Thy words from God give praised applause in measured weight of worth from birth, yet its in his laws of Bible’s verse and Torah’s curse ’twere warned of troubles and even worse…

Some choose to lay with man against the rules in God’s good plans, unjust contempt of God’s commands ignoring abhors on erotic border they’ll choose to engage perversion’s disorder!

Thy mind of man deploys his plans to disregard the laws of God regardless of thy praised applause some still choose to play the odds from burst’s guffaws ’bout warns of laws.

Such souls shall be measured in taking such pleasures that clearly defile God’s commands, and in making such choice that screams from one’s voice such men shall be left to God’s deafened be damned.

Some have hijack the rainbow’s meaning in laying claims to being gay, yet forgets begets why rainbows came as covenant for not forgets!

In absence refrained one switches the names of behaviors with sinful of savors, and calls such sinning all filled with ones grinning exampled of trusted in love….

Yet in conduct of sinning one forgets where beginning all came from the ample of sample of loved and switches the word that makes God perturbed insulting our true God above!

In all that’s seen from herd’s observed what weighs the weight of worth in words, will scripted text in gifted head give proof of truth and pass the test?

Deuteronomy explains the costs of such banes in the exchanging of names with lusting for loving and trusted disgusted from savors of favored engaging the fancy’s with Boys of the Nancy.

Gambled bets shall have regrets that failed to see ones heart’s infest from wicked noise ‘n making choice one shan’t come to know rejoiced.

As well it is told that a soul that’s so bold shall surely pay the full toll, in Leviticus twenty-thirteen it speaks of obscene’s conduct of unclean and the consequence sentence of those unrepentant.

This explains how God views such a scene of obscene and the cost of desires shall be cast into fire in conducting such life of unclean.

The attempts by such fools to be changing the rules in exchanging God’s love for lust, does anger the Lord in exampled facades ignoring discerning for impassioned returning when ashes shall turn into dust!

Forget yea not guidance given ’bout sinning and grinning foretold in the rules provided in getting excited as warning foretells ’bout those enticed by a spell of the smitten that goes unforgiven on one’s way on a path straight to hell.

The word of God describes do not and tells of consequence pretense, for in breaking the rules and employing such schools by the assuming of fools it shall surely have consequence.

Such men with these grins that are all full of this sin, ‘n terming man to be equal to wife, disparage God’s marriage in purpose of carriage to bring into world all new life.

This failed respect for Holy Ghost’s betrothed just parallels mission with the Devil’s permission to snuff out more births on the earth.

As the sanctity of marriage should not be disparaged by men who just claim to be wife. ‘Cus we should have some suspicion of distorting traditions and wake up to thoughts that think twice.

Holy marriage in sanctity is exclusive sacrament between thy Lord and thee, yet hijacked creed of man and wife have just become exampled spite?

Such actions are taken just causing forsaking for God’s rules in gift of a life. As a wife brings life forward in procreation as steward, not renegotiated in the whims of sins and just pretends in doing things not right!

In making decisions that dishonors God wishes what’s said ’bout the voices in screams for such choices in claiming a right to one’s laud?

The results in such choices defines the true voices and in these actions of taken results shall forsaken the warning in words of the guidance from God. These aren’t meant to be questioned nor made in suggesting that free hands are exempted from wrath!

In voiced of choice whose pride gets rejoiced in contempt of redemption from thy need of repentance? Has thy learnt from collage shown respect in acknowledged for said gift of thy wisdom’s displayed?

Or does one’s thumb just get plunged in the eye of God’s hum, as he questions such scum that was gifted with birth for a life on the earth?

Was honor bestowed to both Mother and Father or did taking such actions just act as distraction in confusing child’s choice ’twas left with no angled reproach.

In making decision for due course of such sinning aren’t parents just left to accepting dear child’s poor choice? Or suffer exclusion from the total confusion when rebukes of their sinning turns child’s blissfulness grinning into ghost?

The hints of sins aren’t just pretends as each extends beyond offense, encroached approach shall inch thy toes at line in sand and venture past God’s plans for man.

It’s human nature to move the line of God’s design ‘cus unrefined childlike mind has questioned doubts ’bout who has clout in command’s demands in charge of such plans.

Ignoring encores of such deplore has caused effects to boys next door, absence’s rebuke of sins shall just allow thy do again!

These acts of sin again and again ignore what God expects from men, respect’s neglect ’tis not his plan as the road to perdition in acts of impenitent shall fail one’s mission in sampled examples ‘n respect for doing our best!

Does unjust from such spite help to make yea feel right in turning away from God’s light of new day? Did returning the flavor in bad taste of disfavor encourage long savors of dismay in examples of gay?

Are adulterous behaviors enjoyment to savor or ’tis resents toward repent just full of contempt for Christ as our savior and judgement’s displeasure in choosing to go one’s own way?

If the truth could be known thy world is more prone in ignoring the laws of our God! Free pass is bestowed even so we all know that ignoring while snoring and allowing such crowing is shoving a knife in God’s back.

And then turning blind eye to claims that such voices ’twere left with no choices ‘cus agonist reflexes are out of control of one’s soul.

And in protesting reactions and demanding retractions of conduct befitting unwitting thy verdict of guilty of those who are filthy turn table upon keepers of faith.

Such acts disguise the true reasons of why ’tis choice not compels as volunteered actions taken cannot claim mistaken for thrills that can claim the unwilled.

Perversion subversion in words of obscuration can’t hide from the wise in being disguised, ’tis contriving of notions in sinful promotions that laws refrain’s and world’s insane will just result in affording more pain.

Subordinate or exhibit spates in exampled hate for Bible’s plans or make new rules as an immoral man oblivious to lascivious and follow desires, straight into the fire and flames!

In sinful choice to lay with man, morality’s polarity exemplifies clarity for conduct of good or bad. Thy choice ’tis given in freedom of sinning to make God glad or sad…

Shall gifted wealth’s prosperity take hold of mind’s design in thee, to which thy choice in voice confounds just making noise of evil sounds?

Can one fulfill his destiny or will human nature’s greed corrupt the mind’s design in kind, and never let ’em free?


If the examples are ample and repent can’t be sampled then we can only be left to rebukes. As a family’s devotions ‘shan’t exchange such promotions nor trade such lusting for something called loving in casting decision in vote.

Matthew 5:30

If right hand has caused falter as exampled adulterer then appendage is to be removed. And if left eye has caused wonder from life in blue younger then we must pluck it from seeing with sigh!

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…