What is being communicated in our Intuition…?

Well…God can speak to us in many ways, as well as his legions of angelic guides. It only takes a moment to just slow down and listen to our intuition.

That inner feeling that we all get from time to time, isn’t outside of us, it’s part of us. It’s the part that often sleeps while we’re awake. It’s the part that is more a part of our lives than that image in the mirror every morning that can become a stranger.

By just contemplating the meaning in happenstance in our lives, and spending a little less time evaluating the possibility of imaginary, we can engage greater meaning for the message of life.

On average, an American’s life span is about seventy nine years or 28,500 days…hum? Now think about that for a few seconds longer? Twenty eight thousand, five hundred days, of which by now, you have consumed a large percentage of these precious gifts and may not have gotten any closer to understanding the truest meaning of life, thy self.

Although we will rise each morning, throw one leg over the other and shake off the unsettled dust from a previous day…our future days, the tomorrows on the horizon will escape confirmation.

Over that next hill lays the lessons, the challenges and some of the answers to a few of our questions but, not all! Some will remain obscure and unanswerable. Some will go unasked and some will become unveiled. What is laying in the shadows, what is keeping us from a complete awareness?

Fear is very much a part of our reality and in this fear, it takes all shapes and forms, it distorts our realities. It is basically…just a form of contempt for our spirituality and it can (when allowed) play an unfair game against our conscious minds.

It can at times… play illusive against an imaginary pursuit of hide and seek, as well as, creating the distractions for an impending doom. Fear is a powerful and divisive influence over our psyche, yet many folks seem to be totally unaware of their souls.

So…what is it about life that allows us or shapes us into patterns of behaviors, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, that are absent a cognitive appreciation for what lays just beyond? Why do we behave so predictable, so anticipatable, as if we knew what laid ahead waiting?

If we don’t know what lays ahead, then why would we choose to imagine anything but the best outcome, rather than something less and in some cases very much less?

In making the choice between a positive or negative perceptiveness for what lays just over the next hill, we trigger a chemical reaction within our brains.

Equally so, if we embrace a thought pattern that invites fear, we again trigger a chemical reaction. Each of these will influence our perceptions, and in doing so each will project an intention for an outcome.

I know very well how powerful we are, because I’ve actually proven (if only to myself) that I’m very much in control of my life and I choose to view my life from either spectrum.

Yes…choose to be or not to be?

Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

William Shakespeare


A Call To Reason

So…it comes down to taking responsibility for our choices. In employing these traits, they can and will serve us or we can work for them. We can choose to be an entrepreneur of sorts, in taking the risks of challenging our perceptions, our fears or succumb to our imaginations for something that’ held in bondage.

I refuse to allow my thoughts to be imprisoned in a place with boundaries, because anything I can imagine is possible…hum? Sure you say…right if anything was possible then why aren’t we so much more?

Well…the same could be said as to why we aren’t so much less, right? How about personal responsibility for exactly where we are because this is where we see ourselves…hum? If we are to be more, accomplish more, understand more, feel more…then it all starts right between our own two ears!

In my stories, what I attempt to convey is an example for real life adventure. Life is exciting and, yes imaginably uncertain or perfectly predictable.

I discovered this simple fact while living outside of Boston, MA many years ago…If you’re interested in how this was shown to me, read my story by clicking HERE to read; “Imagine That“.

I’m sharing some of those events that have unfolded in my life, in order to get your started…

I hope you will enjoy the message…

Michael Chaffee

2 thoughts on “STORIES”

  1. I really love this story and the lessons it gives. You are blessed to have had this experience.

    1. Thank You Linda for your comments. It was truly a gift to have received such a blessing, as I view my responsibilities for acknowledging every blessing, I have the obligation to share it with others. There are silver linings in every cloud, and by turning the notes of angels into song, we can enjoy the melody by paying it forward with the gifts that rain down upon us, everyday!

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