In attempting to wrap one’s mind around what appears as an uncivil war of words between the right and left, we should all take a step back and try to gain a little broader perspective for what’s actually going on.

In standing on the sidelines of the divisions between the right and left in our politics of today, it seems that there are no shortages of contempt and disrespect, and truthfully there is more than enough to go around from either side.

All this of course is being spun on the basis of just one man getting elected to our highest office, who some love and some hate.

All along we never really seem to get to the real questions or end up with any real answers, as to what it is we each see so differently? We just love him or hate him or in a few cases don’t really care!

One clear reason for such obstinacy toward the opposing point of view is that our American society is being bombarded with propaganda on several fronts.

Of course the Russians would like to regain their previous world power status and of course the Chinese would like to advance their designs on the world, its utter foolishness to be saying otherwise!

Although affixing a stigma upon a duly elected president by way of unsubstantiated accusations isn’t going to make us any stronger as a nation. It’s only going to weaken our confidence in a system that’s appearing more and more to have gone rouge!

Some call it “Fake News” but to the main stream press has an unwillingness to deny or confirm a story and this is all that is required to invent news anymore. What we should all be recognizing is it’s that such behaviors are transparently treasonous, specifically because only an enemy of the state would in fact conduct such destabilizing effects on our nation.

A further cross examination of the why and how such news can incite a response by those in opposition can allow one to gain a greater appreciation for how such stories shape the minds of those who already feel disenfranchised or for that matter, empowered.

Either way it’s like adding gasoline to a smoldering fire and it is this light that’s called arson, correct?

Publicly incriminating anyone without due process was once called slander, let alone telling outrageous stories about a candidate who is running for election.

The presidential election came down to the last two main candidates (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) and one got elected.

Plenty of mudslinging in the whole process but, as it turned out one is in charge of running our country now and the other is peddling resentment, influencing civil disobedience and basically disrespecting the highest office, correct?

Virtually every allegation that could be trumped up from claims of collaborating with the Russians to paying off prostitutes with campaign funded money have been aired in our media, due process for the law be damned! If you or I were accused of any single one of these we’d be sitting in a cell somewhere, correct?

So…where is the equality of equal time for doing crimes?

These same slanderous tactics have been applied to Hillary and her branded claims of political corruption, although, if one could believe the news her body armor provided by the DOJ, FBI and other judicially orchestrated safe cover. It would seem that they have virtually all but pardoned her!

Maybe that will be the Olive Branch offered down the road as part of an “Art of the Deal” negotiation, who really knows?

And on the conservative side of this are those who have had enough of what they see as the liberal mindlessness that has kicked G_d out of schools, taken away guns, gave us an open border policy that’s resulted in murdering our citizenry and giving a reprieve to people like Hillary, Lynch and Comey.

Quite simply, the right wants their country back from the thieves that have tried to literally hijack the DOJ and have successfully infiltrated our judicial system.

They see the left as having done nothing to stop the flow of illegal aliens that pour over our borders, although in truth neither have the politicians on the right!

So why does the right associate this as an exclusive leftist agenda?

The illegal immigration issue is understood by the right minded John Q. Public as having a method to such borderless madness. In saturating the native born populous with those who can now further corrupt the voting system, it appears to them as being a long term objective.

The culpability or culprits for such mayhem are seen as having socialistic leftist motivations by those in charge.

Such influences are appointed (not elected) government officials that are doling out more and more handouts in order to help subsidize the enticements. More and more migration is seen as a further attempt at diluting the conserving mindset by making them become a minority.

The reality is…they both have a hand on the wheel and are equally under the influence while driving the bus.

This was most eloquently and quite brilliantly explained by Senator Benjamin Eric Sasse during the confirmation hearing (debate) for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It should be painfully obvious to almost anyone that something has gone terribly wrong inside the beltway and if we as a nation don’t demand more responsibility from our elected leadership well, we could end up not having a nation!

One such example that fuels the right minded belief is the transparency in the lunacy of “Sanctuary Cities” in one of our most populated states in the union (California).

This is where the Leftist politicians have virtually taken over the state’s governing power and have now passed the bias AB 60 that allows an “undocumented resident” to apply for a driver license (DL).

This means that “illegal aliens” can now be afforded an official state published document with just a single form of identification, although actual legal citizens must provide two forms of ID and one must be a social security number in order to be issued a DL…hum?

More importantly one should focus upon two key elements here, a.) where will such division lead us as a people and b.) what are the root causes behind such division.

