The White Noise

In all the white noise that we’re being subjected to on every form of media what is really being broadcasted into the hearts and minds of the listening audience?

Is there really something factually called “race” or are we all just from different tribes? And truthfully, haven’t these different tribes existed for eons?

Is the United States supposed to represent the most hopeful location for commingling the whole world’s different tribes? If so then who and what has been trying to keep “U.S.” so divided?

Who could possibly benefit from promoting greater division amongst the ancestral differences of all the tribes?

Why is the Black vs White issue so often being disproportionately propagandize? Is it truthfully the most significant social issue needing to be remedied in America today?

Why has the American prospective about slavery exclusively been propagating only information about those Americans that are from African decent?

Click video below to listen to a “Facts About Slavery They Don’t Teach You In School…

The history of slavery predates anything happening in America by several thousand years!

Also, slavery has involved many more people in several other “color classifications” than just those being considered as the “black” classification.

In the modern day convergence of ethnicity and cultures called America, don’t we have many tribes?

Don’t each of these groups individually have their own story to be told about their suffrage, persecution and segregation in some form or another.

To what degree is seclusion the result of only bigoted actions? Can’t one also just choose to be amongst one’s own tribe? Don’t some tribes frown upon inter-tribal relationships?

Are followers of the Christian faith accepted as worthy spousal candidates amongst followers of Judaism and vise-versa? In the same light, what about Muslims?

Are these examples, even in our modern day society considered socially unacceptable? If so, why in some circles are they still considered taboo?

Can a given tribe and or religious heritage be justified in practicing and maintaining self preservation of the tribal community or religion without being identified as discriminatory?

BIGOTED; obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, in particular prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

PREJUDICES:preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. “prejudice against people from different backgrounds” · “ingrained religious prejudices”

Stories Often Forgotten…

Weren’t the Hebrews (Jewish) in bondage under the rule of Cyrus the Great, in Persia? Also in Egypt until they were lead out into the wilderness by Moses during the Exodus?

How about the medical experiments that were inflect upon those of the Hebrew Tribe during World War II?

And what about the gas chambers that the Nazi regime used to kill millions of Jews, not to mention the untold stories of Joseph Stalin’s crimes of mass genocide against them?

As well, the Irish have a story of their suffrage and persecution in the brutal British inequality that forced their migration to America, or face starvation!

In the 1800’s the British royalty controlled all land ownership in Ireland and would only allow small parcels to be farmed by the Irishmen.

The main crop at that time was the nightshade vegetable called a potato. Due to the tiny parcels of land it was determined to be the only crop robust enough to sustain a family on such a tiny space.

That was until the potato blight in Ireland wiped out this main staple crop during the 1840’s and the population in Ireland was decimated.

In 1840 Ireland’s population was 6.5 million. During this period known as the Great Hunger, about 1 million people died and more than a million fled the country, causing the country’s population to fall by 20%–25%, in some towns falling as much as 67% between 1841 and 1851.

The average continued life span of an Irishman who was fortunate or unfortunate enough to land on the docks of America’s east coast, lived on for only six more years!

The Slave Owners who provided the work force on the docks in the south in the 1840’s would pull back the valued asset in their Slaves. They’d let the newly arriving Irishmen do the heavy lifting because those immigrants had no value.

Many would succumb to warmer climate diseases like schistosomiasis, Chagas, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Malaria and the undiagnosed ramifications of living in filth and squalor.

Keeping in mind that Medicare and or State / Federal Assistance wasn’t around in those early days of the American story…hum?

In major cities like New York and Boston the stigmatized reputation of a heavy drinking routy Irishmen lead to signage being posted that said; “Irish Need Not Apply”…hum?

Some immigrants like the Chinese were forced to live underground during the nighttime hours and only came out during the day, in order to labor on the construction of the railroad.

The Chinese laborers were the work force for building the railway system 1/3rd of the way across the U.S., while the other 2/3rd portion was predominately built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Irish.

The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law signed by President Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers. Building on the earlier Page Act of 1875 which banned Chinese women from migrating to the United States, the Chinese Exclusion Act was the first, and remains the only, law to have been implemented to prevent all members of a specific ethnic group.

In the United States during World War II, about 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, most of whom lived on the Pacific Coast, were forcibly relocated and incarcerated in concentration camps in the western interior of the country. Approximately two-thirds of the internees were United States citizens. These actions were ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

American citizens merely because they were identified as being from Japanese descent lost irreplaceable personal property due to the restrictions on what could be taken into the camps.

These losses were compounded by theft and destruction of items placed in governmental storage.

Realize that the Black community as a racial category is being misrepresented and promoted as a harmonious all inclusive community, as the real story is that such a community does not truthfully exist, even in today’s America!

The community being labeled as “Black” has a great deal more diversity than just being referred to as Black or African American.

One only needs to look at the origins of the African migration across the globe in order to discover this truth in the matter!

Over many centuries the mother of African heritage has spread her wings over virtually every continent. As well, the legacy of this ancestral migration now has representatives amongst virtually every community on the planet.

According to leading anthropologist the seeds of human life can be traced back to North or East Africa. Anthropologists support the idea that anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved in this area of the planet.

These experts lay claims, that the modern version of being human is therefore anchored to the African continent. As well, African heritage is part of many different cultures and nationalities today across the earth, not just America.

Therefore, being simply called Black or associated with the skin color called Black appears to purposefully be a matter of convenience for the promoters of the idea of “racism” but who is who in such a promotion?

One should realize that when a categorizing terminology is assigned to something in order to isolate a complex subject into the simplest terms well, it should arouse suspicions as to what kind of agenda is attempting to being fulfilled?

Being identified as being Black or White doesn’t mean that a common tribal mindset exist amongst all of those with the same color skin. It only allows skin color to be used to redefine one’s identity on the basis of just a single identifiable physical trait, correct?

Thus, a couple of questions that should come to mind are;

  • a.) How do all “Black” or “White” people somehow just get conveniently lump together?…and
  • b.) For who’s convenience do such a categories serve?
  • Truthfully, the same goes for all color coded people. The fair skinned or as they are often called; “White People” on the globe are also anchored upon many different continents, cultures and nationalities, correct?

    Priming Liberal or Conservative thinking…

    Human beings are distinct from other lifeforms on earth. We create internal archives of cultural memories. The purpose of which is to develop resource libraries that we can quickly rely upon. Our deep memories are like folds in our minds that act as an A to Z categorical filing cabinet.

    The Media’s propagation of information is like seeding, watered and fertilizing a crop in order to help it flourish. Thus, in order for externally generated ideas that can reach their zenith within our internal libraries they need to be the ideas that are most familuar to our deep state of mind.

