Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Let us not pretend for a second longer that the whole Elitist / Eugenicist promotion of homosexuality, transgenders, abortions, birth control, vaccines, conventional, nuclear, and even the drug war aren’t quite simply about one thing, and one thing alone!

The obtuse one common thread to it all is strategically focused upon increasing the potential for killing more and more human beings!

Realize that there is a unique variety of human being who very much enjoys the invitation to the dance of this pounding drum beat.

As the drum’s repetitious pounding counts the lives consumed, it awakens an army of emphatic “Deep State” minded Eugenicist who have begun the march to the beat of a different kind of drummer, Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum!

This consensus for a forbidden sociology is truly putting humankind on a treacherous path to a hell-bent destination. From there the “killing” agenda “conspires to inspire” and promote a systematically contrived narrative for more and more killings.

From every corner of the globe these foes of human life rally in response to a compartmentalized blanketing of policies for less humans to inherit life on earth.

Unfortunately, as our leadership fails us and we continue to fail ourselves by refusing to recognize the damage that has been done, the diminishing birth rate in America has come home to roost.

A wake up call is in order, simply because the success story of America has come from its continually growing population. From that expanding tax revenue base to the explosion of consumer goods blossoming into an economic engine for wealth and prosperity.

Klaus Martin Schwab

But again, there are those who have laid plans for a different kind of procreating parenthood model, as well as a different demographic profile for our great nation and the world!

Not even the Catholic Church has been able to resist this manipulative and diabolical sphere of influence that this consensus has covertly concocted. As the Pope’s recent comments and retraction and reassignment of his use in the vernacular succumbed to the further and further assault on human life.

In his note, Francis reaffirmed that homosexuality “is not a crime,” and said he spoke out “in order to stress that criminalization is neither good nor just.”

“When I said it is a sin, I was simply referring to Catholic moral teaching, which says that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin,” Francis wrote in Spanish, underlining the final phrase. So..evidently a nod is as good as a wink to the Pontiff’s case-by-case approach to ministering his pastoral authority.

Francis noted that even “pontification” is subject to reconsidering the circumstances, “which may decrease or eliminate fault.”

Oh…so he believes that he has the authority as Pope to “eliminate fault” for a select few who’s continuing sinfully blissful behaviors are in direct conflict with what? The precepts of the dogma and doctrine of the Church’s laws…hum?

Doesn’t this involve making a judgment for an exemption for what is or isn’t sinful and or to be considered immoral conduct?

Maybe his spin on things is a veiled attempt to defrock the whole idea of “confession” and he now believes that he can somehow release sinners from the responsibility for their transgressions without requiring them to admit their sins to God…hum?

Maybe Pope Francis thinks that he has the authority to override this Catholic obligation and that he can just arbitrarily give them absolution without the obligation of Sinners having to FIRST indulge the humility of admitting their sins in the conveyance of saying an Act of Contrition?

NOTE: For those that are not Catholic, when a Catholic goes to confession, it goes like this:

Pope Francis

Bless me Father for I have sinned, it has been (??? weeks) since my last confession and I accuse myself of the following sins: Here one listed their sins by kind and number; For these sins and those I cannot now remember and for my sins against charity toward God and neighbor, I humbly repent and ask for counsel, penance, and absolution.

Here, the priest gives advice or exhortation and imposes a penance (e.g. “say 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys”).

And then the priest says: Now if you’ll make an Act of Contrition, I will give you absolution. This proves that a Catholic believer is really sorry and not just going through the motions.

Catholics say the Act of Contrition and then the priest absolves them by saying: I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Now the “Act of Contrition” is a prayer that Catholics say to God and the priest listens to the recital while a Parishioner says it. This act of thy will “proves” to the priest that a Catholic believer is seeking reconciliation with God.

The priest stands as a legal and sacramental witness to this repentance. If someone said, I don’t want to pray the Act of Contrition, then the priest would say, I will not absolve you. As the Council of Trent teaches (Session 14), contrition is a necessary component of the sacrament of Penance.

NO sadness for sin, NO grace! Now this should reveal the absolutely important role of the Act of Contrition!

