In the moments…

It is important to take a few minutes out of each given day to express thankfulness and appreciation for the many opportunities in being alive.
The-Lords-PrayerIn that of living life, we are afforded a most wonderful chance to be tested by the defining moments in the pursuits, as well as the escapes! The resulting statements (good, bad or indifferent) becomes the weighted worth of our soul’s testimony.


These examples throughout a lifetime of living are like individual threads (our decisions) that become woven into our individual tunic’s fabric.
A dense or otherwise thread count shall represent the weighted worth of that garment and the personal choices for the placements of each colored thread allows for our self expression, in presenting Thyself to the world.
Buried deep within our DNA lays a string of coded silent dialog that balances or imbalances our path of logic with our mindful emotions.
This composition of threads woven into this fabric also presents the inheritance of a tribal predisposition of uniqueness. Although sometimes we are not fully acquainted with Thyself from the beginning.
It is up to us to translate the definitions that best describes our uniqueness and which can authentically represent our soulful character, regardless of any predispositions, as there is no excuse to do otherwise.
In the invitation to partake in life, we RSVP almighty God to inherit our ancestral genetic disposition from our DNA’s propensities but, it is up to us to use our life given gift of imagination to represent our individual stories for good or evil!
What will be your story told with all the challenges presented? What will be your authentication for “Thyself” in the thread count in your tunic?
We are afforded the days in a lifetime in order to weave the colors and density together with the pattern of our inherited tribal culture. It shall be while wearing this robe’s fabric that we will be known at the gate of God’s kingdom come!
If our robe exhibits something worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven then God will know our names from the threads that we have woven over our lifetime.

The Telling of a Story…

At the break of dawn and while my mind has just awakened from a nights slumber, I’ll often invite Jesus into the solace of my consciousness. I do this before the day’s events have come to place the distracted demands upon my daily decisions.
I humbly request the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, as I can imagine him to have hung upon the cross on that hill called Golgotha.
In this image of sacrifice, I place this image while nailed upon the splintered timbered rigid cross at one corner of the property parcel and recite The Lord’s Prayer as follows;

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen!

I repeat this symbolic gesture by reciting the Lord’s Prayer at all four corners of the parcel of land and then, I imagine the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary kneeing at a stone alter that’s been carved from white alabaster along a stream within a garden paradise.
The serenity of the garden’s canopy filters out the abundance of light and casts a reflective silhouette above the head covering of the Blessed Virgin Mother and in this place the moments of time are forgotten to have ever existed.
With her head bowed, I silently join her by kneeling on the ground behind her in remembrance of the gift of her son Jesus and recite the Hail Mary;

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death.

This practice of mine is also exercised whenever I wish to meditate. It allows me to wash clean the filth and corruption of this world from my feet (symbolically) and post “No Trespassing Signs” at the property boundaries.
It denies the accompaniment of the menacing of he who goes “to and fro” to waddle like swine in the temptation upon the earth. It embraces the new day with the choice to do good rather than evil in the moments yet to unfold in the day in a life yet untold.

The Translations of Genetics…

My poems and stories are attempting to provide a readership an opportunity for insightful discoveries in that of ascribing greater meaning to the feelings behind the passing moments in a life!
It is in seeking out deeper meanings that we may become better known, if only to ourselves!
As life’s measured time has no true duration but for the living. For the duration only lasts between the imaginary pendulum’s swing of the time allotted in the span of a lifetime, not in the inevitable boundlessness of eternity.
The significance of the duration allotted can only be appreciated in the moments that one is gifted, as it is in the fleeting opportunities that we may be afforded life changing decisions at each cross street intersection along life’s journey.
For after all, the opportunity in which we are afforded life is really only about the moment by moment discoveries that offer us up the keys to the gate at our journey’s end?

“If not for the struggle, what worth could be measured from any of the gains”

My personal philosophy is that when and if we choose to peer deeper into our individual life’s meanings we also honor the inherent obligation of fulfilling The Gift in our many blessings.
In engaging these responsibilities, we pay homage to those who’s genetic chemistry (on loan) formed the inheritance of our ancestral heritage. In seeking out the answers to our many questions along our journey, we can also summon those just beyond the thin veil to sometimes aid our soulful evolution.
They are separated from us in this physical world but, we are closer than we realize at times and we are never alone. We came from this spiritual domain and inevitably…we shall most certainly be returning to it!
However cognizant or not that one becomes aware or chooses to lend ear and focus open eyes upon the gifts of momentary intuitiveness, it can be equally scaled to the same degree that life’s many questions find answers unveiled.
It is for us to gain insight from the silence of The Tableau Vivant or disregard their motionless presence on the stage of life.
In any case, the opportunity in the moments of living a life to it’s fullest will have been presented to us.
What we do with those moments shall be a story to behold. Make it a great story to be told because in the sentences, paragraphs and pages that story shall be your Book of Life.
At the end of our authorship’s summation, we will attend a recital in the presence of our Lord. We will read the story of our life’s accomplishments and failures. We will revisit those moments of opportunity for successes and failures and come to know real truth, not our version of truth. And it shall be in the humility of that truth that we shall be set free!

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