Crystal Ball…

Oh future clues of life a new how can one gain sight of views in yet to be adventure’s dreamed, unfolding in eternal life unseen?

What lays ahead before we’re dead has purpose in the things unsaid, each step we’ve taken gives chanced mistaken ‘n hazards posed that’s undisclosed…

Can trips and falls be just forestalls in sights of view in crystal balls? Does path we’re on awake each dawn with chanced forsakes which aids mistakes?

Are purposed routes adventured doubts ’bout laying course absent a scout, set paths a foot for greater good in choices made ’bout where we stood?

And in such pace as rat in race could prior knowledge pay worth to homage, which placed thy foot on something solid?

How one knows for where one goes can’t be known in full disclosed before one opens doors of choice, then feels the push from inter voice!

‘Tis life’s unseen adventures dreamed that offers up the future’s scenes these yet unknowns for how we’re growing defines thy soul in where ones going…

Who knows for sure ’twill find the cure for all the flaws in nature’s blur as clues from view for what we choose obscures the news inside the you!

Would crystal ball help us at all, if prior news could provide some clues? Or would we still just take the steps that fold thy sheets ‘n make thy bed, regardless of what future said?

In dreams of scenes for what’s foreseen could crystal ball help slow thy crawl, before we stand and take the fall?

If truth be known from future’s shown what’d be different in life of prone from choices made half wit’s charades and all that’s offered from dawn’s new day!

So crystal balls cannot forestall exampled truths for life of sooth, ’tis in unknown for where we’re going that future’s quest ’twill offer test in measured couth refined as best!

So fear yea not for what gets lost in mind’s designs of wordless rhymes nor trots of bots that speed past cops confusing choice before yea!

‘Tis all designed excused in time, gets lost in quantum theory, if truth be known ’bout time in slowing we’d come to know ’bout future’s roll in valued gifted halos!

Imagine if we’d foresee decree in leafs of tea before it’d be, thus ask yea not what futures got that if discovered might add to lot, ‘cus ’tis life’s unknown that keeps us going and adding spice to life!

‘Tis from the spice and choice of twice that shapes the clay on potters lath, and fired Kiln’s heat applied ’twill harden face while we’re alive.

So crystal balls can’t know it all in results ‘t would be afforded, ‘cus shape and form of face forlorn may conform to shape abhorrent, or something grand that mirrored God’s plan from life’s partakes of give and takes.

Thus futures scenes of things we’d dreamed aren’t meant to advance things foreseen, as journey’s stroll of life’s beholds are meant to shape the clay portrayed and round thy soul on full display…

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…