The aperture of our political lens is being manipulated and as the “FAKE NEWS” shutter speed is sped up what is going unnoticed are the effects from a stimuli reflex!
What I’m referring to here is what is escaping recognition in our conscious thoughts for how propaganda is subliminally preying upon not the logic but, the emotions of the masses.
The major network broadcasting moguls are simultaneously permeating our society with a mephitic aroma of bacterial decay, not unlike the compounds of putrescine and cadaverine.
It’s a precursor to the impending dread that comes from the smell of algor mortis, as in the death of a nation.
It’s most obvious to virtually anyone with an IQ of three above a rock that the media mogul’s chorus diabolically collaborates with the left’s narratives and agendas. They conspire in order to formulate the promotion of a clandestine operational consensus that’s leading America right off the cliff.
Unbeknownst to many viewers this effort projects subliminal still-frame portrayals of fantasies for imaginary crimes, which breeds deep seeded anxiety among a significant percentage of Americans.
These images and story-lines linger in the psyche of those who are most vulnerable to believing such hog wash and being swayed by a specific prejudicial stimuli reflex.
The propaganda is designed to parallel the polarity of a new gravitational influence that baits and switches what appears to be a moral agent but, is really just Lucifer himself!
One might ask what would he look like going to and fro on the earth today? Could he appear as the man who broke the Bank of England? Would he resemble someone who’d formulated an application of Karl Popper’s General Theory of Reflexivity to capital markets?
In any case, he’d need to be most masterful in finance in order to fund an open society effort that could support civil disobedience, hatred and mayhem in America, correct?
He’d be very aware that the unreasoning passion of infatuation with the many parallels of hateful thoughts are what attracts the lovers of hatefulness, correct?
He’d also know very well about the human propensity in the laws of attraction for hate filled speech. This of course would be especially true when the promotion of this immorality is simulcast in the priming broadcasts of identical sound bites over all of the major networks.
It’s important to remember who the actors (anchors) are of such theatrics? After all they have been the ones who have campaigned for the removal of any resemblances of Judeo / Christian faith from schools while simultaneously demanding Islamic terrorist being held in Guantanamo have a right to pray while in prison.
These are the ones that promote infanticide by killing a full term baby and calling it a legal abortion, while steadfastly condemning hunters for killing animals.
These are the ones that demand that the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman be abolished while laying claims that that holy ritual be equally applied to unholy relationships disrespecting what believers abide to as the word of God.
It should be transparently clear to anyone (but it’s not) that such hypocrites are in glaring conflict with what has been recognized as morality for centuries.
It should be obvious that human history clearly denotes that stimuli reflex for conscious thoughts can have a natural propensity to gravitate toward hatred of one’s brother, as this has been true ever since a similar poison was fed to Kane.
The relentless mass media’s priming propaganda is merely further subliminal stimuli that’s preying upon the emotions that have already switched a willing subordination from a higher authority to the self determination of self-authority.
They are romanced with the love of hate and validations for false witnesses and they refuse to see the glaring transparencies in their very own hypocrisy.
Simultaneously, this hate fuels a coma induced subsidence for what used to be recognized as an adherence to the common laws for what was once seen as unadulterated morality and corrupted with the revised adulterated version!
It will matter not to those who ascribe to the conjectures of unfounded accusations, as those lurking in the shadows of anonymity will continue to press (no pun intended) forward with disproportionate exposure to more and more implications without due process or factual evidence.
For after all, the propaganda being promoted is in the court of public opinion, which doesn’t need to be founded in facts, just conclusions drawn from the “guilt by associations”.
The relentless fear and smear campaign that’s being waged against Donald Trump (the duly elected President of the United States) by the vast majority of the treasonous “fake news” is none other than a pathetic attempt at disenfranchising the will of more than 63 million American voters.
The truth is that, even if President Trump achieves reelection his foes in the media and elsewhere will continue this campaign in discrediting his unparalleled achievements.
Worse yet, the Deep State’s coup d’état rouge co-conspirators will no doubt continue to try to paralyze what could otherwise be his effectiveness for forging ahead with a stronger domestic and foreign policy for building upon a greater America.
