Some may ask what does “PRIMING” mean, and why do I need to know?

Well, try to imagine for a few seconds here that I’m your tour guide and in assuming this relationship, I’m offering to take you upon a Magical Mystery Tour.

This “tour” so to speak shall venture along a path of travel where your mind becomes saturated with many seemingly unintelligible influences of the 20th century’s span of life, and then it shall catapult you into what lays in wait for you and your offspring in the 21st century and beyond!

We’re not going to stop (hypothetically speaking) at each intersection along this tour, quite simply because that journey would take way too long! That would require us to wait at each red light where your values, morals, ethics and that substantive character (that you believe is your individuality) had its soulful waypoint heading curbed. What I’m going to attempt to do is to keep you on track by facing you forward toward the windshield. While setting in this imaginary front seat you’ll best be able to see the view for the approaching socially engineered culture coming up, rather than becoming distracted by the blurred edges at the peripherals. It’s important to keep in mind that the description of such a journey isn’t just a mysterious happenstance as you’ll begin to see, it’s actually by design.

During the past four generations a fast pace methodical redirect has taken place unlike anything that the human race has experienced during the previous two millennia. The question one should be asking one’s self right about now is; for what purpose and where are we headed as a species on this tiny little sphere that orbits a relatively small star among billions?

In offering to be your tour guide along this journey, I will attempt to unveil some of the obscurities behind our socially engineered world of today, in a way that can allow you to formulate and entertain other possibilities for the why? For instance, I’m going to start off by taking you back to the 1800’s when ideas like a telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and now telecommunications were only as an imaginative pursuit by creative minds. Yet, it was only in the discovery of lighting as electricity in 1759 that a common thread would come to be interlaced among these technological advancements in order to weave a tightly stitched fabric that would change the world like never before. It’s important to note, that all of this has only recently (on the timeline that spans civilization) taken on a meaning for our human advancements. Even as late as 1940 most of rural America was living without electricity and indoor plumbing. As well, the first transcontinental telephone call (3,600 miles) was only made just a little over 100 years ago in 1915.

My point here is that over the past four generations, we have gone from getting to town on horse drawn wagons to traveling 65 miles per hour on super highways. The broader point is that we’ve lost something in the cloud of dust that trailed behind us and this obscurity has allowed society to transition between each generation, while escaping a clearer view from the rear-view mirror for where the acceleration of society is headed and the trajectory in attitude shall deliver us, not from evil but, to a destination with a smart weapon’s cross-hair accuracy right down the smoke stack to the inferno of EVIL!

I have lived in several countries spanning the globe, as well as many different American cities. My prospective has evolved into a broader appreciation for how the simplest of ideas can take root among a given populace and what can influence an evolutionary change in even a small village. I have seen what can take a whole village a year to build and what can instantaneously be transformed from the perseverance of Yankee ingenuity! We as Americans can often take things for granted and assume that everything in the 3rd world is just one step away. This misconception can lead us to forget how big that one step for man was in comparison to a giant leap for mankind.

The bygone era of the past, took years to bear fruit from the seeding of ideas, whereas the world’s embracing of technological advancements today can influence the escalation or de-escalation of a potential war in only minutes. From telegraphs to telecommunications the paths have turned into trails and trail turned into roads and road into highways and highway into super highways, which leads us all down the unlit corridors to where man wants man to venture.

Social priming refers to a now classic psychological phenomenon where the activation of one social concept in memory can elicit changes in behavior, physiology or self-reports of a related social concept without conscious awareness.

“Essentially priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus (i.e. perceptual pattern) influences the response to another stimulus.

Now just think about how something so off kilter as the promotion of an unofficial ambassador’s visit to a presumably jovial hairpin trigger finger rouge foreign leader, who is presumably poised to deliver an ICBM nuclear weapon that is capable of hitting the U.S. with catastrophic results? If logic prevailed here, we’d need to ask ourselves how this supposed diplomatic spectacle of a retired edgy NBA celebrity could gain notoriety, and of course how this story could rank as world press worthy as a story at all, right? I mean after all, in everything that is going on in our world of today, isn’t this by definition just leading us down some kind of psychedelic acid trip path of travel for a matrix reality, very much like a Magical Mystery Tour.

