What is masquerading behind all these decorative and colorful face coverings?
Does it really have anything to do with health and safety or is it actually offering up a sampling of how easily we’re willing to relinquish our liberties?
One of my first questions is; WHO is dictating that we must wear a mask?
Secondly, WHY isn’t it important to first and foremost qualify what a mask is to be made from and what product is officially recommended to meet the needs of the general public?



I mean after all, if these assumedly protective devices are to be effective shouldn’t there be a narrow specification not just a rag or a bandanna that suffices in meeting safety standards?
The “Who” in this two part question are the officials, you know the one’s that are paid to contribute to the mainstream media’s attention grabbing narrative.
These are the contributors that have formed what’s being referred to as the COLLECTIVE!
Basically these are the ones who are collecting more and more data and then formulate what is becoming recognized as the official opinion.
What we get from the results is the scripted verbatim hyperventilating sound bite narratives that promote all the effects of fear and concern, night and day…hum?
What we don’t get are solutions to the problems and we don’t get anything nailed down to a concrete understanding from these so called medical practitioners.
You know folks like that medical official spokesperson who hasn’t seen a patient in more than twenty years, and he’s the guy you want telling the whole Country how to be safer!
The one who changes his opinion on whether a mask is even necessary, depending upon which way the wind is blowing at the time the question is being asked…hum?

The WHO could also be confused with the World Health Organization, who appears to have collaborated with the CCP’s reckoning for the where and how and why COVID-19 began.
If we could weave our way past the “ins”and “outs” as the promoted paranoia and anxiety is threaded through the eye of the needle, then maybe we could capture a glimpse of “who” it is that’s weaving the tighter and tighter stitching of such conjectures?
There is a growing mountain of evidence that is stacking up against this collaborative consensus or as some call it “The Collective”.
It may be difficult to see where we are headed with all of this fabricated conundrum but, what’s more important is to appreciate what is masquerading behind such a mask….hum?
These cohorts represent the WHO and it isn’t going to be easy for them to discredited claims that such thinking is merely a conspiracy, especially when all that dust finally settles out and a clearer view can be seen for what they are up to.
It will become more than painfully obvious when the WHO is exposed as liable for the up and coming respiratory ailments.
To be sure, this ignored issue will rear its ugly head when all those sucking air through a improper mask discover the unhealthy materials that some masks were made from, without any warning for our SAFETY!
Of course the WHO will attempt to conspire to attribute such illness with being related to positive testing for COVID-19. Then they’ll exempt themselves from the consequences because it’s all about driving the herd to testing positive.
It’s only by the validation of more and more positive test result that this diabolical agenda can continue so, they keep pushing hard on the necessity for testing and the promotion of the correlations for testing positive in order to support their agaenda!
It’s still a few months out before they can keep us all even safer by mandating mail-in ballots (hijacking the election) and then shackling our free nation to mandated testing and inoculations with the new vaccine!

H.R.6666 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

This little piece of legislation authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as CONTACT TRACING, through mobile health units and, AS NECESSARY, AT INDIVIDUALS’ RESIDENCES, and for OTHER PURPOSES…hum?
Resistance will be futile (the Borg) because the “collective” now has the law on it’s side! No not law enforcement like our police departments, more like the OUTLAWED carotid control hold most widely used as a stranglehold!
The “HR” stands for the Human Resources department which deals with recruitment, people management and defining organization policies among other things. They are responsible for hiring, positioning and overseeing the employees of an organization.
So now those “6666” professionals (health officials) that have been responsible for SELLING, MARKETING AND ADVERTISING and all those politicians who have relentlessly demanded that we breath through a rag of choice, can now be free to shackle our free choices to a new law that mandates testing and much, much more!
Be sure, what is coming for us in the very near future is mandated inoculations with their new pharmaceutical vaccine!

