What can the individual do to exemplify a good example in that of being an American?
What example is deserving of having any rights to being a citizen?
Could violently protesting, looting, arson and chanting themes of insurrection possibly be a good example of deserving citizenry?
Some may think so but, I’d say that they might want to read on in order to further contemplate another perspective.
Would or could the indignant perceptions “right the wrongs” of any injustices, if claims of racially motivated grievances could be substantiated?
Do any of these bind our American assimilated fabric together tighter as more united or quite to the contrary do they only exemplify disrespect and lawlessness?
In displaying such incivility aren’t these acts only tearing at the seams of the fabric that binds us?
Doesn’t it become at some point painfully clear that “mob rule” will fail to pave a path to embracing greater unity and less prejudice?
It should be hypocritically transparent from the results of such follies that none of it makes us stronger as a people nor a nation.
It should be crystal clear that respectful citizens for a law abiding society do not act out in such ways but, a camouflaged enemy that lurks within would….hum?
In demanding recognition for only one color of human life such a statement is only masquerading behind the duplicity of bigotry that excludes all other lives!
Oh I know, that observational awareness may enrage some folks, whilst they have gifted themselves all the colors of the rainbow privileges of contracting amnesia from our history’s lessons!
Our learnt scholars seem to like tearing down the statues of our history in an effort to erase the memories of those struggles, yet they fail to recognize that absent such symbolic statues we may end up having to repeat the lessons learned?
The origins of American society began with the obsorbtion of multiple cultures that assimilated, not the exclusive prerogatives bestowed upon the ones who presumably claim to be most deserving.
True that all have struggled through there own individual plights of prejudice and injustices and some more than others but, most have assimilated into becoming what can be recognized as law abiding contributing citizenry.
From black slavery in the 1800’s to the segregation of Chinese railroad workers building tunnels, bridges and laying tracks.
From the exclusion of women’s right to vote, to the Japanese internment camps during WWII, everyone who built America has a story of struggles and inequality.
Some may choose to even have forgotten the plight of the early Irish immigrants who had fled the potato blight famine from 1845 to 1850.
During the 1840’s the British ruled over Ireland under the authority of Lordships. They allowed the Irish subjects to farm only small parcels of land, barely large enough to sustain a family.
Potatoes became the main staple of an average Irishmen’s diet and due to the climate and declining crop yields per hector, potatoes became the crop of choice for planting and trying to grow sufficient quantities of food.
When the potato blight of the 1840’s had wiped out the crops, mass starvation resulted causing the Irish population to dwindle by an estimated 50 to 70 percent in just five years!
Those who could, immigrated to America and many landed on the southern U.S. shores. They were hungry and desperately scoured the loading docks of commerce while looking for a way to earn enough to eat.
During this era the southern slave owners would pull back their slave labor (who had value) working the docks in the 1850’s and let the Irishmen do the work for little to nothing.
Due to yellow fever / malaria, inhumane working conditions and the filth and squalor of living conditions, an average life span for an Irish immigrant was only six years after landing on the docks.
Most could agree that this was certainly not “White Privilege” by any means!
Because of a reputation of being drunken brawling rowdies they were undesirables and found it difficult to find employment; “IRISH NEED NOT APPLY”.
America wasn’t and still isn’t perfect nor are the officials that too often are endowed with the authority for providing leadership.
In laying claims as the greatest nation to have risen from the receding muddy waters and disembarking from Noah’s voyage, is this claim valid?
Are we as a people, as a nation, truly the best that we can be? What is the soul of America and what are we doing to fulfill the obligations that have a “note due” in receiving such blessings?
From every blessing also comes an obligation! If we are to be worthy of the enrichments from the silver lining in the clouds that rain down upon us in every way shape and form, then we must also come to recognize the obligations from receiving such a blessed life!
Have we achieved all that is in our ability? Do we have valid claims in taking ownership of our God given inalienable rights that were written in our constitution?


Whether you believe in science’s philosophy of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (atheistic or agnostic) or the dogma and doctrine of a faith based theology, both attribute the origins of humans having come from one single source of one man and one woman.
Therefore, the idea of “race” wouldn’t have any basis in which to lay claims, now would it?
True there are different peoples or tribes but, we are all brothers, sisters, cousins and therefore all related in our DNA that goes back to the same beginnings.
When any man is taken down in the streets of America like it was done to Mr. George Floyd, is it safe to breath or does the “aire” smell of something that’s gone “afoul”…hum?