So, if our social concepts can be primed with such spectacles (Magical Mystery Tours), which offer implicit memory effects and these effects expose one to a form of stimulus for our perceptual patterns, well then such alternative concepts being planted or “primed” during PRIMING TIME can seed our memories without our conscious awareness, correct.

Thus, you may now be able to better appreciate how a Magical Mystery Tour could begin traveling down the paths in that of the Lewis and Clark’s expedition who cut through our virgin America and evolved to what became Dwight D. Eisenhower’s National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, and is now referred to as the Interstate Highway System. Although these physical slabs of concrete laden freeways that interlace a labyrinth of arteries, which allow the ebb and flow of commerce, are not my story be told.

My story to be told is about the much more complex “Charlotte’s Webbing” of wires, fiber optic cables and transmissions on broadband frequencies that bombard our cerebral cortex day in and day out, which redirects our steadfast predictability or as it actually results in an anticipatory response. As the algorithms are refined and artificial intelligence (AI) impregnates the human psyche with greater and greater memorized possibilities, our field of view becomes saturated and the quantitative byproduct is in our memory’s evaluations! The speed in which the human brain’s neurotransmitter recollects has been clocked and how neurons talk to each other signaling and sending thoughts has also become understood on the molecular level for the specificity of charting, categorizing and chronicling human dispositions. .

Although this research can be applied to finding cures for brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, realize that those funding such research projects are not satisfied with just limiting this poking and prodding to finding cures but, also the deeper meanings for cause and effect for where the power of influence really lays hidden between the cooling and heating effects of macro-wave and micro-wave frequencies, metaphorically speaking! .

It is most difficult to fully appreciate how significant the science behind understanding alpha and beta brainwaves becomes influenced by “PRIME-TIME”, because by design the twenty four hour news cycle’s headline supplements from every form of awaken awareness are bombarding our cognitive capacity to sort, retain and store relevant and factual information within the folds of our functioning brains.

You may be asking right about now, why would someone be involved in such efforts and what does it all mean? It’s simple, from the design of our 47,000 miles of Interstate highway system to the 233,000 miles of railroad tracks that span the U.S., mapping a route insures that one will arrive at the desired destination, correct? .

For instance, I grew up in the mass sprawling suburbia within the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. That exposure was what I came to view as the norm in my upbringing. The term norm, as I use it here is what we all get familiar with seeing along the journey and what becomes accepted as our tolerated environment good, bad or indifferent. Unfortunately that view is very much like trying to capture a still shot of the landscape while traveling on a bullet train, and generationally the shutter speed and aperture of our pupils may only get to experience the changes taking place between the blinking, hard to even imagine, right? .

I’m going to attempt to readjust the shutter speed so that all the lines connect into what initially appears as a blur but, as you’ll see, this is where PRIMING habituates.

PRIMING is no different when living in a small village or big city, as the promotion of any tolerable version of our reality is very much like walking on a balance beam while attempting to focus our equilibrium on not falling off. This requires engaging our imagination and creating a matrix reality of distraction. This balancing act is just that, it is the act of maintaining a balance in the world in which we participate in the day to day “norms” and we come to know as our world. The promotions or the PRIMING of ideas involves everything from the interwoven tread count of the fabric for the socioeconomic prescription to how this blanket of conditions swaddles or leaves one out in the cold in a given demographic profile.

Whether it’s the hijacking and radicalization of a theology by ISIS in the Mideast or it’s the infusion of meth-amphetamines to the impoverished ghettos of America, the net effects on each represent a disproportionate perpetuation of criminality through the proximity to a tribal environment that is predominantly made up of a specific demographic, and by those who overall as a group possess a vulnerability, a lower intelligence quotient. They are mostly youthful inductees in both cases that are subject to a tribal mentality and a leadership hierarchy that leaves the masses with very few choices, too often coming down to just two, recruitment or assisted suicide. The path of travel among such gang members, whether they be segregated religiously or ethnically is purposefully designed to eradicate them from the world’s advancing gene pool. It’s no more or no less, than a socially induced genocide that is inspired by the first world’s marching orders for how the world’s population shall be controlled. Simply put, whether it’s a drug war or that of radicalize religious wars the net result is the death and destruction of millions of less valued human beings. Adding weight to this is the artificial war against being born at all, as in the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Roe Vs Wade) during the past forty some odd years is responsible for having allowed the murdering of more than sixty million unborn children of which the African American population disproportionately represents 70% of that number (42,000,000).