    Familiarity in our “train of thought” or deep state of mind therefore needs to be on a track (so to speak), correct!

    Metaphorically speaking, the Media has hijacked the train and has reconstructed the track. Their constant and relentless “priming” is like a rerouting of our mindfulness. There is no such thing as “News” any longer. What we have is a social engineering tool known as “priming”.

    They accomplish the planting of familiarity by playing a melody with a stanza of preprogrammed repetitive lyrics (so to speak). In doing so, it is that song and those lyrics that become our default for making a final analysis.

    The convictions for the assessment of all of the contingencies reconstruct everything from how we see our cultural heritage, to how we even associate our cultural context as well.

    The song or melody that keeps playing in our head is orchestrated on multiple streams of the Media. The purpose in this harmonization is so that we’ll just keep dancing to the same old song and dance routine.

    The archived libraries of our “Deep Memories” are the resource that we use to to make our nano-second determinations for our final analysis. This split-second decision making is a reliance upon what we’ve come to believe is our experience. But, it isn’t truthfully our own experience in many cases now is it?

    It’s more than likely just a song that’s most familuar because it is being played over and over again and again!

    The familiarity with such a melody and lyrics is therefore burned into our “Deep Memories” and in our decision making process this path of logic becomes our instantaneous default.

    This is where logic is baited and switched with emotions and the way-point in such headings loses a view for what lays in wait over the next horizon.

    A meaning for our cultural context can’t come from people that are unknown but, when unknown people start signing the lyrics to a most familuar tune well then, you can have “White” people signing songs that matter to black lives, correct?

    As a matter of fact, you could convincingly propagate almost any idea by using such techniques. Furthermore you could also use just such a tool to convey information to subsequent generations, as well.

    Artificial Intelligence…

    Our deep memory is a system that links our mindfulness to meta-commentary, as an archived resource. This commentary extrapolates on the social conditions of our times.

    We identify with this information as if such events were our very own experiences. Because these events become written down as the folds of our memories they become a source of reference for creating our very own brain maps.

    This is how we identify and associate with a single path of logic or the many avenues afforded us in taking directions from our emotions. It really just comes down to what stimulation that each of us has chosen to archive in our library.

    So truthfully speaking there really isn’t any such thing as one Black or White all encompassing consensus of understanding only a mindful programing that has been seeded to take root and flourish.

    Three Types of AI…

    Even biblically, the sons of Noah spread globally to the far reaching continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. This appears to be supported in some fashion by the finding of today’s Anthropologists.

    The bible says that Ham was the son who ventured to Africa. Thus, in that biblical assessment for the origins of the inhabitants of Africa he’d be the forebearer of Africans.

    What seems to be known in today’s scientific circles from the study of DNA is that everyone on the planet can be traced back to the same African genetic source. Thus one should realize that the manipulation of the association of skin color orientation is purposefully being deceptive!

    What appears to be in play in the “Great American Experiment” is that the powers that be have stumbled upon a frailty in mankind’s psyche. A subliminal tribal identity naturally gravitates toward the commonality in our associations with our physical identities.

    Therefore classifications are merely expounding upon what draws people to a tribe naturally in the first place.

    In ancient times this was how one tribe would be conscripted to the allegiance to a campaign for a politicized conquest against another.

    When warring factions met on a battlefield their tribal class I.D. Cards” would be subconsciously broadcasted to the opposing forces.

    This was a mindful implication for what would be recognized in appearance as a strong unity. It would be communicated as a form of intimidation, and as such was part of preparing for an organized unity that could exhibit both a strong discipline in a fighting force and a steadfast loyalty to a common cause.

    In those times, the havoc that would ensue on a battlefield needed a clearer representation of it’s per-engagement commitments.

    Thus uniforms would come into play reinforcing a fighting force’s appearance in stature and commitment to an adherence to their leader’s focused objectives.

    This military strategy is how our modern Military Industrial Complex continues to drive the demand for more weapons via creating more conflicts. As Major General Smedley Butler once said so clearly; War is a Racket.

    Well I go so far as to say that; Race is a Racket

    As the idea that racism exist is necessary in order to be able to bamboozle whole sectors of the population into divisively believing that the conscription to race is necessary.

    Of course the first step in this type of a campaign is to promote the idea that there is a need for a war in the first place, correct…hum?

    After all, in order to attract comrades into believing that they are the recipients of special recognition and or “privileged” consideration, they’d need a Antagonist and a Protagonist for the telling of such tall tales, correct?

    By criminalizing all “White” people for inheriting some sort of privilege that is based upon the grouping of being considered “White” is a strategy that is clearly promoting inequality, plain and simple!

    By putting forth a propagandized campaign that continues to divide the so called races these efforts clearly play into a racist predicated socially engineered agenda.

    The bottom line in such a socially engineered strategy of division, is clearly capitalizing on our very own predispositions for the self imposed tribal lines of separation.

    We’ve all inherited a DNA composition in the blood that runs through our veins. Like it or not, the physical manifestations of the tribal origins of our ancestors are written all over our faces.

    Therefore, it is in our nature and whether white, black, yellow, red or brown there are other genetic signatures of identity that influence our paths of logic as well!

    Scientists have identified genetic links between a set of psychological factors known as ‘the big five’ personality traits – extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience – and say they could also influence risk factors for certain psychiatric disorders.

    We should be able to clearly recognize that employing a strategy that dissects, categorizes and divides the masses is really just the deception of a sheep in wolf’s clothing!

    And in recognizing this socially engineered effort one should also realize that such efforts are truly born out of a bigoted perspective. By definition this is glaringly obvious but, somehow it escapes recognition by the masses as such.

    It screams hypocrisy plain and simple but, by putting on the blinders and moving the promoted and popularized emotionally driven “race card” to the front of the line, “race” becomes the #1 social issue of discussion in American politics!

    If our focus is distracted with primordial emotions well then, we probably won’t see how our heading runs off the “path of logic” and into the ditch!

    Furthermore, we will more easily be drawn into conflicts with an imaginary foe by the covert manipulation of those we deem as being worthy of providing political leadership.

    The key and operative word in play here is “politics” and truthfully, it’s all about politics! A political party that recruits such mindsets that are based upon an alignment of skin color orientation isn’t serving all Americans. Plain and simple, they are dividing us up like a populous pie!

    When any such political affiliations attempt to recruit on the basis of segregation well, it isn’t about equality, it’s about enforcing a color coded classification upon the whole of our society that’s focused upon greater division.

