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Corona Virus Cell


What’s in a name?
Before the recent virus outbreak, the name Corona was most famous for being the name of a beer that was made in Mexico.
And before that the name Corona was most often associated with the outer edge of our Sun’s circumference.
Actually, NASA describes it like this;
“The Sun’s corona is the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere. The corona is usually hidden by the bright light of the Sun’s surface. That makes it difficult to see without using special instruments. However, the corona can be viewed during a total solar eclipse.”

Sun's Eclipse


Ok…so the symbolic gesture here is about something that is being obscured while every form of media is shining a very bright light upon the issue being refereed to as the Corona Virus pandemic?
Also just like the Sun’s brightness that obscures a view of the Sun’s corona what special instruments might be needed in order to view the truer meaning for what’s being called a pandemic?
After all this new strain of Flu is what’s being deemed the most threatening health concern since the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak and of course that kind of threat can’t be taken lightly (no pun intended).
We can’t seem to “eclipse” the promotional propagation of what is being injected into our society’s new way-point navigational heading and simultaneously creating mass hysteria so, maybe it’s time to dissect it and look at it under a microscope?
Basically 99.9% of all the world’s current events are now narrowed down to an almost singular laser focus that’s honed in upon how to mitigate the further spread of a new strain of the flu (COVID-19), which is demanding the entire world’s attention.
My questions are not about the contagiousness of this Flu bug but what is being obscured in that oh so bright light?
What seems to be hiding in plain sight are the cause and effects of such hysterical paranoia.

Corona Virus By Country

No one seems to be asking how the numbers just don’t ad up and it appears that the basic arithmetic (not the algebraic equations and calculus) has somehow escaped recognition by all the experts while viewing such a spectacle…hum?
How is it that the percentages of cases being contracted can be assessed against the number of deaths when no one actually knows how many people have actually contracted this virus and never gotten tested?
Why is this type of half baked data being tracked and profiled as authenticated when it’s at best incomplete and at worse untruthful?
Now some may find fault in my assessment for the mental stability of the masses but psychoanalytic theory explains what we are seeing induced into the the mindset of so many as follows;


a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system.


a psychological disorder whose symptoms include conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms (somatization), selective amnesia, shallow volatile emotions, and over-dramatic or attention-seeking behavior.

Reality Check…

The reality to date during the LAST 3-MONTHS looks like this;

  • Corona Flu Deaths = 21,297
  • Regular Flu Deaths = 113,034

Or the broader view on the whole world’s death march is that about 2,000,000 people have died worldwide from HUNGER during this same period.

In the political correctness that’s being pontificated by officials for maintaining a safe distance due to the risk to those who are most vulnerable to contracting this illness, who’s voice is being heard for the screams of the 9,000,000 aborted lives every year?

How about the 15,485 murders in the U.S. on average per year?

Thus why then is it that the light is being so brightly shined upon this new version #19 variety of an old virus and all the other (in many cases preventable death) forms of extinguished life are being eclipsed?

In order to appreciate a little more about viruses, I have provided some excerpts on the background of some research that’s been performed in laboratories across the globe.
This may help some to better understand what’s being done and where such research may lead to improving human health and where it could go otherwise when placed in the wrong hands…hum?