This is a fact and yet one U.S. political party has been the steadfast promoter of abortions while most effectively PRIMING the African American community with a matrix reality for who’s your mama! If abortions weren’t enough these demonically possessed politicians have also simultaneously destroyed the traditional parenting family model with the drug war theme and it’s subsequent indictments of criminality. The disparity in the abortion ratio only mirrors the incarceration numbers of this community’s potential fathers and therefore virtually eliminates the possibility for a male role leadership example to positively contribute to advancement. This in effect, greatly burdens the single mothers and quite literally cuts in half the income earning potential of these households.

Rather than “UNITING THE STATES” this socially engineered agenda of such political anarchy is hell bent on further dividing the United States with fake news theme songs such as; “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” and “White Privilege”. This sort of PRIMING isn’t just a news story, it’s by design and covered by most of the so called media networks as divided. The politics of a story is presented as a truthful accounting of the daily events by what is presumptuously bias commentary not reporting at all.

In such spectacles a viewer’s emotions are “PRIMED” with what has already become their predispositions for an instant verdict, long before unsubstantiated evidence could become inadmissible in a real court of law. In such proceedings nothing could more effectively obscure those who are truly responsible for inciting such mayhem! Seldom will the truth get out about who’s behind the media blitz that postures controversy for such groups, whereas the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has joined the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Most would see these as strange bedfellows, unless the anger in your community had risen to a boiling point and the steam obscured the real culprits from view!

One day in 1871 Henry George (San Francisco Times Editor 1871-1875), went for a horseback ride and stopped to rest while overlooking San Francisco Bay, he later wrote of a revelation that he had as follows:

“I asked a passing teamster, for want of something better to say, what land was worth there. He pointed to some cows grazing so far off that they looked like mice, and said, ‘I don’t know exactly, but there is a man over there who will sell some land for a thousand dollars an acre.’ Like a flash it came over me that there was the reason of advancing poverty with advancing wealth. With the growth of population, land grows in value, and the men who work it must pay more for the privilege.”

As an example, in the greater Los Angeles area the socioeconomic realities together with socially influenced climatic conditions sway popular opinion in a much different way than those say in Boston. Having lived in both cities long enough to flavor the cause and effects on both, I’m compelled to share with you how this works on the brainwave level of communicating a deeper sense for strategic socioeconomic planning. AI offers diversions for the path of logic that influences where our planetary society is heading and it’s really no different than offering detours on the road that someone may be traveling upon while going to and fro (no metaphor intended).

Drawing your eye in a little closer to how strategic socioeconomic influences are carving up real estate, such as in a city like Los Angeles only requires looking at a map. Take a look at downtown L.A. and draw circles that are centered on downtown. Scale these progressively expanding circles in a ten mile radius, and you’ll discover that Beverly Hills, South Central and East L.A. will all fit inside the first ring quite neatly! Yet the ethnic diversity, property values, income, crime rate, first respondents response time, health of infrastructures, etc. in relationship to the inhabitants of these cities takes on a very different profile. .

I use the word “profile” here purposefully, as to develop a better understand for why the per square foot residential housing sale price in $1,302/ SF in Beverly Hills verse Compton being $291/ SF, as these cities are only ten miles apart. I believe that this needs to be better understood for what lays hidden to most of us and what it may mean for the future of all generations! .

Furthermore, a profile for the average intelligence quotient that prevails in these communities needs to be appreciated in order to gain greater insight as to why these might differ so much, yet are in such close proximity to one another. Statistically on average the state of Massachusetts has the highest I.Q. in the U.S., whereas the state of Mississippi has the lowest, according to twitter’s findings. .

By looking at the differences in the median income between these two states the I.Q. scores also parallel the income relationship i.e.; Massachusetts = $67,846.00 and Mississippi = $36,919.00 and therefore developing a better understanding for how I.Q. can be recognized as being in play may also help to discover if adversity is just a consequence of lower intellect or if something more cynical might be resulting from a socially engineered design.