    It’s no different when targeting other tribal affiliations. Showing partiality toward a certain sector of constituents will be like robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

    Any political party that is promoting such views is using the “race card” as a crowbar for more division, not greater unity. Equally so…what appears to be a tactfully promoting these “lies” runs in sharp contrast to anything that could be called equality…hum?

    Dividing our populous up into selfishly motivated self-identifying sectors like woman, religion, sexual orientation, skin color and on and on, doesn’t unite us! Such strategies only play on the emotions of those who will only see themselves as a member of the Divided States, not the United States.

    This isn’t the kind of society that we should all be working toward because such divisiveness isn’t insuring equality at all! What it is doing is providing us with more examples of inequality.

    All this of course becoming obscure under the auspices that social injustice has somehow placed people of color or women or some other sector of society at an overall disadvantage.

    Therefore by providing a helping hand-out (not a hand up), it can attract those who have such a mindset and simultaneously appear to be leveling the playing field.

    Truthfully it’s really just creating further divisions amongst the color and other divisive classifications and this is the objective by those who hold the keys to the economic engine!

    Some may attempt to justify this special treatment perspective in feeling that they have been at the back of the line for way too long.

    Unfortunately, that reasoning doesn’t take into account how and why such positioning may have very well been part of the “cause and effects” on them.

    It’s now purely a manipulation of an emotionally charged “hot button” issue that’s been forecasted to distract and influence a “common cause”.

    This becomes deceptively promoted as a “just cause” and that becomes a rallying cry for those who have been “primed” with a like mindedness that they are at disadvantage.

    Let me be quite clear, if you were born in America you are quite literally one of the luckiest people to populate the planet! No matter what you might be primed into imagining by the unrelenting Media, we are all very, very blessed!

    Whatever excuse you may want to use about your disabilities, unless you’re deft and dumb you don’t deserve a pass.

    As a matter of fact, not even then do you get a free pass for not measuring up to your very own fullest potential, why? Well, because Helen Keller raised the bar on that excuse also!

    We all should be able to now see the consequences of our leadership’s purposeful social dividing antics. And this is because the results aren’t promoting greater unity but fostering further division.
    Anyone with a thimble full of wits can identify with how accommodating a favored partiality will only alienate those not equally favored, correct?

    Just look at the recent examples of how professional sports fan’s participation resulted in a major decline. This was obviously a response to an unpopular protest about the hypocrisy in claims of inequality and what appeared to be unpatriotic and bigoted behaviors.

    I use professional sports as an example of the blindness to the reverse inequality that’s so prevalent, yet no one would be bold or foolish enough to tag this as “Black Privilege”, right?

    Those being classified as “African American” or Black players (According to racial equality activist Richard Lipchick) constituted 74.2 of the NBA in 2020.

    Now look at the distribution of NFL positions by race. Black vs White players on the Offensive Line are about 50/50, although our American populous looks like this; White = 63.7%, Black = 12.2%.

    If you can catch a glimpse of how easily those in charge of the promotional previews (The Media) are able to distract and manipulate emotions well then, you might be encouraged to read on. Hopefully doing so may open your mind up to what other “ways and means” are employed by our politicians!

    True, even in America there are many cultural differences that need to be improved upon. But, does anyone truthfully believe that rioting and looting businesses, in struggling communities are some how going to miraculously make things improve?

    And of course the physical attributes involving skin colors have continually been promoted as a racial divide in the midst of it all.

    Now review the recent rioting and looting video clips from many cities across the country and see how many White faces you see…hum?

    What I saw was an organized effort that was purposefully involved in defaming and criminalizing, predominately the inhabitants of communities that had a specific classification.

    This color coding effort by the media used the under class sectors of our cities as rallying points to fuel their manipulative narratives.

    In some cases, looters and supposed protesters were imported from other cities, counties and states.

    Whether or not these communities were truthfully and largely of color or not, the bias media promoted that subliminal message that they were by choosing to edit incriminating videos that disproportionately showed rioting representatives being largely persons of “color”!

    It is now clear (to those who don’t need glasses) that many “white faces” congregated in groups at locations where bricks and other damage inflicting rioting supplies were staged.

    I’m not suggesting that some from the community of “color” didn’t participate but, these events had fingerprints all over it as a staged covert operation.

    Good journalism would and should have been all over this, right?

    Unless there was a behind the scenes effort to collaborate in the continued effort of defaming people of “color” and further dividing the races…hum?

    But, does the recognition of this physical appearance run deeper than just skin deep in the minds of too many?

    It is widely know that even on all seven continents there are some indigenous people who are considered to be darker complected than the general local population.

    In all instances the darker skinned inhabitants are (for whatever reason) considered to be of a lower class of people.

    Possible one explanation for this is that darker skin can result from spending long hours working in the sun while performing manual labor.

    Additionally, job skills associated with doing manual labor are generally viewed as less skilled or requiring less intellectual capacity.

    Weather it’s the Aborigines in Australia, Color-ism in the Philippines or even India, people who are darker skinned are looked tribally down upon.

    In most cases it’s because the darker skin is automatically associated with the harsh outdoor sun exposure environment of the manual labor working class.

    While I was working in Saudi Arabia (where daytime temperatures could raise well above 120 degrees in the summer time), I’d see imported labors from all over the third-world wearing long sleeved shirts and ski masks.

    So one day I asked a Filipino labor; “why in these scorching temperatures was he dressed for winter”?

    He explained that, he could make and save all his money over his tour but, when returning to the Philippines if his skin was darkened by the sun exposure he would loose the respect of his countrymen…hum?

    Additionally, he’d also loose out on attracting most prospects for finding a wife!

    The physical effects from the sun would become a cultural class I.D. Card.

    This clearly would be identified as bigotry by definition in the U.S. but, in these distant lands, it’s an accepted everyday way of a culturally indifferent life.

    The stigma of a darker completion is widely recognized as an acceptable practice for separating the differences for a social order.

    This same subjective scrutiny was in play while I was working in Egypt.

    This is where I would also have it explained to me about the Upper and Lower Egyptian’s cultural classifications all having to do with one’s color!

    So…the point here is; how does darker skin somehow subliminally give way to the justifications for bigotry?

    Is it possible that bigotry is an imported product, not something that’s been domestically produced in America?

    Does it become clearer from these examples that there is something planted deep down in our DNA identities that stimulates the desire to be separated?

    Biblically speaking, was there something a little more to the story about the Tower of Babble?

    And from such a mindset do the attitudes toward who is worthy of greater opportunities for inclusion become narrower?

    On the other hand, if the majority of society has evolved and become a structured framework shouldn’t those standards be universally applied?

