The Human Spirit…

The Human Spirit…

We are not of skin and bone alone but, we are of spirit, a spirit that is destine to return home with new found treasures or a bag full of stones? What we acquire from life along our trek is truly up to us, as individuals!

It is from these peripheral observations that we can develop a better focus on who is standing in front of the mirror every morning.

When requested, Angels can aid the development of greater clarity, and only in symbolic gestures can they assist us in becoming more familiar with the long shadows of our silhouetted profiles.

These emanate through the foggy field of view of the here and now, and they radiate as glowing beacons or smoldering candles on the other side of the thin veil.

Our soulful identities are broadcasted in these statements of radiant glow or flickering light that struggles to find fuel and continue to shine light. These statements command the attention for our need for assistance or inspiration from our guides.

In choosing to engage one of life’s most fundamental obligations, we must seek the truest meaning of self…We must begin to look within ourselves for the truthfulness that is or isn’t representative of our self portrait.

We must peel back the onion skin layers of obscurities and stare ourselves in the eyes of reflection in order to discover the inexhaustible fuel that burns within each and everyone of our souls. It is hidden, yet in such discoveries we are offered the opportunity to come to know… Thyself!

Michael Chaffee’s poetry connects symbolical relationships to a series of observations, this helps to form and shape an intended imagery and assists in providing a mindful recognition for the many deeper meanings that could go unnoticed.

The Delphic maxims offered us aphorisms, scribed in laconic phrases for what lays beneath the simplest of words.


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