In Australia the indigenous people (referred to as Aborigines) have an average I.Q. of just 68.8 and the European hybrids (as claimed by Jared Diamond) are running +10 points higher. Beside Diamond’s assertions another renowned figure, Charles Murray had provided a statistical analysis of America’s I.Q. assessments in his 870 page (The Bell Curve) where it offers a theoretical averaging with a midpoint of 100.

He basically pins the average I.Q. in America at 100 with 50% of the population ascending or descending along the graph. He also has followed up with a more recent book called “Coming Apart” that dissects just the white sector of America that’s becoming segregate on its own. This sector has moved into gated suburban communities call “Super Postal Code Zones” where the ultra elite reside.

Here are a few of the zip codes that correspond to being referred to as Super Postal Code Zones; .

  • 07078: Short Hills, N.J.
  • 10514: Chappaqua, N.Y.
  • 60043: Kenilworth, Ill.
  • 10597: Waccabuc, N.Y.
  • 02468: Waban, Mass.
  • 60022: Glencoe, Ill.
  • 10282: New York, N.Y.
  • 94027: Atherton, Calif.
  • 20816: Bethesda, Md.
  • 02481: Wellesley Hills, Mass.
  • 02457: Babson Park, Mass.
  • 06883: Weston, Conn.
  • 06870: Old Greenwich, Conn.
  • 07046: Mountain Lakes, N.J.
  • 10069: New York, N.Y.
  • 10518: Cross River, N.Y.
  • 10162: New York, N.Y.
  • 20854: Potomac, Md.
  • 21737: Glenelg, Md.
  • 94028: Portola Valley, Calif.

Sure I know for some of you that little RED-FLAG just went up about conspiracy theorist, right? But really?…Where did that idea come from in just the nanosecond you gave to further contemplation…hum?

My purpose here isn’t to recruit you into a consensus of understanding, it is only pointing out that even here “PRIMING” is at work and that this technique is prescribed, which in turn accounts for anticipatory influence over one’s memory indexing. It corrupts (or cultivates, however you wish to view it) how our society would respond on their own, independent from such PRIMING.

Another contributing influence in our accepted version of Americana comes from the employment of divisive educational bigotry. This is where the greatest enticements for pursuing socioeconomic advancements require a degree, not a specific degree just a four year BS or BA that suggest that you have absorbed enough indoctrination to comply with the speed limit and operate within the guardrails of the accepted information highway’s intelligence spectrum! .

Did you ever wonder why a college curriculum mandates that you include courses that really have nothing at all to do with your major or why vocational shop class electives have virtually disappeared in high schools? The idea that getting an education is the prerequisite to getting ahead has also given license to the educators being in control of how getting ahead will appear in the future.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Did we lose our manufacturing jobs in America before or after educators decided to cut vocational shop classes out of the 7-12 grade education curriculum? Did teachers have an equivalent relationship to parenting during the baby-boomer era for five days a week, eight hours a day, while actually spending more time with children than their real parents? In this substituting role what unfolded in America during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that redefined the American mindset heading about things like drugs, sex and rock and roll, education? By what authority did public education virtually deputize teachers with the authority to kick God out of school and remove free speech, without question? Why now does conservative thinking get bullied in universities and is quite literally head butted at the very least with a contentious threat of receiving a lower grade from the mostly (+95%) liberal minded professors, when being identified as a conservative thinker?

After WWII the opportunity for the 2nd income lured women out of the home in order to provide the family with a higher income and the dangling carrot of a more lavish lifestyle. The problem was that the educated mind disproportionately leans towards a liberal mindedness or mindlessness whichever fits best. No one can argue that teachers and professors sway disproportionately towards a left swing for propagandizing a socialist view but, as a unionized collective armed with the authority of intellect, the wits of American society became bamboozled with a freer thinking kind of parent stock.

As this authorship seized the power, a child’s mind became a terrible thing to waste and PRIMING evolved as an individualized authority. Of course this required expelling God’s higher authority from public schools in order to prioritize the “me” generation’s agenda. After all, if the developing mind was going to be able to mutate into a new species, then the breeding ground for spawning fish that could swim with the current in the schools of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s would need to not just shape the stream but, make the temperature and velocity controllable.