    Unfortunately, the majority generally decides who is in control over the advancements of our education and vocational status.

    And in such a system of status rankings, it allows one to be recognized as worthy of advancement in our modern society and one to be well, less recognized.

    Does this possibly say something about what may be lingering in the silent acquiescence of the discerning subjective scrutiny among the populous?

    If so…would such educational bigotry also be implying that some sort of narrow spectrum of intellectual capacity is justification for an academically ranked social divide?

    Doesn’t each hereditary class of Hindu society in India basically categorizing segments of society as being distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status.

    And don’t disagreements between these different classes lead in some cases to violent clashes and bloodshed?

    Now just imagine if you were in charge of the world’s media, oil production, seed production, shipping, and overall economic ebb and flow of the have and the have not?

    The “powers to be” who promote better ways of killing and promote more reasons for going to war are in the business of greater division, why?

    It’s simple, that’s how they remain in power and in control.

    It’s not who you’re voting for…they are merely pawns who are willing to make the moves necessary on the board in order to keep the game in play!

    The Kings and Queens are never seen, as the Bishops living in the Castles are only responsible for delegating day to day orders!

    When you are able to control the information being fed into the minds of a naturally evolved tribal order’s influence like bigotry well, it’s fairly easy to antagonize and divide the classes further even to heighten levels of discord.

    Do you believe that the ignition source for the flames of insurrection just somehow erupted out of thin air?

    Or that those on the right or the left have just somehow spontaneously exploded and became mortal enemies?

    Isn’t it transparently clear that the fumes of contention have been continually fanned into the “aire” in between our very own two ears for eons by those in power?

    Is it really just as simple as “priming” the next generation with what you’d like them to believe in and walla, they just miraculously start believing it…hum?

    Do the powers to be only need to redirect our fallible and very anticipatable human nature…hum?

    Has the media found the perfect formula for combustible confusion in our explosive tribal nature?

    In arriving at this distinction between what is our good nature and bad who and what is influencing and promoting one verses the other?

    Who’s been the arson in continuing to light the fires?

    Who’s been one pouring gasoline on what’s already burning?

    Who’s been the one throwing a match on the high explosives in order to make sure that ignition is inevitable?

    One simple answer screams loud and clear…the New World Order’s Media!

    Click video below to listen to a “Monopoly…Who Owns The World!

    How else can one explain why our age old societal flaws like inequality and bigotry can spontaneously erupt from the spark of a single event…hum?

    Could it be that by focusing only upon what may be wrong with our society rather than what could be right ushers in a tactical diversion?

    “The Tactical Diversion Squads (TDS) combine DEA resources with those of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in an innovative effort to investigate, disrupt and dismantle those suspected of violating the appropriate federal, state or local statutes pertaining to such enforcement.”

    Ask yourself, how much good news comes out of our media moguls studios?

    Additionally, why are they all continually promoting the exact thing, more division?

    It doesn’t matter which station you are tuned into, conservative or liberal narratives are all screaming for further division, not unity!

    If one is constantly inundated and subjected to a disproportionate amount of negativity, doesn’t that influence how a society’s attitude is going to be reflected toward the whole of society at large?

    It should become quite clear that division of the population meets one key objective when in fact a country becomes so evenly divided into a 50/50 version.

    Isn’t it also clear that we should expect such influences to know and understand how people’s thoughts and beliefs will change?

    In allowing the relentless rhetoric to take root in our very own thinking it becomes self evident that such priming (brainwashing) is working.

    One only needs to view the cause and effects from our spontaneous responses to the “ways and means”.

    Accepting this status quo and failing to hold those responsible for such devious and manipulative actions will only allow it to continue, unchecked!

    Could or should the media be held culpable in fueling emotionally charged social conditions to the point that incivility results?

    When do we recognize that the so called news of our day to day current events isn’t reality news at all.?

    But, carefully scripted, narrowly edited, divisively and subjectively injected narratives that are focused upon one key objective, greater division!

    When such co-conspirators weaved a thread count of falsehoods, inaccurate and or misleading information into the fabric of current events and rioting ensues, isn’t that essentially the same as inciting a riot?

    Just take a look at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial fiasco. Look at the efforts by all the “Media Moguls” to promote two opposing versions of a single event, in the Court of Public Opinion!

    First they tried to make it about race. Then when that didn’t pick up enough steam they tried to make it about guns. Then when that didn’t work they just rewrote a new version of the events and edited the videos in order to fit their own incriminating narratives…hum?

    They failed to recognize that such actions are ignoring his right to a fair trial. As well, they are oblivious to their own relinquishment of civic duties. The Media showed no respect for the due process of the law, which are supposed to be constitutionally afforded all Americans.

    Whatever happened to; “Presumed to be innocent, until proven to be guilty beyond any reasonable doubt“?

    Realize that the Media are the ones who are lighting the fires in the hearts and minds of folks that believe injustice prevails for the color coded classification sector of society in which they may prevail from.

    True that it maybe that the justice system can be unfair at times but, this fact doesn’t automatically give one the right to simply transfer that unfairness from one to another because the assumption of guilt circumvented the obligation of the presumption of innocence.

    The hypocrisy in such a visually striking display of utter duplicity seems to just escape recognition by so many primed with indifference!

    Such a narrowing of the mind is then willing to just lynching the White Guy or Black Guy or other guy or gal from whatever tribal identity that the Media wishes to prime our very own prejudices with!

    The Media is so acrimoniously convincing in making their baldfaced lying accusations because they’ve trained the listening audience to adapt and accept what they are saying as truth. They’ll just arbitrarily exempt some facts from being cross examined and some exhibited in glaring contrast as being worthy.

    They get away with manipulating current events by portraying anyone as a perpetrator or innocent bystander of a crime under the cover of “The Free Press”.

    Actually, today’s version of the Free Press poses the greatest risk to us loosing our rights to a Free Press! This is simply because they are conspiring to irresponsibly politicizing the frivolous accusations that insight civil unrest and anarchy.

    This scripted consensus for what becomes the collaborative argument is essentially what gets presented as evidence in “The Court of Public Opinion”.

    This should be called for what it is, inadmissible evidence! Those responsible for publishing and or presenting such bias in any form of media should be held accountable.

    Any such summation acts as the Defense, Prosecution, Jury, Judge and Executioner all rolled into one!

    Simultaneously they make a mockery out of our justice system in the exhibitions of their “Talking Head” News Anchors of today!

    A little History…

    These Media Moguls adapted their presentations like chameleons during the O.J. Trial. You may remember that they hired those with the credential status of being Lawyers on their resumes to put forth mock trials for the pleasure and entertainment of the viewing public.