What was once considered to be a higher calling to patriotism and an allegiance to the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) has morphed into something that wasn’t foreseen by the forefathers, a more powerful fourth branch!
They rein power from winning a war of attrition, which spans multiple administrations throughout their “Deep State” bureaucratic careers. This mega government bureaucracy involves multiple compartmentalized agencies, in which the recruiting policies prequalify candidates having accomplished academic achievements.
A further conscription to the growing influence of “Big Government” is from the shackling of student loan debt that has been hung around the necks of those seeking authentication for their intellect.
Its in the subsequent “Student Loan Forgiveness Program” that the government agency you work for will make payments, possibly even as a lump sum to your student loan servicer!
Now just ask yourself, if one would be able to remain autonomous in such an environment while a boss’s lean on politics is dangling such a carrot…hum?
It should be recognized that such influence (as is currently structured) is merely a recruitment and payoff tool.
This glaring conflict of interest negates a meaningful fair handedness, as what lower level civil servant could openly express their conservative views without being compromised?
The top tier General Schedule (GS) ratings for federal jobs closely follows the QS world university rankings by subject for meeting the prequalification of the upper echelon of placements. If you receive one of the highest scores, or rank in the top category, they’ll refer you to the hiring official.
Additionally, in order to qualify for a GS-7 grade or higher you must have “specialized experience” and to advance to the next level you must have a minimum of one year experience at the previous lower level.
To qualify for jobs at the GS-9 grade (or equivalent) level you need a master’s degree, and for the GS-11 grade (or equivalent) level you need a doctoral degree. At these levels, the advanced degree must be directly related to the work of the job you’re applying for and be recognized by (you guessed it) what’s now become the Deep State’s terms for enlistment.
This is really not much different than the ASVAB (multi-aptitude test), which is given at over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations(MEPS).
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) publishes qualification standards to make sure federal employees can successfully and safely (per the directives) perform the work of the job and like any employer, the Federal Government needs individuals to be well qualified for the jobs they are told to do, correct?
Of course, it’s not just a highly educated credential status that’s important as a basic perquisite; it’s a specific variety of educated mindset in collaboration with what’s being spawned from these institutions of higher learning.
No one could argue that the theater for higher education is disproportionately infused with a professorship that’s strongly committed to a liberal minded thinking! In too many cases, this influence has saturated the minds of our youth with the fanatical beliefs about socialism being sustainable.
It matters not to them that in every case that system of government has failed nor that such conjectures are merely a hologram fantasy.
Realize that in a professional life that lives on subsistence from tax dollars, student loans and inflated tuition without being graded or accountable to anyone outside of academia, paves the way to such contrived notions.
For these misguided poor souls, the facts don’t matter and opposition to such idiocy is only confronted with violent emotional outrage and a call for free speech to only apply to such rhetoric.
What we have all seen recently being presented as incriminating testimony is actually only discriminating testimony. It’s been discriminating opinions that are coming from disgruntled civil servants and this dialogue is more appropriate for an exit interview from an HR department than being paraded as justification for impeachment.
What we are witnessing is a politicized mutiny from a revolutionary fourth branch of government. They are now transparently flexing their adolescent muscles in attempting to wield power from these appointments (not elections), as if the learnt were somehow predestined to dictate official policy, not a duly elected President by the people.
Together with their co-conspirators (Demon-crats) they have clearly and defiantly explained how they go about swaying the decisions of our national interest, rather than acknowledging their responsibilities to our constitutionally elected government and the impetus that is instilled by the Voter’s “Rite of Passage”.
The federal government’s multi-agency ballooning budgets have lead to over-regulating industries, and stifling growth. These are parasitic, not GNP producing and because they are managed by those who are swaddled in the assurances of a big payoff, which comes in the form of a Malta Pension Plan (MPP) a meaningful fair handedness is further compromised.
“The four pillars of Reagan’s economic policy were to reduce the growth of government spending, reduce the federal income tax and capital gains tax, reduce government regulation, and tighten the money supply in order to reduce inflation.”
