The Day Before You Knew

There will be a day for some of us that will be the day before we knew?

This poem is a retrospective view in that of imagining what if?…What if a life terminating illness was to become known to any of us tomorrow?

In contemplating such things a greater appreciation for the unburdened freedom of today might allow one to more fully engage their today, as if it was the day before!

I believe we should live out our lives in just such a frame of mind from time to time, in an effort to “Carpe diem”, as is taken from a poem published in the Odes in 23 BC by the Latin poet Horace, Book 1, number 11.

Some would say that to contemplate one’s own ending to story during the telling of such a story is a morbid perspective but, obviously I would disagree, Why?

Well…to start with, what I believe is that we have inherited our lives for good reason.

I would think that if it is for nothing (atheistic view) or at least just for the sake of the span of time that one’s life may represent, then one would want to engage the subject of the inevitable, the end right?

Oh sure…we can procrastinate and try to put it off but, our end of story is ultimately unavoidable and probably is the single most certain fact of life that we will be challenged with as an absolute.

So…for me, I broach the subject here as we all have had this internal dialog, yet we choose to refrain from discussing it openly.

That is until an illness causes our 2-D axonometric projection of life to become framed in on all three coordinate axes, which may have previously escaped our views of the foreshortened angles of our choosing.

This description uses the metaphor of an “isometric projection” as a comparison to our visual focus for how we “choose” to view the span of duration for a life.

As such, we choose to deceive ourselves into seeing life’s optical illusions for the three-dimensional objects in our minds, while observing only two dimensional values.

The simple fact is, we quite simply too often choose to ignore our three dimensional souls as if this absolute didn’t exist and again, we too often refrain from seeing the obvious, our very own spirits!

In most all instances that transpire in our immediate life roles and what can seemingly appear as being the burdensome demands of our day to day challenges, we deceived ourselves into being distractedly entertained with only a 2-D illusionary version for our realities.

We consciously choose to narrow the field of possibilities for a 3-D 360 degree view, down to that of just a focus on a 2-D peripheral view for the world and as well, in failing to recognize such foolishness we can also refuse to project the full spectrum from our retrospectives in the time spanning our lifetimes.

In engaging or failing to engage the wider angled view for how we see our world our lives still offers us the opportunity to open both of our eyes but, the choice is ours to squint.

How we choose to use both eyes or close one eye down is the determining factor for gaining a greater focus from a two eyed depth perception capability. In choosing to do this we authenticate the signature of meaning for our individually.

If we can allow our full focus to operate uninhibited, it can allow us to gain greater insight for the single most precious asset in life, which has always been our focal point in life’s pursuits (however we obscure it), the time remaining!

In looking down this imaginary narrowing corridor it can allow us to see the end of the hall as a certainty!

Most except that this is an ultimate destination, yet in failing to entertain that anything exist behind that door that is located at the end of the hall, it requires one to close one eye, so to speak. Most are willing to accept that we will ultimately arrive at that threshold of that doorway on a given day, like it or not! Yet some fail to allow their mind the liberty to expand upon the possibilities that might exist beyond that door frame.

In choosing to expel the possibilities from our minds for that of something beyond the door at the end of the hall, we are choosing to model our thinking. We are refusing to recognize our own contradictions, which may be represented in the adherence to such a hypocritical perspective.

Believing in nothing,…is actually believing in something!

What lays beyond the door isn’t necessarily known to all but, the door truly is there and is understood as death and as death, it represents an inevitable part of living.

Whether one is an evangelist, agnostic or atheistic in their views for life after death, it can’t be disputed that one’s end is an absolute.

Thus…we will all come to that door and our decisions to pass through the door at the end of this hallway will come down to whether or not we are willing to accept another reality for our choices and whether or not we accept that there is a door at all.

Now,…if we can agree on the fact that we will all be dead someday, then wouldn’t it be important to spend just a little time coming to terms for how we represent ourselves, as ourselves?

Not how others respond to or imagine they are seeing us but, who we are the The Eight Year Old person that is inside the reflection standing in front of the mirror.

Not the external reactionary reflection but the interior of that reflection, the character that resides in the internal origins that form one’s truthful spirit’s 3-D imagery.