Viruses in Humans…
Virus Research…

Social Experimentation…

If the experts could apply special instrumentation for measuring the cause and effects from this latest episode in “Days of Our Lives” then they might be able to decipher the raw data.
Unfortunately, we all would have needed to have studied Pathology and achieved an advance degree as a Virologist to make sense out of it all, correct!
I mean truthfully, if you’d wanted to change your major in university then you might also have been able to become an expert TALKING HEAD on a major news network throwing out hypothetical theroy, speculation and conjecture, right!
One question remaining though is; where have all these government officials been in preparing for this so called pandemic?
I mean haven’t some of these experts been in the upper echelons of influential lobbying efforts and THINK TANK congressional advisory panels for most of their careers?
Haven’t some been smack dab knee high in the middle of the decision making process for decades?
Who’s been in charge of preparing for adequate stockpiles of VENTILATORS, GLOVES and PARTICULATE MASKS (type N95).
Equally important shouldn’t responsible journalism be pulling off the mask of such incompetent and lacking results?
No…of course not! For after all exposing those responsible would only detract from the sound bite narratives of the pandemic promotion!
Oh and if someone decided on their own to contest what’s being propagated by the mass media well then good luck because they would no longer have an opportunity for a career as a News Commentator.
Realize that most are now Lawyers posing as commentators so that they can more effectively argue in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION without the interruption of an official adjudicating Judge or Jury…hum?
Even with all this divisive influence and the priming of guilt for responsibly in maintaining social distancing some folks still don’t subordinate their liberties to such rhetoric.
Isn’t it just a wee bit unrealistic in a free society to expect an entire nation to universally and miraculously come to order and reach the same conclusion for what is the truth of the matter?
In order to do so wouldn’t we ALL need to become educated about what such data would mean to us. I suppose that this is why the mass media seems to believe that we ALL should constantly be bombarded with medical expert OPINIONS (not facts) about what such data is truthfully telling us, correct?
Just forget about where those experts were last year or the year before. That’s all water under the bridge now because we have a pandemic to focus upon, right?
In this new world of social media everyone has an OPINION and isn’t afraid to share it, no matter how unsubstantiated it’s content turns out to be and no matter how unaccountable their aloft positions afforded them in the process to be beyond reproach.
They stick to an unrelenting and paralleling scripted narrative that becomes the subjects that are being discussed and debated on social media.
This is what’s called PRIMING and it kind of goes like this;
Bob heard that Sally’s friend Karen who’s boyfriend Sam was in a coma with the virus had died.
So…Bob re-posted this on his Facebook page and the story virus spreads or as it’s known on FB, it goes viral…
No not the Corona version, the social distancing version where each individual’s vivid paranoid primed imagination is able to rewrite their own spinoff from reality and script their very own perception for what they deem as being real.
Of course while all along failing to say anything about the fact that Sam had been in and out of the hospital for months while on Kidney dialysis, had one Kidney removed and that he also had type-1 diabetes.
The reality is LIFE is directly associated with DEATH! The truth is LIFE is terminal and no matter who you are you’re not making it out alive!
There (as of yet) isn’t any magic blue pill that will cure the inevitable finality of death nor a guaranty that one’s health could or would remain intact.
To put it plain and simple, if you are NOT in good health then you probably should be cautious about your exposure to ALL conditions that could pose a risk to your health , correct!
In that case, how about staying in doors and out of public exposure, doesn’t that make good sense?
The other option is to put the onus of guilt on the entire population and just shut down the entire world economy. Tell 99% of the population to hibernate so that 1% of the population isn’t at a greater risk.
Responsibly minded folks when being told about a heightened health SCARE should anticipate distancing themselves further from the risk of contracting something, as well as reducing the risk to others.
Isn’t this approach really just a 101 course in being a responsible member of society? Yet being scared and being truly at risk is somewhat debatable, correct? Also, what about that 1%? Aren’t they also responsible to self protect their own health conditions that will evidently put them at higher risk in the first place?
Evidently not, at least that’s what’s being continually debated and wide screen streamed into our living rooms every minute of everyday 24/7 by those self professed health expert professionals!
The escalation of this supposed threat that’s beamed into our living rooms from national news syndicated studios can suck the air out of the room and leave us with many more questions than answers.
Unfortunately those narratives never actually get cross examine nor do most answers get substantiated as factual in a court of public opinion.