It should come to no surprise that public schools have been a breeding ground for decadent mentality, as this den of iniquity has been the single greatest influence upon the face of American kids growing up for past four generations. I can tell you that it was in a public school in L.A. that I learned everything that was to be known about drugs, sex and rock and roll simply because the educators claimed to be ignorant to it all, while promoting its very existence.

As the teachers unions grew larger and became fully funded they began to pay lobbyist that could further their socialistic agenda and introduce proactive legislation that expanded the influence over the role of teacher parenting, not just teaching! Kids would spend more of their waking hours with this kind of instruction and if that wasn’t enough, they would attach homework to the little time left that a parent could offer any influence.

The first Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) was given on June 23, 1926 and an applicant was given 97 minutes to answer 315 questions, that required answering about three questions per minute. This test was adapted for the U.S. Army’s intelligence quotient (IQ) test that was intended to measure innate intelligence. Today’s SAT is given three hours, 45 minutes and has only 170 questions, which is about 1.3 minutes per question.

What is innate intelligence? Well we all have it; as a matter of fact every living thing has it from the time we are born until we die. Thus it is deemed genetic and written in our DNA. In the sorting out of human beings for their most useful purposes in the next millennia assignments, genetic programming would certainly need to be sorted out as well as the emergent properties for the most desired characteristics for specialized chromosomal effects to our innate intelligence. Employing this science shall require contributions to the human brains morphology regarding intelligence in order to gain greater insight for how best to steady the rudder and redirect this ship of fools!

The academies of higher learning intuitions are also a very illusive culprit in all of this, and if you have any doubt just take a look at the civil unrest that as given birth to a narrower trend in thinking. The most radicalized being the breed that has been spawned from the upper echelon of schooling. These “Ivy League” spawning grounds limit their acceptance of “fish” (students) to those who can swim upstream faster within a specific kind of stream! In order to gain entry, one’s intelligence quotient (IQ) must correspond to 113 and above, keeping in mind here that the average IQ in America is 100. Thus the stream’s width, depth, velocity, temperature and direction can all be regulated by those “smarty pants” who ultimately take paddle in hand to row the boat and guide the fish through the rapids.

Thus, by consensus (not conspiracy) the world as a whole isn’t becoming more diverse; it’s being constricted to the vision and versions of those (rowing the boat) who receive the CEO, CFO placements and government agencies controlling political appointments. One needs to ask; in narrowing the stream (our train of thought) how are we altering the results of a natural occurring humanity?

If you are still with me here, entertain for a moment the results from demographic analysis that have led to the IAO variables (psychographics). For those unfamiliar with IAO’s, these are the studies of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Oh…and most importantly, this area of research focuses on interests, attitudes, and opinions geographically for good reason!

PRIMING is the same kind of mind alteration that you experienced two paragraphs ago when that half sentence “RED FLAG” cautioned you to discount the previous two paragraphs. Before you accredited that brilliant deductive conclusion about conspiracy, did you stop even for a split nanosecond to ask why you are a believer in conspiracy theory at all, I bet not for even a nanosecond, right?

Don’t beat yourself up about it, as this is just the kind of influence that I’m exposing here, as our opinions are cultivated everyday in the television we watch, the commercials that we sit through, the movies we perceive as being entertainment, the fired up crisis nightly “Little Miss Anna Falatic” shocking news story, and with all this we fail to recognize the faint whispers while taking a stance on the balance beam…hum?

Realize that our attempts at “balancing” also forces us to affirm our conjectures, then formulate our contingencies as foreseen and within that nanosecond span of elapsed time we arrive at the destination of our foregone conclusions and keep responding as we’re being taught.

At best the indoctrinating pundits are most often just a form of our personalized predictions and these predictions are really just the delicate adjustment in sway that transpires between our individual ears while accessing logic verses emotion. If that field of view only offers to points of view, conscription or going AWOL well then, we will need to sink or swim correct

How we gravitate toward the dangling lures of enticements of any form of luxury or enjoy the past time of leisure is too often based upon very limited factual information or substantiated logic. Most all of this is emotionally driven and as a result the emotional side of our brains gets bombarded with the daily “fight or flight” choices for terrorism, murderous immigrants, flight risk, and nuclear inanition, and on and on until your brain is so saturated you just withdraw. In that case, you’ll be identified as anti-social and prescribed a Dr Frankenstein’s pharmaceutical for what ails us, not necessarily what ails you!

