Story Form Poetry…

My approach to poetry is to chronicle a time sensitive experience in a way that can allow my memories to revisit those inspirations of the heart.

By using poetry to “frame-in” these many unique observations it allows a recitalist to peer a little deeper into how my world is seen heard and felt.

The purpose of this is to provide a testimony for the many sights that I’ve seen along my journey and inspire others to begin their own, if they haven’t began already!

I offer these views for anyone who might believe in the many parallels in life and take comfort in knowing that we are never alone.

I delve into a deeper appreciation for life’s shadowy edges on a quest to expose the possibilities for greater meaning, in a wide variety of subjects.

In my poetry, I attempt to widen the recitalist’s peripheral view for what might otherwise become lost at the frayed edges of life’s obtuse reasoning.

In beckoning an internal response a story formed wording of external rhythm and rhyme implies that deeper meanings for our obligations lay hidden in the masked interpretations of life!

I question,…

“What lies just beyond the faded edges and lurks in the shadowed hues and tones of life’s grey?”

My portrayals attempt to present a view of humanity from Michael Chaffee’s eyes, inscribed as a poetic dialog that provides a subtle unmasking of mankind’s less than truthful self-portrait.

In making these connections it has helped me to progress inch by inch, step by step…to place one foot in front of the other while traversing along life’s precarious path.

In doing so…I have (at the very least) begun the trek for the discovery of my long lost friend, the one who had fallen asleep inside…Thyself.


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Writing with the Veiled…