The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring and America by the Numbers…

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The Arab Spring's Median Age

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Semitic-languages...In delving into the complexities of what is referred to as The Arab Spring, what seldom gains appreciation is that this “uprising” (as it is labeled in much of the press) isn’t authentically Arab, at all! In viewing the adjacent photo, you’ll discover what should be considered as having Arab origins.

In the twenty countries that are most often associated with being part of this “uprising”, the five main or more branches of what are authenticated as being from Arab Semitic Tribes are not represented proportionately in the accumulative totals. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and others make up a large percentage and are not from Arab descent at all!

The reality is that this classification is only a label that serves a purpose, and it is in this labeling that the reality for what is really going on becomes obscured and the statistics that could provide for a factual accounting…just seem to become irrelevant?

The Task At Hand…

Becoming more informed and being more aware that the press / media has an agenda who’s objectives are clearly to sway popular opinions and influence world sentiments toward a prescribed global agenda can help to dehumidify the foggy window.

Well…someone has to take charge, right? But,…who and what and why are such contrived notions often promoting an impending doom that seems to be looming just over the horizon?

How do these daily world current events become so hyped and emotionally charged that any real factual accounting is then scrutinized as unbelievable?

The answers to such a question lays within the objectives in presenting a “Matrix Defense” that is offered as a simulacrum, and in the summation of the arguments,…a story takes form and applies a blurring reality towards an insanity defense!

From there,…the story goes to trial in the court of popular opinions and substantiation of reality gets exchanged for the Matrix Defense, which charts a new course for a more refined reality that is more dependable in delivering the swaying influence over the jurors opinions.

How Crazy Looks…

EXAMPLE; This is how justifications for firing offense missiles toward Israel by Hamas are legitimized as a sane act, and allowed to prevail as part of their negotiation tactics.

If this standalone act of aggression was fairly portrayed in the media and accurately related to in any real world situation, such as a Mexican / American Border dispute…say running along Texas somewhere, what would be the difference?

What could be justified and legitimized in the court of world opinion, for that provocations of firing hundreds of missiles into an American city like Brownsville or Corpus Christi? What would be an American response and who would be held responsible and accountable for creating such a situation?

I believe that the historical actions taken at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, together with the response to 911, reflects vividly on American intolerance for what we deem as appropriate responses to unprovoked attacks.

Additionally, I believe that having now been at war longer than any time in our history, we offer up clear examples for what can be expected from an American conviction in a trial by judge!

When the dead bodies are all counted on both sides,…who would be declared the winner in God’s Court of Heavenly Opinion?

In the arguments that might use immoral justifications as an excuse for such insanity,…would anyone’s God allow such inadmissible evidence in his courtroom?

In all the varieties of mankind’s religious portrayals of God, who is seen as the champion of good, in the eyes of our Creator?

For in our actions, we apply the pigment of choice to the renderings of our self portraits, and as human-beings those blurry canvas edges simulate the reality that becomes legitimized in presenting our hypothesis, as the only possible example for the reality that we will own!

The Slippery Slope…

In simulating reality as a hypothesis and exchanging it for a truthful and absolute form of reality, what influences are applied to deceiving and what enticements are dangled as manipulations that allows humankind to digress away from a statement that could be founded in real truth?

What allows one to replicate a simulation of clear consciences, in that of one’s subordination to imagined fears, and then argue that insanity is actually sane?

The Indecipherable Language of Technology…

Simulated for example by computer simulation and scripted in coded algorithmic language to a degree that is indistinguishable from “true” reality, in it’s introduction as being factual.

By presenting the exclusivity of such a simulation, as being the only option, the hypothesis becomes authenticated, as our only possibility for our reality!

Our conscious minds, which may or may not be fully aware that they are living inside a simulation, are then swayed by the weight of popular opinion, and popular opinion is created by the imaginative technologically achievable concept of making it appear as virtual reality.

What turns reality upside down…?

Maybe TV infomercials, that offer products that claim to infuse simple water with magical properties that can cure all of our ills?

Maybe in the indoctrinations of incitement to “switch”, the unbelievable to believable through the manipulations of specially altered claims, that “simulate” a new appetizingly superior form of reality?

Maybe…oxygenated, enhanced, energized, alkalized, vitalized or some infusion of exotic neodymium coloring, makes unbelievable seem more believable than that of what is actually real?

