Life and Death of a Nation

In the interviewing and hiring process of our U.S. government agency’s HR-Departments, a keen and purposeful critiquing is focused upon the selection of intellectually accomplished interns.


In narrowing the field of view a focus targets hiring those who offer a willingness to support a given agency’s institutional interest but, realize these are not the free thinkers that create the products of necessity nor drive the economy by producing anything!

These are the facilitators that are holding the mother of invention ransom to their contrived notions behind more government controls and regulations.


On such premise they subjugate the masses and bind us to the bylaws of subordination, which are the hidden agendas of these agency’s exclusivity for their own institutional ambitions.


Their motivations are not being driven by a nation’s consensus that is focused upon civil service or respect for the electoral system any longer but how they can acquire more funding that can aid and abet the pursuits of unsubstantiated intellectual bigotry!


One might ask; How can such a allegation have any merit when we are talking about so many agencies and so many unique individuals, right?

Well one key and fundamental factor is the fitting of the bridle, which is the costs for obtaining an advanced college degree in today’s higher learning institutions.


Getting an education isn’t cheap, as a matter of fact Forbes Magazine has put the 2018 U.S. Student Debt at $1.5 trillion dollars…hum?

Now think about how things work when you can strap on such a burden onto the next generation who has basically financed their education and also offer them a way to pay that debt off by working to facilitate left leaning institutional ambitions.


Oh and basically mandate an affiliation with the left leaning political party that has infiltrated and dominated the mindset in so many of our government institutions.


I use the term left leaning simply because no one would argue that our educational system is almost completely infested with a far left leaning professorship and this influence has been slowly and methodically breading the kind of thinking that “certifies” the ends that justifies such means!


This has lead to the kind of incivility that we are seeing nationwide and while attempting to silence any opposing views the tactics being used mirrors the kind of anarchy and violence that was employed in the by gone era of socialist revolution upheavals.


As the student debt has risen so too has the salary for Professorships. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the highest-paid in the top 10 percent are paid more than $168,270 per year.


So wrap you mind around how a consensus (not a conspiracy) of understanding evolves, takes shape and then slowly and methodically changes the direction of a nation in broad daylight with everybody watching and very few recognizing what is actually going on!


Put quite simply, one of the strongest and most powerful influences that exists in our political system is the Teacher’s Unions, and there are many!


Their lobbyist can make or break almost any politician in a 30-second sound bite and this is no different than the kind of “hold the line” enforcement that the early labor unions would employ. The only difference being that they now are working from within the system and in broad daylight!


At the national level, the National Education Association (NEA) lobbies the United States Congress and federal agencies and is active in the nominating process for Democratic candidates.


From 1989 through the 2014 election cycle, the NEA spent over $92 million on political campaign contributions, 97% of which went to Democrats.


The Strange Disappearance of 69,000 AFT Members

The American Federation (AFT) routinely claims it has 1.6 million members. AFT reached a record-high 1,613,448 members in 2015, but last year the union reported 1,544,143 members, according to Department of Labor filings. Realize that this number is not strictly accurate because even those numbers obscure the facts of AFT membership.


More than 600,000 working AFT members belong to merged NEA/AFT local and state affiliates. Though their dues and representation rights are split between NEA and AFT, both national unions count them as full members.

More recent numbers are publicly available, but only for unions and affiliates subject to the provisions of the federal Landrum-Griffin Act, which governs any labor organization with at least one member who works in the private sector.


For example, some nurses who work at private hospitals belong to the Pennsylvania State Education Association and NEA. Both PSEA and NEA have to file an annual membership and financial disclosure report with the U.S. Department of Labor.


Conversely, the California Teachers Association has only public-sector workers as members and does not file a report.


The situation is the same for the American Federation of Teachers. Though AFT has more private-sector workers in more places than does NEA, piecing together an accurate membership picture is daunting.

By; Mike Antonucci


Thus one can see that the tentacles of the educational system reach far and wide and well beyond just education. The fact is no one even knows how far because 69,000 AFT Members just fell of the rosters?


So there evidently isn’t a complete list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups in this organization…hum?