And from this, we will come to know the burden in breathing when there is no air left in a room!
Come on truthfully, does any of this exhibit sound reasoning for being confident in the pharmaceutical learnt? What will be the yet unknown side effects that come from this supposed graduate level of educated competence?
Do you believe in what you’re being told on a day by day, week to week basis from our health officials or are they merely practicing?
Aren’t our Dough-face politicians really just obscuring the face value of any accountability by exhibiting such a spectacle of unqualified mask wearing incompetence? Don’t these representatives have their hands so deep down in the pockets of the pharmaceutical manufactures that they’ll never be able to get them out!
Didn’t these elected statesmen take a sworn oath to up hold the constitution? Isn’t it an act of treason to conspire to do otherwise in their official capacity?
When the dust does settles will they also be held culpable as accomplices or just accessory’s to the crime that deprived American citizens their rights on the basis of such a hoax about our safety?
I mean in just one example, polyester fabric has been known to cause a wide range of respiratory issues and skin allergies, correct?
Now just imagine what else may come from the Chinese micro fibrous synthetics that can’t seem to get passed by the CDC’s testing?
Should we (the general public) get some answers for why the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has denied certification for these N95 type Chinese masks for use by our medical care workers?
Is it duplicitous when Governor Gavin Newsom signs a contract to purchase some $1 billion worth of face masks from “who” would have guessed it, China!
In knowing where the virus has began who in their right “Deep State” of mind would delegate responsibility for protecting America’s safety by buying face masks from China?
Equally important, why haven’t the N95 standards for masks followed the same kind of identifiable stamp of approval as say motorcycle helmets from agencies like the Department of Transportation (DOT).
More importantly why hasn’t NIOSH been involved from the very beginning in certifying what actually constitutes as a safe mask for the general population?
Why don’t we see more testing of all these wonderfully colored new fad face masks and rag bandanas!
There is irrefutable evidence that there is a risk associated with wearing masks. Especially when they are incompatible with being a safe filter for inhalation into human lung’s airways.
It’s pretty clear that sucking air through unqualified material should pose some serious questions, if in fact public safety and health were the real concerns.
It can’t be denied that officials already fully understand the risk relationship when one is trying to breath through a respirator device.
After all, CALOSHA has been regulating the use of respiratory devices for many years now by mandating that “employers” perform a bi-annual testing of all “employees” that are using such devices. Where is the “Collective” when we actually need them to do their jobs?
§5144. Respiratory Protection, defines what constitutes safe use and what qualifies as being adequately protective for removing certain levels of VOC’s.
An employer must also keep a ten year record of all such testing in order to verify that an employee can actually use one on the job without being harmed by using it.
Thus, officials have known the seriousness of putting anything in front of your O2 oxygen inhalation and Co2 carbon dioxide exhaling system (your lungs).
Exhaled air is rich in carbon dioxide, a waste product of cellular respiration during the production of energy, which is stored as ATP. Exhalation has a complementary relationship to inhalation which together make up the respiratory cycle of a breath. The exhaled air isn’t just carbon dioxide; it contains a mixture of other gases
Inhibiting the exhausting of these gasses can quite literally make you sick.
The simplest truth is that without establishing that an individual’s safe threshold can be accomplished while breathing through any mask they are setting themselves up for the potential of a much greater DIRECT risk!
Why does a hypothetical risk take precedence over a factual primary risk to our respiratory safety? This should be the real concern but it is not!
Officials are frantic over the necessity of TESTING who has been exposed or contracted COVID-19 but, TESTING, CERTIFYING and the QUALIFYING what is the approved and recommended protection device never gets mentioned.
Before placing anything over your airway one should monitor the capacity to breath. It can have a detrimental effect on your health, especially if your system is impaired or in anyway compromised.
Living under the illusion that a color coordinated or decorative rag over your mouth and nose will provide any measurable protection is only a gauge for one’s gullibility.
This idea has now become a statement for some to act out in an overtly poised form of paranoia that justifies subordination to the imaginary new threat of an old threat called the flu! Oh sure, this isn’t just the flu it’s an epidemic.
When you can attribute such a virus to a narrowed prognoses based upon the predestination for the collective’s diagnose, it makes the relinquishment of our civil liberties viably enforceable.
From those orders what we get can only be described as a conscription to a new form of political correctness. Recognize it or not, a shelter in place order is just another form of house arrest, except without the ankle bracelet.
Unfortunately, too many have been hypnotized or brainwashed into believing that masquerading is such attire is their social responsibility, no matter how ineffective or unsafe it may be for them and others.
To issue a blanket government mandate to wear a mask without first having such verifiable assurances in place for testing one’s lung’s capacity to process oxygen and expel Co2 is disregarding well established state and federal safety guidelines!
Equally so, believing that a mask is mitigating risk when in fact in some cases they aren’t is pure foolishness and could actually be negligent, if what they are saying is true.