It becomes the heartfelt prayer of the penitent to God. In the performance of ritual, Catholics list their sins to the priest as God’s representative, but they are to say the Act of Contrition directly to God.

Thus, maybe Pope Francis is laying claims as the head Catholic Pastoral authority that his “Lordship” can by decree remove the obligation of “Contrition” so that one doesn’t need to repent?

Hum…absolution without any requirement for repentance or in other words, just give the sinners a free pass to continue sinning…hum?

What does a Pope represent, if not a steadfast adherence to what has been handed down through the centuries for what should represent Catholic Moral Teachings.

One would think that homosexuality and yes, the grooming predators that sought to prey upon the young adolescent boys within the trusting flock of the Church, would have been enough to encouraged a Pope to focus his attention on not further diminishing the reputation of the Church.

Keep in mind that “sex abuse” among the clergy isn’t exclusive to the Catholic Church. And that the weasel words that are so often associated with describing such atrocities are highly inaccurate. All of which are purposefully attempting to mask a truer reality.

This reality is “sex abuse” in many cases involving Catholic Priest has been nothing less than acts of pedophilia on young boys, and in some cases young girls.

Pope Francis has used his semantics of the vernacular in the past as well as accusing the victims of such crimes of having fabricated their allegations. As a result when an uproar ensued, he ended up apologizing for his “tragic error” by expressing “shame and sorrow” for the tragic history, so we must forgive him.

I wonder who hears a Pope’s confession?

It would seem more logical from the historical Pastoral headings to communicate greater awareness for the risk of straying from the path of righteousness than giving a free pass to what Catholics at large see as sins against God almighty.

An awareness should be in order for the potential risk associated with a sexual deviant’s promiscuity in close proximity to innocent children. For after all, if logic prevailed they are exemplifying what should be recognized as a heightened risk for succumbing to the weakness of the flesh, at the very least, correct?

Whatever happened to the guidance that the Church provided in living the examples that discourages the weakness of sinfulness? And what about the obligation to pay retribution through penance and prayer for being a sinner in the first place?

Pope Francis acknowledged he could have been clearer in his comments to the AP. But then again, he also said that he was using “natural and conversational language” in the interview that didn’t call for precise definitions.”

Obviously, under pressure from the Global Elitist he had to use his talents in concocting some weasel words in order to revise his meaning of the word “sin”. So he retracted his clearer and more concise understanding for what was in conflict with their global agenda and the historical meaning behind “Catholic Moral Precepts” in order to revise the meaning of his clearer words.

“As you can see, I was repeating something in general. I should have said: ‘It is a sin, as is any sexual act outside of marriage.’ This is to speak of ‘the matter’ of sin, but we know well that Catholic morality not only takes into consideration the matter, but also evaluates freedom and intention; and this, for every kind of sin,” he said.

Oh so that clears it up for sure, right! I think we call this talking out of both sides of your mouth in the real world.

Some 67 countries or jurisdictions worldwide criminalize consensual same-sex sexual activity, 11 of which can or do impose the death penalty, according to The Human Dignity Trust, which works to end such laws.

Experts say even where the laws are not enforced, they contribute to harassment, stigmatization and violence against LGBTQ people.

While two wrongs don’t make a right, continuing to commit the same sin over and over while practicing a life style that is in its self sinful, isn’t following the word of God either.

Catholic teaching forbids gay marriage, holding that the “sacrament of marriage” is a lifelong bond between a “man and a woman”.

The idea that the term “marriage” can somehow be used synonymously when referring to a homosexual relationship should be preposterous but, it is widely promoted as an acceptable insult to the faithful.

The corruption of the meaning of the “holy” sanctity of marriage is what is at stake here and it is covertly being redefined in order to include “unholy”.

Catholic teachings reserves intercourse for married couples while forbidding artificial contraception, because sex is meant first and foremost for procreation. Whether homosexuality is recognized or not as a contraception, it clearly has the same effects on procreation.

