Politics, Ethics and Morality…

If there were ever three words that violate the rules of common sense, it would most certainly be the first in association with the second and the third in this article’s title.

If for some reason this present day reality isn’t self evident by now, let me attempt to shed a little more light upon the alternative reality that we’re being sold in today’s subversive promotions.

The light in which I allude to here isn’t the kind of light in which one finds oneself at the end of a tunnel.

Its more along the lines of a guy with a flashlight coming toward you in a tunnel and then asking you for directions for the way out of the tunnel.

Clearly, we need some additional light to shine upon the political stage of smoke and mirror semantics if we are going to be able to get out of this tunnel into the light of day!

This will be necessary in order to fix a dead reckoning upon those who are covertly scheming in the compartmentalized bureaucratic shadows. An important question to begin with is;

Who and what is behind the curtain?

In order to be able to recognize the “tableau vivant” that are at work 24/7 behind the scenes, we’ll need to raise the curtain of concealment and demand much greater transparency from all the actors that have quite literally used the stage of persuasion to influence the outcomes of our elections. It shouldn’t be any surprise (winners or losers) that something very strange is happening behind those curtains.

In order to peel back the many layers of the onion skins of obscurity, we’d need to start with asking ourselves a few straight forward questions that need truthful answers, correct?

Question #1; If we care so little about the integrity of our election process then why should our politicians care more?

Question #2; Does the press tell lies and if so, about who and why?

Question#3; Do we have dough-faced politicians that consort and collaborate with the Media in exemplifying a respected high level of honesty and integrity or something far, far beneath it?

Question #4; Are our elected officials truly worthy of holding office and is the Media truthfully informing us about all current events or, are they conscripting events to parallel deceitful contrived narratives? 

It doesn’t really matter which side of the isle you’re leaning towards, the American people need “truthful” answers to these questions and many more!

The reality is that we have all been played way too long and I’m not just talking about an election outcome but something much, much more diabolically manipulative. You may not be willing to entertain the possibility of a different political perspective but, one should be asking non-partisan, basic questions about the functional validity of their chosen candidates. After all, don’t we want our elected officials to function in an official capacity on our behalf, whatever your party’s affiliation?

If so then, answer me these questions; How about a Dead man (Anthony DeLuca) who wins a reelection as a Pennsylvania state representative or a guy who had a stroke (John Fetterman) and who is obviously cognitively impaired?

Or a President that can’t seem to muster up the cognitive wherewithal to align a coherent string of words that make sense in real-time…hum? If one is being truthful (after setting aside one’s hatred for Trump or Biden), what we’ve allowed to happen is a complete and total collapse of confidence in our election system’s integrity. And the reason is that “WOKENESS” has become a new religion. This religious cult has arisen out of the democratic party, which has been railroaded into becoming subservient to a liberal mindedness that’s being refereed to as the next generation of progressive thinkers but, in truth it’s really just a new religion!

If you think not then, why do so many choose to symbolize there alignment with such ideology by taking a knee at football games? Additionally, this new religious awaking (so to speak) claims to have a quality of being alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism. Yet this religious cult screams hypocrisy about the many injustices and forms of bigotry that they themselves choose to represent in adhering to any such precepts.

Now maybe some will say that’s just great because by disenfranchising 75-million plus voters it just means no more “deplorables” will have a voice. Does anyone really think that one side or the other is just going to somehow miraculously evaporate just because the other-side disagrees with them?

If you are one of those people who believes that this kind of “ends” justifies the “means” well then, maybe I’ve underestimated the depth of such flawed thinking. You see, the problem with that kind of mindset is that winning by any means and forgetting the age old American virtue that goes like this; It’s how we play the game, not whether we win or lose that’s most important.

Don’t we all want to flavor the good fortune of a legitimate win and a legitimate candidate? Doesn’t a non-concession and contested win leave something in question about just such a contest? With such division are we stronger as a nation? And how are we ever going to believe that a fair and unbiased balance can become reintroduced to our American election process again?

If you think that at least half of the nation’s population is ever going to be able to believe that a fair election is even possible any longer what happens when the shoe gets put on the other foot again? Well some may say good riddance but, I’d challenge that perspective by asking them to really think about how a one sided America would appear.

However illusionary the opposition of a two party system may appear, its been this model that has allowed for both sides of the argument to be voiced and until recently more importantly, heard! The problem in today’s reality is that that illusion has all but disappeared and a matrix “religious” reality is being ushered in to take it’s place! Don’t be fooled that this is by definition actually a religion; the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods

No, no, this movement actually wants to remove God as the deity figure and insert mammon or themselves as the idol; a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object

I realize (and so should you) that we’re splitting hairs when we call one guy a Democrat and another a Republican or even an Independent. I mean is there really any difference between a Jackass, an Elephant and a Rhino?

Some may wonder (if only for a fleeting moment) how a Senator or Congressman’s tenure could span almost fifty years of civil service without accomplishing something notable for ALL the American people…hum?

In holding such positions for these extend periods of time are they truly civil servants or is it more along the lines of them treating us like we’re their peasant servants?

If you think not, just look at their net worth when they first got into office and at their civil service career end. Realizing of course that it would be virtually impossible to acquire that kind of wealth on just a civil servant’s salary alone….hum?

To put this into perspective. We have legislators still serving that have seen up to thirteen Presidential administrations come and go;

Eisenhower (R)
Kennedy (D)
Johnson (D)
Nixon (R)
Ford (R)
Carter (D)
Reagan (R)
Bush (R)
Clinton (D)
Bush (R)
Obama (D)
Trump (R)
Biden (D)

Most of our political power brokers are senior members of an elite clique of influence or as I refer to them as, “The Consensus”. They remain simultaneously visibly and obscure but, their semantics are not totally invisible while working behind the long shadows that are cast upon our American freedoms.

Occasionally we’ll catch, within ear shot a snicker or a glimpse of a smirk in the press as they are caught laughing at our assumed gullibility, naivety and out and out plain old stupidity.

This “Consensus” has also evolved into a power structure that’s invaded the bureaucratic system of multiple deep state agencies. 

These agencies have now become a forth branch of our government without the oversight or control of the Executive Branch.

Keep in mind that the Executive Branch wields power for four to eight years max, correct. Guys like J. Edgar Hoover wielded his power for forty-eight years. He was solely in charge of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world who’d kept hold of his power by intimidation. 

It’s no surprise that even back then information (data) collection on individuals who posed political potential were deemed persons of interest, even seated Presidents.

Today’s deep state power base can and has applied their bureaucratic governmental powers and influence to supersede even Presidential authority.

This was most recently accentuated when U.S. Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland spoke out about the State Dept.’s agenda that predated President Trump.

The undertone was that some of the officials didn’t agree with some of the changes being ordered by the Trump administration’s new and revised policies toward the Ukraine.

It was very evident from Sondland’s testimony that the covert dragging feet of partisan politics did play a significant role in the sabotaging of Trump’s policies.

The prevalent mindset collaborates as an unspoken consensus, and this is truly no different than that of employing the divisive tactics of a clandestine covert operation.

Although not openly nor officially communicated, such a clandestine agenda can and did assuredly rely upon sympathetic “comrades for doing harm”.

Thus it became very clear that these bureaucratic governmental agencies no longer abide to the chain of command of a Commander in Chief’s executive orders.

Especially if that Commander in Chief reigns power from being popular with a christian conservative leaning opposition to their progressive mammon idolized religious agenda.

It shouldn’t matter which side of the isle the President is on, their job is to recognized his authority not the whims of a political elite clique who is wielding a “tit for tat” circumference of influence. If you wanted to put this adversarial posturing into a religious form or perspective, it could parallel the disputes between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims and we all know how this works out.

In a biblical sense, behind the closed doors and hidden corridors of our halls of justice these long ago corrupted bureaucrats and politicians prostituted themselves for their thirty “shackles of silver”. They are really no different than Judas Iscariot or even the conspirator, Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Surratt.

Their salaries, pensions, medical care, college tuition and many other forms of government assisted compensation has corrupted their sworn allegiances from serving others to cutting a bigger piece of the pie for them! No doubt it’s very tempting for some to turn a blind eye when becoming the beneficiaries of such pillaging but, in the end there will no doubt be restitution.

