What are the prerequisites for understanding the days in our lives? I believe that one must come to terms with who is awake and who is asleep in our earthly and soulful character.
The average life span of an American (in days) is only about 28,688 days, if we’re counting all the leap years.
Now one must keep in mind that we’ll be asleep for about 9,467 of those days thus leaving us with just about 17,421 awaken days to evaluate our ever changing circumstances while living.
In making an effort to gain greater insight from the days that we are afforded in living our lives wouldn’t it seem most appropriate to first understand what we are working with?
For after all, the weaknesses of the “Flesh” are well documented but yet the “cause and effects” can remain quite obtuse to so many until one is challenged with catching a glimpse of what such frailty of the flesh may incite in our earthly characters.
Therefore, in attempting to recognize the possible influence of any such enticements, distractions or arousal to sway (our free choice), it would be wise to review how we perceive our individual meaning for authentication, correct?
I’ve provided a list of some of these (see below) in order to allow you to review what each of these earthly actions (when and if taken) may stir in your perspective for knowingly living a truthful and authentic life.
The pursuits during the days of our life, if it was refined down to the simplest terms would seem to me to be merely an opportunity to expose one’s self to the truest meaning for who that representative might be. A sort of proving ground for what connects our earthly character to our soulful authentication in being good, bad or indifferent to a loving intention.
As such, this umbilical cord (so to speak) aids the actions of a mere mortal with that of a soulfulness and it is in such a collaboration that we may become known by name to God.
Oh sure, I may have lost a few of you with that inflection about being accountable to a higher authority but for those who are still with me, please continue to walk the balance beam of contemplation for each of the earthly frailties below;

  • sexual immorality

  • impurity

  • sensuality

  • idolatry

  • sorcery

  • enmity

  • strife

  • jealousy

  • fits of anger

  • rivalries

  • dissensions

  • divisions

  • envy

  • drunkenness

  • orgies

  • and other things like these

Therefore who we are and what we represent in the presumption of an ethical and moral good standing could be more accurately gauged by what is exemplified from our behaviors.
It is from the example of rebuking the temptation of such weaknesses or faltering in doing otherwise that we are accredited with the freedoms of a good person or a prisoner to our own actions.
One’s conduct is therefore a sort of yardstick for measuring one’s propensities to succumb to such influences or to do otherwise.
It might be interesting to note that the text from Hebrew scriptures doesn’t mention the devil as Satan but, rather as Lucifer the fallen angle.
The curious thing about this is that Christianity, which evolved from these teachings of the Jews very much identifies with the antagonist of evil as the devil Satan. Could there possibly be something that’s partially accurate under both of these philosophies yet remaining mostly obscure?
What I mean by this is, doesn’t good and evil all come down to just a matter of our free choices? Isn’t it simply just how we choose to identify with the accepted ethical and moral precepts of a civilized world? And aren’t these recognized as the obligations for the whole of society’s conduct for maintaining civility throughout the ages?

The Devil Inside…

What if this devilish idea as a separate entity doesn’t exist, at least as it’s conceptualized externally?
What if this demon resides inside our very own psyche? What if the only thing standing in our way between being good or bad is in fact just that free choice that we all possess?
If such a possibility were to exist then there would be no need to blame something externally for the good or bad choices that we make, correct?
I mean the whole premise that; “The Devil Made Me Do It“…wouldn’t hold up to the scrutiny of cross examination now would it?

Taking Personal Responsibility…

Our modern society has come up with many avenues of escape for people who seem to make bad choices in that of authentically representing themselves as a loving, caring, empathetic, compassionate, consoling and engaging human being.
If our free choices result in portraying conduct that runs contrary to such attributes then what are we choosing to say about ourselves?
In taking inventory of “Thyself” wouldn’t it be far wiser to first identify our own propensities that can come from a quick witted reactionary personality?
If logic prevailed, wouldn’t it greatly increase the potential for building more successful relationships, if we could develop greater insight for how we are perceived by others or are we affording ourselves the liberty of being indifferent?
For most, I’d venture to say that regardless of how the world receives us it isn’t our purposeful intention to propagate ill-will and discord among others, correct?
And for the very few that believe otherwise, aren’t they glaringly exhibiting their contradiction to the goodness that should be obligatory in making a fee choice? I mean after all, what good comes from the exhibitions of violence, mayhem and anarchy?
Doesn’t it invoke a proportionate response from a small segment of our society that would also like to convey a responding message that only instills further division? Realize that both actions are being primed by the elected officials in our establishment and both will achieve the same objective, further division!
It doesn’t really matter who is more right or who is more wrong, the task at hand is to “divide and conquer” because whomever is left shall be weaker!