Now imagine, you’ve acquired a high GPA by towing the line in a liberal minded college, you are in debt up to your ears with student loans and you are employed by a government institution who’s upper ranks have been appointed by the politicians who’s ambitions tow the line for the directives of the Teacher’s Union lobbyist who got them elected.


As an example; at the Department of Labor these “non-thinkers” have no desire to either test the minimum wage law nor evaluate the effects on the fueling and fanning flames of unemployment.


They only wish to continue the status quo that justifies their existence and their necessity, all on the merits that there is a need for the accumulation of data rather than any resolve to finding a solution that could come for such statistics.


Politicians really have no interest in people’s well-being as a priority any longer, as they have their own priorities in making sure they are making payments on the notes that are due on their obligations to those who put them into power, if they wish to stay in power!

Just take a look at the list of U.S. politicians who have the highest net worth accumulation of wealth.


What is even more interesting is to see the increase during a multi-term span of being a public servant…hum?



  • Sen. Mark Warner (D) = $242.0 million
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) = $94.0 million
  • Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) = $70.0 million
  • Sen. Bob Corker (R) = $69.0 million
  • Sen. James E. Risch (R) = $54.7 million
  • Sen. John Hoeven (R) = $53.0 million
  • Sen. Ron Johnson (R) = $53.0 million


  • Rep. Darrell Issa (R) = $283.3 million
  • Rep. Greg Gianforte (R) = $135.7 million
  • Rep. Jared Polis (D) = $122.6 million
  • Rep. David Trott (R) = $119.1 million
  • Rep. Michael McCaul (R) = $113.0 million
  • Rep. John Delaney (R) = $92.6 million
  • Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) = $73.9 million

NOTE: According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the median net worth of Congresspersons was $456,522 for 2014.


We are where we are simply because today’s voters have lost their sense of realism for the larger questions that are facing us! And in the longer run this will result in the loss of more and more of our freedoms because of the lack of real accountability.


One only needs to review the vast majority of our politicians Curriculum Vitae in order to gain greater insight for why we are where we are in the impasse between the two supposed different political persuasions.


All too often it can really just come down to where they were educated and how the affiliations of their colleagues had advanced into the corridors of government and halls of justice.


Because people keep telling intellectuals how clever they are their pride and ego makes them believe that they know more about everything that would otherwise enter their minds as opposition, and thus the intellectuals take the empty seat on high!


“No politician on either side could make me dance in the streets. “


Thomas Sowell

What if, we could all just stop with all our imaginary pursuits in life and just come to a place that could give dignity to the scientist that exists in the minds of each and every individual?


We all possess a savant that is uniquely interwoven into our DNA and this genetic code is the enabler for all our dreams to come true if, we can only just learn to stay out of its way!


Hard to imagine such possibilities with all the trappings and priming of hate and anger being promoted in or 360 degree 21st century life but, what if, we demanded more from our civil servants and those proclaiming to be worthy of leadership?


What if, we put a cap on term limits for our politicians like one six year term for a Senator and two four year terms for a Congressman or Congresswoman?


What if, we ended the presumption that academic accomplishments are unilaterally deserving of a higher ranking social order?


What if, we begin to see and appreciate that by hiring interns and appointees with only history major degrees for positions in government institutions that this may in fact be actually orchestrating the continuation of such insanity, by definition!


In applying a caste society mentality that segregates on the basis of academic accomplishments, it is really only cloaking intellectual bigotry.


Anointing those who possess a special savant in a narrow bandwidth for memorization does not establish a universal mental superiority, unless that is all that’s being measured. As cognizant capacity runs well beyond the known terms for the evaluation for what may be most relevant to human sustainable existence on Planet Earth.


If such superiority were true then, why did the advancing societies in past revolutions always persecute the scholarly academics…hum?

Historically speaking, maybe it shall be once again repeated when those who claimed to have all the right answers will have finally succeeded with their own demise…hum?


As history exemplifies, it is when the infestation of the ranks of power have applied studious aptitudes toward the misrepresentations of the multitudes that they become most vulnerable to repeating history.

And thus, in failing to grasp the complete picture, yet claiming to possess a leg up with an upper echelon of intelligent quotient so many ended up going to the guillotine, gallows and gulags.