Woe unto them, for now this selling of the soul for mammon has been scaled against the weighted worth of their very own souls for eternity! 

But unfortunately, America’s wealth and fortunes are all wrapped up in the shroud of this corrupted power structure’s control and influence.

And those who are rallying the call to order of this bureaucratic “Consensus” are orchestrating the desired objectives of the largest corporations in the world’s economy for a fee.

If the truth be know, this power structure in a way isn’t really much different than that of the old world order’s model of a hereditary monarchy.

In some cases the objectives parallel the appearances of meeting the American people’s interest but never as a first priority.

This is because the real agenda is to remain in control of the power over the masses and of course it keeps feeding their greed!

It’s really not much different than the gone by era of the kingdom dynasties and their subordinate subjects.

The order of presidential successions or right of succession by those individuals that are in line are only entitled to hold office in accordance with the provisional orders and duration.

On the other hand, an agency’s leadership may span multiple presidential administrations, which can allow an agency’s managerial footings to become anchored firmly on a partisan bias.

From there a framework or structure gets built upon it accordingly. And the progressive’s movement has come to realize that organized religion works very well in capturing the attention of the masses and in some cases blindly leading them down the destructive road to a call for a jihad fatwas!

If one has any doubt about how an agency’s leaderships can go rouge, just look at J. Edgar Hover’s 48-year tenure as head of the F.B.I. or Dr. Anthony Fauci’s 50-year career span at the C.D.C…hum?

In a constantly changing presidential environment (every four years), the government’s presidential authority remains virtually neutral, as one can see the pendulum swing from right to left throughout the past thirteen elections.

Unfortunately, when these deep state agency’s leadership hungers for more power they believe that making policy can’t be left to the fickle whims of a new incoming administration, correct?

After all, if it’s left up to the changing of the old guard with the new one who’s going to steer the ship during the transitioning?

Oh…well then we better have a provisional authority for the interim regardless of their electoral qualifications.

When such loyalties dominate a political system it can also allow nepotism to take control over many important posts.

This allows a monitoring and control system to be involved and present at all levels of government.

We have had Kennedy, Bush, Clinton and now Trump dynasties that have in a significant way wielded political power in a very similar manner.

Realize that these family power based structures do have many branches to such a family tree and many parallels with that of the hereditary monarchy governing structure while being called a democratic form of government.

Imagine that Presidents = Kings, and that Princess = Majority / Speaker of the House, and Senators & Congressman = Lordships.

In continuing, Dukes and Duchess would be the descending order of additional family members.

Now look how the power structure wields control and applies a redistribution of American wealth to the allocations of funding.

All along dipping into the empty coffers of the treasury by writing I.O.U’s with an insolvent credit card.

How is the Federal Treasury any different than a counterfeiter when they are printing money that’s virtually worthless?

If the truth be known, America is a bankrupt kingdom and if our debts were called due and payable well, we’d need to file Chapter 7.

Our multiple government agency’s leadership has and continues to hold hostage a democratic republic government of the people and by the people.

They no longer subordinate to the higher power of an elected Commander in Chief nor the ethical and moral doctrines that have laid the foundations to our great nation!

As legislators (Magistrates) they form committees that adjudicate procedures which allow them to play by different rules than John Q. Public is required to follow.

These semantics also insulate them from the consequences for any misconduct, if they remain loyal to The Consensus’s objectives.  

If you doubt this, just look at James Comey or others who should be indicted yet escape prosecution.

If someone in the deep state is bold enough to blow the whistle they’re offered two alternative choices, reenlistment (at a lower rank) or assisted suicide!

Appreciate that if we as individuals were all caught up in just such a club of colleagues that it would be very difficult not to participate, correct? 

So…let’s not be so quick to judge as the objective is to find a viable solution to our political corruption that’s gone rouge!

However glaringly apparent these deceptive dealings are in today’s American politics, we unfortunately just keep ignoring them.

We all just choose to give our elected officials a pass to do less and less for the American people, while we’re all paying more and more!

In doing so, we exempt them from measuring up to an example for what should be the highest standards (for what is a good character).

And what “we the people” let them get away with is a continually lowering of the bar.

Of course this is after most have passed the bar that gives them the license to practice the law in the first place.

We’ve unfortunately become accustomed to disregarding the importance and efficacy for the duties that they are supposed to be upholding on our behalf.

And as a result, what we get in return is something far, far less than that which should be deserving of the trusted honor of holding an elected office in America.

After all, once upon a time weren’t ethics and morality two of the most basic qualities expected in a candidate that was running for an elected office?

Who in America could have ever imagined a seated President of the United States of America receiving Fellatio in the Oval Office by a young intern?

Some may think that such an act in its self isn’t relevant to him being able to execute his sworn duties as President but, think again!

Is a man who promised to be true to his spouse and then breaks that promise telling us something about the flaws in has character?

Isn’t a man who then goes on to lie about his mistakes in order to abstain from the shameful scrutiny also telling us about the flaws in his character? 

What are we to evaluate in such a man who rises to the level of holding the highest office in the world yet, he placed his own sexual arousal and satisfaction above a moral obligation to do otherwise.

Could we say that this is a moral and ethical man?

This man and others who had also held this office were not!

Richard M. Nixon is another bad example of a poor presidential character.

And there in “lies” the truth in these matters!

If you’re wondering how we’ve gotten here, it’s pretty plain and simple.

We’ve failed to recognize the real costs in the erosion of our expectations in those with such character flaws.

We’ve let our own morality and ethical behaviors become accepting of sloth and complacency.

Our laziness in failing to apply the due diligence for insuring that our politicians will reasonably meet our expectations has now become our Achilles Heel.

For after all, it takes a lot of hard work to make and keep a great nation sustainable, and one needs to steer the ship or someone else will take the helm and chart a new course.

If the truth be known, those whom we’ve deemed to be supposedly worthy of our support as a preferred political candidate, truly are not!

Too often, it just comes down to us having to choose between the best of the worst choices!

Our ambivalence has turned our blind eyes and deaf ears away from the facts.

In doing so too many of us exempt ourselves from the responsibility of recognizing our own deficiencies as citizens of the greatest nation on earth.

It seems that we’ve given into the belief that our sophistication is somehow deserving of a top tier hierarchical ranking over the rest of the world.

In seducing our judgement such a mindset gives privilege to conduct unfitting of greatness. 

Our mastering of the enticements of technological advancements have temporarily positioned us to be poised momentarily at the top of an imaginary hill.

But in being caught up in the mist of such distractions, we’ve inadvertently forgotten how easily it is to lose our footing on such a steep slippery slope.

At such a lofty elevation the view is unobscured but the air is thin and in the deprivation of oxygen the mind can become lost in the clouds.

Absent good leadership and a knowledgeable guide, it’s quite easy to forget from where we’ve come and how to find our way back home.

All along just such a trailhead there are many diversions (forks in the road), some that offer alternatives routing that lead to disastrous consequences.

Some that can lead to the Avenue of The Stars and some in a tent on a corner as a homeless person!

In today’s world our guides, our media offers us alternative sources of information for our ever changing world’s current events.

Whether or not the information is accurate and or correct has become no longer important. 

What’s important is that our choices to choose a direction from such “priming” (brainwashing) can anticipate the line of travel that our propensities will head.

In all this media hype and bamboozlement, too many are exchanging unbelievable for believable and turning over the keys to our cities on the hills to the burglars! 

We allow ourselves to become mesmerized by a candidate’s so called charisma and commanding presence, which only makes us more susceptible to the Media’s hypnotic guidance of “priming”.

This is where unbelievable can magically appear as believable as we watch them pull a rabbit out of a hat.

I’m using this metaphor here as an example because that trick is actually what they claim they’ll do when taking office.

The reality is they are really just using a slight of hand deception technique. 

As the rabbit is something we’ve already purchased and the hat is something they intend to borrow.

Basically they don’t really have any skin in the game because they are working with our money.

The trick is accomplished when their one hand is holding the rabbit by the ears and their other hand is in your pocket grabbing your money!

What seems to escape our recognition is the Media’s part in advancing the deceptive portrayals of such unworthiness!

Our media conglomerates have in fact become a willing and able co-conspirator to the utter destruction of our gone by years that was once so familiar…hum?

They have become a silent killer to our American way of life in exchange for selling us on the supposed advancements of society.