    Now what we have are Lawyers who are arguing in prime-time news slots as if they are in a court of law.

    Of course this is without the benefit of the subjective scrutiny that could come from cross examination of the so called facts in the matter…hum?

    The crime in all of this is that too many choose the news that they want to hear. And from this narrow minded perspective they’ll have already made up their minds as to what is the truth in the matter.

    Some folks are getting railroaded in the press purely because they are a person of whatever color that seems guilty to the variety of news that they choose to lean toward.

    When the not guilty verdict was read for Kyle Rittenhouse the barrel full of monkeys in the conservative and liberal media bombarded us all with more opinionated argumentative talking heads than ever before.

    QUESTION; Were these broadcasts on either side of the so called issue calling for peace and tranquillity or more looting, rioting, and lighting fires…All in the name of protesting?

    Stop and think for an extra second or two; If Kyle Rittenhouse was found to be guilty on any of the charges do you think we would have had people protesting in many cities across the country…hum? If not then why not? Why aren’t those double standards recognized?

    When perpetrators commit clear violations of the laws that are in place and the media and law enforcement just turns a blind eye, doesn’t that imply a form of immunity for such lawlessness and anarchy.

    Why aren’t those who testified to their own crimes during the Rittenhouse Trial being charged?

    In being given an exemption in this so-called free press for the responsibilities of maintaining civility and following the rules of a law abiding society, isn’t about 90% of the media clearly acting as accomplices?

    By allowing lawless comfort to take refuge and immunity to be bestowed on those perpetrators, doesn’t it usher in a silent enforcement of such incivility from the Department of Injustice.

    Are we to believe that a truthful and unbiased press would just sit idly by and not condemn such insurrection?

    Or is it becoming crystal clear for some folks by now that the media’s narratives have been complicit in selectively broadcasting the promotion of greater upheaval?

    One wonders who or what could have been behind the directives that seem to have orchestrated such fiascos?

    Let us not forget that in such orchestrations, we were all subjected to a repetitive and relentlessly rallying tune for greater chaos and anarchy.

    For some, willing to subordinate to such influences over their own thinking minds this familiar tune became harmonized to perfection in their own train of thought!

    In today’s wide “scream’s”streaming intrusions of the American psyche, we are quite easily brained-washed by a cloaked mindfully propagating influence!

    This type of influence subliminally induces justifications for our very own bias.

    Furthermore, it promotes unsubstantiated indictment in a kangaroo court process for utter injustice!

    The media’s lies and deceitfulness provides signage and direction for how one’s thinking can be altered and redirected down the dark alleyways, which leads us right back to our cultural roots!

    What lays in wait lurking in the shadows is the blindness for our very own hypocrisies?

    What goes unheard when being vaccinated from the truth, is a terminal illness that’s being injected on every station into one’s subconscious mind?

    The court of public opinion has become nothing more than a “Kangaroo Court”, which allows the lynching of anyone that can’t fit their narrative.

    Realize that the narrative always has an agenda these days, fear, paranoia and uncertainty about OMG!…the future.

    Oh yes, you can be sure that this harmonization of a familiar tune is like a cappella lyrical ensemble (metaphorically speaking).

    The New World Order’s establishment is orchestrating a subliminal promotion of a further out of tune divided states, rather than an in key melody for a United States?

    In contemplating such a scenario just imagine who would be the culprits and what would they have to gain?

    I mean in the what if scenario, who benefits from cattle prodding the sheeple into swaying the herd’s mentality toward a certain stampeding direction?

    Do we have enemies and could such enemies have infiltrated our bureaucracies, industries and institutional structures in order to insight more chaos and instability?

    Well, some say yes but, where’s the undisputed truth…hum?

    Oh that’s right the “establishment” is in charge of what “is” the truth.

    Is there such a thing as the “Deep State” or is this just an attempt by those outside the beltway to incriminate an over sized and over regulating self-feeding bureaucracy?

    If there was just such a consensus of understanding could it also benefit from collaborating with carefully crafted predetermining algorithms?

    Would or could such a clandestine consensus be able to control a narrowly scripted version of current events and populate that on a social media platform with something called FAKE NEWS…hum?

    The Forth Branch of Government

    I mean really, the survival of any such “New World Order” would be dependent upon it’s own ability to maintain autonomy, correct?

    A bureaucracy’s sustainability hinges upon the establishment of compartmentalization, which then relies upon its anointed appointments of self-authority.

    The pawns in the game must pledge an allegiance to an institute’s directives, not the revolving doors and passing of batons that come from the sequential administrations of the executive branch of our government.

    Administrations come and go about every four to eight years but, positions in the convoluted labyrinthine of our bureaucratic agencies too often span generations.

    If there was such a thing as “big government” wouldn’t it look very much like what is being seen from the often insubordinate and obstinate posturing by so many senior officials?

    I mean after all, they would have a vested interest in obliging the previous directives rather than facilitating a new administration’s objectives, correct?

    Especially if the new objectives ran contrary to them continuing to have the influence from their lofty power wielding positions.

    If there was such a consensus of understanding which way would a power play be more prone to lean toward, a consecutive or a liberal agenda?

    Or are both merely a distraction for allowing each theme of persuasion to cater to the primed train of thought?

    What we have been witnessing is a formidable effort at taking more control over our freedoms, and the pushing back has been anticipated.

    What they want to know is how hard they can push and how hard people will push back.

    It’s just the beginning for those who thirst for more power because they want absolute power, and we all know what this leads to…hum?

    If allowed to continue they’ll use their compartmentalized consensus to acquired more power and influence and use it like a stranglehold over more and more of our freedoms.

    That power comes from winning the incremental skirmishes in a war of attrition over many years.

    This affords little generals to climb the ladder one step at a time in our government bureaucracies.

    They are merely taking a page out of the play book of J.Edgar Hoover’s 48-year long career as America’s top enforcement official.

    This guy has monuments and buildings named after him yet he refused to recognize organized crime for what it was…hum?

    The transfer of power from an outgoing presidential administration to an incoming one afforded J. Edgar Hoover the deep state bureaucracy cover with the convoluted obscurity of a chameleon.

    Seasoned bureaucrats learn to abstain from taking responsibility for directives and policies that are embraced by the previous administration.

    This is until it can be established whether or not the ownership is a disfigurement or an attribute to their very own career building completion.

    For veteran bureaucrats these talents use tactful camouflage in the art of survival.

    The transition of power affords cloaked deceptions to crawl back into the shadows until their “ass covering” tact can make the necessary adjustments.

