The Meridian of Morality

The Meridian of Morality

When old and wise bestows the words of knowing upon the ears of wonder, what might be understood in a story being told?

What useful knowledge can come from the tales of the previous demographic in which the next generation might find a morsel bread crumb of palatable wisdom?

What tales might adorn the absence of reason in the convictions for the absolutes and fail to lend an ear to the whispers that emanate from the character of thy soul’s disputes?

In life’s decadal absorption of experiences a life shall span the telling of many tales in the time that is allotted, yet in too many instances wisdom fails to influence thy earthly realm of vanity’s self sustaining conceit for accomplished intellect.

What knowing is afforded in a story to be told from the measure of moments in which a life unfolds?

In the telling of the tale about the size of a fish that got away, what gets lost in the promotional deception for how much larger it has grown over time…hum?

Are the words authentic or a story tale of imagined fraudulent fantasies of would have, could have or should have measured longitudes along life’s journey?

One should first ask; for who and why is any story being told? And from there, who is who… in the “selling” of such tales?

When a tale has gone viral in today’s media ramblings that offer so many forms of chumming, have the baited verbs been personality investigated or are the words second hand or third or merely a scripted media’s sound bite to be taken hook line and sinker?

What cautions should one behold from the dangling of lures tangled in such deception?

What questions should be underlined with bold face font in that of bestowing such wise words that pulls a Bobber that’s floating upon the sea of tranquility, below the surface?

One might wish to pause and seek out the cause for what lurks just below the surface circling too and fro while entangling the heart strings of one’s perceptions?

Old or young, extrovert or introvert one should realize that all of our perceptions are based upon the given gravity at the meridian of our “free” choices but are these really free or is there a cost?

For it is upon just such a line of decision that one’s choices become intertwined with emotion and logic and it is at this border that one’s rational is confounded and bewilderment comes from the confusion for what freedom actually implies!

Is it from our mind’s design that we attempt to balance the appeals of “sway” by forcing buoyancy under our deliberations or do our verdicts and convictions recede at the meridian for moral decisions and become submerged flowing back into a safe harbor of ultimatums.

What appeals to us is merely the attraction to one’s choice for the direction in one’s moral compass headings. In turn, our prideful evaluation for what the gravity of our morality swims toward is what we deem our prerogative in making our free choices!

If one could, at any giving intersection along life’s journey just recognize the responsibility that’s attached to choosing right, left or straight through the red light, well then one might see “thyself” more clearly…hum?

In such nakedness, we’d be like Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:10;

“And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.”

I’m sure that we’d all be ashamed upon discovering the transparency in our very own duplicitous behaviors, especially those with the power of the media’s broadcasting megaphones that prod and poke, inciting emotion to go rouge and logic to go lame!

Woe unto them, as they‘ll most certainly in time have a troublesome burden in carrying all the weight of their very own words!

Morality has only one Master and therefore, it can’t be divided and serve two;

Matthew 6:24;

“No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else. he will hold to the one, and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Our earthly covetousness is in fact one Master and G_d is another. To believe or to not believe is the question and to NOT believe is also the belief in something, as well!

Mammon is like fool’s gold that shimmers and glimmers from the reflections in many forms of false worship. Mankind too often adorns these idols with the vestiges of pedigree, which can’t be traced back to any truth deserving of decrees from royalty, let alone G_d inspired!

And when one’s morality becomes swayed by what is earthly then, one is more easily persuaded to ingest the forbidden fruit of self indulgences, which are also so readily available and hanging from so many tree branches along life’s path.

Thus, one’s challenge is to recognize that life is merely an opportunity to be introduced to which Master we shall choose to serve. The natural sway or propensity of our individual soul chooses which Master that we shall serve as either the ebb or the flow at thy moral meridian.

It’s here at just such a “deciding line” that one’s soulful character invites one’s earthly personality and thus affords thyself the opportunity to sink or swim, as the tide at the meridian shall provide rewards or consequences from the resulting decisions.

In whom one wishes to represent, it shall provide testimony as; Exhibit “A” in full disclosure and thus, it shall attest to the minutes, hours and days of a lifetime! The resulting words, actions and deeds shall exemplify the weighted worth of one’s earthly testimony for the span of one lifetime.

In all of one’s choices, it truly just comes down to how we view and identify with our personal responsibilities for what is thy version of morality! Will it be man’s version of morality or will it be G_d’s version of morality?

We can see clearly that the trappings of man’s version of morality are too many to count on any given day! The drunkenness that comes from the over indulgences of the hanging fruit of the vine can cause thy soulful character to sometimes lean off kilter.

It is in such a state of imbalance that our earthy desires can “bait and switch” ever-lasting with an Ever-Clear White Lightning of sorts that seduce one’s senses. In upping the potency of life’s consumption of wealth and abundance, it further sedates thy wits, allowing thy half wittiness to believe that one somehow deserves all of it, and more!

When some choose to embrace such illusions what can be seen in those who have acquired a celebrity status? Are they focused upon the end game or does their narrow mindedness consume them in the sparks and then the flames that erupt from their own follies? Upon obtaining an earthly wealth of accomplishments how many really become a better representative of G_d’s idea of morality?

Isn’t philanthropy at the end of one’s life really just a veiled attempt at masking that one had taken orders from the wrong Master all along?

Didn’t King Solomon say it best in the end;

“Vanity!…Vanity!…All is Vanity!”

As Christians, one believes it’s never too late to take responsibility for having been arrogant enough to follow the wrong Master but, how can one repay such a debt?

The obligation of payment is in the humility of living in acceptance that “morality” only has one Master, G_d! And regardless of claiming ignorance for the laws, one shall be held responsible for their choices at the meridian.