They inject our society with a poison everyday, non-stop! 

No not a pharmaceutical grade equivalent but in the form of a mind altering bombardment.

In the short term this poison goes hardly noticed. For the destructive effects are a slow methodical ever advancing erosion of our core values as a nation.

Most of the audience remains oblivious to the subliminal priming, unaware that this power of suggestion is causing a shutdown of their very own deductive reasoning.

The strangest thing is in the effects that such programming imposes upon the human psyche.

It’s almost like your thinking becomes infected with a kind of virus…hum?

This is where the fundamental pre-qualifications for what “is” strong leadership somehow becomes infected with that virus!

No not the COVID-19 kind of virus, although still lethal. 

This virus’s symptoms are very stealthy as they are able to hide in between the headlines.

They hide in the undertones that shame the wholesomeness of America’s gone by era as being naive.

This shaming or “wokism” uses what ails us in the struggles of a great nation to further undermine our unity.

They call to order an attention grabbing theme that disproportionately focuses upon the fractional representations of our illness.

And they acknowledge virtues, not as the seventh highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy but, as something in the order of descending down to the seven-hundredth!

Although this kind of virus does produce visual signs of infection in the later stages, it too often goes undiagnosed before it’s too late.

It appears as oozing blemishes on what’s already a ruddy Americana complexion! 

I use the word “complexion” as a synonym to parallel how disfigured our great nation must now appear in the eyes of the world.

America the Beautiful as the song has been historically sung is now being remastered by an enemy from within.

As a people, we can no longer sit ideally by while some of her claims to glory are dismissed or even criminalized in the trappings of an occult’s assault. 

Having the infractions of her adolescence become reconstituted as first degree felonies after the statutes of limitations have long ago expired, isn’t justice.

Doling out recompense in the form of reparations isn’t fair nor just in a nation that’s been built on the backs of the many tribes of the world’s people.

If reparation were to be fair then most all of the immigrants and indigenous people who have suffered inequality during the building of our great nation would be deserving of such a privilege.

As an example such redistribution of wealth could also include recompense to those of Irish descent. 

After all, their ancestry’s life span lasted only six years on average after arriving on the east coast of America from Ireland.

Rest assured, it wouldn’t stop there as the evolution of what is America today has many more examples of inequities.

You simply can’t go back and try to fix what happened because these are the hard learned lessons of our past. 

These are our struggles, and these are the defining moments in our history! In all of it these are what have allowed us to raise above it.

One of my personal quote goes like this;

“If not for the struggle then what worth could be measured from any gains”

The blood that runs through our veins as Americans has a common history, and yes in many cases blood was shed and it was brutal.

Denying this or attempting to rewriting history in any way serves only one objective and that would be to dishonor that history.

As a child my father taught me that the first step to righting any wrong was to first acknowledge the wrong then, move on!

Remaining in the past or wallowing in the sorrowful memories of the many examples of bad examples only holds us hostage to that past.

Let us not forget from where we came and what it took and what it also gave back!

Some in our nations past centuries lived in squaller and filth and struggled with hunger of which we today could never imagine. 

And through it all, we as a nation of immigrants survived and prospered in many ways.

While we still have work to do, I don’t believe looking in the rearview mirror can help to keep an eye on the road ahead.

What I’m attempting to convey to my fellow Americans who have inherited their many blessing is that we are under siege by a formable foe.

Don’t let gullibility fool you or allow yourself to be bamboozled into failing to recognize the trouble that we are in as a nation.

Whether you’re willing to recognize it or not, the world has witnessed “coup d’etat” takeover of the greatest nation on earth! 

Our election process has been manipulated and the fraudulent results that have been validated have disenfranchised tens of millions of a Americans.

If you think not, then how does one explain 2,000 mules that in fact stuffed the ballot boxes?

It shouldn’t matter that you hated Trump or not (although for some that is very difficult, if not impossible to get past) because that was just smoke and mirrors!

The unrelenting attack on Trump wasn’t about him as much as it was about where Big Brother government wants to lead us.

Trump was the bait and switch not the end game. If he was then, where is he now?

Too many became so distracted with his flamboyantly arrogant personality that they couldn’t see an ounce of good from his many pounds of efforts.

What took over our free election process was nothing short of a bureaucratic junta!

Not a conspiracy but a consensus of collaborative corporation between governmental agencies, the press and “socialist” media.

Their common goal was to first make a spectacle out of the Trump Presidency and then ultimately get rid of Trump by any means necessary! 

Hate is a very strong emotion, almost as strong as love! And the powers to be had a very well planned strategy to orchestrate these two diametrically opposing emotions among the masses.

The mission was not so much who’d become President as it was how our future Presidents would come to be elected.

By using Trump as the justification these clandestine operatives could gain support for hijacking the system.

There really shouldn’t be any doubt by anyone with a thinking mind that this is exactly what was done!

Whether you agree or disagree with this point no one should be able to pose an argument against the fact that the election (by design) was orchestrated to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in our election processes.

This was the spearhead of their frontal assault and it took planning. 

Plain and simple, you don’t plan for something as big as the over-through of an American national election system and not have something leak out.

In retrospect, a good media battle hardened strategist like Trump should have never been unsuspectingly flanked.

He allowed his enemies to divide and conquer his majority while he had a dominate position on top of the hill.

The Chinese, the CDC (now exposed) both collaborated in developing the COVID-19 man made virus. 

Then it was released worldwide (not just America, as that would have been good reason to go to war) so it could be called a pandemic! 

Then the left used this virus in conjunction with bureaucratic health officials to give them the authority to inflect economy killing restrictions on businesses.

Then our elected officials (on both sides of the so called isle) stood idly by and did virtually nothing to unshackle the struggling economic engine of commerce.

History will eventually uncloak what was perpetrated upon the American people by who, by our very own civil servants!

Think about it for a few seconds longer…Try exchanging Trump with another candidate that you didn’t hate and see if you still feel the same way about our election results?

Or better yet (only if you have a really great imagination) try putting the shoe on the other foot and see how the recent results fit.

What if all those signed affidavits (under penalty of perjury) were folks from your imaginary side of the isle?

Would these glaring examples of such an injustice truly seem fair and right?

Of course not but, the media’s promoted hatred is a very strong influence to exempting one’s self of responsibility for making dubious assumptions.

Unfortunately, these invisible deceptions that have escaped our readied awareness are truly life threatening to our democratic republic!

By now, everyone should be able to see how these deficiencies in leadership are quite literally unraveling the seams of the binding fabric that unites the U.S.!

Most of the population that’s above the age of fifty will know that something is a miss but, one is swayed left or right.

In making a choice, it’s always based upon a “primed” pattern of acceptance for the best of the worst!

The best of the worst is something  less, and too often much, much less than what should be deserving of being elected to any office representing, The United States of America!

Blindness and deafness comes over many of us from the demotions and or promotional efforts being primed into every hour of our awakened psyche.

This unrelenting and indoctrinating poison is spoon fed by every form of our Media nowadays and is unabated by claims to the constitutional right of a free press!

This relentless priming is targeting our cognizant psyche and it is allowed to usher into our minds the foggy notions for what is reality.

In the creation of this haze good sense lacks the ability to recognize this formidable foe of America, which enables them to launch any candidate “they” want.

For “they” and “they” alone have the power to launch a candidate into the stratosphere for all to view or explode their rocket-ship at the launching pad.

On any given day they can strap their candidate of choice onto a rocket-ship headed for a stardom’s celebrity status.

Establishing the trajectory and orbital pattern at launch is a key fundamental to understanding the influences of the gravitational pull.

Anticipating and preparing for the laws of physics shall exponentially increase the potential for any success in running for office.

And having the right strategist doing the long math can help them to remain in orbit for years to come!

The Media has become the nemesis of American freedom and “they” have made a mockery of the right to have a free press to begin with!

Simply put, we the people fail  miserably at recognizing the substantive value of a candidate’s character (or lack there of), plain and simple.

What I mean by this is; do they pass the litmus test? Are they the kind of person that you’d let baby sit your children? Are they someone that you’d trust to keep your most prized possessions in safe keeping?

Doesn’t baby sitting your freedom have a comparable value?

For after all, if you loose this in the process of blissful ignorance well then, your children and grandchildren are going to inherit a very different type of freedom in America…hum?