The Sheeple…

That being said, if we haven’t chosen to become a hermit and rid ourselves of the controversy that comes from interaction then it would be safe to say that we are all pretty much looking to open dialog with our fellow inhabitant of planet earth, correct?
And with this comes the challenge of representing ourselves authentically with all the etiquette, decorum and propriety that the teachings of good manners have bestowed.
If the truth be known, what we represent in such fashion isn’t limited to just representing ourselves but also representing all of those who have made contributions to the acquisition of such personal development.
If we were raised with the benefit of understanding that, politeness is the obligatory payback for the silver-lining in all of our blessings then we’ll respectfully acknowledge the obligation of that debt in the way we carry ourselves, correct?
This would be that oh so famous opportunity; “First Impression”, which we can sometimes display so boldly and arrogantly while remaining ignorant to the cause and effects that such personality traits and obscure behaviors have on making a good impression.
Too many stumble in the darkness in putting their best foot forward and too many are hiding in the shadows poised to pounce upon a quirky idiosyncrasy as good reason to criminalize another.
Next time you meet that annoying or transparently obstinate personality and before you render a gavel implied final verdict that justifies your abstinence to interaction, try to shelve your own personal path of logic and then before taking pride in labeling another right or wrong apply your full cognitive capacity.
By removing our ego driven reassurance that is too often predicated upon reaching a quick conclusion and substantiating one’s superior intellect (often only in your own mind), you are opening the door to an institution for higher learning.
Granted, the instructions may be coming in a different language but, aren’t those who possess the ability to learn a foreign language considered to be smarter than the average Joe?
Equally important wouldn’t it be far wiser to start with a self evaluation before coming up with shallow half truths or even less about what you think that you are seeing and hearing as deficient from another?
Many people make a snap judgement about someone else often before even a word is spoken. It could be the shape of a face, the color of their hair, the clothes that they are wearing or even the color of their eyes or skin…hum?
These prejudgements or prejudices are the precursors to anchoring one’s own decisions to the belief that they have come to identify with as their prerogative.
Unfortunately, such attitudes are subliminally broadcasted in a sort of silent language that is too often interpreted by some, and equally unfortunate is the lost opportunity for personal growth, which fails to come to fruition from such inaccurate portrayals on both sides of the conversation.


Learning To Read and Write…

In communicating intelligibly reading and writing are notably recognized as the foremost tools for scripting and delivering a message effectively, correct?
Verbal communication is often followed up with these other forms of communication but, if a communique is written or spoken in a foreign language then it must be deciphered in order to be interruptible, correct?
By simply using an unfamiliar vernacular or verbose manner in describing what you are trying to covey it can lead to misinterpretations and result in delivering a completely different message.
I’m sure most folks have experienced something along these lines when sending a quick text or email only to find out that the message received didn’t resemble anything close to what your were trying to say…hum?

