God’s Fingers

My purpose in writing this poem was to attempt to tell the story of the the first division of the Christian biblical canon. That part of the Christian Bible is based primarily upon the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh, a collection of ancient religious Hebrew writings by the Israelites. The second division of Christian Bibles is the New Testament, written in the Koine Greek language.

By making the stories in the Bible into a poem “God’s Fingers”, I felt that it might offer some a stronger reason to delve a little deeper into the stories that are refereed to as, The Word of God.

The phrase, “the Word of God” is used in a number of different ways. It refers to something that God has decreed to come to pass. It is also used of the actual spoken words of God. Words that God has spoken through the prophets can also be called “the Word of God.”. Jesus Christ Himself is called the Word of God.

My purpose here isn’t to provide a definition or authentication for what is or isn’t validated or interpreted as the Word of God in scripture. I’m only attempting to shine a little more light upon how the extended Hand of God might be thought of in having placed his fingers upon the events and testimonials of our ancestors.

God’s Fingers…

In the beginning it was Adam alone and God could see he’d need a good home, from bone of rib while fast asleep God cloned thy woman while Adam sleeps.

Genesis 2:18-22

In paradise with open eyes these two rejoiced God’s gifted prize but he who goes both to and fro would temp the woman with all to know.

Job 1:7

Enjoy the garden of all there is except for fruit of tree, but talking snake just dangled bait and tempted her with hunger’s fate.

Genesis 3:1

The fruit of tree would taste so sweet but God forbid the taste by thy, and if one did a curse was said they surly would both end up dead.

Genesis 2:17

And so she ate and served the bait to Adam on a ruse, and came to know how “to and fro” just meant to bait confused.

Then Eve was named from Adam’s banes called “mother of the living”, and given pain in birthing Cain in memory of misgivings.

Three sons she born in banished land of thistles and thorns adorned thy mother’s scorns when snake told Eve of missile.

He’d slayed thy brother Able with thy missile of a stone and buried him beneath the earth in soil all alone.

As Cain’s insane had bashed the brain of brother’s head in field, then God asked Cain ’bout look of shame from brother’s death concealed.

Genesis 4:8

Cain refrained from taking blame replied “I’m not my brother’s keeper”, yet God knew who had hid the truth ’bout role as the Grim Reaper.

Genesis 4:9

As voice of brother’s blood cried out God knew the sin of Cain, and banished him to land of Nod so worthy of disdain.

It was jealously and envy of the brother’s tithing gifts in fulfilling obligation in the challenge to offer best.

Ten patriarchal passing’s lead up to Noah’s Ark between the time of Adam and when man would fall apart.

It was wickedness and violence that evolved from man’s assaults as those on earth just chose to hurt in conduct of insults.

God said gather up each pair two by two into the Ark, that measured of dimensions that could not be broke apart.

300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high, which could endure the force of tides.

Marched two by two of every kind and of these seven by their pairs, ten were suitors termed as fair as God explained take special care.

With two pairs for all the others and the birds within a flock the tide would soon be raising upon the ones who’d tried to mock.

Only eight in all were human of the census upon the Ark four were men and four were women just before it disembarked.

High waters came and washed the flesh away upon the earth, destroying every human except those stowed safely in Ark’s berth.

God’s covenant with Noah set his bow upon the clouds offering sign of rainbow’s token of the promise God had vowed.

Genesis 9:14-15

This would offer sign befitting comforting from view above, as the rainbow was a signal of the safety of God’s love.

Ark included Noah as the family patriarch and oldest son named Shem who had helped to build the Ark.

Ham was in the middle and Japheth was the last and as progenitors of the future they’d lead begetters path.

These sons would form a world of tribes divided into castes, and one would come to born a son who’d end up being bashed.

Noah would condemn grandson for Ham’s transgressions of the lewd, as Ham saw Father’s nakedness while laying in the nude. Oblivious in drunkenness and stupor from the vine, Noah cursed Ham’s son aloud accusing Ham of crime.

Canaan’s curse would aid disperse of brothers of the three, and tribes divide would take a ride beyond where one could see.

Africa would come to be Ham’s tribal land from sea to sea, and from this place Egypt would thrive and bring the rules of pharaoh’s pride.

Asia too would brood Shem’s crew and populate this land’s new fate in mountains high and valleys low his tribe would settle where rivers flowed.

Eurasia offered Japheth a place to head up north and find new space and settle in these lands with kin and try to keep them all from sin.

From this unity of humanity they’d procreate to populate new census upon the Earth and from that table of God’s creation it would be place settings of earthly nations that’d be giving man new birth.