You may think that such an evaluation of trust isn’t relevant but I’d challenge that line of thinking by asking you how important is your freedom as a comparison?

The untrustworthy people that we have running for election in so many instances runs in sharp contrast to what are the perquisites for strong leadership.

As a matter of fact, I’d compare some of those in the Media and politics with having compatible characters with that of a child molester.

In failing to anchor our own ethical and moral examples to steadfast convictions, we’ve too often settled for something much less, from ourselves and subsequently allowed something much less to take leadership roles.

This is the “crux” of the matter and we shall be burdened with caring that cross, if we don’t take greater responsibility for protecting our freedoms!

The singular most relevant reason that we are all where we are today  is quite simply, irresponsibility!

Too many lairs, thieves and cheats are leading our headlines and subsequently those narratives are being allowed to make celebrities out of much less than deserving characters.

We all want honest and forthright men and women to lead our nation but, the deficiencies in such personalities can actually get promoted as attributes of indiscretion by the Media when they put another spin on it!

A person of strong moral character doesn’t lie and certainly doesn’t become a politician, right?

And the reason for this is that no one is important enough to give up your very own personal integrity for, correct? 

Oh unless there is a sufficiently large enough payday and then becoming a prostitute can be just fine, right?

Sound a little harsh huh?…Well after all a prostitute is prostitute regardless of the negotiated value for the service by simply establishing a value for one’s virtues, correct?

Oh I know; “let those who are shameless throw the first stone”, right! 

Sure, we all have room for improvement but, elected officials need to exemplify a higher standard when asking to be elected, not wallowing in the mud with all the other swine!

Our acceptance of the Media’s portrayals of despicable behavior and the proliferation of false narratives by an opponent is now like walking through a deadly minefield. 

Each perspective candidate must become fully vetted by who? The Media and anticipate what the opposition might be able to light a fuse under and explode on the launch pad.

Knowingly that would be done in order to discredit them and each PR campaign must include strategies for how to navigate through all this negativity when running for office.

Some may faintly remember when candidates ran on a positive theme and spoke about the positive impact that they would bring to the table…hum?

But the Media has flipped that table over and serves us up a plate full of negative while keeping us standing. 

This tactic is an incredibly overwhelming distraction that takes our focus away from the real differences between candidates and the real issues!

It doesn’t seem to matter to the general public that the Media (prostitutes) can promote or demote a prospective candidate’s (prostitutes) reputation on fact-less and faceless statements, and even less!

If this wasn’t part of the grand scheme of things then maybe you can explain why the greatest legal minds that are working in politics today haven’t eroded such freedoms being taken by the press.

If this was about your freedom to bear arms they’d certainly have found a way to criminalize the capacity of those “magazines”, right?

Ever since the O.J. Trial accusations are leveled against someone in the “Court of Public Opinion” and this is somehow fair and right because they are somehow guilty without an arraignment or a fair trial…hum?

Better yet when they get a fair trial they hire the sleaziest liars (I mean lawyers) to argue their case and plea deal a stay in a five star correctional facility with a nine hole golf course…hum?

All along obscuring the fact that most all of the Media’s so called News Anchors are now Lawyers!

This propagated bias is presented and promoted as just more entertainment for the masses and so many bite and swallow, hook line and sinker the faceless gibberish being spewed. 

And no doubt it will have been edited and choreographed into a very familiar song and dance routine, in order to keep U.S. all in step.

Equally effective is that it will have been carefully scripted in order to prime your very own prejudices, WOW!…Now imagine that kind of privilege?

Technically speaking, realize that black and white are not colors at all, they are shades! But of course the fact that most of America’s DNA is a composition of many different shades never gets told because division is the objective!

This is so that it will look most familiar and you’ll already know the lyrics to the song so that one can also sing along while dancing to such sour notes…hum?

This is how the real “scumbags” get elected because the other scumbag looks worse and we have already been sold on the plot  by watching the repetitive movie trailers that re-produced in “dying colors” by the Media.

Actually, a “plot” is a very good label for this as that’s what the powers to be are doing, they’re plotting!

The “Powers To Be” would be all forms of the attacking Media, “socialist” (oops I meant social) or otherwise and of course the binding fabric of the Elitist’s advertising dollars that swaddles the economic engine of such diabolically conceived commerce. 

They have mastered the mind-bending attention grabbing tactics of social engineering well beyond cognizant awareness!

On the cellar level their  technological platform allows them the ability to infiltrate subliminal thinking that only takes place between the synapses.

The latest movies and television series very effectively “prime” us with even more of the paralleling universe of manipulative and deceptive politics.

They’ll add the salt, fat and sugar to any story-line so it will have metabolic energy to burn cleaner with very little evidence of byproduct toxins.

It’s almost impossible to even catch a glimpse of the decaying decency that’s left smoldering in the embers by such so called examples being called entertainment.

Movies and TV series today (for the most part) prey upon the negative emotions of a viewing audience. 

Realize that in the real world there is only a fraction of the overall population that is involved in dubious behavior yet Hollywood primes our minds with 95% negative portrayals of human behaviors and interactions.

Story-lines purposefully exemplify the worst elements of our society and human behaviors.

The curators of such a decisive mechanism construct a bridge and post detour signs that for some, redirect their thinking!

While abstaining from responsibility for the cause and effects these culprits remain in the shadows. All along while society falls victim to their continued diabolical and contrived erosion and weathering of the human psyche’s good nature.

What we are witnessing has its origins deeply rooted and committed to injecting pure evil into the minds and souls of our next generation!

Here is what Dr. John Nelson of the American Medical Association had to say about the mental poison that we’re being fed;

“The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school. By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders. At a meeting in Nashville, TN last July, Dr. John Nelson of the American Medical Association (an endorser of National TV-Turnoff Week) said that if 2,888 out of 3,000 studies show that TV violence is a casual factor in real-life mayhem, “it’s a public health problem.” The American Psychiatric Association addressed this problem in its endorsement of National TV-Turnoff Week, stating, “We have had a long-standing concern with the impact of television on behavior, especially among children.”

When do we get it?…And when do we stop the madness? The promoters of such poison are by design truly having effects and those effects are not positive nor advancing morality nor ethics. One would have to investigate the investigators in order to be able to shine a penetrating light upon the dark souls that lurk in the shadows but, be very aware they are not just shadows! The dark side of being human has always existed and has always been with us, our choice is to let good or evil rain down upon us. The difference about this modern day version of evil since the invention of cinema and television is that the puppet strings that are connected to a new version of Topo Grigio and they are deceivingly wired straight into our living rooms, and being sold as entertainment.

Make no mistake, that white noise and snowy screen being projected is not entertainment, it truly a snow job! Some might ask, OK…but if this is true who’d be pulling the strings that’s become the American family’s focal centerpiece!

The Media uses bait and switch tactics. They use the bad news of things like starting fires and rioting (that are the effects), while ignoring the vast majority of the daily goings on of peace and tranquility. Good news will only get a fractional allotment of airtime, while less important agitating and anxiety ladened information is disproportionately propagated. They’ll publish inaccuracies about bad news currents events in order to successfully accomplish the perception that things are really bad and getting worse! These tactics aid politically driven agendas which create further divisions and all of it is scripted and edited to create the anticipated effects, by design!

They will promote an example of a minute fractional reality that may have occurred involving race and then use that inaccurate portrait of the face of Americana to induce further divisions in a country that’s ironically called the United States of America…hum?

Unions have taken over virtually everything that’s effectively manipulable. From cinema entertainment to the correctional facilities harboring criminals those who have taken over the Unions control the power and money of all such influences over our American society. This is like a cancer that has now infiltrated and infected every organ of the body of our American way of life. Most fail to recognize the origins of the who, what and where such power and influence comes from. It escapes our immediate awareness in all the distractions brought on by the wide-screen “screams”! For after all who’d benefit from corrupting our moral compass? What could become useful in paving a path to such addictions? Where could a society be directed to in the fixing of such a navigational heading?

The answers to these questions about such crimes, I believe that Robert F. Kennedy said best; it is in the organization of crime that a Union in consensus may become the greatest threat to the survival of a nation…hum?

J. Edgar Hoover was a phenomenon, and as the first Director of the FBI (keeping in mind that he remained in office for 48 years), Hoover repeatedly denied that any form of organized crime even existed.

