Boys of War

Of times at sea on ships of free what lurks in claims of liberty? From Army’s one what deeds are done in namesake’s truth to come?
Do patriots gain pass as gift in severing wars disasters, and what’s to come from kingdom come’s inherit ever after?
In pounding drums and sips of rum what sense refrains of kingdom come? In throwing flames from turret’s aims who’s rights and wrongs will sing the song that leads to alabaster?
In duties done from clips in guns and wars and riffs and embalmed ranks within the tanks who scales thy task of crew’s to do’s?
Do manufactured repeaters and carbine clips displayed just offer Boys conscription to the havoc that they create?
Entitled claims of truth’s abstained give way to building nations, and nightly news of motley crews broadcast on every station.
As wealth and greed eclipse thy creed gives pass by rules to follow, exempts contempt in Boy’s defense for ordered souls to wallow.
Who covers rear and flank’s advanced and weighs the tears from fears and chants of silenced sigh’s awry, as politics claim leadership and send thy Boys to blast’s abyss, what reconnects appendages to bodies of the fallen?

Boys instincts just fail to think of who’s disguised behind the eyes,’tis lies and crimes ‘gainst God’s designs twill come to roost inside their minds, switch place with pride in soul’s divide exposing God’s divine, as measured girth of worth in truth in words and deeds expose thy ruse!
Training tech’s advancement in the basements of enchantment, but when Johnny comes marching home again can his mind forget encampments and let loose of sights of spooks and kooks and loss of friends recanted?
The Boys will grow to men from sins who failed to ask where choice begins and post traumatic ghost will taunt thy choices made before the haunts!
‘Tis in thy soul not passed control that men from Boys will come to know that memories won’t let them free or refrain thy mindless rhymes.
Exchanged profuse of war’s obtuse in minds of redesign and know insane can come from pain as mind no longer rhymes.
Shadowed darkness behind the boast won’t help lift soul from tats of ghost, thy thoughts askew of blood and bone will knock at door when no one’s home.
And flying drones won’t take ‘yea home to land of free and shelter, as ordered ruse had caused confuse and set thy mind off kilter!
For love and hate resist debates in contemplating why’s, and Boys in crews fit men in shoes who have no fear to die?
‘Tis patriots that make good fit in boots and camou cover but, what hides beside the crimson tide will escape the prideful lover?
Robotic, hyper-sonic, electronic games of choice only offer Boys enjoyment in the quest to be deployed.
While loading games in fashion and engaging streams impassioned thy cogent falls in chasm and emotions are destroyed.
Subsonic APC’s all designed for overseas just exchanges kills for thrills and new pills for mind’s disease.
Thy truth be known from men of grown that weight of worth upon this earth shall laden knees to bend, and costs of standing post too long twill had bartered soul’s revenge!
Battle cries tell reason why one’s drawn to defend, but history’s notes of sunken boats make wars for just pretend.
Defense is good for neighborhoods and lines drawn straight in sand but, knowing why and who is foe before the wise say one must go should be the line that all should tow before they send a single Bro!
Lobbyist just spin and twist to sell us more machines by parading tech’s advancements to kill more ways obscene!
A soldier’s march to orders in defense of sovereign land should indicate the purpose and display of something planned.
In the racket of fighting wars who is reckoning behind the doors that turns profits of deplore into Boys that live no more?
In calling Boys to serve and experiment with nerves the rules of engagement should pose something deserved.
’Tis the money and the greed that should acknowledge and concede that sending Boys into battle absent substance of our creed just obscures the cloaked agendas of a different kind of breed.
Our country ’tis of thee not Wall Street’s land of green nor Uncle Sam’s sort of scam in fighting wars like Vietnam behind the wolf in fleece of lamb.
Only those who shoulder arms and suffered blast from foes afar can know of crimes of circumstance deserving voice for choice in stance.
‘Tis time to build the gallows tall and let the Traders take their fall through open door upon the floor, as crimes abhorrent inflicting torment need their justice due!
Payments paid from debt’s charades will have no credits worthy, ’twere Boys involved that took the fall while men so tall just played the balls by putting rolls to birdies!
Use coffin’s wood for good, and nails made from pennies earned by all of those with no concern for lives of Boys a many!
Patriots deserve respect when called upon for duty not government just placing bets on fiscal’s year-end earnings.
‘Tis men of greed that must concede that crimes deserve exposure and recompense for Boys that went to war and died absent of full disclosure!


Michael Chaffee – 1-30-19


In Honor of:

Major General USMC Smedley Darlington Butler

(July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940)


Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Address; January 17, 1961

With God on Our Side – Bob Dylan

Masters of War – Bob Dylan

Writing with the Veiled…