As concerns are promoted by our press / media, that the water safety of our public drinking supplies are suspect, paranoia promotes the attraction to what appears as reality in seeking what appears as a healthier choice.

Why,…you may ask? The short answer is water,…just like the refined byproduct of oil, which is Gasoline, is also a consumable commodity with great influence over the masses.

These are recognizably two of the most precious resources required for sustainable life on the planet. By creating the illusion of scarcity in the flow of Gasoline or inferring a risk to our health in public water supplies…the price always goes up!

In the case of water, placing it in a bottle and merely suggesting that the public water is suspect, acts as a bait and switch in the simulated alternative reality, that the bottle supplies (that in many case come from public sources) are safer!

This has led to an explosion in the U.S. bottle water market. In 2011 the bottle water “simulated” reality has driven annual sales to $22 billion dollars. We pay outrageous prices for what is truly unbelievable, while denying what is well founded in fact!

Control at the Mega Conglomerate Level…

In 1972 Richard M. Nixon took the American dollar off the “Gold Standard”. In 1973 the Arab Oil Embargo created the scarcity of Gasoline and the dollar became attached the “Oil Standard”.

The price of gasoline in 1973, was $0.22.9 cents a gallon and the minimum wage was $1.65/Hr. The ratio is that a gallon of gasoline costs 14% of that wage earners gross salary. Today, the minimum wage is $8.00/Hr. and a gallon of gasoline costs over $4.00, reflecting 50% of that wage earners gross salary.

The Bigger Picture...

Starting to sound a little insane?…Well, by definition of insanity it is! Because you might have noticed, that we keep going through the same exact steps in resolving world conflicts, expecting different results, yet we end up right back in the same exact place?

Now take an extra moment and try to wash your mind clean (use tap water, it’s OK…) of outside influences, relying solely upon your own sense of balance and contemplate another reality. In moving forward through this article, imagine if your job was to separate philosophical discourse into practical applications that could project the propensities of the human race, how would this be performed?

The Sequence of the 2011 Revolts..

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Sequence of 2011 Revolts...To better understand what the facts are, one must engage the subject fully and keep an open mind for separating what is fact from fiction.

The Profile of a population or demographics…

The American population more than tripled during the 20th century—at a growth rate of about 1.3% a year—from about 76 million in 1900 to 281 million in 2000.

It is a very urbanized population, with 82% residing in cities and suburbs as of 2008. (the worldwide urban rate is 50.5%)

As of 2012, the United States has a total resident population of 313,281,000, making it the third most populous country in the world.

The Census Bureau projects a U.S. population of 439 million in 2050, which is a 46% increase from 2007 (301.3 million). However, the United Nations projects a U.S. population of 402 million in 2050, an increase of 32% from 2007 (the UN projects a gain of 38% for the world at large).

In either case, such growth is unlike most European countries, especially Germany, Russia, and Greece, or Asian countries such as Japan or South Korea, whose populations are slowly declining, and whose fertility rates are below replacement.

People under 20 years of age made up over a quarter of the U.S. population (27.3%).

People age 65 and over made up one-eighth (12.8%) in 2009.

The 2012 national median age was 36.8 years.

In 1964 the median age in the U.S. was 27.75 years.


  • French Revolution
  • American Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • Mexican Revolution

Where problems begin…

  • 1.) Population’s Median Age is below 30 Yrs.
  • 2.) Youthful Ideological Objections
  • 3.) High Unemployment…The Great Depression
  • 4.) Minority Discord…Black America’s & Civil Rights
  • 5.) Viet Nam War… Protest
  • 6.) The Societal Turn


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Mideast Counties...The exploding demographics in these 20-Countries, will also have an exploding immigrant population, prone to radicalize interpretations for Sharia Law from their host countries.

It should be expected that an internal threat will grow from the fertile soil in America’s Muslim enclaves that are scattered throughout the U.S..

One of the first of these was a town established in 1980 called Islamberg, NY, which is a rural village in Hancock, Delaware County, New York, founded by Imam Al Sheik Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani Hashimi, a Pakistani Sufi cleric.

YouTube purports to show a network of camps in the United States, allegedly the village in New York and Sheikh Gilani forming the “Soldiers of Allah”. Similar communities have been founded in other rural areas of the United States.