Might it have been that while being the administrator of the top national law enforcement agency that organized crime already had gotten to the top G-man? Could his supposed Enemy #1 crime fighting campaign possibly just have been a bait and switch distraction that was designed to obscure who the real Boss’s, Boss was? Realize that this Boss’s Boss idea of a societal matrix existed in Sicily many years before slithering its way into the U.S.. 

It would in time migrate into New York and Chicago back when Mussolini waged war on the Mafia. As the five big crime families expanded and grew they formed a collaborative syndicate dividing the nation into geographic territories of illicit underworld activities. These power bases took control of the soft underbelly of American society’s carnal weaknesses, which made the remaining six frailties (Capitol Sins) easily exploitable. This dysfunctional resemblance of a family order expanded its tentacle’s reaches into the growing land of opportunity by spreading into the already locally corrupted locations like Los Angeles. 

Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere was a perfect place to launder dirty money by creating an attraction to sin and as a result it was flamboyantly promoted in its own image, Sin City! As they expanded their influences in America they exploited the weakness and capitalized on the local home grown business disorganization just, as had been done in their home land in Sicily. As a blueprint they used mussel to intimidate and the threat of death for non-compliance. They knew how to bribed the right officials and once the word got out that they meant business well, you’d only have two choices, conscription or assisted suicide!

If you don’t believe this well, maybe you should look into the story about Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III (Desi Arnaz) and Desilu Productions run in with the mob. He was on a hit list for a while for his unwillingness to cooperate.

After all they understood very well that crime was also a business and in order to be successful they needed to be organized and ruthless and when necessary, simultaneously! Their so called businesses involved bootlegging, prostitution, pornography, gambling, drugs, murder for hire and other immoral, unethical illegal activities. And these kinds of enterprises were tailor made to become a model for the businesses with the greatest risk. After all these happened to just simultaneously afford one with making the biggest profits, right?

Thus, one might ask; which came first the chicken or the egg? Were alcohol and drugs made illegal first (the egg) in order to manifest these revenue streams into a version of a false economy (the chicken)? Or were actions taken making them illegal so that over time the public would spend more on getting them…hum?

Unfortunately, the glaring vicissitude in our nation of milk and honey seems to escape recognition by those so heavily invested in the entertainment of such demise. The new navigational way-point seems to have been fixed upon sailing right off the edge of the earth, everyday on every station. It’s time to wake up America because a ship of fools are now at the helm and they are neither seasoned sailors nor good navigators. What they are is a mutinous band of marauders that have taken over the ship! We can’t even call them a crew because they were recruited from seagull excrement on the rotting docks while waiting on the shoreline for their ship to come in. Now they’ve stolen the bounty in the ship’s cargo hold and are using the hard earned gold doubloons of the previous crew to fund their further treasonous acts of piracy!

If this wasn’t actually happening right now in “real time”, it would make for another story-line script of a really bad movie! But as it is, the story that’s unfolding is our reality which is more frightening than fiction! The key and most important question is how much longer are we as a nation going to sustain and tolerate Big Brother’s bullying?

Throughout our history as a nation, Big Brother has always been around, right? Taking names and kicking ass! What’s changed is that over the last few generations he’s been body building at the gym. And now he has become an incredibly strong government body! He’s clothed with layer upon layer of agency protected body armor. Also attached is an arsenal of institutional acronyms of “law endorsements” CIA, NSA, ATF, IRS, DIA, FBI, TSA and so on…hum? This alphabet soup of protection as well as many other forms of weaponry are often clandestine and unseen…hum? Just take a look CNN’s key Anchor’s CV (Anderson Cooper) and you’ll see that he also worked for the C.I.A. during his earlier career…hum?

We’ve seen the IRS get instructions to target individuals that had a different political lean than the one in power, correct? We’ve seen the FBI collaborate to aid the political agenda of one party against the other, correct? Don’t we call this a “Junta” in third world countries?

We’ve seen a gunrunning scandal code-named “Fast and Furious,” which was a program run secretly by the U.S. government, correct? Realize that this operation was where our government officials collaborated and conspired to send thousands of firearms over an international southern border that ended up directly into the hands of criminals!

Just for an extra second or two, think about it? Is there really an international border where guns and ammunition only flow south? Or….could it be possible that the Drug Cartel that’s living in the U.S.A. might be obtaining some of those weapons for use here….hum?

This should be recognized for what it is, a treasonous act! Even the Mexican authorities weren’t notified about the thousands of firearms that were being sold to people in Arizona who had links to the Mexican Drug Cartels. 

According to ATF whistleblowers, in 2009 the U.S. government began instructing gun store owners to break the law by selling firearms to suspected criminals. I wonder how those background checks just somehow fell through the cracks? ATF agents then, again according to testimony by ATF agents turned whistleblowers, were ordered not to intercept the smugglers but rather to let the guns “walk” across the U.S.-Mexican border and into the hands of Mexican drug-trafficking organizations.

Where were the army of reporters trying to be the next Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein in this story? Where was the concern for gun control laws that are so often promoted as being necessary for keeping U.S. safer? The Media (as they always are) was making sure that Big Brother stays on the down low! For those who don’t know who Big Brother is well, it’s a metaphor for our very large and growing government bureaucracies.

What’s also important to realize is that the anointed, oops! I mean appointed (not elected) leadership in these bureaucracies too often remain in their official capacities for a very long time! As I’ve explained, their tenure of a premiership can actually span multiple presidential administrations!

As a matter of fact, what we are witnessing inside the D.C. Beltway is a “Deep State” growing influence that’s using such power to impose rules (not laws) that are weighted against our freedoms. These in turn, offer up a collaboration with many of our politicians who do what, just turned a blind eye! This is being done by using their official regulatory guidelines as implied laws and then turning those into applied control, with no one in an official capacity stepping forward with more authority to say otherwise!

In the continued unchecked growth of our federal government what we now have has actually evolved into a very effective menacing rouge “socialist leaning” government. Make no mistake, calling them “menacing” is putting it lightly, as these rouge agencies can quite literally have you put away behind bars unconstitutional in a heartbeat and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it!

This is a formidable power base that is now able to apply their very own form of governmental control and influence over a wide range of institutions. What’s happening is quite literally a revolutionary takeover of our American free choices and by whom?…You guessed it, by the very same muscle-bound forth level of our governmental bureaucratic agencies that we’ve been paying the bills for many years now…hum?

Government is necessary in many regards in order to keep a democratic republic nation running smoothly and free but, when government institutions become too large then they can become self regulating and self serving and they can begin to only look out for their own exclusive interest. Some may take issue with the use of the term “they” and say; who is this “they” that you’re speaking of? 

They are the layer upon layer of “Consensus” for a prescribed understanding that has become a bureaucratic government, not a government that is run by the people and for the people. This methodically happens when organizations like Teacher’s Unions form and create another power base that operates independently and counter to a “united” state’s national interest. 

Teacher’s Unions are funded by keeping Teachers employed. This leadership helps negotiate the terms and conditions that keep them employed and making more money, all at our expense. The Teacher’s Unions have created an obligatory alliance to a political persuasion that affirms an allegiance to their focused agenda, socialistic liberal leaning “mindlessness”!

The enormous political funding that lines their coffers comes from the Union dues together with endowments, grants and donations that are pooled as a very influential and powerful politically applied funding resource. These finical resources are a very powerful source of influential control over the bureaucratic process as well and the decision making of our government agencies at the top.

Admittedly, that’s their “pledge of allegiance” and simultaneously its our nation’s “plague of allegiance“! Furthermore, they have formulated and essentially written employment guarantees that protect Teachers from being fired by local school boards. These are contracts with school boards that anchor their guarantees for what acts as the definition for tenure policies!

“The purpose of tenure is to protect teachers from being fired for noneducational issues including personal beliefs or personality conflicts with administrators, school board members, or any other authority figure.”

This very influential educational organizational “Consensus” has created such a power base that it has in effect redefined the meaning of what is useful intelligence. Those who are grading our children’s intelligence for what is being assessed as useful information are now also in control of their future…hum?

What I mean by this is that they have not just taken control of what is being taught by teachers to our children but, they have written the complete manual for what will be acknowledged as their useful intellect in their future! They now have the ability to position the dictators that establish the qualification for actually what will constitute our next generation’s societal useful intelligence!