Do we make excuses by criminally indicting the victim by using his criminal record (which would be inadmissible in a court of law) to defame and add some sort of undefinable justification for this individual police officer’s actions?
Do we somehow discount the severity of the inhumanity exhibited because the victim may have had drugs in his system or may have been ailing from COVID-19, which could make it more difficult for him to breath?
Equally so, do we also automatically cast long shadows over the reputations and intentions of the 99.?% of the good policemen and women serving their communities because .0001?% of them make bad choices?
Could it very well be in some cases that bad people (in any color) even before they entered law enforcement were already bad?
Do we preside over the court of public opinion and weigh inadmissible evidence on the basis on social media or the divisive news commentary’s spin on a half truth or even less?
Does this then allow us to sit in judgement and prosecute, convict and execute one for the presumption of guilt rather than the presumption of innocence that’s unfounded yet by our court system?
Isn’t this exactly like the frenzy of a lynching that arrives at the forgone conclusion without any respect for the system and due process of the law?
Have we lost faith in the due process and the presumption of innocence for anyone and everyone?
Do we accept the treasonous narratives that spew from the mouths of our elected politicians, which insight insurrection and support radical agendas?
Or do we say enough is enough by voting them out and demanding term limits for both the Senate and Congress!
Yes we need a revolution in the country but not the kind that we’re seeing, we need the silent majority to start speaking out and demanding accountability from all the criminals who fail to pay homage for being an American!
Tell me if you can, how from any of these tyrannical exhibitions of incivility can such wrongs be righted?
Regardless of any of this wasn’t Mr. Floyd an American citizen (a son, a brother, a husband, a cousin) deserving of police safety and protection not execution by interrupting the blood flow to his brain and pushing his face into the asphalt.
The clear and simple answer is Mr. Floyd’s loss of life is final and we can’t change that nor can we guarantee that it can’t happen again, but we can try!
That’s the problem with the ultimate theft, you can’t return the goods and pay anything that could equal sufficient recompense in order to reconcile the grievous act of taking one’s life.
There is no recompense that can fill the hole in the hearts of a loved one who’s been denied the blessings of coexisting with a father, son, brother, uncle evermore!
When irresponsible actions are employed by those empowered with authority to keep the peace and end up causing “Rest In Peace”, then an accounting must be adjudicated but, can real justice come from such a process?
No one with eyes, ears and a fair mind could fail to see the tortuous agony that Mr. Floyd suffered during the last minutes of the life that was stolen!
That event for a fair minded human being should undoubtedly be colorblind regardless of any propensity toward bigotry.
The moments that he may have had left can’t be returned to him or his family.
I’m fairly certain that if those responsible looked deep into their own hearts they’d most likely see the errors in their ways, but of course the time for that defining moment has also passed away.
For their lives and the lives of their families who never played a part in this horrific event are also changed for ever.
This is in many ways a death sentence of many times over and over and over again!
It’s a death of protesters, police officers, suspects of petty crimes, business owners and innocent bystanders who never played a role in any of this.
Organizers who commandeer the emotions of such events are only taking advantage of it for their own agendas and I say, woe unto them for there will be a day of reckoning for us all!
Some might ask, what agenda would that be?
Well to be clear it’s not greater freedom, it no doubt will be less freedom however obscure that these lost liberties may appear.
When the dust finally settles (and it will eventually) what will be the results of such anarchy? Greater economic stability? The restocking and replenishing of the shelves that were looted?
A more secure and safer place to live?
No my fellow Americans such examples of insurrection only further distance us from what binds us and that is to have common respect for one another no matter the differences in opinions or colors!
These insurrectionist only add fuel to a fire that’s been burning for some time and they are not uniting the states but are igniting it!
Who feels more secure by the amassing of an unruly crowd? What claims can be better served by such spectacles of incivility.
Do these gatherings solve any real problems or do they merely test the waters for furthering an embolden stance toward tactical advantage…hum?
Some might say to what advantage?
Well how about dismantling the nations local law enforcement to start with so that authority can be replaced with a new authority. Doesn’t this sound familiar, pre-NAZI Germany…hum?
You don’t need to look back down that road very far in order to see what history tells us about the scenery on both sides of that “road to perdition”.
It’s utter destruction that comes from such distractions and we need to recognize the demons that are hiding in the shadows while chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA”.
Our enemies are watching and calculating how to take further advantage. They have observed our weaknesses and they shall find ways to exploit these if we don’t get a hold of ourselves.
