifted the unique privilege of being able to bring a new life into the world for after all, all that’s relevant (according to the liberal agenda) is that she has the right to give life or to take it away!
If I recall correctly, that right is unique to God almighty;
JOB 1:21 And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Doctors and Nurses that participate are as well exempted from any form of prosecution for choking a life out even after delivery of a viable human life…hum?
By marginalizing the definitive counted number of hairs that are developing in the womb they fail to see that they themselves have subordinated to a new master veiled as a new form of religion, which is taking power over them.
That power isn’t the right to choose but, the choice that they were persuaded into believing that it was!
Freedom of choice has limits and those limits should stop at infanticide!
And that’s no different than the freedom of speech that exempts screaming “FIRE” in a crowded theater because that’s a crime, plain and simple.
It only becomes controversial when emotions are injected into the court of public opinion where the evidence can be tinkered with by the media’s hold on the minds of the up and coming crop!
What might very well be inadmissible in an official court of law can and is…introduced into the court of public opinion and by those who are not just commentators but actually lawyers by trade!
No seriously, just take a look at the curriculum vitae (CV’s) of so many of the major broadcasting network’s talking heads.
As previously mentioned, this all began as a slow and methodical strangulation of the truth by mocking the opposing side and introducing more and more so called “experts” as a form of court room testimony.
Just like in a court of law, expert witness testimonies can carry weight and when you eliminate the due process of cross examination of the “FACTS” well what you get is the “FAKE” we have today!
What we have isn’t just a mockery of the American justice system it holds the freedom of the press culpable in promoting anarchy and incivility.
When the forefathers of our democracy added the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and applied these rules for our society as the laws of the land, they intrinsically understood that our laws were based upon an adherence to a common sense approach to what is morality!
Basically they paralleled the Talmud’s established meridian line for morality so that we could distinguish between the ebb flow between low tide and high tide!
In the early years of our nation’s development this premise obligated the masses to a holism goodness even out in the developing townships popping up all across the plains and prairies, and from sea to shining sea.
Lawlessness existed but, it was met in its opposition to civility with swift justice on the merits of the crimes committed.
Horse thief’s were hung and liars and deceivers were run out of town!
If only commentators could be held liable and prosecuted under the same laws for contempt in a court of law when their many public opinions are found to be steadfastly anchored in perjury…hum?
It’s important to look at anything that has a value in a way that’s set aside from the price, in order to be able to focus on it’s truthful worth.
Our freedoms such as “free speech” are not free because someone has paid dearly for these.
It’s our responsibility and inherent obligation as citizens to not allow the most valuable gift of our civil liberties to be misguided and abused.
It’s absurd to think that a developing human in its early or advanced stages of life isn’t worth considering!
Where is that person’s justice? Why aren’t they given a fair trial before they’re put to death? Why doesn’t that chance at life have equal rights under the law?
A transparently hypocritical view of such a premise can be seen clearly in the prosecution of an intoxicated driver that causes the death of an unborn child.
That’s called infanticide because that life isn’t considered just a potential life it’s considered a valued life!
Value is really about only one thing and one thing alone and that is all rolled into the evaluation that comes from the concessions that are made on the border of one’s perception. I call this line in the sand the moral meridian.
The media has gone not just rouge but in many instances treasonous!
In wielding the kind of power and influence that the press has over the American psyche it is an incredible responsibility for every author in the promotion of news to uphold ethical and moral journalism.
As journalist it is their job to accurately search for and find the truth!
There has been a grave injustice done to the American people by those who have succumbed to propagating anything less than substantiated truth and there should be criminal and civil penalties.
Unless we reach back into our past and locate our moral meridian, we as the greatest nation known to have prospered on the planet may just end up drowning when the next “high tide” comes.
Morality just like freedom of speech isn’t a God given right it’s a choice!
When those who think that a right to choose means that it’s a right to kill, well then we as the citizenry need to put a stop to it on the grounds that it’s lawless immorality will lead to our own demise, plain and simple!
When the news media promotes incivility, anarchy and disrespect to the highest office in the land, no matter who has been elected, we the people need the demand that our legislators write the laws that protect us and criminalize such actions.
If our law makers can’t find the strength and perseverance to overcome the hurdles that are in the way of securing our nation’s borders, well then we need to vote them out of office and get those in who will.
How does a country exist without borders and how can it continue to exist when it doesn’t have an effective way to regulate legal immigration?
“Term Limits” would be a good starting point and the reestablishing of all compensation packages would be another!
How about writing into law that Senators and Congressmen get the same pay compensation package as our Veterans.
They all serve similar duration as public servants and Veterans deserve better!
If we started making some serious changes then we might begin to find our way back to the line where clear conscience existed.
I don’t know about you but, I believe that time is running out before the next HIGH TIDE!

Writing with the Veiled…