If you had ever wondered how and where the idea of a gender neutral bathroom came from or that transgender men could fairly compete in woman’s sports well, you may want to read from the library of “text books” being induced into your local school’s curriculum.

With campaigning slogans like; “Join the Evolution” one can just image how vocational wit or an inventor’s savant, which employs the creativity of an entrepreneurial spirit will make the “grades”…hum? The long standing hand-made uniqueness that was known worldwide as; “Yankee Ingenuity” shall no longer have a hand in it, quite literally!

You think not!…Well just try to find an elective shop class as part of a high school curriculum today? Then ask yourself, if this wasn’t part of a well planned redefining of the educational system via a labyrinth routing to “Join the Evolution”?

How did Wood Shop, Electric Shop, Metal Shop and Auto Shop all just disappear simultaneously with our manufacturing jobs being out sourced…hum? If that’s not social engineering well then, I don’t know what else could more clearly qualify as such!

Higher education is dictated as a perquisite for a getting hired for a government position and education is indoctrinating socialism as part of the curriculum. Well then, isn’t fair to say that only those with an allegiance to the predetermine consensus for a socialist minded attitude will be hired? Isn’t this sort of thing in fact what we have seen “EVOLVE” in so many of our collegiate institutions and now what also exist in so many of our government bureaucracies?  

As well, if such educational bigotry can dictate who is most qualified then, a GS rated government position of course will only be available to those who’ve been indoctrinated by a socialist minded educational attitude. If one doesn’t make that grade well then, one simply won’t qualify, correct?

How does socialism and communism take root in a free society? When we give up our freedoms to people who make claims to know better! It’s when civil servants form Unions and when Unions are allowed to grow by the numbers and invest in gaining more and more control. It’s when officials take the necessary steps to create layer upon layer of compartmentalized unaccountable (unaccountable to the people) governing power and they call theses agencies!

It’s when these evolve and empower a corrupted version of managing government employee called a “bureaucrat”! This is how the attitude of self preservation evolves rather than that of gratitude from the civil service model. It’s when you educate the next generation in a fashion that instills a belief that “they” and “they” alone possess the cognitive perquisites for not just running our nation but, “Joining the Evolution”

We don’t have many (if any) civil servants by definition any longer, what we have are power hungry, tenure seeking, and funding pursuing focused bureaucrats leading the so called evolution charge! Their hunger is only fed by inventing new ways to evolve and preserve their agency’s legacies. Bureaucrats have successfully acquired an out of control power structure that has evolved into a labyrinthine of multiple agencies. Realize that the vast majority of our so called “civil servants” of today (typically) comes from a socialistic liberal mindedness. They’ve become indoctrinated with this ideology in the process of acquiring a credential educational status.

Then those academic achievements establish a ranking order in which they may be granted (just like paying off student loans) promotions within such a class ranking. This is in fact, an entrepreneurial neutering machine because capitalistic attributes run counter to creating an atmosphere where such a model is rewarded. Furthermore, no longer is the Alpha-male variety of masculinity nor entrepreneurial spirit tolerated in the confines of our GS rated government agencies.

The sublime Beta-Male or Metro-Sexual version of what is to be tolerated is what has become the new role model to be followed. Non-confrontational, passive aggressive behavior is seen as a diplomatic skill in reaching resolution, together with a style of deceptive backdoor and underhanded tactics that are focused upon employing and achieving the goals of a “Consensus”. If one possesses the outdated version of being an Alpha-Male well then, the only choice for survival is to become a chameleon or try your luck working outside the government.

Promotions within these agencies follow this kind of hierarchical protocols, which are deemed necessary for achieving advancements up the ladder in the GS-rating federal government system. The definition for “aptitude” in such employment settings has become partnered with the perquisite of having a paralleling political adherence and alignment of allegiance, not to the whole of the U.S. population but, to the whims and scrutiny of the Consensus!

Under the scrutiny of such subjectivity by one’s superiors, a “talent” or special skills individual can be rewarded or overlooked. This is all depending upon one’s political views and or instinctual entrepreneurial spirit that has now been made extinct as an sought-after attribute.

It isn’t difficult to imagine what would happen to one’s promotional opportunities, if they for instance, wore a MAGA hat to work one day…hum? A strong work ethic, ambition and drive doesn’t necessarily gain the recognition that it may deserve while fighting in a war of attrition.

This is especially true where mediocrity is graded on a curve….hum? If one possesses the natural talents for producing and accomplishing measurable and tangible results well, it can easily be viewed as threatening to the others sharing the same work space environment. After all, we are all deserving of a trophy no matter where we place in the competition, correct? This follows the same WOKE mentality that refuses to award 1st place trophies to exceptional athletes who play better than their less capable teammates. And where is this being taught? In our public school, right!

Rather than being awarded with the rewards for winning, they’ll be reprimanded as an over achiever, which is challenging the status quo of mediocrity, which of course is to be expected from good little Worker Bees (Peasant Subjects).

The gestation of weak leadership doesn’t grow in a sterile Petri dish, it needs a place to fester and replicate in a safe and hospitable environment. We should also be able to recognize that such cubical confinements can (in some cases) foster resentfulness toward those in the general public.

You think not…hum? I’ll digress for a moment;

Did you ever go into a DMV and feel like you were being served by a respectful civil servant or…was there a subtle under tone of hostile attitude?

The resulting attitudes that evolve within such a work space can get turned upon the general public that “they” have sworn to serve. Have you ever notice the intolerance that some DMV workers have toward you when you’re asking a simple question? Especially if, your submission of forms isn’t filled out to their exact specification and to their subjective satisfaction….hum? Keeping in mind that they’ve delegated “U.S.” the responsibilities of preparing all the forms and paperwork that justify the necessity of them having a job in the first place! And those “forms” are what gets them to be able to punch in a few key strokes and justify having an superior attitude about doing us the favor, correct?

After all, they’ve gone to college and acquired a Master’s in History so, they know a lot about history, right? Unfortunately, it escapes their cognitive capacity in realizing that the definition of insanity is;

“to continue doing something the exact same way while expecting different results”…hum?

If the truth was known, our computer and software capabilities should have cut that agency’s staff by more than 50% decades ago! Of course that would have required employing creative entrepreneurial spirits to such a endeavor, right? This would have needed to be someone with a propensity to excel and would be deserving of being awarded trophies, correct? Oh but, unfortunately trophies for actually exceeding and accomplishing something measurable isn’t an attribute any longer in such confinement’s of servitude.

Realize that reducing the time required to execute a transaction and increasing the efficiency in which such actions are performed generally replaces mediocrity and it cuts the costs for employing a larger worker Bee workforce. The government is in the business of employing people who would generally otherwise have difficulty in getting hired for doing something that actually gets measurably accomplished!

That’s what bigger and more government looks like, for the most part. The simple and glaring fact is Big Government is miserably inefficient in actually getting things done. Why? Well it’s because of the kind of people who get hired to work for government and the lack of individual accountability for accomplishments. Not the kind of accomplishments that are an internal agency’s evaluation but, the kind of accomplishment where the tire hits the pavement on a highway for accomplishing a tangible measurable result, MOVING FORWARD! 

Just because your wheels are spinning doesn’t mean your accomplishing any forward progress. Speaking of wheels, lets put this theroy into something more tangibly relevant. If you think our government employees are making progress then try thinking again when your vehicle’s front end needs realignment, juts because your tire hit another pothole in our decaying highway system. Working for the government is a very different business model than the one on the street, no pun intended…hum?

Unfortunately (at least in California) hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested without the benefits of measurable results, why? Simply because keeping a liberally educated and liberal minded workforce employed at tax payers expense provides just one more building block to a socialist agenda, more dependents and more votes…hum? Another building block is obviously why so many illegal immigrants from socialist minded countries have virtually been allowed to invade our sovereign nation and why our politicians are in some cases trying to get them to be able to vote in our elections.

It doesn’t stop there, realize that the DMV has expanded their abilities to influence and control several other areas of societal decay! Here are some examples; You can get a Drivers License without being a legal citizen but, if you’re a legal citizen you’ll need to prove you’re a legal citizen and provide a social security number to get a Driver’s License….hum?