The Romans said it like this;

Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat

And the translation is; Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Therefore, our earthly laws are founded upon G_d’s principled moral laws and often are referred to as the word of G_d. These are written in the Bible and those laws are very much like traffic laws that regulate vehicles and are intended to deliver one to their soulful destination safely.

True one can choose to exceed the speed limit or run a red light while driving but, the law is the law and regardless, if caught you’ll be getting a ticket, most likely.

Most folks wouldn’t ask why they’d be getting a ticket, they’d already know why! True some would offer up a reason for the violation but, any such excuse would most often fall on deft ears! Simply because the law is the law and ignorance for the vehicle code is no excuse, just like ignorance of the code of moral ethics shall also be “non excusat”.

Everyone can be speeding on a Highway but here again, just because everyone is speeding doesn’t exempt you from getting a ticket. There is only one TRUTH and that isn’t something that can be arrived at by an amassing of mankind’s contrived notions that are founded in fulfilling earthly desires. The speed limit is the speed limit and it applies to everyone that’s chosen to place themselves behind the wheel.

In knowing the “Truth” it allows a transformation to take place within us and with G_d’s grace his “one” Master-ship through the Holy Spirit guides us along our earthly journey, which should continually seek the lighted path that guides us toward seeking freedom from sin.

The word “sin” is too often associated with a religious connotation and definition but, what if we could see sin as simply being respectful or not?

Most of the world’s earthy inhabitants agree upon precepts that supports a monotheistic G_d figure. In all regards, this concept is basically anchored in that of believing that there is only one Master, correct?

This then obligates believers to respecting the laws and breaking those laws would be interpreted as sinful and subsequently disregarding or disrespecting G_d.

It is our free choice to follow the laws or to go otherwise about our life as we see fit but, one can’t disrespect such precepts of faith and also lay claims to being a devout follower of one’s faith, true?

It’s an ongoing journey until we draw our last and final breath but, nevertheless once we discover the path to the TRUTH the light provides us with a compass heading! If accepted as the truth, at the very least one shall never lose sight of the homing beacon’s direction, no matter where one finds themselves in the vast darkness that spans the universe!

As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah spoken about in Hebrew scripture and that he will come again in Glory! (See HERE to read more…)

The Jewish people are still waiting for “The One” to come and the Christians are waiting for him to return! In both beliefs, we are waiting for the Messiah although some would like to argue who is who?

Christ was a Jew from the tribe of Judah and was a descendant from the house of David. King David of Israel wrote in Psalms 22:16 about the crucifixion of Jesus a thousand years prior and Hebrew prophecies spoke many more times throughout the centuries about his arrival (Christian’s View).

It’s in G_d’s hands as to when the Messiah comes and whether one recognizes him or not as his first or second arrival but nevertheless, as Jews and Christians, we are all awaiting the Messiah, correct?

In either case, we have strong justifications for the interpretations of our beliefs but, morality is the nucleus core that binds us all together as G_d’s children under the authority of one Master!

Our one Master is G_d the Father and although the manifestation of G_d’s son on earth as Jesus Christ, the man might be quite difficult for some believers to see in any other light but blasphemy, Christians believe that Jesus’ father was G_d the father, not a human father and he was born of the Virgin Mary, as was also foretold in many Hebrew Scriptures prophesies.

Also Christians believe in G_d as the trinity, one G_d but three personalities (so to speak) The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Although this has lead to a misunderstanding about believing in multiple G_ds and is somewhat confusing even to some Christians!

Thus one’s belief in G_d from purely that of a scientific mindset sparks a continued controversy about the vagueness and value in faith verses the hard facts for a scientific logic based mindset. Science has worked hard at making a mockery out of religion and a belief in G_d but, science in many instances is merely theory.

Although so much of the scientific theorem involving quantum physics are claimed as discoveries, all are unproven and are yet to truly be factually authenticated. So actually they are really just man’s best attempt at rewriting the laws according to his self Mastering theories…hum?

The parallels here are just one more example of the sway in contemplating what is one’s morality, as in doing so, it offers another mammon theory that tries to Master G_d’s reasoning behind the laws of physics? When one chooses unproven science over faith based religion realize that it isn’t about the proof, it’s about which side of the moral meridian one chooses to stand upon.

Opponents can claim that faith is unsubstantiated but, in making such a choice who is their Master?

The differences between Jews and Christians are not as far apart with much (39 vs 27 Books) of the New Testament being from the Old Testament. And of course realizing that the Old Testament isn’t exactly the Torah. But here again, it’s the interpretation of faith and belief for who has it currently correct in offering the definition for “I am”.

No one of faith in either religion would pose an argument against the belief that “I am” is monotheistic. One G_d not one scientific theory is responsible for the creation of the entire universe! Is one Big Bang theory really more believable than having faith in one true G_d…hum?

Well, that’s your decision to make while standing all alone on the meridian and it will offer up an evaluation for your own sway of morality doing it your way!

As Frank Sinatra sung the familiar song; “My Way”…

“For what is man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught…To say the things he truly feels….And not the words of one who kneels… The record shows I took the blows…And did it my way”/

Maybe Old Blue Eyes lacked the wisdom of Hillel;

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

You be the judge as to which Master and which choices of morality will exhibit the best example of thyself? It shall be in that story told, of thy own words and deeds that one will come to know the weighted worth of measure in thy soul.

Imagine one day at the end of the line reading aloud in an audience of one, thy scripted biography from one’s very own “Book of Life”! Imagine having all the excuses stripped away, the entire obtuseness to the luxuriance afforded for making our free choices just evaporate…hum?

This will be the discovery of who was who? It will be in that moment that thyself will be transparently clear, to thyself, possibly for so many for the very first time!

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…