Left or Right Leaning…

As an example, if someone leans toward a political persuasion that runs contrary to their own, the first thing to do should be to evaluate why you may have differences and what are the most obvious differences that would incite a reaction, be it a positive or negative one.
We all gravitate toward the most compelling issues that seem to separate us for how we’ve allowed a program’s priming to establish reconfigured defaults to our thinking. Its in this reaction that we divulge telltale signs or simply put, one leaves bread crumbs along a path that leads right back to the origins of such convictions of mindset.
Oh so you don’t believe in the indoctrination of subliminally induced propaganda that I call PRIMING huh? Well then, maybe you can explain how the life threatening substances of tobacco, alcohol and drugs are so effectively woven into the fabric of our everyday consuming lives?
Could it be that every form of distraction that’s being billed as either Current Events or Urgent News or Informational Commercials and or Motion Picture Entertainment is actually just a brainwashing opportunity to sell your something that can further benefit the giant global conglomerates!
Truthfully, do you understand that the most powerful and wealthiest people on the planet are also major stockholders in an investment portfolio that encompasses dynamic cooperative relationships or as I refer to this, a consensus!
The largest corporations, foundations and businesses in the world operate like a pyramid shaped organizational chart and although it appears that they have competitors the truth is they are actually running a monopoly.
You may think that Coke and Pepsi are competitors but, when you see the commonality for who actually owns the majority of the stock in both companies well, you’ll discover who is getting stuck with the bill!
I use the word “bill” purposefully here to make a point, we’re being duped into the bait and switch incitements of buying all the BS that one can be spoon fed during the very few days and hours that we have to live!
More importantly, we’re failing miserably at recognizing who, what and how our lives are being controlled, manipulated and robbed!
Television, Cinema, Social Media, the internet and virtually every form of awaken hour attention garbing distraction is hellbent on PRIMING your most inner thought’s path of logic with their devilish minded self serving greedy profit driven enticements.
Why else would someone pour gallons of cancer causing liquid (it’s right on the label) or inhale thousands of cubic feet of carcinogenic laden air (cigarette smoke) straight into the vital body organs.
Come on man, really?…In a fully awake sense of consciousness of what is moral goodness who takes ownership of the blameworthiness of one’s own conduct and intentions?
What character is authenticated in feeling the obligation to do right or be good? Is there any feeling of a guilty conscience when destroying the body temple with such poison?
Who inherits the power when we choose to abstain from using our faculties? Who is therefore empowered with misguiding our principles that would and could otherwise enjoin a truthfulness for intelligent decisions?
The WHY is pretty obvious to most but the HOW is a little more illusive in being recognized for how they’ve gotten us hooked and continue to feed our addictions!
It really doesn’t matter if they are promoting drinking poison via a uniquely chic designed beautifully colored over priced alcohol bottle or a dainty vogue divisiveness that promotes smoking cigarettes.
The reality is they are dangling the sweet honey dipped carrot of sex appeal or a social fraternal order’s camaraderie or the bad boy individualist representative purposefully to redirect our social order. The game is to sell us something!
The question should be asking ourselves is; do I need to buy it?
If we fail to recognize the differences in those efforts and who is behind SELLING us a PRIMED imitation of good physical and mental health well then, we’ll keep buying and polluting ourselves with such poison.
Realize that all the weakness of the FLESH were discovered a very long time ago and when we’re half asleep, it’s easy to succumb to latching onto the dangling influences that preside over the weaknesses of the flesh.
Additionally, one can also exempt themselves from the obligation to take responsibly for acknowledging the transparency in their very own hypocrisies. By ignoring that truth such inaction only cloaks deceptions to obscure the truth, which is just like a lie wearing a mask, hum…look familuar?
This behavior appears as a festering blemish upon the face of an otherwise perfect completion and it’s opposition to the truth quite literally pulls the carpet from right under the feet of a good standing!


Rule #1, Don’t Lie…

If we want to invite an armistice and begin building back a trust in one another then, we must reestablish a common belief in the law. One simple law, not all the legislated laws that the elitist are above. And not the Supreme Court Law that seems to be not only be wearing a blindfold but, now has a gag order over it’s mouth.
When the highest Court in the land can’t agree to hear arguments about the constitutionality of the validity of a state’s voting practices, well then maybe we’ve got a bigger problem than we think?
The law I’m referring to is to tell the truth! No, not those sound bite speculations and accusations from one of the divisive monopolizing broadcasting stations but the unmitigated substantiated facts!
When a person is tried in a Court of Law (not a Court of Public Opinion), he or she has to appear in a law court and is found innocent or guilty after the judge and jury have heard the evidence. When a legal case is tried, it is considered in a court of law.
The Media has hired Broadcasters that are in fact just well spoken Attorneys, and their bait and switch tactics use Anchors as Actors.
This allows them to argue a case in front of the Court of Public Opinion uninterrupted, without objections via a one sided conspired narrative. This isn’t about “News” at all! It’s about fulfilling an agenda via the PRIMING of the listening audience with their fictionally contrived stories!
Plain and simple, if those who are broadcasting lies invite civil discord and incite incivility among the masses by misrepresenting the truth, well then they need to be held individually accountable along with their stations.
They need to be brought up on charges, tried and convicted by a court for the people and by the people! If found guilty, then they need to pay retribution to America for all the harm that they have inflicted upon our great nation.
It should be a federal crime and as such they should do their time in a federal prison. Until we can wash clean the filthy “Flesh” living amongst us in plain sight, we are going to continue to get suckered into the New World Order’s diabolical agenda of more control and less freedom.
It’s really up to each and every one of us to become better informed and actively involved. As one of the Baby-boomer era generation, we all owe it to the greatest generation who handed us the keys…We should have never left the keys in the ignition, which has let the thieves take our vehicle for a joy ride!
Its well past time to take those keys back and put those truly worthy in the driver’s seat!

Writing with the Veiled…