You might wonder why well, the DMV can assist in getting your passport suspended, your wages garnished, a Contractor’s License suspended and pull the so called “privilege” of having a Drivers License at all, which basically turns one into a criminal if they still want to try to drive or work!

Realize that social security cards were originally printed with them saying right on them; “NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION”! That was a federal regulation until “they” (state government bureaucracies) grew larger and acquired enough power to impose their own regulations. This goes for Driver Licenses also, because Federal Law stipulates that traversing the roads and byways of our nation is an inalienable right, not a privilege.

“In pseudo-legal circles, “right to travel” means the supposed right to “travel freely in your private property / automobile / conveyance on the public roads / highways without a driver’s license, insurance or registration and exempt from regulation or interruption provided one does not engage in commerce / earn profit or cause harm to people or property.”

Believe it or not, Higher Courts have ruled that Americans have a right to travel without drivers licenses or license plates! Americans have the inalienable right to use roadways unrestricted in any manner, as long as, they are not damaging or violating property or rights of others.

Now realize the state governments and local law enforcement may not want to follow Federal Law, just like the illegal use of cannabis, federally speaking. In California you’ll also need a “real” I.D. because legal and illegal citizens are indistinguishable. Who’s fault was that and how much is it costing us to create one more unnecessary government document…hum?

Don’t be fooled in failing to recognize that in the upper echelons of bureaucracies that another version of entrepreneurialism doesn’t exist, because it does!

It’s there where your freedom is vanishing as regulations like these are written into the directives by those who sit high atop the power structure’s decision making process.

This glaring and fervent power grabbing practice by our bureaucrats has been caught redirecting and misappropriating funds to pet projects for decades!

With a stroke of his pen, California Governor Gavin Newsom had redirected part of the money paid by Californians at the pump from the state’s gas tax to improve roads to the $4.2 billion investment in California’s High-Speed Rail project.

Just think of how many pot holes could have been repaired with that kind of money! And with a smaller government we’d have more money to apply filling in all those ruts that keep destroying our vehicles.

Of course a truthful democratic government (not an exclusively Democrat government) wouldn’t provide more unionized socialist dependents that can feed off of the system and insure the scumbags get re-elected, right!

The amount of money being paid to register vehicles in California is literally highway robbery! The roads and highway infrastructures are horrifically decayed and are quite literally in a third world condition yet, we’re paying more taxes and more fees than ever!

The new illegal immigrants that have invaded our sovereign nation will probably be just fine with these standards, as it should look quite familuar from their memories of the countries that they are fleeing. This is exactly what they had to settled for from their home nation’s politicians and bureaucrats, as our first world examples simply fade into oblivion.

Our politicians and government officials accomplishments won’t be measured in the increased danger, the accidents and the vehicle damaged that are caused by the extensive disrepair of our road systems, although thye should be made a civil, if not a criminal offense.

If we attached some personal responsibility to the inefficiency that we’re left to accept in what actually gets accomplished then, we might see the bottom feeding bureaucrats leaving public service (huh..) in droves!

If there is any doubt left in your mind about why “Big Government” is not good for our nation then you must be part of the problem…hum?

What we’ve seen from the concerted efforts being imposed upon our freedoms by Big Government and corrupted politicians is only more controls while they steal a bigger piece of the pie!

These bureaucrats have become drunk on the power that “they” now wield from high atop their lofty perches of big government agencies.

Realize that this power has also snowballed in that of spanning multiple presidential administrations, absent any respect for a central command.

They no longer need to listen to a Commander in Chief, let alone abide by the checks and balances of the three branches of our constitutional form of government.

You know like one that should have to subordinate to a consistent form of Congressional oversight.

Bureaucrats who become known for playing their cards right can even be anointed as if they were one of the “Knights at The Round-table”. Does the name Anthony Fauci ring a bell?

All that’s required is to appear as a Beta collaborative and bestow a nod and a wink to an incoming blind horse, correct? For after all a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse, right!

Sure, sure I know, Trump’s strategy was to give bureaucrats like Fauci enough rope to hang themselves. The problem was that Fauci had been tying knots on our American political Fallopian tubes for decades.

Just like any weasel, he used the weasel words and his cunningness to untie any knot around his neck before the floor would drop out of the gallows.

Inside the Beltway the back-room deals are cut behind closed doors. These wheeling and dealing efforts bestows the incoming elected officials with the inheritance of an aligned or non-aligned group of bureaucrats!

These thirty year career agents realize that a new Commander in Chief’s days are numbered but, if they play their cards right they can survive and even flourish as they win the war of attrition.

Over the last few administrations this ever evolving and expanding progressive power structure has greatly influenced and changed what our government has the ability to control.

There has been a “Consensus” (not a conspiracy) of understanding that’s been spawned out of academia’s intolerance and utter contempt for conservative thinking and capitalism.

I call this movement “The Consensus”, as there is a focused mindset among many bureaucrats who have been indoctrinated with a narrowed spectrum of knowledge during the acquisition of a credentialed status from a recognized institution of higher learning…hum?

They truly are collaborators who are purely focused upon gaining greater control over regional politics, which is not at all about serving the public’s best interest as a civil servant.

Unfortunately, these aristocratic human flaws mirror the same patterns as the French Revolution and if left to their own devices will no doubt bring on the same consequences.

Alarmingly so, too many escaped prosecution and evidently passed on their demonic genes to advancing generations.

In several key states, State Attorney Generals have had their campaigns strategically planned and pinpoint focused with the help of funding from socialist Billionaires.

Realize that guys like George Soros hate the American success story of Yankee ingenuity invested in entrepreneurial spirit. As a Hedge Fund guy he made his fortune not by making something or inventing something or producing something but merely by speculating on how to take advantage of something!

Now he and guys like Bill Gates and others truly believe in a different kind of America! Believe me when I tell you that this vision of America doesn’t look anything like your vision. 

Oh some may think so and some may as well jump on board with what’s being told to them but, when it’s discovered what’s not being told well…unfortunately it will be too little, too late!

Let us not forget the words of the German theologian and Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemöller at the Nuremberg Trials;“First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

A little history; Between 1979 and 2011, Soros donated more than $11 billion to various democracy killing causes like; Open Society Foundations (OSF), formerly the Open Society Institute, which is a grant making killing machine of democracy.

This is just one glaring example of how such a “Consensus” is funded and able to collaborate while working clandestinely in meet a socialist agenda. It’s from such funding that “their” political goals will be met, which is to take greater control over our democratic republic’s freedoms.

Once upon a time we had monarchies and subjects and although we’ve evolved in our individual expectations as participants in the political process, there are men who still want to be Kings! 

This kind of democracy killing destabilizing investment helps to insure that their clandestine agenda will be realized and a form of modern Kingdoms can be had for the taking!

Their funding has been quite effective at getting AG’s elected or appointed who will make a mockery out of our legal system. They work to further decay a legal system that’s already in ill health and by further attacking local law enforcement their efforts give aid to the justifications for establishing a national police force like Geheime Staatspolizei or better know as the Gestapo!

If you might be wondering what’s coming for you, just ask a survivor of the holocaust!

It should be self evident that there is enough saturation of these bureaucracies now that they can actually overpower, override or just plain ignore a newly elected presidential administration’s leadership goals, if that leadership runs contrary to their new Kingdom’s objectives.

If that isn’t self evident by the lack of cooperation that so many of these bureaucracies practiced during the Trump Administration verses the current illegitimate one well, then you must be OK with liars, cheaters and people who collaborate to steal elections also.

If so, I hope you’ll enjoy loosing more of your freedoms as the new world’s orders transition into guidelines and these get legislated into federal laws! You think not? Well just did you try flying somewhere without wearing a mask on during the lock down…hum?

Keeping in mind that what actually qualifies as a mask wasn’t established nor was the supposed zone of six foot safety distance followed, while sitting in an airplane set for hours on end only eighteen inches apart.

All that was important was that you can most effectively make the public statement that you have a willingness to be obedient and subordinate to that flawed logic of a bureaucracy like the rouge CDC to wear one!

Ask yourself if you were to prioritize which of these mandates is more effective, which makes more sense?

a.) Wearing a mask…or

b.) Keeping your distance

If you’re prone to emotional decisions of course the mask would but, if you’re prone to logical decisions then of course you’d know that distancing ones self is a safer bet, correct!