Maybe those in the priesthood who don’t choose to take wives as a mate can’t truly fathom the depth in God’s meaning for such relationships. Maybe the weakness of the flesh is too great for some to honor their “vows of chastity”. Maybe because of abstaining from having a normal sexual purpose (man and wife) the temptation of a deviant sexual behavior doesn’t seem as sinful?

Who really knows why those bestowed the honor of protecting and teaching children failed so miserably?

Unfortunately, Pope Francis is obviously bending to the pressures of the globalist’s agenda for imposing greater “population control” regardless of how Catholics at large have adhered to the historical interpretations of the teaching of the Church’s doctrine and dogma.

In his decade-long pontification, Francis has upheld that teaching but has made outreach to LGBTQ leadership a high priority. He has stressed a more merciful approach to applying church doctrine, in order to accommodate people rather than vise versa.

The exemption from repenting and giving a “free pass” to absolution from the personal responsibility for living a sinful homosexual life style is in direct conflict with God’s laws and therefore the laws of the Church.

It’s the same for Abortions, as these are both a form of the forbidden “artificial contraception”.

The historical biblical disfavor of homosexuality is from God’s perspective not mammon’s, as it is considered an “abomination” to him. Evidently, indulging in deviant sexual exotica in order to achieve a heightened sexual arousal isn’t what God intended to be the objective for normal sexual behavior.

Sex is meant to be between a man and a woman and it’s purpose is for advancing the procreation of human life, not just the fulfillment of pleasure. When feelings for another are exclusive to just the act of sex, it’s called lust not love.

A man and or a woman can have lust in their hearts that can lead to sin as well, and clearly a partner of the same sex is forbidden biblically from such lustful involvement.

The Bible’s words are what is at odds with Homosexuals, as the word of God’s condemnation of such an act is what is resented. This is why the Church and the LGBTQ leadership have been at odds,

As well, the Torah’s words are what is at odds with Homosexuals, as the word of God’s condemnation of such an act is what is resented.

As well, the Quran’s words are what is at odds with Homosexuals, as the word of God’s condemnation of such an act is what is resented.

These condemnations incite a feeling that Homosexuals are being judged for doing something deemed sinfully wrongful but yet, their desires take first priority in the decision making process to indulge or abstain is any such activities.

Basically, a lustful mind descends down the road to perdition so far that a person’s wants and lustful desires over shadow a clear consciences for what might have otherwise become recognized as immoral, from God’s laws perspective.

More importantly, such conduct should be recognized as being an exclusive fulfillment of a shallow pleasure, absent the deeper intended natural purpose of sex in the first place, which is procreation.

Therefore, when a man and a woman are intimate with one another in a loving relationship, the details of their sexual encounters are purposefully designed for gaining a deeper meaning for their love for one another.

What is intended to come from the unadulterated version of a natural sexual encounter is of course pleasure but, that’s the enticement or excitement that attracts, not it’s “soulful” nor sole purpose.

It is claimed in today’s attempts to pervert the sanctity of marriage with a Homosexual lifestyle that two of the same sex can love each other but, this is not the same thing as a man and a woman loving each other.

One must realize the difference is that of a Homosexual relationship perverts the purposeful function of sex while exchanging the meaning of love for lust. Although both are four letter words they are not the same.

One can claim that they are in love with their partner of the same sex but truthfully it is their lustful desires of an erotic sexual attraction that cloaks the truer meaning behind closed doors.

This is simply because the way one chooses to engage in the act of “sex” is what is being compromised, in that of the self-identifying conditional factor for having sex in the first place.

Establishing whether one is “gay” or “straight” is in fact making the way one wants to engage sex the #1 factor for developing that relationship, in both cases.

Therefore, this becomes of foremost importance in collaborating what is to be hinged upon the predicated assumption of the common goal for exclusive “pleasure” from homosexual sex verses the potential for “procreation” for heterosexual sex.

Therefore, the relationship is anchored upon the kind of sexual acts that’s are to be indulged upon in both examples. The difference being the natural verses the unnatural purpose behind (no pun intended) the design of the anatomy.

When looking at the human anatomy the purpose of sex should be quite clear. Yet for some, the act of sodomy or fellatio somehow gets to be reassigned as a functioning feature for sex and is viewed as acceptable sexual behavior. Biblically speaking these are not the intended purposes and the wasteful spillage of one’s seed is viewed as a sin.