    Then they can reengage their continuance of imposing more reforms and controls over our dwindling freedoms.

    It’s not to give more power to the people, it’s to diminish the power of the people by appointing and anointing these bureaucratic power-brokers the authority to do so by robing us of our inalienable rights!

    Why is there so much “white” noise about the claims of social injustice that are being levied upon the black community?

    Is it empathy and concern or is it something else? Once again, they use Blacks as a political pawn while hiding the “Wile e Coyote” that’s been in sheep’s clothing all along?

    When funded, organized and orchestrated effectively (oh and most importantly when collaborated with the media’s unrelenting gibberish), it doesn’t take an army.

    They can stir up further commotion brewing and call for an outburst of civil unrest by simply putting out a news brief.

    With as little as a few hundred paid anarchist you can create such a spectacle.

    But the majority of this is truly a motley crew of half planned unruly “white noise” not unlike a Clan of sorts…hum? It’s not the majority of Black Americans perpetrating the anarchy and criminal looting, it’s altogether something else. it’s something very diabolical in nature and something once again very dark that’s hijacking Black American’s legacy!

    It’s a small group of white, black, brown and even yellow Marxists that have aligned with groups like “Black Lives Matter” that have hijacked a Black agenda for greater equality.

    They hide in plain sight demanding fairness under the law (the George Soros’s funded District Attorney’s Law) for our Black community all along while implicating that community by the exhibitions of incivility.

    Their hope is to also simultaneously provoke some to lean toward justifications for even greater bigotry.

    They hide their lawlessness in the mist of the fog of burning smoke and the destruction of public and private property.

    The only difference being that these imposters don’t want to improve conditions they want to destroy the system and become empowered with their own control over us.

    None of this will make a better nor stronger America, it will only weaken us as a nation.

    The Life and Death of A Nation

    They won’t stop until our enemies see the chance to clandestinely embed their own operatives that can assist our further descent down a long slippery slope.

    Rest assured, some have already become embedded within the system and are just poised to climb the ladder of attrition!

    Too many of our weak politicians who sit idly by while watching radicalize cohorts tear down our monuments. These politicians are actually co-conspirators and treasonous mutineers as well.

    They’ve somehow gotten their hands on the helm of the ship (due to our complacency) and are now attempting to steer it right off the edge of the earth!

    America is under attack and if something isn’t done to right the listing of this ship the instability can lead to it capsizing!

    Our enemies within, are planning for us to chase the storm by heading into this metaphorical Hurricane.

    After all, a ship of fools that heads into stormy waters with a mutinous crew stands a much better chance at drowning at sea, correct?

    Especially when such efforts have a “collective” working under the decks to flood the bilge!

    We need all hands on deck because they are also working above the deck greasing it with whale oil and lighting fires!

    There is a “collective” at work here and they will refine their influences over our vulnerabilities and capitalize on this ship’s listing of instability!

    If you love your country and do not want to see what they have in store for your future and the future of your grandchildren then, I’d suggest that you get involved by standing up for America!

    I believe she’s worth it and for those thinking otherwise maybe you should think about a relocation where anarchy and incivility are a way of life.

    We all need to stop allowing the “collective” to manipulate our emotions and focus upon a path of logic that collaborates with a common truth, not conjecture and speculation.

    However obscure the truth in any matter may appear, the “truth” remains a constant in any equation for reaching a resolution.

    Realizing and recognizing that we are being manipulated with the distractions of URGENT ALERTS during our every awaken hour is a good first step.

    By stepping back from the anticipatory emotional responses that react to a well rehearsed agenda, we can begin to peel back the onion skin layers of obscurity, one at a time!

    By doing so, it exposes the half baked elitist controlled political agendas, which are hiding behind such scare tactics.

    As an example, if wearing masks are in the interest of public health then why aren’t the current OSHA regulations?

    Realize that these are mandated for public safety by OSHA.

    Employers are legally obligated to follow these recommendations.

    Employers must test Employees twice a year and measure their ability to breath through a respirator device.

    Why aren’t officials applying these same standards to the recommendations for wearing masks?

    This takes no effort at instituting any new regulation, just indicating that we follow the same ones that already exist.

    Realize that not all face coverings are healthy.

    Some masks are made from materials that are hazardous to one’s health.

    Actually some actually pose a greater risk of contracting a new strain of the flu.

    No one is asking why every form of the media’s coverage worldwide has been promoting the idea that masks are in all situations mitigating heath risk.

    No one is calling out the importance of specific standards nor the absolute impossibility for maintaining quality control.

    The media is promoting the idea that just as long as you give the appearance that your actions exemplify compliance, it all good…hum?

    Wearing a bandana or some polyester rag over you face isn’t getting a handle on controlling this new stain of the flu.

    No one is calling these (New World Orders) what they are but, it should be most apparent.

    Its a disproportionate emphases that has used every form of propaganda to fixate on one singular notion, MASKS!

    This hyperventilating verbose repetitive narrative eclipses the view of anything else that might be posing greater danger.

    This is a purposeful and as an enforceable charade, it is being injected into the every waking moment of our psyche.

    These rules and regulations regarding the use and the protection from respirator devices are well established.

    They are in use for employees who can potentially be exposed to harmful contamination.

    If the real purpose for using such devices were purely about protecting public health then why aren’t government officials qualifying what actually is a safe mask to use?

    If our safety was at stake then the government that mandates the testing and use procedures for employees should be part of any program to suggest and enforce their use, correct? That is if, credibility is at stake!

    Such direction would outline a.) the correct type of device, b.) the proper procedure for using, cleaning and replacing it, c.) the testing of the device’s compatibility with a given user (breathing intake / exhaust capacity) and several other factors.

    The paralleling fallacy in believing that a bandana or cloth can be effective in mitigating the risk of a microscopic enemy is that the authorities actually care about your health and well being.

    It’s really about you succumbing to there new found authority without having enough sense to question it.

    Oh and of course convincing some that it’s the responsible think to do, right!

    The exhibitions in such masquerading only validate that the public is easily manipulated.

    Believing in a contrived notion that their data and their models and their charts and their testing results are all truthful, factual and competently evaluated, isn’t intelligent.

    Listen, it should be quite clear that more testing will no doubt result in identifying more people that have been exposed to a type of flu or possibly even a common cold.

    By calling all of these positive results “cases”, it fosters and promotes the subliminal effects that this flu is getting further and further out of control.

    Of course this collection of data (just like election data) isn’t without question, nor is it accurately and independently validated as completely truthful.

    No, what’s happening is it’s being policed by political operatives that wish to force the whole of our society into a greater dependency.

