The Penal Colony

Penal Colony Earth…

Imagine all the different varieties of people that you’ve came across during the span of your lifetime?

Now if you were to try to assemble all of them to attend one function of which they’d all be present, these actually would amount to thousands and thousands of personal interactions of which you’d need a very large banquet room in order to accomadate such an amassing of attendees, correct?

Now image them all congregating in this very large banquet room and imagine you viewing the amassing by letting your eyes span the entire room from, lets say an elevated position like a Band Stand that’s been positioned at one end of the room.

Now one more imaginary task. Try closing your eyes and imagine how many out of the thousands represented in this room are an example of a soulful perfection verses sinful imperfection?

No, not just a good example of what might be seen as a good person on Earth but, one accepted as an honorary member of what some would call the kingdom of G_d?

Now, I may have lost some of you with the mentioning of G_d but, just for pure entertainment sake stay with me here!

What I see in viewing my imaginary banquet room are many human beings with a wide variety of criminal intent and varying degrees of larceny in their hearts, but very few who could assuredly be able to represent the kind of standings for their characters that could justify a reprieve from Penal Colony Earth…hum?

I’m sure that my imaginary view doesn’t differ much from yours so, what are we really viewing in our fellow human beings and what can be expected from the continuation of repeating history time and time again?

In gaining an appreciation for what one span of lifetime on earth (+/-28,480 days on average) might result in offering up, as being truly representative of our soulful character what is being scribe into our Book of Life?

More importantly, why are we all here sharing this experience? What is it about our fallible humanness that not just positions us but, petitions us to be here?

Human beings (with very few exceptions) are criminals, which in a religious sense is referred to as “sinners”. As such, the contingencies in our free choices are tested and the direction of our sway (individual choices) resonates to the degree of our imperfections like the balance point when placing weight upon a scale.

The substantive evaluation or monetary value is accounted for as cosmic currency or the amount of LOVE in one’s heart that can be measured on just such a scale!

It is in the pushing and pulling, twisting and turning that life offers up our truest story and exposes the most illusive culprit, THYSELF!

Therefore, it becomes self evident that it is our capacity to LOVE that is being evaluated and it is the deficiency in any such capacity that will convict us or allow us to be pardoned? Quite simply because, we are all criminals banished to Penal Colony Earth and doing time!

Basically, life provides a truthful testimony and exemplifies our propensities for making the right or wrong (loving or unloving) decisions. A measurement of the degree of larceny that exist in our soulful character can be charted and an accounting can be assessed from the merits in our day to day conduct and interaction with other cellmates over an entire lifetime.

Who we are, however oblivious it may seem to us, will eventually become self evident and that self-evidence will present the measurement or weight of a soul’s worth.

In looking at Earth as an old soul or new soul proving ground, it helps to visualize that we are all here because we are imperfect and maybe just maybe this unique experience called life can offer us an opportunity to become a trustee or a model prisoner on Penal Colony Earth.

We’ll never really be able to absolutely prove that G_d exist to those who choose not to believe anymore than we’ll be able to prove that Einstein’s E = MC2 theroy of relativity is anchored in our current understanding for reality.

In our current consciousness our intellectual capacity and time allotted is finite and in attempting to find our way back home, one might make a better use of time by focusing a percentage of the pursuit in gaining insight for the what could be seen as pertinent knowledge.

Whether or not this is disregarded as conjecture, hyperbole or just purely a theological theroy, it is not a new observation to view our stay on Earth as some form of punishment.

Writing with the Veiled…