Realize that without insuring a proper fit, validating that it is made from the correct materials and cleaning / changing it regularity, a mask may not help to make anything safer.
What’s hiding behind such illusions could actually be exposing people to what you’ve been told would be protecting them from being contaminated with the virus!
Now to the second part of the question “why” are we being told to wear a mask? The “why” clearly has an agenda that goes well beyond any concerns for our safety.
As a matter of fact (for the reasons previously stated) our safety has taken a back seat, that’s if we even get a seat in the vehicle that’s taking us for a ride…hum?
Concern for our safety is a brilliant ploy but, it should be blatantly clear that it is NOT about our safety!
The reality is that, if safety was at the forefront then why aren’t our health officials that are in charge of applying the safety standards and measures that have already been established, applying them…hum?
The parallel here is very much like the blue state officials turning a blind eye to the lawlessness of the criminal activity during our recent social unrest.
There are laws that are being broken and there are safety regulations that are in place that are being disregarded. That is lawlessness by definition and if you think that the perpetrators are going to crawl back into the hole they crawled out of well, you’re mistaken!
It’s transparently clear that the deep state nocturnal “bureau-rats” and broad daylight “demon-rats” are devouring our republic one small bite at a time and they don’t care because they hate the country that you’ve learned to love.
One can see by the carefully orchestrated “PLANNED-DEMIC” that FEAR has been relentlessly propagated in every form of communication during our every awaken hour for months!
The percentage of news that been broadcasted about COVID-19 during the past several months is probably in the 90% plus range.
When you compound the effects of forced hibernation for months, skyrocketing unemployment and government substances well, you can see the results!
Now throw a match after pouring all that gasoline on such rubbish and you’ll have a bonfire erupt like we’ve never seen before, look familuar?
If you think it’s all just happenstance then maybe you need to get out a little more and get some fresh air!
If it isn’t clear by now that treasonous conspirators in the “Deep State” bureaucracies tried to take down a duly elected President then you should get an eye exam. After which you should read the Muller Report for yourself…
The redacted version of the Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election was released to the public by the Department of Justice on April 18, 2019.
What does it matter if you like the guy or not! Its the office of the Presidency, not the personality of the man. Radical leftist, career politicians (on both sides of the isle) and “Bureau-rats” have given themselves license to covertly and clandestinely subjugate the authority of the Executive Branch of our government!
The “Demon-Rat” infested Congress then tried to impeach him as well and when these extreme treasonous measures also failed what came next, the “PLANNED-DEMIC”.
Now we’re getting shelter in place stay at home orders again by officials who do not have the authority to do so but, this doesn’t stop them from threatening Counties and individuals with penalties, fines and retaliatory actions to be taken against those unwilling to comply by also withholding payments for state funded projects.
I seem to remember the Governor calling Trump out of a similar tactic of his in withholding federal monies from sanctuary Cites…hum?
The collective is now using models upon models of hypothetical scenarios to try to “HARD SELL” the listening public on more and more reasons why they need to shutdown the Trump booming Economy!
It’s plain and simple, these actions are not a conspiracy, they are very well thought-out actions initiated by a “collective” that’s utilizing the raw data from corrupted testing in order to authenticate nothing more than pure conjecture!
They are holding the economy hostage and threatening legal action against otherwise law abiding citizens! This is being done all along while they’re letting arson’s, looters, vandals and other forms of criminality tear down publicly owned state and federal property without prosecution!
Simultaneously, they are releasing convicted (in some cases Hardcore) criminals to go out on the streets to commit more crimes. All of this and they want us to believe that they are truly looking out for our safety.
The left’s co-conspiring radicals have devised a devious and diabolical PLANNED-DEMIC strategy! They’ve orchestrated stifling the best economy in years, raised unemployment exponential, put the elderly and some minorities at grater risk, criminalize all law enforcement, forced relinquishment of our civil liberties by house arrest / sheltering in place and then let people that burn down towns and cities get away with murder, literally!
I don’t know about you but, I’m thinking that we may have had it pretty good when we just had the “Shiff Show” to keep up with…hum?

Writing with the Veiled…