If only such a retrospect observational awareness could be ascertained allowing them to reflect back upon their rear view mirror memorization for their own culpability. If only wisdom could come from intellect and truly make a contribution from history by not repeating the fallibilities in the future…hum?


Then by definition, it wouldn’t actually be INSANITY!

I mean after all, doing the same thing time and again, while expecting different results is what we should be expecting from history majors, correct?


Well great, you passed the exam and now for politics…

Democrats give it as good as the Republicans give it and on and on…. tit for tat continues.The real question is what’s the difference, right?


Some would say morality is at stake and that would be 50% correct depending upon who’s morality we are speaking about! Morality is viewed very differently between a liberal Democrat’s mind set and a conservative Republican’s mind set.


Here are a few examples; liberals would generally favor supporting laws for the protection of animals and at the same time support laws that allow humans to be aborted from the womb…hum?


Another example is that conservatives would generally favor laws to protect the hunting of animals and at the same time be up in arms against abortions..hum?


Both of these examples glaringly stare us in the face but, 50% of the population on one side or the other fail to be recognized by either side of the arguments.

In one more example; religious dogma and doctrine is generally protected by Freedom of religion and as such is guaranteed by the First Amendment but if your religious beliefs infringe upon the freedom of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people then this will be challenged as to which version of morality is more relevant and legally binding?


Conservatives would argue that the mere act of homosexuality is immoral, according to their religious teachings and that those exhibiting any such behaviors are an abomination to G_d. They believe that marriage is a sacrament before G_d and only to be between a man and a woman. Therefore, they deem any form of homosexuality as offensive and insulting to their religious beliefs.


On the other side of this is that LGBT people consider it their right to marry their significant other in spite of federal law and fewer than half of the states offering explicit protections for LGBT people at the state level. And thus that is the challenge as to which version of morality is more relevant and legally binding?


LGBT people have made significant legal and political gains in the United States, including the freedom to marry but depending upon how the voting populous and or the courts wish to ultimately view and decide upon the definition of what is moral.


Whether liberal or conservative minded, it is the morality factor that is most likely to influence the decisions for what is one’s right to equality.

A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT with 5.1% of women identifying as LGBT, compared with 3.9% of men.


In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of married couples in the United States totaled some 60.8 million pairs in 2017 with an overall percentage of 18.75% of the overall population being represented.


On both sides of this debate each opposing side feels that without legal binding protections, people across the United States lack clear recourse and redress when they are discriminated against and or would like to have the freedom to be discriminating from those who represent conduct that they believe is disrespectful.


Conservatives are bullied for their religious values and called homophobic and LGBT people are bullied and refused service because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


In all of this, it all comes down to what conservatives identify as a slow and methodical erosion that is disrespecting the foundational pillars of the nation’s virtues and morality, and what liberals feel is necessary in defending the rights to challenging what is deemed as unfair bigotry!


The crux of it all is how society has been primed on both sides of the issues and according to how they view their own responsibilities toward morality!


No one could argue that efficacy by the conservative opinion for morality has basically left what was once “old school” American virtues, helpless and destitute.


It has been in such a void of unconscionable immorality that adulterated morality was ushered into the cinema and employed a matrix reality for how morality should appear.


This great “priming” effort that’s been UN-heavenly invested in by Hollywood, Social Media and virtually every form virtueless escapade known to a pornographic expose over the past fifty years could be said to be an erosion factor…hum?


The free love era of the 1960’s started the morality shift in the public theater and just like when automobiles and bicycles came together in order to combine lobbying efforts for the rules of the road so, too did the fringes of society who had previously hid in the shadows come out in the light of day in order to collaborate in modifying the view of morality!


It’s self evident that these contributions have resulted in promoting acceptance for a more sexually promiscuous society that runs contrary to a conservative point of view for what is morality.


Conservative critical thinking is in direct conflict with liberal views on the subject of morality and becomes implicated in the court of public opinion for how sexuality has become more accepted in a virtueless promiscuous society. And just like automobiles and bicycles at the turn of the last century found collaboration essential to influencing the laws for the road so, too has the LGBT group and liberal minded producers and publicist that have partnered in the promotion of a new virtual reality for morality!