1 Corinthians 6:18
“Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

Calling God or anyone for that matter a bigot because they recognize the dysfunctional characteristic with the human anatomy (which some homosexual sex acts can conflict with) is like the pot calling the kettle black.

It should be recognized for what it truly is and that is; a social engineered ploy that is only trying to mask the agenda of population control. The whole idea of propagating this lifestyle has even lead to some who are confused about their sexual identity (male / female) to purposefully take extreme measures in order to reassign their orientation.

That essentially is another form of sterilization for those who indulge in such measures, once again masking the real agenda of population control. My point here is that transgender genital mutilation is just one more cloaked disguise at using such things in order to accomplish another.

Of course, some will argue that they were born as a Homosexual so all of this is a mute point. However this may or may not be factual, it still doesn’t excuse anyone form their freedom of choice; “to be or not to be” nobler.

Thus, it isn’t about judging anyone for their style in sexual preference, it’s about calling it what it is, a purposeful social engineering attempt to reduce the world’s expanding population.

Oh sure it’s a hot button issue but again, that’s the objective by those who are broadcasting and promoting this lifestyle for their own purpose. How can you have a cause without someone being oppressed, correct?

One should realize the source of today’s generalized societal progressive force is coming from a partnership with the Elitist and Eugenicist.

They prime us with the narrative that one can’t take issue with such things as Homosexual behaviors or they’ll be chastised as a homophobic bigot! Never mind that the origin of the expressed “abomination” came from the word of God because those indulging in such behaviors have also indicted him as a bigoted homophobe.

Isn’t this the same thing that the Homosexual community is accusing other people of doing to them…hum? Amazingly, the duplicity seems to just escape recognition by so many that choose to empathize with the right to identify as any one of many different gender identities.

If one has a right to be identified as a sexual deviant (unnatural sexual conduct) is it really any different to identify as a Heterosexual who is only identifying the incompatibility homosexuality has with procreation?

Keep in mind that the empathizers of such a lifestyle are often portraying the group as the downtrodden or the underdog in need of social justice but, where is the justice for the other side of this population control efforts?

Such a stance of course has a special attractiveness to those who’ve been primed with the idea that such special considerations are in order and anyone having a conflicting view is the one with the problem.

You know who’s behind the pushing of this lifestyle, it’s the group in charge of the Media Machine, Hollywood that are in control of such narratives while working in collaboration with the Elitist / Eugenicist.

This is one reason why “Hate Crimes” have established a new bar and dual standard for punishments. Tell me what’s the difference in a crime of battery or worse that’s inflected upon a Heterosexual verses a Homosexual?

Why is there partiality shown for the same crime? If someone attacks you and calls you a derogatory name how does the name calling make the battery more punishable and why?

Answer; it shouldn’t but by implying that it does then equal justice is allowed to become corrupted with the idea that some prejudice is OK, when and if deemed appropriate. This kind of legal wrangling is by definition out of balance with providing equal justice for all.

When applying such “appropriated” law logic then any social issue can attempt to justify that the whole of society needs to impose special laws for special groups. This is just one more example of the idea of the “group” is more important than the “individual”. Clearly such sanctions are not abiding to equal justice under the law, now are they?

This kind of logic makes a punishment more severe for the same crimes while lessening the punishment for others who…yes, committed the same crime…hum? How is that implementing fair and equal justice under the law, plain and simple NO! It is not!

This kind of agenda needs to get as many empathizers from whatever segment of society as possible to identify with being discriminated against in order to appear as a majority. And that’s the rallying call for employing the tactic of subversion, which has been going on for way too long!

You can’t brainwash people’s prejudice out of their psyches, why? Simply because our tribal I.D. cards are written all over our faces. A portrait of someone transmits a genetic code of recognition that’s been planted deep within our very own DNA. That tribal genetic ancestry has a subliminal effect on the way we look at one another and for that matter, how we look at all things!

A stranger that enters the village will always be a suspect! And even tribesman from the same tribe can be a stranger. Just look at what the Bloods and Crypts have be doing to each other for many years.