This is the truest “you” and its that soulful character that swam the swim and won the Olympic Gold Medal among the millions of competitors in that once in a lifetime chance to live one’s life at conception!

However we choose to experience this opportunity by living the seconds, minutes, hours and days that we are allotted, one must also come to terms with the fact that the world at large can’t fathom the depth of God’s love nor kindness from a 2-D axonometric projection.

The world is not going to get you so, its left up to you to come to know “thyself”. It’s not only the world that’s limited in the restrictions from the 2-D axonometric projections, its us as well.

One’s self is truly the most illusive culprit that one will ever come across, as each of us have the same discriminating characteristics that are anchored to our 2-D axonometric projections, by design!

One would think that in order to become fully cognizant of the example or statement of our existence that, we’d simultaneously need to become known to ourselves, correct? For after all how could one just simply shrug off the inherent obligation for coming to know thyself, if one wanted to be able to justify their beliefs in something or nothing, correct?

From a 3-D truthful view realize that believing in nothing is actually believing in something? I’m sure that the transparency in that statement is most apparent to those seeking greater meaning from life but, to some they would have already reached their 2-D conclusion.

Now maybe some of you already know yourselves and have made peace with the inevitable but, I’d offer a challenge to that, because if this were true, what is being sought in attempting to reach the end of this summation?

My point is,…that you and I don’t possess all the answers and certainly haven’t begun to even formulate and organize all the questions!

What we have is today, and my point in offering you my perspective here is to shine a light upon the field of view that life offers us in taking pause to entertain a 3-D view. All we need to do is just live it one day at a time, responsibility representing the authentic-self with both eyes open!

Each day as the sun rises in the east, we are offered again and again one more day, one more opportunity to view the introspective meaning for the affect of life on our individuality.

Of course our chosen path of logic is what ultimately affords us a key in hand to the door at the end of the hall when we arrive or we will be left there standing and knocking hoping someone on the other side can hear, all knowing that we remained deft to the possibility of any such homecoming while we were alive?

That choice is ours…and just as some will choose to attach themselves to a theoretical hypotheses that is anchored in science rather than faith, the theory in which we attach of beliefs offers us a one eye or two eyed prospective!

The Day Before You Knew

The day before life seemed so full no caused concerns to null, life’s pace disgraced with scents of mace in words on breath discerned…

Who’d think of time as undefined in sips of filtered brews, in times that cause thy mind no pause and stayed so true to views…

One day awaken tis God forsaken of Doc’s delivered news, the words discrete in bold face creed give life the term “past due”…

Who said it’s dread to lay in bed and contemplate one’s term, and think of place where life’s disgrace gives way to thoughts that squirm…

The day before ’twas life adored with all that lived in you, now circumstance dealt cards of chance in folded hand with two’s…

The game ’twas won, by setting sun, the day before yea knew, a lump a bump, a back with hump who knew these signs of few…

Would grow inside play seek and hide obscure life’s end from clues, in thinking back of life’s retracts one sees the body’s ruse…

It seemed so clear that life held dear ’twas absent sight of fears, in time’s remain thy dreams refrain seek sight of truth in you…

With numbered days one’s thoughts clear haze to see the you who’s true, did love exist in life of twist and prove thy worth as muse…

Can chance recant thy circumstance for paths that lit thy fuse, retrace thy steps that placed thy bets provided choice to lose.

Now setting sun of day’s “end run” give sight of scrimmage mirrored, the time has come no play to run hurl pass toward end zone clear…

Of life ’tis meant to pray repent twill come to fear God’s Laws, invest thy time in words that rhyme seek love not coup d’états…

If one could, go back they would retrace each act and scene, ‘twould change the names and rules in games scribe Book of Life as dreamed…

The time has passed and dreams of cast now fade upon horizon, ’tis sunset lues that shadows hues for chance of new day rising…

No one I know ‘twould want to go before they tell their story, to have a page that tells of sage deserving scenes of Glory…

So exhibit thy best, defend thy rest before the called Grim Reaper, and know those choices mute tone in voices at gate with keys of “Keeper”…

Michael Chaffee 5-23-12


Hospital Shirt by; Jason Myles Goss

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