Too often these comments are followed with a disclaimer like this;
If I’ve been informed correctly, then I stand by my comment.
YES!…really that’s what we are all responding to (a scare) while being induced with the spoon feed guilt of potentially exposing someone else to something that we are told we may or may not have in our system.
It’s this hypothetical potential that MIGHT be running around inside our immune system (imaginatively) and that MIGHT jump over the last contact surface that you unconsciously touched.
Sound familuar? Remember the media’s hypothetical with all the corruption in the Trump campaign and then it was the hypothetical Ukrainian “quid pro quo” then the impeachment. The media are accomplices in all of it and in the same bed is Hollywood producing movies that further corrupt our imaginations.
It’s this imaginary or maybe it’s a real infectiousness that could lead to an unsuspecting higher risk factor to a small percent of the borderline health impaired (+/-1%).
To put things into proper perspective…What else besides the latest strain of the 19th virus version is coming for us?
Realize that 154,000 people die globally per day from something far more lethal than a newly discovered Flu. The unadulterated truth is the only thing we’re all really free to do with absolute certainty, is to die!
If you broke it down as to the many, many different causes for why people succumb to the inevitable end you could see that this new strain of Flu would be so far down the list of critical reasons that it might go virtually unnoticed, if not for the media’s bombardment of otherwise.
So…why all the paranoia? Why all the disinfectants, wipe downs, face masks, social distancing and on and on and on! You’re not going really be able to kill every single germ that’s floating around or has landed on a surface. If this were the case then infections would never, never happen while conducting surgical procedures, correct!
What’s really changed from the last Flu season and the latest Flu pandemic? Well, it’s plain to see that it’s been a concerted and strategically anticipated collaborative effort between everyone with an open mic. It’s been one of the most successfully promoted “scare tactics” episodes in world history!
If you thought fake news was a good example of the media gone rouge, well you ain’t seen nothing yet brother! The media priming paranoia factory has not just anticipated our response but, is choreographing that response into a well rehearsed song and dance routine of epic proportions! Society is singing and dancing to a new algorithm like fixated marionettes.
It is from this fiasco that you can be rest assured that we will not rest until they have set a new way-point of navigation for our human destiny!
Who could ever have imagined that the media could fan the flames of mass hysteria, brainwash an entire population of the U.S. (and the world) into believing that the best thing to do would be to be on lock-down for not just days but weeks and possibly months.
Remember the words “This is only a test”!
If that isn’t bad enough now imagine (doesn’t require an imagination) the threat of being arrested for coming out of your home by the local police. Imagine being fitted with a bracelet that GPS tracks and monitors your proximity due to the condition of your health status. Imagine giving up your civil liberties to what’s coming for you next…hum?
The truth be known may actually never become known for the source (or Soros) in what may actually be behind this media blitzing prime induced freak out.
Although one thing is for certain and that is, there is a consensus of understanding that is in control of the pitches and is calling the strikes in this ball game! Can’t you hear that echo coming from the mass media’s bleachers?…Hey Batter, Batter, hey Batter, Batter,..swing!
The same folks responsible for creating those unrelenting, attention grabbing talking point snippets that keep the risk in the forefront of our every awaken hour are also keeping score and assembling the new algorithms that can better anticipate our human propensities!
It seems kind of strange that just a couple months ago the Republicans and the Democrats couldn’t agree on who the Russians were in bed with, Trump or Hillary.
Then it went on to the Democrat dominated Congress voting to impeachment the president and the Republican dominated Senate acquitted him.
Then we were told that “Deep State” heads would roll for their treasonous conduct that was certifiably befitting of ass covering, pension saving career bureaucrats but, conflicted with aligning with the current administration.
Now we’ve got what they are calling a pandemic that is threatening to take down what was a robust and healthy growing economy and descend it into the abyss of a worldwide depression!
Truthfully, who could write such a script let alone make us believe that it is reality!
More importantly, what person in control of their right minded thinking could allow such influence to creep into their psyche and allow unbelievable to impersonate believable!
Purely by the substantiated numbers the COVID-19 is not worthy of being referred to as a pandemic.
While it may be true that in heavily populated areas anyone living there would be at higher risk (New York, L.A., S.F., etc.). And certainly everyone can appreciate that exposure and contracting any virus in such locations could exponentially increase. Who can’t draw that same conclusion in areas where millions of concentrated population uses congested public transportation daily.