This portion of our cerebral cortex is susceptibility to depression and solitary confinement leads to lunacy. Thus you are left with just two choices once again, recruitment or assisted suicide, look familiar? If one deviates slightly, takes a miss step, stumbles, falls or even hums the tune of a different drummer even in a small village how would the village deal with such an annoyance?

Do you believe even for a nanosecond that your culture, your religion, your political persuasion and your evolving point of view isn’t repetitively impregnated by artificial insemination on a moment by moment basis? Take a step back for just a whole minute, set your addiction aside to your smart phone’s technological advancement for making your life more urgently accessible to Charlotte’s worldwide web of entanglement.

Now just see how long you can do without it? How long can you go without picking up that device and checking to see what’s changed that often has nothing to do directly with you? That device for so many has become an added appendage to our human psyche? As the minutes tick by how imbalanced does one begin to feel in the lingering silence that seems to creep into a broadband form of inebriated withdrawal?

You just processed that faint whisper of believability, while taking a stance on the balance beam. Your internal dialog measured the contingencies, correct? Did you miss a call, a text, a new post on FB or an email from someone seeking to make contact? This whisper is called one’s inner voice or the conscience but did you fully appreciate the effect of urgency for how all of these contributing factors along with a host of others refitted the lens of your conscience with a new prescription for your ocular assistance in viewing the world?

We all now see a mountain of information that streams in on our personal devices very much like an appendage that can touch, feel and react to virtually anyone anywhere on the planet but, this isn’t connecting at all, it’s actually disconnecting. Do you know who gets a text, anyone not important enough to call and have dialog with. Why?…Quite simply because you don’t have time to have your individual thoughts redirected in accommodating another train of thought..hum?

This new pair of colored glasses focuses our attention toward the things that seemingly interest “us” and the AI’s algorithmic encyclopedia provides a comprehensive set of defined solutions in the form of interlaced instructions that purposefully narrows down the full spectrum for the field of our viewing pleasure

This refined order isn’t just happenstance but a set of AI instructions for accomplishing a task. The task at hand is purposeful (and free), for why would there be a task at all, if there wasn’t a purpose, correct? If you don’t think so, try doing an internet search and see how just one search word (algorithmic) systematically offers alternatives that provide you with a list of options (instructions) that shall accomplish broadening your appreciation by offering the “top ten” choices for any given word. Try investigating this choice, “ARPANET” and see how the internet actually started and has now evolved into a very powerful influence over the entire planet.

This “influence” primes our attitudes while focusing our attention toward the things that interest us and depending upon the intellectual culture that has helped shape our attitudes, we gravitate toward the paralleling opinion that furthers our interests for any given subject. The search engines collect our data and the data helps algorithmically refine a finite set of unambiguous instruction in a prescribed sequence to achieve a goal for a desired result.

This form of PRIMING is merely research specific influence over our attitudes which helps us to become better ambassadors in focusing attention toward the most urgently popularized notions, whatever they may be at a given moment. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and seeding the upper echelon of intelligence quotient with thought provoking ideas is very much like feeding candy to a baby.

Because academic achievement has become the most singularly significant accomplishment for achieving socioeconomic independence, we tend to delegate the authority over the masses to those brilliant scholars who know best, and thus subordinate our own logic to them believing that they somehow possess a special savant.

The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth when we fairly evaluate the political blunders we have all witnessed during the past ten presidential administrations. It doesn’t matter what party you’re PRIMED toward, when one strips away all the hot button issues that affords the masses with a pack, club or gang mentality and a presumably leg up position on the scale of academic justifications, there is plenty of blame to go around!

It is often in the light of being superiorly informed that an intellectual culture fails to truly turn on the light! As well, it is in such absence of being in the light of day that things go bump in the dark! For after all the one who knows it all has become ignorant, specifically because they can learn no more!