The infectious addiction to social media has been anticipated, with regards to the designs on social engineering’s cause and effect, while “contour” and divide escapes recognition. The subtlety here between “conquer” and contour and divide shouldn’t go unnoticed!


The argument for a right to equality for the whole of society can become convoluted when the debate for “what is morality” is allowed to digresses into splintered or segregated versions for how morality should appear and argued that equality and morality are one of the same, they are not!

  • EQUALITY; 1. The state or quality of being equal.
  • MORALITY: 1. The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.

One unified nation may have diversity while sharing a consensus of understanding for; what is morality but, if this can’t be respected by all then the obligation for the standards of good conduct won’t have a common basis for what is equality.


Although automobiles and bicycles have equal rights in sharing the same road i.e.; right-of-way, equality for women, people of color and LGBT groups diverge at the crossroad’s of their individual intersections, all have different degrees to the angle of approach to their equality concerns.


In the simplest example, bicycles are in greater danger than automobiles while traveling alongside the highway and that’s why they are not allowed on the highway. Equally so, bicycles have bike lanes that automobiles can’t drive within, except when approaching an intersection for safety reasons.


The simple logic here is to point out that the state or quality and the quality of being in accord with standards of good conduct have different rules that need to apply to the different uses of the road.


We can’t let go of our cultural propensity of race, creed or colors… white, black, brown or yellow nor step back from the glare of disparity for understanding the plight of another in the submersion of such liquefied deceptions!


Our minds are filled up daily with so much unnecessary information that our cups runneth over and we are told that we just need a bigger cup!

In this land of milk and honey the abundance and availability of virtually anything we desire is readily on hand for the taking. Yet too many fail to fully comprehend the responsibility in being born in this time and in this place.


It is apparent that for some strange reason one can become desensitized to its value due to the proximity to such abundance but, if one would realize that there is an absolute duration of lifespan to all that is alive then, possible the precious moments in living wouldn’t be wasted on such foolishness.


Metaphorically, it’s only a Jet Pilot who flies mission sortie’s towards a sundown who can fully appreciate the illusion of being given extra moments in a lifespan.


In such a space, the sun may appear to never set upon the horizon while traveling at mach speed. As the ticks of tock “mock” the illusion of life extended this is where our human awareness gets momentarily deceived.

The fact is, it’s in the quest of chasing the sun that reality takes shape and evolves into a greater appreciation for the fact that the allotment of daytime has a definite duration regardless, as nothing goes on forever!


The same parallels in this metaphor apply to America The Great!

As our nation evolves and matures, we must honor those who came before us and had the vision and wisdom to put in place a very unique system for keeping civil disorder preventable.


As one’s life partakes in a decadal evolution for new understandings the invitations are accepted and our human awareness then takes shape generationally, transforming the maturity of our psyche. This is as true for the individual as it is for a nation that prides itself on individuality!


Therefore, any gained wisdom is only acquired from the measured value in the reminiscence and retrospective view for each preceding span of a lifetime.


Thus, something gained or something lost can only fully be appreciated from the substantive value measured in the worth from what could have, would have or should have been?


The value of which, can only be truly understood from traveling the road one decade at a time and occasionally peering into the rear view mirror not becoming distracted and running into a ditch.


Death is imitate for us all and as well this may also be true for a nation but, in each decadal portion of this journey we’re afforded new opportunities to be inspired with new revelations and reevaluations.

As we age, we can no longer take refuge in our naivety and as our mind-frame hard-drives upload life’s new awareness, our innocence is stripped away.


Our convictions are either shredded in the hurricane force winds that blow strongly against what assumable has anchored us to our illusions for the absolutes or they hold us fast and secure to the chains that binds us!


It will be from such transitioning that we’ll come to know that youth was wasted on the young and that the gravity of old’s unforeseen consequences are seldom appreciated before the bell tolls for thy, and the debt on the note for the gift of life and being born in the greatest nation on earth becomes due..hum?


Michael Chaffee

Writing with the Veiled…