Try turning off every form of media for then next 30-days. Delete your FB page, cancel your cable service, stop the newspaper and by all means use your phone for only incoming and outgoing calls, period!
If everyone did this, I’m willing to bet that we might have a chance at changing the media’s narratives that seem to be taking control of our lives!
I’m willing to bet that by showing the media moguls that we’ve all had enough of fake NEWS ALERTS and URGENT UPDATES that we’d stand a much better chance to influence changes, rather than being influenced and redirected by their agendas.
I propose a shut-down MONTH (to start with) for every form of electronic manipulation and instead of social distancing, how about the opposite! How about engaging conversations with people you don’t talk to as much any more and call instead of texting.
Why not just pick up the phone when someone calls. You know who it is by the caller ID and they know that you know! Quit fooling yourselves that you’re too busy at the moment to be distributed. You’ve got plenty of time to be distributed with this Corona Virus hysteria, right!
Your immune system together with your genetics will be the greatest defense against illness, not hibernation!
Over the previous millennia polio survived quietly as an endemic pathogen until the 1900s when major epidemics began to occur in Europe. Soon after, widespread epidemics appeared in the United States. By 1910, frequent epidemics became regular events throughout the DEVELOPED world primarily in cities during the summer months.,


At its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, polio would paralyze or kill over 500,000 people worldwide every year!
During this era my older brother was a victim of polio in 1953.
In developed countries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, improvements were being made in community sanitation, including improved sewage disposal and clean water supplies. This effort parallels the hysteria and paranoia to disinfect everything from your shopping cart handle to the money that you receive back at the cash register.
Where, when and how will this kind of hypochondria ever just stop and what other liberty shackling restrictions will be imposed as a result?
During the polio outbreak better hygiene meant that infants and young children had fewer opportunities to encounter and develop IMMUNITY to polio. Exposure to poliovirus was therefore delayed until late childhood or adult life, when it was more likely to take the paralytic form.


The simple truth was that by over focusing upon providing a sterilized exposure for children in the developing world this kind of sanitization lead to only delaying a more severe paralytic form in adulthood…hum?
I’m no Doctor but, I do know that our immune system’s ability to fight viruses, infections and an array of illness are well beyond the knowing of the learnt, for if this wasn’t true wouldn’t they have found a cure for cancer long ago?


I also know first hand as a survivor of the West Nile Virus (WNV) and coming through it without being the beneficiary of ANY medical intervention!
The CDC called me six weeks after being tested to inform me that I had tested positive for WNV! I said to them; Well that’s just great…then I asked why it took six weeks for them to inform me of this?

Their reply was;
Well the good news is we’re talking, right…LOL!

You see there is no cure for WNV and this is also true for many, many more things that go bump in the night! We should be asking; Who’s afraid of that big bad wolf? Or better yet, who’s that wolf dressed up in a sheep’s fleece?
Actually our natural defenses are embedded in our DNA. One string represents the order of nucleobases along one strand of a double-stranded DNA molecule; the other strand is given by the reverse complement of the string. DNA strings are constructed from the alphabet {A, C, G, T}, whose symbols represent the bases adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.
This uniquely individual identity is inherited in the blood that runs through your veins! Our ancestors have passed down many forms of immunity, as they too were exposed, contracted and fought off illness throughout the preceding centuries.
Realize that they did not have the benefit of modern medicines nor scientific hyperbole inspiring reassurances.
Back then when they became ill it went very often undiagnosed. In some cases it was broadly identified on their Death Certificates as merely consumption!
Thus, its as true today as it was back then that it will all come down to our individual bodies being able to fend off whatever aliment shall come to pass. Sure some modern medications might help the potential for survival but realize that there is all too often some hidden side effects that make a cure worse than the disease!
Even the modern use of respirators once it’s determined that someone needs to be ventilated only gives them a 40% chance of ever coming off of that machine alive!
Just like in a war, you’ll never hear the shot that actually kills you! In the war against illness you’ll never see the germ that actually infects you!
Thus, it would be far wiser to stop worrying about something that you virtually have no control over and live your life hygienically responsible, not in a virtual reality trying to fight off paranoia and hypochondria.
The average American’s life span is about 79-years. This converts to +/-28,850 days to live your life (including leap years). Considering you’ll be sleeping the equivalent of about 1/3 of these (9,618) the remainder of time leaves 19,236-awaken days!
Might I suggest to wake-up and enjoy the days of life that you may still have left and stop being influenced by that bully called worry!

How It Feels To Be Alive…


Writing with the Veiled…