If this could be changed in one or two generations then we should have been able to put an end to wars, years ago!

Speaking of wars, how and why do you think the never ending drug war continues to do what?…Take more lives…hum?

Could it be because all of it has a common thread for providing more ways to kill off more people and fulfill the agenda of the Elitist and Eugenicist. Does anyone seriously believe that an end to the drug war couldn’t be accomplished if those in power really wanted it to end?

Realize that long ago the powers in play here came to an understanding about what motivates mankind. It was discovered that one of the most powerful weakness of being human is our potential for being corrupted by greed!

Over the centuries those empowered with leadership found better and better ways to intravenously feed our human nature with more and more gluttony in the form of greedy enticements. Greed and the allure of gaining more and more wealth was like providing a trail of bread crumbs placed upon a path. And from these distractions, mankind has lost it’s way on the path detoured to a road to perdition rather than choosing the other direction at the fork in the road for the path that’s less traveled.

In that example, now we even have China producing bootleg pharmaceuticals so that they can capitalize on our further demise by killing more American humans. Unfortunately, the homosexual lifestyle and every kind of war waged against life all have at least one thing in common, the reduction of human beings!

This commonality in what actually gets accomplished in the end game because all of it results in fewer human beings having a chance to live out a full life. And this rolls into a long-term agenda for creating an environment that needs less and less humans on the planet.

The partnership between the Elitist and the Eugenicist is to make the world less dependent upon humans and more dependent upon the technological advancement of AI in the future.

The Elitist have partnered up with the Eugenicist and technology, and they all agree on a very different looking human existence that’s in store for mankind’s future!

We are headed down an even darker road where the mission statement is to foster a greater focus upon “divide and conquer” and then the utter and complete subordination of human intelligence to AI. After which time the Deep State will operate unimpeded and be able to take total control, if it hasn’t already?

The clandestine operatives that are embedded in the corridors and cubicles of the bureaucracies are on the march and are gaining greater and greater control over all our choices. Eventually there will be no more national identities, nor borders! You think not?…Just look at the influx of so many migrants pouring into what used to be sovereign nations with their own unique tribal demographics.

The reality is that humans are providing diminishing returns on the investment for the Elite and technological advancements have out paced the usefulness for the need for more human beings, decades ago!

If I were to roll the dice on a bet, I’d put a fair wager on the line for a limited exchange of Nuclear Warfare in the not so distant future. What better way could be found for taking our a billion of so souls and reorganizing the way the world is going to proceed.

Thus, the convenience of technology has been the dangling lure in the advancement and the demise of mankind ever since the internet became the vehicle for sharing mountains of data.

The sweet tasting apple held out in front of us all, is just too irresistible not to take a bite out of it…hum?

And all those encrypted ulterior modes and codes of deception have focused upon chronicling our addictive habits and directing us down those cobble stone paths that inflect greater injury to our very prone Achilles Heel, greed!

The purpose of which is to collect and organize the data into something that can help them to invent more and more ways to take advantage of our human frailties.

I call this the “one leg up strategy” and it’s how our human propensities get funneled down to fewer possibilities then collected and dissected in order to get reorganized into something more useful, information!

Metaphorically speaking, it’s this very technology that the Deep State has used to clandestinely slip a harness around the necks of mankind. And all of this has been done right in plain sight with our uninformed approval.

That’s right, they covertly tend to the addictive human nature that enslaves us to more and more dependence on a thing called an algorithm!

“a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. “a basic algorithm for division”

The powers that be are utilizing a generalized societal force called “priming” or brainwashing to sway the opinion of the susceptible masses. This redirect is slow and methodical but, it is happening right in plain sight. It’s not a theory, it is a conspiracy by those who are in fact conspiring!

Does the term “The Great Reset” ring a bell? It should because this is very much like switching the definition for the word “artificial” to mean “inspired art”. This deception is accomplished by swaying the unsuspecting frame of mind with the distractions of necessities that become the comforts.