The trilateral relationship of the conspirators in this Deep State coup d’état are the career politicians within the Legislative Branches (Senate and House of Representatives) who wield their elected power and maintain leadership roles spanning decades and in some cases generations.
The manipulation of our constitutional government for the people and by the people is further dissuaded by the influence of special interest money, which finances the politician’s campaigns while lining their own pockets with personal wealth. If there is any doubt about this, just look up the net worth of so many of these civil servants (Senators and Congressmen) from the time they enter and leave office…hum?
One can only hope that when, not if President Trump becomes reelected that he will put “Term Limits Legislation” on the books and be able to rally a national campaign to support it! Just like building a wall, we should scream from the top of the bleachers for “Term Limits”!
There should be an amendment to the Twenty-Second Amendment, which says a person can only be elected to be president two times for a total of eight years.
Therefore, a Senator’s term in office should not be able to rein any longer than a president. This would be a maximum of two four year terms. As well, a Congressman’s term in office would not exceed four two year terms, for a total of eight years.
Also, in addition to this very crucial component to draining the D.C. swamp and giving power back to the people, I pray that he’ll simultaneously enact a constitutional amendment for a revised Civil Service Policy for “whistle blowers”. Written into law should be what would clearly define traitorous acts for what they are. It should be made especially clear that such provisions do not and would not pertain to the Executive branch’s role in our government.
This should also be extended to a “professional code of ethics” for both the Senate and Congress so that we should never again have to see the sort of spectacle that’s been playing out over the past three years for the entire world to see!
It’s a travesty to the rule of law in our great nation to have a Congressman (Adam Schiff) viciously and relentlessly lay accusations (without hard facts as proof) against the President of The United States while being denied due process and most importantly without consequences for making false accusations.
Adam Schiff is now on his 10th term in office and his co-conspirator Nancy Pelosi is on her 17th two-year term. As one can clearly see by these glaring examples, California and our nation is in desperate need of TERM LIMITS!
A deterrent for exceeding the speed limit is in the efficaciousness of receiving a ticket and a fine. Thus, law makers have come to the conclusion that by applying a universal consequence to the conduct of the people that choose to break the speed limit, it is unacceptable to the safety and well being of everyone. No one is above the law and if caught by a patrolman well, you’ll most likely be cited.
I’m no Lawyer (thank God) but, Penal Code 118 is the California Perjury Law and a similar efficacious law should be put in place at the national level.
Slanderous accusations being leveled against a seated President by those who are supposed to be our law makers should be criminal! There should be severe consequence levied against them for such conduct. After all, it’s unethical, criminal conduct deserving of disbarment to start with and from there not a judge but “twelve jurors” of their peers who can determine what’s fair and just punishment should handle the sentence.
These perpetrators should feel the weight of the law and be forced to endure a lengthily official trail with a formal Judge and Jury, unlike the court of public opinion that they have attempted clandestinely to use to corrupt the thinking of the people. America needs justice now and we deserve it! We need to demand an accounting.
The people who have been given the responsibility for keeping Americans free, safe and prosperous have woven nothing but contempt, disrespect and disregard for the due process!
Therefore, now their due process is overdue, it’s time for them to pay the piper!
In closing, all the fake news agency’s executives and newscasters as well, need to be made examples of for their culpability in inspiring incivility based upon falsehoods.
A sentence of not less than ten years in solitary confinement without the possibility of parole should become the new standard and retroactive when it’s determined by a court of law that such perpetrators are found guilty. It would only take one or two convictions to get the clown’s masks stripped away and expose the money that’s pouring gasoline on the fires that are burning!
The reality is that we can expect far worse in the future, if nothing is done about this and that alone will only add to the bacterial decay of a dying nation. Let’s make America healthy again Mr. President!
If we are to insure that America is going to continue as a nation of free thinking people that are governed by the people and for the people well then, we better demand measurable accountability from our leadership that’s supposed to be working for the people of the United States of America!
May God Bless America! That’s my 2-cents worth!

Writing with the Veiled…