If you think Mr.Floyd suffered injustice just imagine the kind of justice that would be adjudicated by a conquering power like the Russians, Chinese or Iranians.
Any of these ruler’s tribunals would put you to death for setting fires and destroying businesses and most likely shoot protesters!
We’ve been conditioned to think of ourselves as being part of a race but, this goes against the science and or religion that human kind claims to have genetically come from.
Whether from biblical or evolutionary precepts we are supposed to have originated from one single man and woman couple, correct?
Ask yourself…Do you get along with every member of your extended family? Most would agree, NO of course not!
Thus, it’s clear that we all have our differences but, should we let a stranger get in the middle of a family despite?
Make no mistake, there are forces going “too and fro” that have a very different strategic plan for how our family should get along or not!
These forces are leading the blind and deaf to a hateful fever fed frenzy on a path for destruction.
The blind and deaf are the generation raised by single parents who hate what they never had to come to terms with, authority!
The relentless rumbling drum beat from the entertainment industry (Hollywood) has called out the tunes and written the lyrics for such individualism.
They continue the promotion of moral decay in every form of mind altering subliminal conditioning that has now brainwashed an entire generation into believing they are their own authority.
Absent the role of an authority figure (fatherhood) they know no limits, for this “Opposition Defiance Disorder” (ODD), which abstains from maturity and remains in the swaddling comfort of one’s obstinate adolescence.
The follies of the proceeding destruction comes from their stumbling madness in the darkness, which takes no responsibility for their actions even when it can subsequently lead to being the cause of someone else’s death.
So tell me what’s behind stirring up such divisions among the skin color contrast of our populous?
What are the parallels in seeing blacks, whites, browns and yellows all become looters and arson’s?
The consequences of the removal of the traditional father figure in the family dynamics is what has a common thread and what we are witnessing are the results of the past generations lack of respect for that authority figure.
The paralleling responses of rebelliousness in all colors against the establishment by this next generation is merely the effects of what’s gone missing during one’s upbringing.
When kids are not taught to respect authority at home then the police unfortunately have to become the deputized parent in society.
When parents act like children or friend to the children then honoring your mother and father looses its fundamental significance.
What mother can reel in the delinquent behaviors of a hormone raging young teenager in the same way a father’s authority might?
Besides this alpha / beta switch the traditional mother’s role is to nurture whereas a father is to discipline but, when liberal minded thinking chooses to switch roles, the rod was spared and the child was spoiled…hum?
A version of this type of parental deficiency took place during the Vietnam war protesting era, as the “latch key” kids found drugs, sex and rock n’ roll a plenty in the land of milk and honey.
When the effects of psychological malnutrition is confronted with the unrecognizable face of alder respect, it’s a challenge to the persona’s triggered defensiveness.
Absent a role model it reverts back to rely upon the only known example and that’s the one that conquered mom’s authority and replaced it with one’s self authority.
For after all, when one comes to be reliant upon one self exclusively then “self preservation” has no other example for where the lines are to be drawn.
Honor thy mother and father has no bearing in which to chart a course in life’s voyage when mother absent a father looses control.
Both have a place in building a strong family for future generations and each role is different. As strong as a mother can be when going it alone she can’t be a surrogate father and vise versa.
Men’s relationships with their mothers shall play a role in them selecting a mate and women relationships with their fathers play a role in selecting there mates.
What’s happened in the single parenting failure of today’s society is that parents began putting themselves first!
Children should be first as it’s in our role models that they learn from “do as I do, not as I say”.
Domestic violence and abusive relationships often originate from immature parental relationships that exhibited these same deficiencies in exemplifying a loving kindness toward one another.
Civil disobedience is really just maladjusted anti-social immaturity from not being taught the importance of loving kindness.
This incivility is very much like throwing a tantrum except as adults it’s far more destructive when one acts out the aggression in order to validated their internal justifications.
How can one minority color of life deserve more attention than another majority color when the majority color is killed by authorities more frequently and in much greater numbers?
If we say one color matters without saying all colors matter, isn’t this grievance hypocritically exhibiting a clear example of systemic bigoted?
Try switching one color for the other and see how that might appear?
Are we to believe that our God fearing, community serving, liberty protecting and dedicated law enforcement (local police) throughout the county are somehow uniformly and systemically tainted with prejudice?