God promised to relent from cleanse in washing earth of human race again, from clouds disperse of flooded curse nor angered winds descent.

Ten patriarchal descendants were engendered to walk the earth in years that spanned from Noah to that of Abraham’s birth.

God’s reseeding plan gave Abraham the tribes’ command of Hebrews land bestowing gift of covenant to broadcast swath of family clans in casting seeds like grains of sand.

He’d seed the world and populate as patriarch of Hebrew’s faith received the gift from God above and share the story of all God’s love.

In test of faith from barren mate the planted seed would procreate from Sarah’s womb God found thy room to gift a boy named Isaac.

As mother of the nations Sarah’s age left her with questions yet at ninety years progression she’d be host to God’s procession.

Yet Yahweh asked to sacrifice this child upon an alter, and Abraham would follow plan not thinking twice nor falter.

In moments before this sacrifice an Angel did appear, to switch the life of lamb instead of one of son’s so dear.

From Isaac came son Jacob, twin brother of Esau, in which they’d wrestle with each other for position in the womb.

In slumbered visitation while cocooned in mother’s womb, God would tell Rebekah of two nations that she’d be birthing soon.

First would come Esau with Jacob grabbing heel, as the idiom scribed in Hebrew would indicate his zeal.

For Esau was a hunter nomadic in life’s quest, Jacob was a Sheppard keeping close the family’s crest.

These brothers from same mother would divide the tribe in two, separate the social orders that would lead two separate crews.

Jacob tricked his brother’s pick in leader of his crews, by ransoming him with porridge in exchange for birthright truth.

Deception in such larceny would endow the tribe Hebrews, another called Edomites would placate flaw in rules.

Divisions came in conquering ways to homes of Canaanites and lands became then gifted to the tribe of Israelites.

One night upon a journey returning to Canaanites, Jacob made a camp at nightfall along Blue River’s site.

He’d be meeting Brother Esau in attempt to mend the fence by sending herds as tribute as he’d hoped to have the chance.

Appearing from the darkness was a nameless man upon a quest, he’d begin to wrestle hard with Jacob giving him no time to rest.

The two would fight till daybreak with no winner clear in sight and the stranger then applied his hand to touch on Jacob’s thigh.

Jacob’s name the stranger changed and gifted prize with sovereign rights then Israel did get a limp from stranger’s thump to side of rump.

Jacob would inherit God’s gift of Promised Land, and twelve sons would seed man’s destiny to fulfill almighty’s plans.

Fourteen generations passed from tribe’s advance to second stance then David came to take the reins of tribe for all Judea.

It was Saul the first whose hungered thirst had marshaled tribes and stop divide then organized opposing tribes as single state with borders.

Yet battles raged so Saul engaged a prophet by name of Samuel, to enlist a warrior’s ways crusade and ally with a Sheppard.

As just a herdsman of family’s sheep David’s fate would be to meet a Philistine he’d need to beat a giant named Goliath.

He’d meet Goliath on battlefield with slingshot’s stone he’d crack the bone of giant’s head and then use sword to begat his head and inherit Amor’s spoils.

It was Saul who’d fall upon his sword to not allow his capture, and Philistines would come to kill his eldest son thereafter.

As Jonathan was David’s friend who’d kept King Saul from killing him, so David wrote about loss of scout in Psalms of verse and chapter.

As the wind whispers upon the wings of calm, what questions come to mind from Psalms?

Did David hear the muted songs that play of tunes that riled calm? From touch to skin the kiss of wind awakes the mind to thoughts within.

What exchanged thy pride that hid inside with apple’s eye desires, and cause one to subordinate to possessions of another?

What circumstance had given chance to fornicate at Devils gate and take another’s lover?

From mind’s designs of passion’s crime what framed thy face in such disgrace?

Of King’s gold rings and diamond things and all that glows of glitter what caught the eye and traded wise for souls deprived in heart that went a twitter?

Betrayal of one’s loyalty of those who stayed at post, just leaves one chasing shadows of Uriah’s haunting ghost.

From sips of wine and concubines and wife’s of eight what was thy fate with no escape in crime of rape which Kings partake in the owning of such privilege.

In breeding woman as herded stock what laws were broke to lay with flock? Does gift as King exempt thy queen, does gift of wise just lend disguise?

In all the words a prized in wise did wisdom just go run and hide?

This King had known of God’s high throne but temptation won the test, to fall from grace with such disgrace from sight of lusting women.

As lessons earn the truth to learn that Kings are also human, Bathsheba’s role had no control as Kings shall do what pleases.

But God’s displeasure would come to measure thy wrath for spoils in treasure and consummate would bestow the fate and take first born in measure.