So maybe you can tell me why “they” dictated that we should wear a mask on an airplane while sitting eighteen inches away from a perfect strangers exhaling? 

The Media has waged an unrelenting propaganda campaign on the promotional pursuit of the “fear” narrative. At the same time they waged an unrelenting attack on the Trump Administration.

For the entire four years the “left” collaborated in a sustained bombardment of falsehoods that were clearly a focused and purposeful effort at diminishing his effeteness.

I’ll grant you that he was no choir boy but he was also not what “they” collaboratively made him out to be either.

Can anyone on the left explain how that was good for America? Are we a stronger nation now or are we weaker?

So the only conclusion is that the left’s agenda is to weaken us, correct!

Two fundamental problems with these treasonous behaviors are that when a given locality aligns itself politically to either a right or left swing they are betraying a sworn oath to our nation, the people!

They’ve sworn to defend the constitution of the United States of America and those are the rules for a government for the people and by the people. It’s not some on the right or some on the left, it’s all the nation’s people!

A civil servant isn’t suppose to aligned themselves with a political agenda they are to remain neutral and to serve the public. Federal civil service employees take the oath which is set forth by law in 5 U.S. Code § 3331, which reads as follows:

“An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

The Creator of souls also outlined our framework for what is acceptable as representing ethical and moral behavior. Know matter how one chooses to ignore the origins of this long standing tradition for what is moral conduct, the foundational cornerstones of our democracy and legal system rest upon these monuments, the word of God!

A guilt ladened awakening took place in America and that became focused upon electing a non-politician as President, President Donald J. Trump. The guilt that I speak of was the failure of the Baby Boomers generation to take the baton from the greatest generation and respectfully accept responsibility for that debt by paying it forward.

Making America Great again was merely acknowledging that with every blessing (and as Americans we have received many) comes an obligation. Although not of the middle class, President Trump spoke and effectively communicated the language to the middle class in America.

Although he was not politically correct in verbatim vernacular terms, he broke through the traditional shackles of etiquette, manners and politeness in order to speak to the wounded hearts of Americans. These were the ones who yearned for a government that could represent returning to recognizable values, morals and ethics. President Trump may not have been the best candidate for representing an example of a high moral man but, he possessed a sincere love for his countrymen and identified with their plight.

Was he all that, certainly not in the portrayals of his bold New York style mannerisms but, something familiar, something essentially American radiated from his more than repetitive words, Make America Great Again! These were the Americans who wanted to take back their America and make her respectful again!

America is guilty of many sins that are a consequence of bad leadership and a complacent attitude among a whole generation. Too many have taken her (America) for granted!

Our crime is to have gotten lazy and complacent about our freedom and blind to the consequences of delegating such responsibilities to the prevalent incompetence and dishonesty in our elected officials.

These infractions have compounded into what are now the equivalent of first class felonies!

We have allowed our national election process to be taken over by a tiny fraction of our nation and these rouge zealots have formed an alliance with those who want America’s destruction as we know her!

Our flag is now even being divided be separating the red from the blue and calling the white privileged….hum?

I don’t think the Irish Immigrant of the 1850’s could lay claims to being privileged, as they only lived on in America on average for about six years after arriving.

Some may forget their arrival and the filth and squdlller they endured. 

They had less value that that of a slave working on the docks,.

If an Irishman died there wasn’t any loss of equity and a slave had an establish value!

Remember the saying; there are no “I’s” in “team”?

Well that’s true but now “they” are trying to also sell you on the idea that there is no “u” in united!

When in fact there is an I and a you as we’re all part of what makes up something that’s united as a unit;

“an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole.”

What “they” would like you to subordinate to is a prescription for sedation and abstaining from using your good senses.

By accepting the inconsistent and supposed scientific claims being promoted, it tells a story about your gullibility.  

Unfortunately, the vulnerability to biting, swallowing and digesting the bait and switch of such utter hogwash is very telling.

If one was able to objectively assess the cause and effect responses of what has been called a pandemic episode, it would become painfully obvious that much of it was staged.

While it’s true that many have succumbed to believing that a rapidly developed vaccine offers them more protection than their very own immunities, it doesn’t make such false claims true.

As well, the claim that wearing a rag mask can hypothetically protect you from microscopic airborne participants in an environment surrounded by the general population well, that’s just plain and simple, ignorant foolishness!

Some may ask; what’s the problem with wearing a mask that does nothing? 

By doing so, one willingly exemplifies how simple and easy  it is to spoon feed U.S. all unscientific deceptions.

Masks can be and in many cases are harmful to your respiratory system. 

In order to not be harmful when wearing them for prolonged periods you need to be tested, monitored and evaluated as to your safe use for compatibility.

This is a OSHA regulation for all employers that mandate wearing one to their employees.

OSHA mandates testing twice per year and keeping medical records for ten years as to those testing results!

Have you heard a single word about any of these regulations from our so called Health Experts…hum?

The simple reality is, if one can be mesmerized to the point that they can be duped into voluntarily placing an unqualified obstruction over their oxygen intake well then, convincing them that a rapidly developed vaccine is safe and effective would be a slam dunk, right!

The ignorance in all of this hyperbole that’s coming out of our Health Experts mouths is that at the microscopic level the vast majority of masks are plain and simple ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus!

Because virus germs would pass right through most every type of fabric being used as a mask!

Any Lawyer will tell you in cross examination that there are only three options in answering a question;

1.) The Truth…

2.) You are stupid…or 

3.) You are a liar

Their job is to convince the jury in the Court of Public Opinions that they only have two options, number two or three!

Our Health Experts only have two options here and in either case their competence has long ago lost my confidence. 

I would no more put the future of my health in their hands than I’d put a single bullet into a revolver, spin the chamber, place the barrel to my head a pull the trigger!

This is because I can read the handwriting on the wall and it tells a clear and concise story about incompetence, mismanagement, ill preparedness and ignorance.

Now I ask you; are these people that you’d let babysit your kids? Why in the name of God….would anyone put their trust and belief in a vaccine being promoted by such complete and utter incompetent fools?

If it’s illegible to you or you want to ignore the real facts or you just like wearing a rag over you face because you’re convinced that makes you a caring person that’s fine.

But please, don’t try to sell me that I’m being irresponsible for not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine. It’s kind of odd how this implied crowd spun obligation has come about of late about wearing a mask and now getting a vaccine.

I see a parallel in what I had experienced regarding the crowd leaning thing. If you’ve ever been to a public execution (and I have) there is this invisible influence that begins to electrify the crowd, as they are amassing to view the killing of another for a crime of which they were convicted.

It builds up like electric voltage that is being turned up and running through a wire that connects them all in the crowd. People start to get agitated and begin pushing and clambering and this effect starts traveling through the audience like a slow burning fire!

That electricity running through the wire is the commonality we all possess called our dark side. Individually, it seemed that most of the folks gathered would be a normal God fearing descent person but, when gathered into a “crowd” and waiting to see predetermined swift justice carried out, that goodness somehow got sequestered into the basement of their minds.

A predetermined verdict offers exemption from the further contemplations of any human kindness and swaddles the human psyche’s darkness with a reprieve for the conflict in the solecism. From there no light can enter and no light can escape and we are left to sit in the darkness alone, without sound or sight that could enable us to fathom the depths or heights of our chosen location.

Momentarily one has no point of reference for the physical realm, for we up until the moment that the swift cutting sword slices through the perpetrators neck, we’d have chosen to become one with the darkness. In some small way, we who cast verdict and punishment upon another shall absorb some small token of responsibility for the darkness that we invite into our presence.

Be it judge or be it jurist our convictions levied upon our fellow man acts as an acceptance of something less than our fullest potential. However fractional, we absorb responsibility of this darkness and it displays as a blemish upon our very own souls!

In such acceptance the refractive illuminating value of God’s light is diminished in being able to shine through us and in us!

In your deliberations about others try to apply the due diligence that’s deserving of representing the best that you have to offer, not the least that you may think of them.

Most importantly, be fully cognizant about who you’re observing and who you are representing in this life. In such a mind space of solace, we may catch a glimpse of that representative in the mirror of reflection, which may offer a clearer view of THYSELF …AMEN!

Writing with the Veiled…