If there is merit to this accusation then could it also be hypothetically true that, young men who have had little or no father authority figure during their upbringing could also have a systemic “bad attitude” toward the male dominated law enforcement’s authority?
If a police force serves in a community that’s riddled with frequent violent criminality and that community is predominantly from one socioeconomic class of people is the reaction and response to the risk for one’s safety heightened or lessened?
Could it be that the recruitment policies of law enforcement might be a contributing factor in laying the ground work for a path of logic not necessarily a systemic propensity toward prejudice?
Recruitment historically gives preference to those who have served in our military’s armed services.
During the past twenty years our military’s fighting forces have been relentlessly exposed to urban warfare.
Could that hostile environment in fighting continuous wars “condition” some minds to anticipate and react to confrontations more or less aggressively?
When deputized with the responsibilities of domestic authority how would such conditioning react to aggressive tendencies and determine friend from foe, in crime infested neighborhoods?
Are there systemic reactions to such authority that escalate situations when given orders to subordinate?
Does being more or less aggravated verses compliant help in such situations?
Wouldn’t it make more sense if both sides of the issue could be better understood in any given moment?
By simply dissecting the sequence of events during a confrontation the systemic cause and effects for the escalation in a given confrontation could be better appreciated.
Unfortunately, life or death decisions all unfold in a matter of just seconds!
Systemic conditioning such as in these examples are not taught in a classroom they are observed during “on the job training” and on the street while under the subjective scrutiny of suspicion.
The socioeconomic environment in many of the communities plays a key role in fanning the flames of suspicions by authorities because of their constant exposure to what makes up the statistical analysis of higher violent crime rates.
The simple truth is that black on black crime is claimed to be five times higher in areas like Chicago but, how does this ratio factor in when accounting for the demographic density of blacks in such areas.
As an example, if 30% of the local community’s population is black verses 14.5% of the entire U.S. population then of course you’d have a higher rate in those communities of black on black rather than white on white, correct!
The simple truth is that the media (in all forms) primes our thinking into subordinating our logical mind to what’s being groomed to see things according to a narrowly scripted emotionally driven narrative.
Then the politician’s are provided favorable (edited) sound bites that can best serve their political agendas, and that’s not a United States of America its a “Divided” one!
Who benefits from promoting violent rebellion and portraying the local police authorities as villainous perpetrators that somehow have a hidden systemic agenda toward one color verses another?
Who benefits from show predominately black looters and rioters when the fact is that there were many others from multiple colors engaging the same activities!
Who benefits from such decisiveness and who looses?
Do these influences foster greater understanding or further separation?
Do the vast majority of law abiding black, white, brown and yellow folks in our society emphasize with burning and looting or do they see it as a small group of anarchist who want further division.
What will it take to return to the natural order of human decency that may sustain a civilization as one of the greatest.
As a society that’s origins had began with the assimilation of multiple cultures, what good can come from forgetting the struggles and where it is that we have come from?
When do we stop letting them feed us the poison of division and begin to recognize that the enemy that’s out to destroy us is within!
When do we demand real representatives to elect, who have a backbone rather than slithering on the ground and hiding from the light of day under a rock!
It matters not to which side of the political spectrum you have been “primed” to lean, our representatives are too often despicable self serving bureaucrats that have lost touch with the wants and needs of their true constituents.
The media is an accomplice in all this crime, as they are collaborating with our politicians to divide up opinions between the colors, not just blue and red!
Your opinion isn’t your own any longer! It’s been primed with the color contrast from CNN or FOX’s or some other news network’s hot button social engineering agenda in which your thoughts must have color affiliations or you’ll become the suspect!
They pulled this script from the historical negative political propaganda that’s successfully promoted the emotionally charged infrequent events in the past. This is where the idea of burning and looting has its origins.
These media tactics aren’t focused on uniting us but furthering the divisions of not just blacks and whites but woman and men, blue and red, and on and on!
They’ll never show the positive everyday events only the episodes that shed the most NEGATIVE examples!
With pin point accuracy the media focuses upon an unjust event that is the exception not the rule and this portrayal is crafted into a accusatory connection of dots for a story-line that disproportionately portrays such injustices.
They know very well that there are many who can relate to such events in their everyday life and these are already emotionally charged. All that’s needed is for someone to lite the fuse!
It matters not that black on black violent crime is 500% higher than black on white nor that the police end up killing many more white criminals by gunfire.
The media drives the narrative that black lives matter and if someone says that all lives matter, well then that’s a problem…hum?