Under the popularized radical interpretation of Shariah Law, the provisions for other forms of worship are not possible and this is why you will find no legal churches, synagogs, temples or other houses of worship other than a mosque in the mecca of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

Because radicalized Shariah Law doesn’t provide for a peaceful paralleling coexistence is one reason why it runs contrary to accomplishing peace in the Middle-east.

Understanding what is in conflict…

The Shariah is comprised of five main branches: adab (behavior, morals and manners), ibadah (ritual worship), i’tiqadat (beliefs), mu’amalat (transactions and contracts) and ‘uqubat (punishments).

These branches combine to create a society based on justice, pluralism and equity, yet radicalized Islam represents an ownership interest over a societies control. Examples of what should be expected are self evident in most all of the societies that adhere to the radicalized form and practices. In what is practiced…societies are essentially governed as church and state and these religious authorities enforce totalitarian dictatorial governments that are run by Islamic religious overseers.

Such authorities seem to just ignored the fundamental tenet of justice inherent in Shariah Law, and instead use Shariah Law as an excuse to gain power and sanction religious extremism.

To be sure, not a single example of a “Shariah Compliant” country exists but, what does exist are many examples of self professed “Muslim Countries” throughout the world that will decapitate anyone caught blaspheming the Qur’an or their Prophet Muhammad.

It isn’t likely that this radicalized form of Islam in America is going to be met with open arms, because America guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

Unfortunately the same anonymity that exist in our illegal south of the border immigrant’s population for the drug cartel Lieutenants,…that are living in the American slum barrios,…also exist for the promoters of radicalized Islam, in their enclaves!

Additionally, fear of brutal retribution intimidates those who are forced to live in proximity and it is a familiar face. In the same way, both of these cultures in their countries of origin have a strong example of what happens when and if you rock the boat.

Although these are not hallmarks of the truest meaning of Shariah Law, the oppression is the reality, in the name of Shariah Law and it is from these real world interpretations that a radicalized Islam justifies their influence of intimidation through the claims of anointment for administering their God’s given authority.

It is in the simulation of what is the reality of Islamic belief and obligations to a faithful following, that allows the corruption to be presented by a clergy that desires authoritarian power, in the word of God!

In such capacity of absolute power, it becomes allowable to decapitate people like Daniel Pearl, who was an American Journalist that was executed by those refereed to as terrorists but, that’s just a masking of terminologies that obscures the profile of the real radicalized Islam’s face that is hiding behind the rag.

Just think about how these examples that are listed below of religious leadership in the world differ, from one another?

What should be the reaction to such an atrocity from believers in any religion?

What could be said that would attempt to justify inflecting such a verdict on anyone under the guise of God’s anointed authority. Equally important, what would each community accept from their leadership?
  • Jewish Rabbi
  • Buddhist Monk
  • Catholic Bishop
  • Islamic Wahhabi’s

The Interpretation…

It isn’t believing in any religion, that’s the problem. It is the corruption through decisive misinterpretation and the unwillingness of each community to recognize the inherent responsibility to clearly see what is, right from wrong, barbaric from civilized behaviors!

If The Ku Klux Klan came into a strong Christian community, would they be able to impose an orderly rule over the general populous by using the following approaches?
  • Religious Persecution
  • Secular Puritans Control
  • Adherence to a form of Church & State Laws Puritans / Sharia
  • Zealous Puritan’s / Wahhabi’s


  • Religious Diversification (Multi-faith America)
  • Multi Cultural Societal Blend in America
  • Economic Stability…Median Income of America
  • Large Middle Class…unparalleled prosperity
  • Separation of Church & State


  • 2012 76% of people in America identify themselves as Christians
  • 1990 86% of people in America identify themselves as Christians
  • Primarily this swing is a rejection of religion altogether, not just Christians

Information Source: American Religious Identification Survey


  • 5-Prayer calls per day
  • Mandated participation (through a form of intimidation)
  • Sharia Law (Church & State together)
  • There is only one God…Theirs!

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Radicalized Sharia-Law-in-The-U.S....The explosive nature in growth of a jehadist infused third world demographic, combined with our INS directives and policies, are paving the way!