PRIMING is merely like a lure that dangles and glimmers, initiating the lean of distraction that sways our propensity when standing upon that balance beam and negotiating our footing. In luring our ego’s attraction to the divisiveness in that of a learnt assertion, we also become much more susceptible to the influences of misinformation, which can help to support the lopsided perception of a narrower view for what are all our contingencies.

Remaining balanced while our attention is distracted with the delectable flavors of what appears to be a better informed “educated opinion” has also fueled a belief that audacity is an adjudicated response from the psychometric scaling of a Mega Society’s perceived superiority. This gives license to seeing one’s self as an elitist, and that alter ego’s personality adds fuel to the eternal fire that burns within the fallibility of mankind. If you don’t believe this just see where all that wisdom got King Solomon..hum?

Intellectual pursuits are really just a form of self gratification of the mind, no more and no less. The simple fact is that, in all that is to become known from the infinite expanse of the entire universe the minuscule fractional relevance of knowledge that we may acquire before becoming extinct probably isn’t worth boosting about, correct? Maybe it’s more reasonable to humbly accept the Socratic Paradox

The more we seem to learn the more we become anchored in the justifications for our attitudes towards others, be it pro or con. This too often becomes self righteousness; well you guessed it, our better informed opinions! The greatest danger in all of this is how divisions occur in our society and how such perspectives dehumanize those with opposing views as inferior.

As Charles Murray so eloquently named his recent book, “Coming Apart”, society’s trajectory has been altered from its naturally occurring impact point and is being “artificially” encouraged to segway toward newly improvised and divisively adjusted coordinates. Whether or not this is intended in achieving a direct hit or not, the fact remains that PRIMING has blown apart the naturally occurring model, which the human mold once fit!

We’re not going back to a place where humanity was governed by the same sensibilities (in the free world), which however feeble was really only an attempt to bind the fabric of society to a common thread. Morality, ethics, virtues and religious convictions are now held in utter contempt by many of our higher learning institutions. A religious or conservative guest speaker at most any of these mind PRIMING academies would now be shouted down, threatened with violence and refused the fundamental American right of free speech. Why, you may be asking? Well, it again is quite simple; there shall be no change without conflict!

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

Karl Marx

As an example, in order to sway mass opinion about promiscuousness, it is necessary to indict chastity as being arrantly prehistoric. The idea that a woman possesses a specific uniqueness can’t enter into the discussion, as PRIMING has popularized the cohort of emancipation. Recognizing that anything a woman might retain as unique could disable the provocateurs from indicting inequality in such a scheme, thus they employ vigorous audacity in provocations in order to create greater conflict.

Today’s women can invoke their rights to everything from obtaining an abortion, to enlisting in a combat role in the military. Such a catapulting goes well beyond just striving for equality but, it changes the dynamics for how the future role of woman should appear in our society, by design!

Change doesn’t happen overnight, as this is a pursuit over sequential generations. The past generation had referred to this as the Woman’s Liberation Movement. This movement has now evolved into a mutation of that profile and is referred to as an individual Alpha Female. This individual is not just a liberated woman but, an intimidating, brilliant, career killing woman who is more confident and ambitious. This is a woman who might more often than not delay having children (if having any at all), and remain single. On the surface, not a thing wrong with this picture, right?

Well let’s dissect the Alpha and the Beta Woman models to see who is attracted to whom and what the long-term ramification might look like for the next generational result from such PRIMING.

“Betas have less of a need for control, and they may have less interest in a leadership position than an Alpha would. In a group of women, the Alpha is the one who exerts power and influence through her ability to take charge of the conversation, while the Beta will tend to listen and support. In the extremes of both, an Alpha may be too confrontational; a Beta may be too passive. Fortunately, people are malleable, as you will see, and you can modify some of your behavior for a better balance.”

There are far less Beta men than Beta woman, although PRIMING is again beginning to change the perception for the traditional male female roles and other forms of gender orientation. This is accomplished in the subliminal messaging being promoted in most every movie coming out of Hollywood, television series on virtually every major network and commercial advertisement that interrupts your viewing pleasure on average 8 to 10 minutes per half hour.

