Jumbled Truth

In many situations that prevail today, we can see the ravaging effects upon our society, as a consequence of the employment of a consensus of understanding. Not a conspiracy! but…a consensus!

These proclamations, in that of many academic directives, indoctrinate or act as a script that helps formulate the structure or framework for the curriculum of our society’s evolution.

  • Social Engineering
  • Don’t be foolish enough to turn a blind eye to the origins of the promotions of individual authority over a moral authority.

    In order to appreciate this example, all one needs to recognize, is that God is no longer welcome in the higher learning institutions…hum?

  • Prayers in School
  • Just compare the evolving study guidelines being made part of the public education programs, from a morality perspective?

    The proliferation and the source of inciting decay are founded in the efforts to de-legitimize a society that is based upon the recognition of a moral authority.

  • Religion in Schools
  • This dubious agenda appears as loitering in the shadows, yet these designs have their sights on a generationally evolving revolution.

    As just one example of blight on the flowers of our blooming society, observe how such conditions have given rise to a conscription of philosophy, that the single parenting model is actually a viable choice.

    Be aware that in the promotion of such a family heading, it has inflicted the plight of a single parenting model upon our evolving society, by design.

  • Statistics
  • Uncloak the divisiveness in the dominions of such promotions and observe who is actually opening the door to a proliferation of immorality, while narrowing the hallways and turning off the lights that lead to morality!

    Often the first betrayal of a clear view for one’s reality, involves a failure to recognize one’s own part in creating the conditions that had lead to such situations.

    Again, too often an escape routing is devised through sometimes well intended but, misguided counseling and therapy, that can affix blame upon others and provide an escape route.

    In the eclipsing for one’s own situational awareness, too many poor misguided souls exempt themselves from the further obligation of reflecting our loving God’s intentions.

    Who are the perverse ones that have chosen to lay with another out of wedlock? If we exempt ourselves from responsibility for our choices, then who does responsibility in our society rest with?

    Who are the one’s who have brought life into this world, in a way in which their children will not have the benefit of being raised in a way that a traditional home could provide.

    Why is it that since the early 50’s a tinkering with the traditional family’s structure has been replaced with a “Strategic Family Model”…hum?

    This is where influence and control is given up to the “therapist” over the client’s problems?

    This is where the underlying goal of the homework assignments tries to change the way the traditional family dynamics are identified, and in many cases are identified as dysfunctional.

    One core objective in determining such, is to restructure the historical value of the “Traditional Model” and imply that the family that one may have been raised in, encouraged them do it, implying that it’s not them!

    The duplicity in such a hypothesis is, that the scholarly cohort’s determinations simultaneously would have to also fail to explain away the results of what they deem as the desirable behavioral family functions, which obviously had arisen form the same supposed dysfunctional elements…hum?

  • Strategic Family Model
  • This is where the funneling of our family social dynamics are re-trained in order to become consistent with the core content policies consensus.

    The efforts imposed by the consensus, are essentially reprogramming the definition of the previous wholesome way of life.

    Some may vaguely remember and noticed it’s eradication in small ways by affixing contentious “Peacock” labels such as, cult, racist, perverted, sect, fundamentalist, heretic, extremist, denialist, terrorist, freedom fighter, bigot, myth, pseudo-?, upon so many different religious believers.

    At the same time “Weasel Words” may be utilized by decisive scholarly academics, making their authoritarian statements appear to assert something stronger in the way that they are being expressed.

    Although often vague and lacking attributions, this is where such statements assign ascriptions of honors, that have not been earned.

    This is where the statements dress up as authority with no substantial basis, beyond a stacking of layer upon layer of assertions absent the original sources.

    In those dark corridors the researchers and self professed experts, seem to find a way to escape an individual investigation of their own family dynamics?

    Expressions that introduce bias, lack the rigidly of precision, and these should face the allegations of trickery, when terms of puffery are applied!

    When these go unchecked, the Neologisms editorializing of a study’s content can compound, making appearances of supposed to be apparent, and purported to be reported, and alleged to be accused…hum?

    In calling a rose a rose by any other name the upper echelon of our intelligence quotient manipulates the wording by common naming the flower, while obscuring the full extension of the genus and species, correct?

    Who has dishonored God’s commandments and dishonored their own mother and father, in pursuing lust for love in a way that demands that infidelity be legitimatized?

    In having committed such sins is it unreasonable to point to the example of morality, as a path to reconciliation with God?

    Doesn’t the reconciliation with God require indulging in recognizable efforts to rebuke sin, and in acknowledging mindful penances toward such expression.

    Shouldn’t this represent an intention of repentance for having tread upon God’s laws?

    If two can learn how to make child from lusting, then why can’t two learn to sacrifice for a child (above self), that they have made together and learn how to bestow a meaningful expression of unconditional love, by example?

    These are our choices and from these decisions our story will be written, not just our perverse behaviors but, the incompatibility that such conduct will have with inheriting the all loving environment of God’s divine kingdom.

    They’ll be no rooms vacant in God’s Mansions for people who had put their own selfishness ahead of their own children’s welfare!

    PROVERBS 11:20

    “Those who are of a perverse heart are an abomination to the LORD, But the blameless in their ways are His delight.”

    The long term or generational relationship between the family dynamics on our society as a whole, are purposefully being dismantled. The family structure, as exemplified by most major theologies, is being methodically dismembered, one appendage at a time!

    The consequences of this and the ramifications can be seen in the unsavory exhibits our society’s narcissistic infectious disease, that also breads further violence and civil disobedience.

    Ask yourselves, what are we teaching our children when we refuse to follow the rules? When they are old enough to identify with such examples, will our society appear as a more loving world or otherwise…hum?

    Over the past half century has all that bountiful scholarly opinion from atheistic academia provided us a euphoric shift in our society for something recognizable improved or are we less safe, more paranoid and prone to become narcissistic with less empathy for others?

    In this poem I ask, can we expect “love” to become recognized when we have to rely on the courts and mental heath therapist to take control and impose provisional rights?

    Isn’t it sad to think how some will pay attorneys large sums of money to take away the rights of a spouse to see their child, rather than investing that money into an account of “loving interest bearing earnings”?

    I’m appalled at the many, many exhibits that attempt to eclipse the burning light of God’s infinite love, and I truly pity any of those who choose to embrace, or facilitate the paths that lead toward their own spiritual destruction.

    The scribing of such a story, may not be pleasant to read, from one’s Book of Life.

    Does one expect to be a sustainable soul, that is worthy to stand in the light of the all loving God?

    Should one expect him to admonish our indulges and conduct, that have disregarded the guidelines in the Holy Scriptures?

    What will be the story told about one’s life, “I say, woe unto thee” who thinks anyone is exempt from review.

    ROMANS 14:8

    “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”

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    Jumbled Truth

    Jumbled Truth


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