    The CDC isn’t a government agency but we’re being herded into a stampede on the information they are feeding us.

    The willing abidance to this hyperbole only aids their further dictatorships.

    This is being turned up and down in a synchronized color coding calibration that is delivering a measurable reaction.

    They are testing the waters in order to see just what level of subordination a hysterical reaction can produce.

    The “collective” gains greater confidence that we are willing participants in the subordination to their directives from these examples.

    Those covering their faces, regardless of the other truer health risk associated with wearing unqualified masks are in essence only providing a positive test swab for their gullibility!

    The feverish pace of priming and brainwashed that is being applied is only cinching down greater control over us, by design!

    New laws shall soon arrive in the form of mandated inoculations with vaccines that will do quite possibly more harm than good, just like the masks.

    It just depends upon who is in control of the results from the data that gets spun in order to authenticate what would otherwise be seen for what it actually is, propaganda!

    It is from the acceptance and willingness to subordinate to the relinquishment of our liberties that we give authority to such incompetence and power to a “collective”.

    When no accounting is required from our officials then accountability ceases to be a requirement for governing.

    Absent such guidelines, previously obscure and powerless officials take control and impose new unilateral rules that ignore our laws.

    Although this is completely illegal they are directed by the higher up administrative assignments handed down by a governor’s dictatorship and the rule of law takes a back seat.

    Such false authority actually defies the law and goes unquestioned by those adjudicated with the responsibilities for overseeing such illegal implementations.

    Why?…Well because of the fear of retaliatory actions like loosing a pension, medical coverage, student loan reimbursements and a host of many other socialized subsistence programs.

    The bureaucracy’s infrastructure becomes most vulnerable when a habitual government becomes addicted to such influences.

    As a matter of fact, I believe this is the very definition of “systemic”!

    Their promotions and career advancements as well as continuing positions of status within a given agency is evaluated in part on the basis of conscription to a specific bias leaning to a paralleling of political persuasion

    However illegal such actions are in the U.S. those that wield control over the authority have come to believe that they now adjudicate it!

    When officials place themselves above the law of the land (The Constitution) then we the people need to hold them accountable for their dereliction of duty as a public official.

    The unmasking of the enemy is what we are seeing when they lay claims to being deputies for our health and safety, yet they fail to implement established safety guidelines and regulations that are already in place.

    It should become self evident that a hidden agenda exists within the “collective” when their justifications for “fake” control over our liberty is anchored upon such hyperbole, not substantiated upon facts.

    It is being assumed that if a dictatorial, totalitarian ambition is pontificated strongly enough well then, we’ll need to fall in line with those orders.

    Equally important we are supposed to just subordinated as if such orders being given were an enforceable law.

    The “Elitist Establishment” owns the world’s economy and these power brokers are attempting (very successfully I might add) to “fake” the severity of a health crisis by exacerbating fears about the growing numbers of “cases” testing positive.

    This testing apparatus is the mechanism for adding fuel to the concerns by identifying everyone who has supposedly been exposed to COVID-19 as a “case” or that ALL deaths are now from just this single health threat source.

    The “Collective” isn’t talking about the number of false positives or differentiating between the antibody paralleling responses from say the common cold or other reasons for why a false positive can occur.

    Nor are they talking about the different techniques being administered by thousands of testing lab technicians at hundreds of different facilities.

    Doesn’t this look familiar? It’s kind of like the confidence that we can obtain from Dominions ballot counting machines…hum?

    These is no mention of a secure “chain of custody” in handling and processing the test results, only a broad magic wand that somehow gets the results 100% correct, hum? These are the results that drive and fuel the false narrative for the modeling agenda, which is clearly about getting more positive “cases” documented!

    No reporting as to why people have refrained from going to a hospital for many months. No investigative reporting on how this may very well be having an effect on the number of rising hospitalizations?

    No mention of hospitals themselves being a breeding ground just like elder care facilities and noting truthfully about how many people have died from getting vaccinated…hum?

    It’s not about what’s being said, it’s about what’s NOT being said and about why parts of the factual events are not being truthful told.

    It’s about the selective or “collective” editing of the narrative that fits neatly into a focused agenda and of course calling everything else a “conspiracy theroy”, right!

    Why?….Well let’s look into the future and anticipate what the “collective” just might be up to….hum?

    American and world society is being inundated with carefully edited speculative claims about the necessity of wearing a mask, correct?

    We know that OSHA and ADA have had federal guidelines regulating such devices for decades but, the same officials (the collective) that are supposedly most interested in our safety and health are mandating the use of an unqualified, unmeasured, non-certified rag over your face.

    According to these experts, anything can suffice as long as you subordinate to being seen outside putting something over you face, right?

    Now it’s being dictated to the silent majority that you can’t gather in large crowds and you must maintain social distancing, correct?

    The experts have all agreed that 6’-0” is the magic number but, how far and how long suspended virus particles can linger in the thin air is much further and much longer.

    You’re told to stand on a newly affixed vinyl marker on the floor that’s measured 6’-0” apart while waiting in line.

    Businesses are told if they don’t abide by these new rules (not enforceable laws) that they can loose their business license, even knowing that 6’-0” isn’t going to really provide a whiff of secure air space.

    If you don’t think there is a political lean inside the “collective” then why wasn’t any concerns mentioned by the “collective” when the loud and screaming in your face minority protesters looted, burned and took over parts of a major city, without masks…hum?

    Answer; Because those actions also destroy a thriving economy!

    Whether it’s under the guise of racial disparity or implied intimidation for having your business shutdown these actions are right out of the playbook for creating anarchy.

    If you can’t see the duplicity in such a clear agenda by the “collective” well then maybe you should think about relocation.
    Because what’s coming for you next most likely you’ll not see coming either!

    Get ready, its going to be a mandated order that you get vaccinated with a new fast pace inoculation that we’ll be told is necessary in order to keep us all, you guessed it SAFER!

    You can count on the “collective” to apply the same due diligence that they applied to looking after regulating the use of the proper type masks, one size fits all…OMG!

    Or I give you one better, how about the due diligence to them using the same test and the same procedures to verifying that the antibodies of COVID-19 are actually present in everyone that’s being tested…hum?

    If you have confidence in the “collective” being able to administer a newly developed universal vaccine then you go ahead and get that mandated vaccine, it’s your prerogative (for the time being) in a free country, correct?

    If you really believe that the folks that talk out of both sides of their mouths can be in trusted with shoving a needle into your body, injecting some new found concoction, then by all means have at it.

    But, don’t think that the silent majority is going to continue being silent and don’t think that the unrelenting scare tactics employed by every collaborating news network isn’t clearly seen as having a complicit agenda.

