The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements

Life’s guidelines for accomplishing greater successes are much simpler than what we often lend our focused attention to achieving.

In our efforts at navigating our day to day lives, we can develop a form of tunnel vision, and in such a state of mind, we can loose sight of the fullest spectrum of life, by eliminating the peripheral view.

How does this happen? Well…it happens when we forget that we all have a connection, to one another!

We all give and take, teach and are taught by our interactions and absent an appreciation for the cause and effects that are intended to shape our realities, we can become too focused upon our own individual objectives.

Our spiritual energy can’t be measured with a Geiger Counter but, it still exist. This pulsating cosmic beacon is charged or discharged at a rate that corresponds to our ability to connect to the charging station.

A form of current voltages and amperes loads are measured in the trickle charging affects of unconditional loving intentions, and flow in a +/- charge or discharge form of millivolts, so to speak.

This is the energy source of the universe and our humanistic ability to tap into this phenomena is directly corresponding to our willingness to recognize it and live by it!

In beginning the journey of self discovery, we must first recognize that we are not alone and that our journey parallels everyone else that shares this space and time, why? Well…quite simply, it’s because by design, we all have a purpose and we all have a connection in being here together.

These guidelines or FOUR AGREEMENTS offer us a set of rules to conduct ourselves in a more loving way, that will ultimately charge or discharge our batteries!

If our batteries can become fully charged and stay fully charged, then that loving light will shine and light the darkness along the path of others.

These aren’t rules, as much as they are bread crumbs along the path that leads to the formal table setting and banquet meal, that awaits us all at the end of our journey.

Think of these, as a form of nourishment for our souls and the souls of others. Take a seat at the table and pass the gravy and mash potatoes. Bestow the full belly feeling that comes from the nourishment of loving intentions.

Just for curiosity sake, try developing a new habit today! They say it takes twenty one days to develop a new habit….So might I suggest that you jot down these guidelines and every morning take a few moments and read them aloud to yourself.

Find a serene quite place and allocate a small piece of your uninterrupted day to practicing a conscious awareness of the cause and effects that you have on others and others may have on you.

When confronted with one who may challenge your views or ideals, stop and open you mind to a wider perspective for other possibilities. Untie the umbilical cord that feeds your ego and anchors your soul to the exclusivity of earthly limitations. Peer deeper into your own reasoning’s and purpose for being chained to such anchored beliefs.

And finally, make signatory the agreement to do your best, and in excepting that effort as your best, it will help to eliminate the self-destructiveness of self-judgement, self-abuse, self-doubt, self-incrimination, and regrets.

After all from time to time, if your internal dialog was an external friend speaking to you, would you have such a friend…hum? I think not!

So,…think of your thoughts as a friend worth having or not! Associate yourself with thoughts who are worthy of being your friends and accept nothing less from yourself, because in doing so, you too will become a friend worth having!

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The Four Agreements...

The Four Agreements…

These guidelines are not of my work but, they are a philosophy in which I try to aspire to live!

They are like the differences between avenues, streets and boulevards in which we choose to travel down the road toward life’s destiny. As such, in these decisive choices for our headings, our alluring individual life’s journey unfolds.

Whether our journey is a smooth highway whisking us expediently toward our ultimate destination returning home or the results in our choices unfold as a series of potholed riddled gravel dead-ends, we always possess the freedom of choice and the freedom to choose otherwise!

Practice these and you will discover greater peace and meaning in your life and the life you share with others will provide others with greater peace. May God’s peace be upon you!

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