A Call to Reason…

On the winds as little men we wisp the scent of pride, master words often absurd and pose those questions why?

As life unfolds we’re often told our tongues to hold move beak when time to speak.

In thrust they grow and come twee known of selfish world we’re thrown.

Some peers will pound attempts to round our views and mind’s perspectives. Chastise despise give looks cause cries tell lies ‘bout one’s objectives.

In seeking sense of caused repents some rebels won’t fit derbies. Such shoe’s abused in soft toed ruse defines some souls not worthy.

In one time chance we’re given pants to fit one leg then after, pull up to waist tuck shirt in place assume thy face ’twill master.

Who is this guy all filled with pride absent long sighs in laughter. All filled with boost obnoxious host appears as self made bastard.

‘Tis one chance at life and some play nice yet others expose a face of twice, in chasing muse some get confused, define thy creeds apply thy greed.

When caught they’ll plead in dark suit’s tweed post bond be freed, broke laws concede to wrongful deeds and seek thy courts plea bargain.

In crimes that rhyme with challenged times ‘twill allow excuse to mask abuse of thief’s caused grief and claim’s turned leaf they’ll chart escapes through tall locked gates and hide in white housed mansions.

This face I paint of evil saints gives view of those that take the pose, they represent the banks and mints impose pretense as Presidents and dictate what gets sanctioned.

No difference here the face is clear ‘tis power fear corruption, ‘twill take us down these faceless clowns, no tears for fool’s deception.

America the beautiful from sea to shining sea, a land that could make things all good if truth could just be freed.

Stand up and fight for what is right and change the status quo, for if we don’t you know they won’t, and ‘twill come more heartfelt woes.

‘Tis choice to voice make tongues hoist joist, entice new winds of season, pull head from sand insist demand our leaders apply sound reason.

For if we fail and allow them bail for crimes of stated reasons, we’ll prove doughface can win the race and continue thy acts of treason.

Michael Chaffee – 3-31-12


We can all start demanding “A Call to Reason” and maybe something can start to change…

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