Well, if we wanted to learn from history rather than repeat it, we’d all be able to answer question a.), as historically strong nations stay strong when they are working together.

When they are united they stand and when they become divided they fall, correct?

So it should be quite obvious to anyone with an IQ of three above a rock that all the powers that are currently empowered are interested in creating a new nation, “The Divided States of America”

On this simple premise that has been used as a subversive tactic (divide and conquer) by many adversarial aggressors throughout history, we should all be able to agree.

Thus, it would be far wiser to step back from the many emotional hot button issues and grasp a little greater insight rather than incite from what’s being portrayed.

The Propaganda…

In the media and our right and left political spectrums it has become a salesperson’s job to sell you a version of some half truth or even less, whether it’s politics or current events.

Oh…and in selling us on any such story, they’d need a great sales staff so, why not use the best and hire prosecuting lawyers (posing as news anchors) to argue each side!

Look at how the media has hired so many more lawyers (after the O.J. Trail) to argue and seed the “wild, wide world of accusations”.

These news anchors and hired experts offer only samplings of conjectures. What’s being presented is argued just like in a courtroom except, that it’s in front of the jury of public opinion (not an actual fair trial). It’s acknowledged even in a real courtroom that eyewitnesses are not always the most reliable.

So somebody help me here, how do talking heads compare in providing testimony to a jury of public opinion…hum?

The best of them are really just actors that dramatically (drama Kings & Queens) present whatever version of ascribed reality you (we) lean toward but, lean you (we) will and convict on what could only be at best seen as having a sliver of circumstantial merit in a real American court of law.

The media’s lawless morality has learned from the best example of this, as just look at the density of lawyers in politics and what a fine example they’ve set for us all.

Look how high the bar has NOT risen but descended to in the relentless accusatory bickering, hum?

From, “I’m not a crook” to getting a BJ under the desk in the Oval Office and redefining the “the “word “is”.

WOW!…Who could have thought that such behaviors would allow someone to ever be seen in public again, let alone be paid $500K for a speaking engagement.

From taking a knee as a celebrated sports star to a famed singer talking about blowing up the White House, such behavior is saturating our minds with selling us a new normal but, it’s not normal it’s really crazy talk!

It doesn’t really matter which side of the issue you stand on, it should be quite obvious that you (we) are being sold something and as for me, I’m not buying it!

When the so called media networks decide to divide us all up into groups that can be easily ranked for ratings and swayed by such influences, then just like the prejudice that creeps into a jury pool when rules are not followed the verdict will be reactionary!

And accordingly this responsive nature will be much more anticipatable and obviously manipulate-able!

In today’s language it’s called an algorithm. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. all employ these to market to a given mindset and yes, propagate all of your contingencies for free choice down a narrower corridor into their domain for greater control over what choices you’ll have “Left”.

Yes…I know, this sounds quite diabolical and you are correct.

It really looks like something that was propagated in some of those futuristic sci-fi flicks a decade or two ago and now that we have been anticipating it somewhere deep down in the impressionable layers of our cerebral cortex, well we have now arrived!

The news, television commercials, cable series, Hollywood’s cinematic portals of how Americana should appear are all primed to promote an anticipatory trajectory!

Yes…we are now at a destination that would not have been possible, if not for the creators of social media and the likes being able to accelerate the inducing of society with a narrower field of view, not the wider angled assumptions being presumed by our acceptance of such lunacy.

Oh sure, it appears as a wide angled unadulterated and very accommodating venue for social interaction until you post something that doesn’t fit the truer social engineering agenda!

Well, that cats “temporally” out of the bag now with the claims that Facebook, Google, and others are manipulating the search results, no way really?

Oh…and sure, we should have confidence in relying upon our bitterly opposed politicians to fix it with more regulations.

Let’s just stop and think for an extra few moments about the influence over the evolution of our global society that these social media vehicles of delivery can sway, spawn and yes, masterly deceive into believing virtually anything!

If desired, it only requires a simply post, tweet or video clip to go viral! That effort just conjures up the content, edits the emotionally charged images, and dubs in the tune, and melody for a prescription with pinpoint accuracy for any subject related mass critical thinking that is deemed appropriate.

The wide divisions that we see in our American political spectrum today are in fact the results of propagating the most extreme views at the fringes of our national fabric and then tearing at the seams that bind us!

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) is employed to conduct surveillance on human propensities and mine the data of human responses, it should be transparently obvious that it’s for a pinpointed reason with surgical accuracy!

If you have any doubts just look at why the cyber espionage of our stanch adversaries have been so hard at work mining the data and breaching security at some of our most secure sites,…hum?