The narratives of the Establishment are designed to distract one’s attentions from things like our “border security” in order to switch and bait us with the threat of loosing Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The Media aids the telling of such lies by disproportionately focusing air time on the lie while completely ignoring the fact that millions of illegal aliens are invading our country!

The billions and billions of dollars that this fiasco will cost this country is assumed to be reimbursed by the presumably new influx of potential tax paying demographics, illegal immigrants who supposedly are going to become good tax paying citizens.

The only theory being applied here isn’t a conspiracy theory but, a socioeconomics theory that only by continuing to grow the population can America continue to prosper.

Due to the Establishment’s previously employed cognitive genius, which gave us abortions, homosexuality, drugs, wars together with the destruction of the traditional family model and other forms of population reduction control efforts, these same Elitists / Eugenicist have discovered a big consequential flaw in their life killing agenda.

The simple fact is that America’s success was and is based upon a growing and consuming population. Now they are temporally fixated upon their new design for giving the population an artificial boost by allowing illegal immigrants to free flow over the southern border.

They are NOT in the slightest bit worried about the long term effect on America, just like what they had failed to recognize how their previous killing rampage on the unborn got them where we are today, a shrinking population!

China’s one child policy has decimated their ability to become a major player in the world economy in the future because their population will begin to dwindle and touch negative growth by 2025.

“The UN forecasts that China’s population will decline from 1.426 billion this year to 1.313 billion by 2050 and below 800 million by 2100.”


Thus, even in China the Elitists / Eugenicist have influenced but failed to recognize a big consequential flaw. So.. a great reset is coming but, it’s not going to be what people are expecting.

The Global population was projected to exceed eight billion in 2022 and half of this growth lives in just seven countries.

“China has the world’s largest population (1.426 billion), but India (1.417 billion) is expected to claim this title next year. The next five most populous nations – the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Brazil – together have fewer people than India or China. In fact, China’s population is greater than the entire population of Europe (744 million) or the Americas (1.04 billion) and roughly equivalent to that of all nations in Africa (1.427 billion).”

“In the UN’s “medium” scenario for future population growth – its middle-of-the-road estimate – the global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion in 2100. Growth is expected to be concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 29% of all the world’s births happened last year. The 2021 total fertility rate in sub-Saharan Africa, 4.6 births per woman, is double the global average of 2.3 births per woman and triple the average in Europe and Northern America (1.5) and in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia (also 1.5).”

Well, it should be clear to see that a lot of attention is paid to the world’s birthrates and you can be rest assured that the Elitists / Eugenicist are working overtime at manipulating how this plays out.

What is most important, is to understand that the combined efforts of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), the Pharmaceutical Industry (PI) and AI Technologist have all partnered up into a consensus of understanding for how to reshape human existence in the world. And the trend is and has been the reduction of population and the redistribution of global demographics.

Whether it’s the refugees from the middle-east into Europe, or those fleeing the Ukrainian war or the influx of illegal immigrates at the southern border of the U.S., it’s all a dilution of the tribes by design!

“For comparison purposes, the U.S. population of 337 million in 2021 is expected to grow to 394 million by 2100 in the UN’s medium variant scenario. The UN’s high variant scenario projects a population of 543 million Americans by then”.

It should be no surprise that the current fertility rate for U.S. in 2023 at 1.784 births per woman the population isn’t going to start growing on it’s own.

The 2014 U.S. birth rate was about 29% lower than it was in 1970, this is for both the foreign born and U.S. born, long-term declines in fertility have also been more dramatic.

The reality here is the Elitists / Eugenicist’s tinkering has had serious consequences, much of which has missed the recognition of the public at large.

Maybe this expose’ of information can allow the onion skins layers of obscurity to be peeled back allowing for the real agenda to become more exposed.

If you are wondering why the U.S. Southern border is wide open and why there are so many varieties of human killing mechanisms (abortions, wars, homosexuality, drugs, vaccines, etc..), which aid just such an agenda well, you’ll need to look no further than inside the Beltway of Washington D.C..

In closing, the faithful world needs only to recognize that there are many accomplices partaking in the dance to the devil’s drum beats but, it is up to us to dance to the beat of a different drummer!

Writing with the Veiled…