In seeds of thought that’s given a lot from friends and kin and Lawyer’s sins there hides disguise that’s not so wise in cloaked pretends deception.
In courts of law thy claims of flaws shall born new thorns support thy scorns and justify thy morns adorned in hateful bouts and curse’s shouts and bearing false assault’s insults, yet one day to one’s dismay these all shall have accounting’s…
Could sterile seeds be scattered free and try to sprout in garden’s leaves? Can light’s abstained in curses banes root seed in soils’ that’s dry from rains?
In sowing seeds some folks set free their thoughts to be in telling bout’ perceptions, but blinded eyes can’t see the lies that mask thy truth’s deceptions…
Exchanging hate where once was love defaces cause of God above and breaking wings of flight of Dove will cast new court’s defendant.
Exposing child to such debates will only teach of mother’s hate and in the end the child will know of mother’s path on too and fro…
In walking path of too and fro with biblical companion, there is a home for such lost souls who place such bets on mammon.
Lies set free shall live and breathe and take on forms that one can’t see in shameless lies deceit there’ll be a day that one shall pay a price beyond one’s mindful knowing.
In feed from greed one must concede that poison well will cast a spell that’s straight from hell and damage son’s persona, and over time sweet son will chime his mother’s love disowning.
As God above is only love and those who hate the ones they loved can’t shed the guilt from sight of plight and acting out such things not right.
Peer deep inside view reasons why thy scorns are just forlorn, now hidden among once roses. As once displayed in glory days the flower bloomed and once had room amongst their thorns opposing.
Now Father’s gold you’d like to hold as pieces to be ransomed, for son’s beholding you’ll exchange what’s golden telling lies emboldened to negotiate new plans.
To bear false witness against a man who’s done so little to deserve such scams, and schemes and plans of false disgrace in birthing twins with dual face.
Thy tears from eyes won’t purify though being full of moisture, they just disguise the hates’ despise and fail to see thy mindful pride that hides in lies’ illusion.
There’ll be no questions answered when God above views turning love to hate berates, no excuse to use such ruse and most of all thy false accused.
To bear false witness is count one, another count is withholding son, a third count sin is from within that hides in cloaked deception.
Two faced lies can’t hide from son, soon he’ll see what Mom has done, the saddest thing when that days done is that she’ll have no place to run.
Is only swine and slithered spines that enjoys thy feces wallowed, as mud’s grand prize from lies disguise prepares such souls for what’s below awaiting those so worthy.
New man betrothed is same lost soul deserving of only God will know and time will tell if demon’s spell will drive his soul straight back to hell.
In disregard of olive branch there’ll be no plans for second chance as flightless Dove knows God above will hand down verdict worthy.
In son’s choice of seeking mate the lies from Mom will mirror the traits, in woman’s face some men will see their Mom misplaced and things she’ll be.
And that’s the shame from Moms insane that fail to see the pain from games and damage done to one called son, who’d deserve of none such hate for fun.
Woe to ye who calls to see thy fairest in the mirror and dilutes repute reflection of thy image so unfair.
Thy theft of precious moments that tic the tock of spinning hands, will also add a wrinkle on thy face that made such plans.
Thus idle words from those perturbed can’t reverse the time that’s fleeted, that crime’s been done and just for fun while watching life depleted.
Such theft it’s said shall make its bed among the thorns and cancers born before thy life’s completed, and find no rest from pest in nest nor hide from crime that cheated.


Michael Chaffee

Writing with the Veiled…