And second son did come named Solomon with reign of wealth and wisdom, as God shined down from holy crown abundant light from prism.

With construction sense at great expense he raised first Hebrew Temple, Israeli pride all unified, yet last of Kings exemplified that time would come for prison.

Nebuchadnezzar was given the pleasure to become an instrument of God, from Babylon’s rule he put siege of cruel upon Judah’s flock, and Fifty years of conqueror’s wrath came to chain a bondage caste, before let free they’d come to see the Temple one of kingdom come all crumbled down before Ye!

And God put child upon a raft to be raised up in Pharaoh’s class then Moses set the Hebrews free and parted path through the Red Sea.

In face to face God set the pace then led escape in Exodus when Moses left the land of dread and lead Hebrews through wilderness.

Twelve tribes as seeds had scattered breed beyond the places known, and Joshua would gain the trust of Moses like a clone.

Jerusalem and kingdom come can’t disclaim God’s only son, as prophets told his will be done from virgin’s birthed anointed one.

Isaiah’s messiah was foretold as a pariah and would be made of flesh and bone. One thousand years forewarned by Prophet of the coming of the Christ, that charted path of impending wrath and most cruel sacrifice.

He’d be mortal, and would seed a crop, like that of a Sheppard guiding flock yet his message in vestige was despised and rejected by a world not ready for just such investment.

He’d sit for last supper bless bread and the wine and symbolically gestured a memory in time. As the bread was his body offered by him and the wine was his blood that would wash us of sin.

He’d gather disciples to go fish for men, employ understanding that could free them from sin. One who’d exchange silver for betrayal in kiss gave guide to the soldiers to make their arrest.

It would be twelve who’d witness God’s son on the cross yet Peter denied knowing till rooster’s third balk. Beaten and bruised and whipped and confused the Soldiers inflected such savage abuse.

Forced to carry the weight of his cross Jesus would stumble bewildered and lost. Simon of Cyrene would see the obscene and was compelled by the Soldiers to help hoist the beam.

Arriving on hilltop the place of the skull the Soldiers drove nails through Jesus’ bones, in passing through tendons in both hands and his feet, Jesus’ suffering would not be relieved.

Absent of lulls in the thrust through his flesh they up righted cross in place where he’d rest. They’d taken such pleasure in hearing his moans while mocking thy claims of Jesus’ throne.

He hung on the beams from noon until three bleeding and seeding thy words that set free. The penitent thief who acquired belief from Jesus’ words of gift to reprieve “thou shalt be with me in paradise today” as we go to my Father and walk in the way.

The brutal abuse infected upon this one who’d just offered a chance of new dawn, said; “Father forgive them, for that know not what they do” as he was rejected as Rabbi of Jews.

He came as foretold from the line of Davidic an anointed appointment announced by prophetic. Thus Isaiah’s messiah was foretold long before, it would be suffering servant who was given this chore.

In coming to end of despair with no friends Jesus would ask for a light on his path, “my Lord, my Lord, why have you forsaken me” he muttered recant of King David’s psalms chant that was hoping and praying to see light from God’s lamp.

In staring at death he took his last breath and recited the words that allowed him to rest, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” and then he bowed head overcome from the dread and relinquished his soul to the God we all know.

Descending to Sheol Hades he’d visit those waiting to provide them a guide to where Heaven resides. For the ones who had died before he’d arrived were waiting for centuries to join in new life, it was for those of repentance he’d provide the remittance to return home to kingdom in sky.

Messiah’s first coming was not seen as fulfilling by Jews and others alike, it was interprets of words that caused the perturbed that Jesus fell short as defined.

Isaiah’s messiah must mirror the examples of words in Bible portrayed, which describes the arrival of some say a rival who’d fall short of fulfilling displays.

The first to build a new Temple was told by Ezekiel, then gather all Jews to the land that’s reputes have scattered tribes seeds to the wind.

Put end to the wars and use of the swords against the tribes despised, and when he arrives he’ll put end to the lies that imbalances the worlds deplore.

From the line of David this judge shall save us and restore the peace on earth, the laws be restored and the crimes are no more because messiah will put end to debates.

In fulfillment of prophecy we’ll own our hypocrisies in failing to example God’s love, as the law and the judge comes from above not soldiered by rules from man.

The words in a script or interprets from wit are absent the need for commands, as our future exists in the God given bliss from the one who is known as “I am”.

Thus no Gentile nor Jew or celibate crew will know of the time he arrives, and whether or not it’s first time he stopped or returning to consecrate life.

It is clear to concede that what we all need is to believe that the messiah is coming, and stop the debate that separates faiths in a God that is nothing but loving, Amen.

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…