The Intellectual

Intellect, Knowledge and Wisdom

These three contributing factors in that of putting words to pen and paper will only progress and be appreciated to the degree in which they each can sequentially evolve in the mind of the individual’s imagination, as writer or reader?

In order for writing to be recognized as talented, a writer must extend an invitation of intrigue in the delivery of something more than just the exchange of mere words and proper sentence structure.

In that of extending such an invite for interpretations, a writer might choose to incite conflict by surgically grafting reality in a way which fiction’s sap might ooze from pores of a bellicose inquisitiveness!

The Matrix Reality and The Consensus…

So my stories invite an intellect that is compatible with being entertained with the incrimination of reality through fiction.

The invite of which I speak, isn’t limited to that of just the upper echelons of our elitist’s society who prides themselves as having a leg up on a scale-able intelligence quotient.

The relevance here is that our reasoning and understanding that transforms intellect into usable knowledge isn’t abstract or limited to purely academic evaluations.

Each and every one of us possesses God’s given unique savant and when that unique individuality is given dignity it will distinguish the scientist that is to be recognized in each of us!

Knowledge and wisdom are different and can’t be substituted for one another and wisdom isn’t acquired through just the span of time alone for that in merely spending time alive.

Some Examples of Wisdom

As the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition tells of one story, three members of a priestly caste of ancient Persia called The Magi traveled many miles from the east together with a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The story explains, “wise men” (“μάγοι”) had visited him after following a brightly lit star across the desert to his location and upon arrival they asked;

“Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews? For we observed his star at its rising, and have come to pay him homage.”

Thus, although they had already acquisition of some degree of wisdom, they recognized the obligation in that gift was to travel many miles from home to bestow acknowledgement on the source of their wisdom.

In accepting the celestial invitation, these distinguish travelers felt something obligatory in acknowledging the blessing bestowed upon their knowing minds.

Wisdom isn’t knowledge but, it most often is seen to come from the appreciation in the acknowledgement for the gift of an intellectual capacity, when that capacity is purposefully aimed at seeking the greater good from humankind.

The knowing mind can pose to us its greatest danger when our pride and ambitions become independently focused upon our exclusivity.

When we get all caught up in our pursuits of self fulfillment and that of bestowing prideful recognition to our worldly accomplishments, then we can lose sight of our obligation to acknowledge something greater than ourselves.

It is from such delusions that humility is exchanged for self righteousness and convincing arguments emanate from our internal dialog…hum?

Even the greatest minds ever known to man had altered the way-point headings for their destiny as a consequence of failing to recognize their own corruptibility.

For after all, we must recognize that even in the knowing mind of King Solomon, having had all the knowledge of his God given facts, he still wasn’t able to discern the dangers that lurked in the shadows of his own vanity!

Seeking Greater Truth…

I believe what is most important in living life to it’s fullest, is to focus one’s attention upon one’s responsibilities for representing a greater truth in the exhibition of our own culpable individuality.

This is where intellect, then knowledge can authenticate the acquisition of wisdom during the course of a lifetime or not!

Freeze Frames…

Please realize that in order to better prepare you for the views of my reality, both vistas and valleys for observations are needed.

My purpose is to frame in a point of view that might allow another to capture a more meaningful appreciation for how the world shapes and rounds the clay that forms our individualistic savant or denies it’s recognition.

Writing with the Veiled…