The Soul

Some refer to the “Soul” as the “I” in self that inhabits the body…Although one can clearly see that there is no “I” in self,…so where does the soul reside?

It is said that the Soul electrifies the body, as in the light from a light bulb but, again this relies upon descriptions of metaphoric inaccuracies that fall short of truly offering definitive explanation for where a Soul is seated.

Thus what is a Soul and where does a Soul reside? Does it reside in a body or does it reside somewhere else?

Does a body acquire life, sight, hearing, thought, speech, intelligence, emotions and an individual’s identity of personality?

Can a body function as intended absent the command center of the mind or does the body subordinate to the processing of interpretations of the mind, and respond as a reactionary conscription of servitude?

The Five Levels of The Soul…

Some theologies suggest that we have five levels of the soul i.e.; Nefesh (soul), Ruach (spirit), Neshamah (breath), Chayah (life) and Yechidah (singularity).

Additionally in this persuasion of faithful following it is believed that those believing in this dogma also have two Souls to contend with.

The Two Souls…

In this interpretive dissection an Animal Soul and a Godly Soul are the attachments of meaning being portrayed.

These are supposedly affixed to an identification tag of sorts and are what seemingly controls the body.

It is explained that the Animal portion of a Soul is driven by the quest for self-preservation and self-enhancement.

Additionally this portion is compared as having resemblances to all other creations, thus the origins of it’s name.

According to this belief, one would also possess a Godly portion of the Soul.

This portion of us or the other half of our Soul’s substance is then driven by the desire to reconnect with its source, that being God!

Essentially what is being promoted here in this philosophy is that our lives are lived as if we were telling a story and the story is about a contest between these two interacting portions of our Souls.

Accordingly in our struggling, we would be attempting to balance and reconcile our physical needs and desires with our spiritual aspirations.

As this philosophy explains, we struggle with the teeter toddlering between our self-focused drives and our altruistic yearnings.

The Soul’s Residence…

The Godly Soul is enclothed within the Animal Soul just as the Animal Soul is enclothed within the body, according to this practice.

Essentially the body’s correlating relationship here is in a sense like the role of parents, who must also feed and dress their children. This means that the Animal Soul and the Godly Soul are part of each others core.

Allegedly, these two Souls are in conflict with each other but, in essence they are compatible.

These two Souls as they are refereed to however, can’t possible reside in parallel exclusively within one body, for how could our consciousnesses derive meaning absent the commands of the mind’s perception?

While it is true that the body’s cells may sense hot and cold, as well as suffer pain or the feeling of pleasure, it is from within the folds of the mind that “The Heart of the Soul” actualizes our individual decisions taking form.

It is in this domain that the Soul commands the attention of the body’s actuality for existence in contrast to what might be expected or stored as chemical reactions in the body’s family of cells…

Reflex isn’t action induced by an actively aware consciousness, it is a involuntary response to the body’s stimulation to nerves and muscle.

These reactions are not a process of interpretative thought, although they can greatly influence the transfer of thought between the synapses under certain conditions.

It is from the veiled realm that lays beyond physical affirmations that neurotransmitters become influenced and thoughts gain deeper meaning.

In this causeway between spirit and body the Heart of The Soul is able to unlock the physical world’s boundaries and the spiritual world’s infinity becomes part of the mind’s perception.

At this level of consciousness an individual is able to entertain possibilities for reality that go far beyond the physical body’s limitations.

Greater understanding is unlocked with the keys that are held in the hands of our individual Souls, not just our bodies!

This together with our Heart’s desire to begin to comprehend our individual destiny allows us to see past our self imposed limitations.

Greater meaning can be deciphered from intuitive gifts that come in the form of life’s many subtle symbols.

When recognized, these symbols can requisition a sort of sixth sense (we only have five in the physical world) intuition which is necessary for making better choices for our ultimate destiny in God’s domain of the divinity.

It is from these symbolized translations that our “Personal Legends” will be conveyed as our individual statement.

However obtuse to us, our linguistics of our “Personal Legends” are transparent to God and the angels on the other side of the thin veil.

These are the identifiable inscriptions that scribe meaning to our individual styles for the recognition of God’s authority.

Our Signatures…

This hand scribe calligraphy describes what becomes our “Personal Legend”. These personal statements will add to or subtract from the weight of our Soul’s earthly story.

The cumulatively acquired weight over a lifetime shall become the substance of our measured worth at journey’s end!

This is when the weight of a body becomes weightless, as it’s allotted time will have been expired and the opportunity for earning cosmic currency from the exhibits in our behaviors will have ran it length in time allotted.

This is our destiny and the only identifiable substance able to pass through the thin veil shall be the weighted measure of scale-able value that resides in The Heart of the Soul

Michael Chaffee

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