From Spring to Autumn…

As the ranks are bolstered and the outlaying enclave radicalized communities grow, what is currently being seen in several European countries will come home to roost in America also.

The strangest part of this, is it’s promotion by our government agencies like the INS who refuses to impose necessary restrictive immigration quotas even during high unemployment and a virtual economic depression (2008 – 2014). Furthermore we are also funding many legal status immigrants via social welfare subsistence.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that the 37.9 million immigrants, both legal and illegal, living in the United States in March 2007 was the highest number recorded to date.

This represents 11.26% of the American overall population and has clearly diluted the American cultural perspective for where we are headed. What is and will continue to evolve as a result is a new political reality, and this will culminate into one that is more favorable toward other culture’s desires, rather than maintaining the historical American model.

These changes have been scripted within the confines of many compartmentalized agencies, both in the private and government sectors. From legislation for healthcare that will make non-citizens equal beneficiaries to services, to providing Driver Licenses that authenticate the status of residency.

The slow and methodically tinkering goes on everyday and is almost indistinguishable, in that of making any progress but, it is and will continue the uphill climb to the top, where the real power to make real changes exist!
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U.S Immigration 1900 -2007...In appreciating the myth about Americanization, one needs to become familiar with the results in the enigma of identity in a pluralistic society and the constantly changing milieu of American society.

What is most important, is to understand that the changing milieu isn’t just happenstance, it changes in response to refinements from directives that formulate how the desired results should appear.

Visa quotas are in essences, just part of a prescription along with the INS enforcements pulling back from inside our borders, in order to let illegal immigrants acquire work uninhabited.

A clear example of this is how relaxed the in-country illegal immigrant population has become. Only a few years ago the INS would conduct surprise sweeps on construction sites and locations where illegal immigrants would be known to congregate and work.

Today…you can see ten to twenty young men soliciting a cash based employment opportunity at virtually any Home Depot, unabated!

The tables have turned from the previous decades of low wages to a scarcity of Americans that are willing to do manual labor. So…you can expect to pay $20 to $25 per hour for someone with no transportation, no hand tools and most importantly, one who is connected to a great risk of inheriting your house, if he should get hurt on your property while working for you!

There was a time when the laws were enforced in America, and the courts would imposed consequence via a balanced legal system that was designed to protect it’s citizenry. But, what now is the agenda, what comes in time from such complacency in failing to administer truth and uniform justice under the law?

Lawlessness and mayhem…

There is an enemy within that lurks…and in the shadows of many barrios the drug cartels and their lieutenants mingle among us. Our correctional institutions are brimmed with these folks and they cost us billions of dollars every year to house, feed, transport, educate and provide medical care that could otherwise be applied to building a better infrastructure in our many decaying cities spread out across our nation.

By Design….

One would have to completely exchange a simulated reality for a truthful reality based upon facts, in order to subordinate the truthful reality, to simulated reality, right?

Additionally, if we were to continue to allow ourselves to refuse to believe that our immigration situation, whether legal or illegal, isn’t by design, we would need to override the obvious red flags, and disinvest in such truth as only delusional paranoia, right?

A Vision Test on Immigration….

It is staring us smack dab squarely in the eyes but, so many want to attach the heart strings of emotion to an empathic view that fails to realize how logic should apply.

While it is true that our southern border neighbors on the planet are in need of assistance, providing such in a way that is incorruptible by their own government representatives is essential to being able to accomplish sustainable results.

Obligations of Responsible Leadership…

For better or for worse, our politicians, as well as the politicians in many other countries are in it for themselves! In increasing numbers, well educated, Ivy league elitist have predominately come from a class of people that quite honestly no longer relate to their constituents.

Whether it’s in Mexico or within the masses of our own populations in America, society is Coming Apart!

The ideals of yesteryear’s civil servants has all but evaporated into the foggy mist of lobbyist and influence peddlers, that will sell their souls to the devil on borrowed money!

Our Congressional leadership, together with our Presidential Executive Body has descended in popularity to the lowest point in our history. Even lower than Nixon’s impeachment or Clinton’s opportunistic fellatio episode in the Oval office.
Do these examples represent the best of us, really? As the leader of the free world and the only true “Superpower” that is still able to boost such a facade, is this the best of the best?