These influences together with the incrimination for stepping out of line on social media, shapes and redefines what is politically correct. You can have an opinion but, it must be the kind of opinion that is neo-socialistic and foundationally supported with the popularized version or you’re labeled as a bigot. That’s right, if your opinion has been characterized as unpopular in the politically correct assertions being PRIMED today, well then you’ll be labeled a bigot. Although if you bash religious zealots or those holding there accountability to a higher authority than merely just “thyself”, it’s all good, right? The hypocrites become invisible in a discombobulated interpretation for social justice.

One might think that this isn’t important but, what if you applied PRIMING to other elements of society…hum? I used the Alpha / Beta example of how the role of women and men have been influenced but, this was just a practice run in apply the divisiveness of division among the mass populous.

PRIMING mirrors one of the oldest tools used for controlling civilization, La bilancia politica! The Latin phrase is “Divide et impera”…When Woman, Men, Blacks, Whites, Rich, Poor, Democrats, Republicans and so on are all turned on one another, well just look what we have taking place today.

“The strategy, but not the phrase, applies in many ancient cases: the example of Gabinius exists, parting the Jewish nation into five conventions, reported by Flavius Josephus in Book I, 169-170 of The Wars of the Jews (De bello Judaico). Strabo also reports in Geography, 8.7.3 that the Achaean League was gradually dissolved under the Roman possession of the whole of Macedonia, owing to them not dealing with the several states in the same way, but wishing to preserve some and to destroy others.”

Elements of this technique involve:

creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign

aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign

fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers

encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political and military spending

The concept is also mentioned as a strategy for market action in economics to get the most out of the players in a competitive market.”

Well, there it is staring us all right square between the eyes (the frontal lobe) and we still can’t seem to get our minds around what’s constantly creating conflict…hum? What’s fueling the fires and exacerbating the bone of contention among the tribes (different cultures) has been our Achilles heel for eons. Like it or not, we are all tribal and not just our religion or color or nation of origin…it’s in our genetics!

In looking at the binomial nomenclature of Homo sapiens extant human species, we fail ourselves in trying too hard to eliminate the invisible lines that separate us. In order to solve any problem we must first recognize what that problem is and then tackle it feet first! As any MMA cage competitor will tell you, all that martial arts training can really just come down to who is the most intelligent grappler in the cage!

We must come to a greater appreciation for who is the best connoisseur in deciding the bitter and sweet that can come from being human. We as a world society must get hold of our faculties and peel back the obscurity to the glaring discrediting that is anchored around the neck of infallible.

The origin of the blood that runs through our veins is only on loan and very temporarily put into play. The question is, what are you going to do with the limited time you have to exist? How many of the plus or minus 28,000 days on average that we are allotted do you have left to make a statement about your authenticity? What are the calisthenics of the mind that one should employ for reaching one’s greatest potential and what ancestral advisory group could best serve “all” of mankind’s interest?

Maybe for most folks this is all too much to think about and because of one’s refusal to truly engage, we’ll continue to inherit a world that shall remain limited to our own perceptions? I enjoy what if..? And what could be..? As our return to a paradise on earth, I believe has always been within our grasp!

You see with all the earthly resources that are available to us, and with all the wondrous inventions that have taken form from the gift of our infinite imaginations, why hasn’t mankind come to see from where the light of day shines? What is it about us as a human that deprives us of truly accomplishing greatness? What makes us so irresponsible in plundering the abundance, yet limited resources of our planet? What seems to lurk in shadows of our psyche that too often obscures our Creator’s shepherding to do our best? Why do we sometimes choose to turn our face from the light of love into the dark abyss of hate?

Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, and on and on and on, as these theologies and others all lay claims to divine knowledge for how we are to act toward one another, yet the killing and wars continue all too often in the name of one’s Creator?

Quite possibly, a return to paradise shall only come to be realized when we can begin to truly recognize the diabolical nature of the insensitive viewpoint in aweless, which is being applied to our societal default settings? Maybe only then, we’ll begin to evolve and develop a better understanding for what might come from the meaningful harvest of our sustainable fruit and how the best in being human might be humbly represented from those in the third verse of the Sermon on the Mount?

Matthew 5:5

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

Or should we continue to assume the likeness of God’s authority by anointing accreditation for the misinterpretations of verses like

Ezekiel 25:17

“And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.”

Writing with the Veiled…