This data is very valuable and of course in order to access it and make it useful it is categorically archived in billions and billions of bytes of information. And just like our DNA this information provides a very telling story about our vulnerable psyche and propensities for the adaptation to contingencies.

Ahh…yes, what may appear to be our choices in free thinking apparently are easily baited and switched in the disguise of the corruption of the facts.

It’s in the subtle innuendos of unfounded accusations that “priming” poses as unsubstantiated but yet for many it represents a valid form of information but, actually it’s not.

Too often it’s basically just gossip positioning to jockey for higher ratings while we all gallop those painted ponies over the day’s end circus rides to an imaginary finish line!

The “priming” is what positions the stirrups for us to easily insert a boot and then throw one leg at a time up into the saddle.

From there we can see everything so much clearer, roosting high atop a fourteen hands tall giddy up! It’s from this assumedly self predicated view that one takes pride in being above it all and anchors that validation to one’s own prejudice as right, left or another identity.

This of course is assumed to be our free thinking because we believe that it’s all our own idea and free will at play…hum?

Nothing could be further from the truth and the most concerning aspects of this is that it’s actually working very well for those in power!

Most people would cast a no confidence vote for our politicians, on the right and left. Why?

Well because nothing actually gets accomplished that doesn’t have a hidden agenda or self serving lobbyist motivated objective.

Just like what Senator Benjamin Eric Sasse spoke about regarding our elected officials, we as Americans have furthered ourselves from our civic duty to actively participate in how our country is being run. We have delegated it to incompetent arrogance, which has become intoxicated with power!

We should be disgusted with what we accept as news worthy politicians and by definition this is insanity, simply because we keep allowing them to do the same thing, while accepting that nothing changes!

The crux in this all is that we as a nation have lost sight of our humble beginnings.

We have become so complacent that we think that we have the liberty of doing nothing. Too many have passed the baton to the next runner, failing to realize that they are running the race in the opposite direction.

We all have an equal responsibility in our civic duties and we should all realize that;

“If we don’t all hang together, surely we will hang separately”

Benjamin Franklin.

In looking evil squarely in the eyes, it should be transparently clear that those who claim that they are working to achieving greater diversity only wish to exclude those in which they disagree.

That’s not diversity, that’s adversity and if we don’t begin to recognize these as treasonous behaviors well then, our enemies that have infiltrated our democracy will begin to dictate our destiny in ways that we will fail to recognize before it’s too late!

If someone is funding civil disobedience then they should be held accountable for damages and be held liable for inciting riots. Free speech shouldn’t include smashing windows and setting fires!

If the media presents an unfounded story well, they should be held to the same level of accountable that you or I would be held to if we said the same thing in public about one of our neighbors.

If gays, atheists and other minorities are oppressed then what about educational bigotry that excludes people from higher earning job opportunities…hum?

If Jews and Christians can’t be respected in the adherence to their beliefs then how can anyone else lay claims to having an exclusive right to equality?

We need to strip naked the hypocrites and make them stand in humility for their crimes against civility!

In a truly free society, no one should be able to incite riots by promoting lies and deceptions and there should be a strong example made of those found guilty in a fair court of unbiased law!

I’ve met a lot of stupid people with college degrees and a lot of street smart people that have PhD’s from the University of Life that could do a much better job at not repeating history, again, again and again!

Well that’s it in a nutshell and the question is; are we going to continue walking down the dark tunnel hoping to get to daylight? Or…are we going to seek out the light of day in the darkness and be bold enough to demand a change?

It’s still up to us for a while longer but, the opportunity is narrowing the longer we allow the rhetoric to continue.

I pose a challenge to America to turn off every source of media for one month, everything!

Don’t look at any source of imaginary urgent alerts! Begin to segregate opinionated information as trying to sell you something that you don’t need. Come to appreciate what is invalid or valid on the basis of fact not fiction or predicated upon your exclusive imagination.

Refuse to let paranoia creep into your psyche from the 24 hour news cycle.

Cancel your 1,000 channel cable service and find a new and healthier distraction. Ride a bike, take a walk, start a garden, as anything else would be making a better use of the minutes, hours and days that you may have left before you’re pushing up dirt!

The bottom line is stop being sold a story that is allowed to affect your life in a negative way. The news as we have come to know is poison to your mind and well being.

Start thinking of it as a carcinogen that’s just like smoking and drinking! It’s a very bad habit that’s slowly and methodically killing the health of our nation. We need to break the habit and get healthy again!

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