One would think not, if they were being truthful with themselves!…

Doesn’t conspiring to burglarize or committing adultery say something about one’s morality and adherence to a common code of ethics, and if it does, then what statement can be made about a leader that would compromise the integrity of the highest office held in the world, for such a personal gain?

Serving our country whether in the Armed Services or as an elected official is an honor and it bears the responsibility of delivering upon an expectation, that is anchored in the moral fabric that our great nation was founded and constructed upon.

In asking what has made America the greatest nation to exist on the earth, it should be recognized that a morality existed that was uniquely accountable to it’s own populous.

The phenomena was strikingly different and was written about by some notable eighteenth century visiting European writers.

While traversing the uncivilized western frontier in young America, small town’s were held in-check by self regulation.

In many cases, the influx of so many different immigrating nationalities, that failed to have any common language could lead to crossed signals. Quite literally these could also lead to grave misunderstandings!

The small towns and outpost were virtually unregulated by any formal definition of law enforcement, and as a consequence or necessity, people needed to attach a commonality to an expectation for civil accountabilities.

The visiting European writers, of the eighteenth century were quite taken by the American Frontiersmen and the common thread that bound the fabric of our wild child adolescence.

The common thread, that rode herd over the lawlessness of the frontier was the innate obligation in a God fearing belief system, that held all accountable to a higher authority!

If one doesn’t possess the depth of character, or one isn’t strong enough to resist the temptations of the flesh well then, how are we going to be able to count on such a personality when times get rough?

If such a character doesn’t have the maturity to act as a responsible adult, then what adolescent expose’ should we expect form such a absence of self control, when and if called upon during a crisis?

Even the Frontiersmen of our fractured developing country understood the obligations of subordinating to a higher authority, why? Quite simply…it’s the thread that binds the fabric and holds us all together at the seams.

It’s what has come loose and as a result we are beginning to expose our private parts, while standing indecently in front of the rest of the world.

Our beacon of light, in that of living by example,…has exposed our vulnerabilities and consumed our strength, why?…Because in failing to realize that the origin of our strength came from fulfilling the obligations to recognize our great blessings, we only fail ourselves!

These blessings come from fulfilling our obligations in leadership, either in the examples of us as individuals (like the Frontiersmen, where God’s law was the natural order) or those who we have chosen to represent us.

Only God’s Authority reigns Over Us….

Many of us have forgotten what went unspoken, yet once was silently respected by a majority of God fearing men and women!

The golden rules…and ethic of reciprocity is a maxim! Their origins date back to our earliest recorded guidelines for living in a civilized society. They are a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct, often addressing disputes between moral diversity. The term comes from the Greek word ἠθικός ethikos from ἦθος ethos, which means “custom, habit”.

Good or Bad Habits are defined in the Tailings…

In applying sound reason to the selection of elected officials, it would be most appropriate to better evaluate the substances that are being mined from the ore of raw character.

In gold mining, it can often require sifting through tons and tons of worthless substance to acquire the concentrated value of just one once of pure gold.

If we applied this same due diligence to unearthing the precious stones that are buried in the worthy characters of leadership, what would change?

Just imagine, if a truer yardstick or a finer sieve could be applied to the ones that we delegate the responsibility and authority of leadership…hum?

Just imagine how it could change the path we are on…Just image how a new truthful reality could evolve, instead of the simulated reality that claims we just need to lower the bar because an ethical and moral character can’t be found in sifting through all the tailings that have been mined…

Really? Do you believe that any of the last ten presidency reflect a real true effort at mining men worthy of such a role?…Which one of them could have a seat along side King Solomon and lay claims to quandering the truest meaning of wisdom, and applying those findings to their responsible role in leadership?

Great candidates, in great societies rise to the occasion and this can be found throughout civilized history! On the other hand, historically speaking, many examples of barbaric as well as incompetent dictators have also lead to a whole society’s ruin.

So…what should we demand from our leadership and what should we do about the mussel bound bureaucratic structure that has been devised to defuse direct accountability for each individual.
How do we dismantle the compartmentalization of so many agency’s, who’s functions and purpose are to enforce faceless directives, all along while affording the perpetrators exceptions and anonymity in their faultlessness conviction?

How do we remove the immunity of incompetence that is protected at every level of government employee service?

When do we say enough is enough and except our individual responsibility and demand the changes that can insure our survival?

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