This disproportionate empathetic response gives the marching orders to a bigoted path of logic, plain and simple. It’s segregating the value of life to only focusing upon the plight of the black killings, not the reality of all killings!
What about the blue lives? I’m speaking of the loss of life suffered by those who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe, law enforcement?
Aren’t many more police officers killed in the line of duty (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc) every year than all the others combined?
Who is marching for them and their family’s injustice?
What about the children who go fatherless or motherless because their dead parent choose to try to do something positive for our society?
Sadly, very seldom does their story make the headlines for more than a day. Maybe if we heard more about what that loss means to those families then we might see things different. Maybe if we could hear and see more about the wear and tear effects on our front-line law enforcement then it could be in the forefront of our quick witted subjective rational?
PTSD, higher divorce rates, higher suicide rates, lower life expectancy and many, many more consequences to being a police officer.
But “NO” these aren’t news worthy because the media’s subliminal orders are to line you up in a paralleling conscription to their narratives!
As a matter of fact the media will just take Cops and Live PD off the air so you can’t change the channel and see and hear the real world that’s being spoken by the police and the criminals.
They want you to only hear and see their convincing words in which your emotions will subordinate to the propagandized content of the half truths and even less!
When do we come to recognize that we’re all being manipulated?
Realize that it’s virtually impossible to split the popular vote of an entire nation right down the middle in a national election without recognizing that they’ve succeeded!
They, the Elitist Establishment and the media moguls that act as co-conspirators have succeeded in “DIVIDING THE STATES OF AMERICA”.
Blue, Red, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Men, Woman, Pro-choice, Pro-life, Transgender, Liberal, Conservative and on and on!
Stop and think a little longer next time you hear a NEWS ALERT!
Try (and this will take a sincere effort) to set your own opinions momentarily on the shelf.
Regardless if it’s a liberal or conservative prospective that’s running contrary to your own, just try to hear something, some small piece of information that’s being broadcasted that coincides with something you also hold as truth.
Don’t allow your decisive split second decisions to poison the well of contemplation for your other contingencies.
Use a logically rational process of thought that can conditionally challenge your own supposed position on the emotionally charged “hot button” issues that are creating the conflict!
Separate these heavily propagated conflicting issues from your day to day reality in that of living your life and come to know that these enticements of distraction are purposefully sowing the seeds of contentiousness!
Realize that in so many instances most of these issues will be so far removed from your knowing that you could never come to know the truth about any of them by listening to the media!
This is where your path of logic is hijacked and a new Captain takes your emotions for a joyride!
Let’s call him Caption Jack!
Let’s from this day forward call them on what they are doing, jacking us around!
Whether it’s little Miss Anna Felatic,Esq. that caused you to hyperventilate or some other “Drama King”, most news anchors today are now Lawyers. Just look at their resumes if you don’t believe it!
Realize that this tactic was discovered during the O.J. Trial and it is so effective at presenting the conjecture of irrelevance in the “Court of Public Opinion” that unbelievable can magically become switch for believable. Maybe that’s why so many folks confuse Liars for Lawyers?
Unfortunately for all of us, their evidence never gets to be crossed examine and exposed as the hyperbole that it is, at best!
These commentators (not journalist) are the root of the problem and they have made a mockery of the freedom of the press!
Our FREEDOMS won’t be lost from the abusing of the truth, it will be a consequence of taking the liberty to ignore the obtuse agenda that’s behind a diabolical consensus.
It should be painfully clear that Captain Jack’s is harmonizing the tunes that are played on every channel of broadcasting. Equally so, the songs being played are the ones that are most familuar and these melodies are played on loud megaphones to a specific sector of our society, the ones who are conditioned to relate because they are continually being conditioned to believe that they have been forsaken!
It used to be called brainwashing but, now its called priming. While it’s true that some impoverished communities have issues with the police, in many cases so too is it true that these communities also have a higher crime rate, why?
Why do so many believe that their communities are unjustly and unwarranted of being under a law enforcement microscope when the murder, armed robbery and violent crime rates are systemically and disproportionaly occuring?
Who is leading people to believe that it’s a systemic law enforcement practice that’s making them more vulnerable instead of the criminal element in their communities?
The truth is these are very emotionally charged (primed) issues and we should all demand that enough is enough and take control of our logic!
Never were truer words spoken than;
“The truth will set you free”
Captain Jack is at the helm and he’s heading the ship right off the edge of the earth!

Writing with the Veiled…