    Ask yourself, what channel on (TV, radio, Internet, etc..) could be watched for more than a few minutes without someone breaking in with an updated ALERT about the growing number of COVID “cases”!

    Not a disproportionately growing number of people dying from it but just people who supposedly had COVID and supposedly now test positive and now conveniently called, new cases.

    These so called “cases” are the results of a multiple variety of testing methods and procedures that are being employed.

    Nobody is questioning the accuracy of the wide variety of testing procedures yet we put about the same effort in keeping our voting ballots authentically accurate., NOT!

    That is until the “collective” can get their hands on the “mail-in” ballots to better control falsified observations for the results

    Try for a moment to suspend your disbelief and step back from the induced paranoia.

    In doing so you may be able to catch a glimpse of where this is all going. You may realize that the testing is after one thing and one thing alone!

    It’s the mechanism for justifying that a VACCINE is to be mandated in order to keep the entire world SAFER…hum?

    It’s the supposed accurate data that’s being collected by the “collective” and presented as factual evidence for dictating a policy that’s mandating that we all be SAFER, right?

    This is where the “collective” is forcing the tributaries of all those independently thinking health officials into a mainstream river flow thinking.

    It’s pure hogwash…that’s right they’re feeding us information that’s full of crap as fodder and a lot of folks are eating it up like ice cream and cake.

    They go through the data then redact what doesn’t fit their narrative and present a narrowed down version of what’s actually happening in “real-time”.

    The media is an accomplice in all of it and those “news contributors” pontificate an almost verbatim, redacted, scripted and dumb-down version for what is the truthful reality.

    The problem in this is that this is where too many folks get their information and believe that a commentator is a journalist but, they’re not!

    They are Lawyers who have opened up shop as news anchors and are selling us their version of a scripted narrative.

    They get away with in the court of public opinion because no one can issue an objection and be heard.

    They’ve got the mic and they script the sound bites!

    Too many sheeple seem to love it and gobble it up because too many have been brainwashed (primed) into believing that the inconspicuous nature of such accusations can only qualify as a conspiracy theory.

    How about a real time “collective” theory by those in charge of collecting all that raw data from all those different procedural testings and from all those different types of tests being utilized.

    How about counting everybody that’s tested positive for the COVID’s antibody as a “case” and assume that a hospital’s overall capacity should be based upon a hospital’s ability to treat all such hypothetical “cases”.

    That would certainly create a concern for a potential crisis just like the models that we’ve seen from health officials.

    Yet they get away with revising and revising and revising and charting and projecting inaccuracies that never become factual…hum?

    Now they’re charting not just people who are sick but the potential of people getting sick from people who potentially tested positive.

    The more you test inaccurately the greater the potential is for higher numbers of “cases”, right?

    Plain and simple, the only thing that testing does is to give the “collective” more inaccurate data from multiple sources and that’s what they are using to justify shutting the economy down.

    It’s really just like applying a form of sociological warfare.

    After all a testing result is very malleable and fallible information and more importantly historically we can see that it is the mechanism that uses unsubstantiated models to fit the “collective’s” further agenda.

    It’s not a reach to see how the mindset will roll into mandating that inoculations are necessary for keeping us SAFER with their new VACCINE!

    Just take a look at California, children are required to be vaccinated, or have a medical exemption, to attend school, as of Jan. 1.

    The new law bestows ultimate authority to school and public health officials to have the final say about your child’s health.

    The “collective” now has the authority to deny attendance to public learning and guess what, your taxes are paying the salaries of those little dictatorships!

    Was this part of the terms and conditions that you excepted when paying you state income taxes…hum?

    If doctors give too many exemptions then they will become reviewed and and could get sanctioned.

    How’s that work, the Medical Board is in control of a Doctor’s licensing status.

    Speaking of theories, how about a “consensus” theory for all that modeling that could ever be imagined by all those medical / health experts.

    You know the health officials that now have the authority to walk into a business and threaten to shut it down.

    With the threat of losing your business license you’ll be well advised to listen and take heed, if not you’ll get that licensed pull and be made an example of non-compliance.

    Isn’t this just a totalitarian and dictatorial enforcement by committee, not a government for the people by the people.

    Another step below this is the stigma for those not wearing a mask.

    The whole idea has become a new example of a politically correct statement being promoted.

    If standing in line (6’-0” apart) in a grocery store some folks wearing a red bandana will get in your face about not having a mask on.

    The hypocrisy in such a self righteous ignorance is that, that dirty little bandana is virtually worthless at stopping the micro particle size droplets from passing right through such a half baked idea.

    Furthermore, the longer one wears it (just a matter of a few hours) without addressing the hygiene factor the greater the risk.

    Wearing such a mask also exposing others to what one may have also been infected with when touch or fiddling with the adjustments of such a masquerade.

    The duplicity exhibited in the lack of properly and hygienically caring for such a face covering escapes their recognition.

    As merely the example of subordination is quite enough to being able to lay claims to taking the high road, correct?

    It’s just not important to the little dictators that these devices can and do simultaneously contaminate when the standards for them are left up to such mindless thinking.

    It’s more of a fashion statement than a barrier to infecting or being infected with COVID.

    Wearing them is only an example of incompetence, not confidence that our health official’s recommendations are keeping us SAFER…hum?

    Such masquerading turns a blind eye to being effected by the materials that a mask is made from.

    Or the escaping exhaust gasses trying to escape from your lungs or the fungi and bacteria that’s exponentially growing in you mouth…hum?

    The simple and plain truth is that that micro droplets linger suspended in the air for up to twenty minutes and much further than six foot.

    Just like in a war, you’ll never hear the bullet that kills you, equally so you’ll never see the germ that infects you.

    You can believe that a mask is doing something, if you wish, that’s called a prerogative in a free nation.

    Although you might want to keep count on the number of times your hand touches something and then uses that same hand to adjust your mask.

    Realize that this is doing much, much more to raise the threat percentage factor to get you infected.

    Doesn’t it seem quite strange that a state of unconsciousness has evolved in that of not demanding more answers from those claiming that such a high degree potential of a truthful health risk exist?

    It’s very easy to conscript historical data to a narrative but far more difficult to write an accurate outcome from projections for the future.

    Especially when making non-sense rules about things like wearing masks to cover your face or mandating lock-downs.

    Maybe it’s time to start asking the hard questions? Maybe after you can’t catch your breath, some answers will come to mind? Maybe then it’ll be time to get a clue.

    The hard question is what is really going on behind the smothering effects of such a masquerading….


Writing with the Veiled…