The Heart

Somewhere in each and every one of us is a beating heart that draws and pumps life giving blood, and affords us the continuance of life.

Somewhere within the field of folds deep within our mind resides another kind of heart, the Heart of the Soul.

The Heart of the Soul beats on cosmic energy by way of our mind’s plasma not the physical properties of flowing blood.

Our mind’s plasma isn’t made of the same ionized gas that form positive ions and free electrons in proportions.

The mind’s plasma isn’t like the colorless fluid called blood that suspends corpuscles and fat globules and basically neutralizes the electrically charged ions that are traveling through the physical realm of our body’s cardiovascular system.

The Soul’s plasma is derived from a hidden cosmic perpetual source that derives it’s fuel from the infinite spans of the universe.

The energy from this source is what can spontaneously ignite our imaginations!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

― Albert Einstein

Actually, it embraces the infinite universe not just the entire world!

Einstein refereed to it as imagination, although,…this perpetual cosmic source isn’t imaginary at all, it can be seen in that of the energy that makes the stars twinkle and the reactive glow in nuclear fusion.

It is from this border-less infinity that we are allowed participation, in that of the invitations of anything imaginable, or put another way, of anything our hearts desire!

What this means individually represents what appears as the randomness of our physical domain but, the Heart of the Soul does have a compass bearing, in which to reference an absolute way-point heading.

Realize that our soul has come from the brightest of all light sources in the infinite universe, and it has an intrinsic reflex that faces us in the direction toward the warming illumination of our loving home’s glow.

We only need to follow our heart’s yearning for the light and seek the only measurable accomplishment that life has to offer, which is to find our way back home.

God’s not going to measure how much you have in your bank account or how fancy your car was or how large of a house you owned!…God’s only going to ask one question of us;

Did you learn to love?”

And if you did learn to love, then it will be written in your Book of Life, from which one can read their story in the audience of God and all the angelic.

In those lines of scribed distinction, those paragraphs of description and those pages of affirmations, it shall be done!

One will have exhibited the compass heading from which one chooses to be lost or to be found.

Our compass headings are energized by our mind’s magnetized attractions to embrace the light, in that of our free choices or wander in the darkness.

Each final destination of course resides in each and every one of our individual choices to either be attracted or repelled from God’s light!

For we have free choice to warm our faces or turn to the cold in the darkness, and we have the ability to become good, bad or indifferent to our earthly bound companions who share the paralleling moments that will define us individually.

Who are The Olympians…?

We are all “Olympic Gold Medalist” who have also won the swimming competition in having been afforded a chance at life.

As one in millions, a single sperm swam against the current and each and every single one of us has made this same journey.

As one of billions on earth, we’ve received the golden gift of life in order to cohabit this earthy domain with all our brethren, and from this we are to provide testimony for the weight of worth in our soul.

Each and every one of us has a God given “savant“, a uniquely individualized talent that positions us with both the tools and the ability to experience something individually special from life.

Our challenge is to seek God’s wisdom and invite the light to shine upon the path that will help us find our way back home.

As difficult as this may seem, God provides us examples in many people, such as, Helen Keller’s story. She stood before the world as an example of unquenchable will.

This is where we can catch a glimpse for what resides in the examples of hopefulness.

As hindered as being blind and deft posed, she still found the light even absent the senses for sound or sight, why? Because she knew God before she even knew a language and when she received the gift of language and heard about God, she said she already knew.

In utter deftness and blindness she let God’s work come through her!

I can’t think of a better example of one who had found and applied their savant from the Heart of their Soul.

The Heart of the Soul is where our individual decisions chart our individual journey, for we can choose to sail stormy seas with friend or foe or seek safe harbor on the calm water’s bay of tranquility but, all such story-tales will be of our own doings!

The Heart of the Soul is where the resinous nature of empathy, compassion and the genuineness of a life filled with acts of kindness seem to stick and represent our characters or detach from a Teflon coating that has been applied to a harden shell.

Understanding from where the heart’s healthy choices originate and more importantly, what is said about the health of our individual spirituality from the results of our mindful choices is key to finding a safe return home.

Maybe as a 148th laconic verse to the Delphic Maxims, one could add that;

“The Soul’s Heart resides in the mind’s choices…”

And that a poor diet of indigestible toxic consumables can lead to polluting the plasma vessel’s tributaries that carry loving intentions.

Just as a river can become poisoned with toxins and fail to deliver the bounty of life in down stream blessings, one’s spiritual pollution can also constrict the capillaries of good intentions and ultimately strangle the Heart of the Soul, causing cardiac arrest!

The Heart of the Soul can become a cosmic VIP business card, in making a presentation at the gate, as it exposes our long form curriculum vitae that has been acquired in this experience called life.

We choose to enroll in the schooling of our harden choices and become educated in presenting formidable defenses for our beliefs, or we remain open to the vulnerability of life’s whims.

We can choose to perceive feelings as a liability or intuitiveness as divinely inspired rays of light?

It will be from these decisions that our life’s works define us! These are our cosmic Résumés and from those descriptions in meaning our work experience on earth will materialize as weighted value or disappear in an evaporative foggy mist of having scribe a meaningless life in the cosmic sense.

From indelible ink, we purposefully dip our painter’s brush into our appreciation for the palate’s flavors of life and select our representation from the swath of rainbow colors provided.

From each fanning brush stroke across the canvas evolves a clearer portrait that illuminates or eclipses our personalized statement.

We become recognizable or invisible, we become worthy or fall from grace. We earn or fail to earn a higher or lower status in our return home to God’s kingdom.

From the unique burst of colored light that resonates form the flickering flames of our souls, we are individually distinguishable among the billions.

Take a breath now, and hold it…only for a moment and try to imagine how incredibly fortunate we all are to have won a ticket to life!

God knows us by the light that shines from the Heart of our Souls as he knew us prior by the number of hairs on our heads individually. This of course was long before we swam the torrent sea.

From the vast darkness that engulfs the endless spans of an unmeasurable universe our identities become established by how brightly and how colorful the Heart of our Souls burn.

For this is our substance, this is the “us” that God knows, this is the inescapable truthful self that is seldom seen by men…

Some may argue that to truly know thyself may not be at all possible on this side of the thin veil, yet we must never stop seeking to uncloak the truthfulness that is at the Heart of our Soul.

We must invite God everyday to cast the light of his love upon our journey’s path.

It is also obligatory in the rules of the cosmos to apply both manners and etiquette, in our requests for the light.

Always remember to bow head and bestow thankful recognition for any ray of light received, because according to NASA the universe contains about 70% Dark Mater, a 2:1 Ratio.

Scientists can’t agree on whether the universe is a cosmological constant, cosmic acceleration or a cosmic deceleration but, many agree that God’s fingerprints were left all over the universe’s intelligent design as evidence of God’s I.Q.

Although it is only a hypothesis that is embraced in a very select few of our scientific circles but, quantum physics theorist are debating the behavior of the subtle polarization of light that can be caused in theory, by primordial gravitational waves.

It is from the nanoscopic scales where the action is on the order of Max Planck’s constant (6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg/s) (theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory) that quantum mechanics have now good news!

It seems that God may have very well left the porch light on, so that we could find our way home…

Michael Chaffee

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