Children of Tomorrow

Little Miss Anna Falactic

On any given day and at any given hour one can choose to flick a switch and have their mind saturated with a relentless and ongoing bombardment of what could at best be described as pure conjecture.

It is most unfortunate that so many world events are no longer just stories making headlines.

They’re being repackaged and then sold as related stories. These efforts too often can actually propagate civil unrest and much, much more!

The many news-actors (oh I mean the anchors) have for the most part all become part of these promotional efforts in a subliminal way.

They shape the consensus (not a conspiracy) together, as they draft the narratives of plausibility into a story-line’s half-truths or even less.

Thus, spinning the yarn of believability into a tightly stitched fabric that is decisively woven into pure “conjecture”!

And from this…we can vaguely recognize the substance being propagated as being news at all!

The purpose of which, is to attract the enlistments of those who are most easily mesmerized by such baited verbs and promote the advancements of a media outlet’s higher rankings and ratings.

Yet the agenda lays hidden to most, as the effects span generations in this contrived tinkering.

The absurdity in all of this is what the addiction to the attraction of such speculation may come to mean for the Children of Tomorrow?

What happens when the “truth” of the matter subordinates it’s responsibilities for validity to a form of prostitution being sold to us all in such fantasies?

What is really being exchanged in such acts of commerce when the Media Whores lure our society into the seductive attraction of sensationalized propaganda?

Isn’t the whole of our society just being sold “a pig in a poke”?

How do such agendas fulfill the obligation of the inheritance of America by the children of the greatest generation, in that of allowing advertisers to command control over feeding the addiction by exchanging journalism with commentary for the sole purpose of gaining greater attention?

A good story used to be the authentication of merit and substance in an accusation, not the incitement of speculation for the purpose of higher ratings.

Maybe it will seem like a fairy-tale to our great grandchildren in the future, that news was once unadulterated information that was called journalism, not commentary…hum?

The truth be known, is that “truth” can no longer be found even in between the lines, as these narratives are like a Pimp to a Prostitute in that of disenfranchising the virtuousness of virginity for the exchange of better rankings for higher ratings!

The segment of our society who is most susceptible to being anesthetized, seemingly fails to realize that the recruitment is really a veiled conscription.

The prescription for a socially engineered alternative reality is administered in between the lines for what needs to appear as a consensus of accepted understanding.

The broadcasted narratives promote the agendas in ways that feed the attention grabbing addiction of our society like a hypodermic syringe penetrates the epidermis.

These sensationalist inject a corrupted version of reality directly into the capillaries that carry the blood of our society from the heart to the brain!.

New Headings…

Think of the press as a group of seasoned Herdsmen who work for a large Cattle Ranch. Imagine them sitting high atop their horses with bridles in hand while they view the herd of all those cows headed for the roundup.

In breaking the silence of calm on any given day these media commentators can embroil controversy by handing out indictments (not the jurisprudence required for a conviction) to anything or anyone who becomes targeted in the cross-hairs of a Rifleman’s locked-on red-dotted focus!

When society’s heading seems to be going a different way, then these Cowhands simply employ a hollered burst, and whistled pitch of forced breath between a small hole in one’s lips or teeth.

The threat of broken silence from repetitive whistles ushers in a startling disturbance, which causes an abrupt change in direction for the entire herd.

It’s not necessarily by choice but, by the forced conscription from being in proximity to the sheer size of the entire herd that one must move.

These Herdsmen with their elevated view of the hills and valleys of our society can incite the sway of the whole herd to traverse slowly up grassy knolls or stampede over a cliff’s rocky terrain.

On the open range they can exploit a story-line’s path of travel merely by offering the threat of an alternative reality in a full gallop toward the herd.

They can even separate the herd from itself by thrusting the weight of a mounted fourteen hands tall stallion toward the epicenter of concern, which leaves no alternative direction but to subordinate to parting challenge.

High up in this imaginary saddle and above the shoveling hoofs they commandeer the attention of the masses of the herd to a mind altering for the media’s promotional biased.

The agenda is for how our society should appear, not necessarily the norms of an uninterrupted cattle drive toward the watering hole of a tranquil reality.

What has escaped notice by so many of the sheepishly walking public is that the stories that are being repackaged and then sold, are actually being synthesized with attitude and drama in order to focus one’s attention on the effects, not necessarily what is truly news at all.

As a suggestion, next time you’re watching a newscast, try affixing a persona to what appears to be causing an allergic reaction of sorts.

Watch how the invitation to the proximity of such a persona tries to draw us, the audience in a little closer in order to activate an imaginative apprehensiveness.

I have termed this dramatization, Little Miss Anna Falactic and while becoming focused upon a given story’s headlines, one may be able to see her very clearly by the effects that she is attempting to create in the mind of the viewer.

One of the first effects may be for some, the dilation of blood vessels, which can cause a feeling of uneasiness or nervousness when going about one’s day after hearing about all the impending doom.

In turn an accelerated flow of blood to the brain may also incite anxiety or a daunting sense of fear for crowded places, like the mall or theaters.

Then an over-activated imagination may give rooting to the plausibility for a doom-filled awareness that has been authenticated by the further promotions of Little Miss Anna’s persona of raising tensions, presumably everywhere we look.

Anna’s shock factor actually starts with the implications that emanate from the many well rehearsed facial contortions, together with the overly contrived tones, octaves and other forms of emphases that are being announced in the hype of a given story.

These actors, I mean anchors prescribe the subliminal messages that are behind our current events, as if to imply that a viable and emanate threat lingers just around the next corner or up the next escalator.

Although having nothing to do with the merits of a story’s reality in particular, a serious news announcer must personify the velocity and trajectory of a barrage of implications, that can too often go well beyond the validity of the facts.

Of course one must realize that this is only being done under the shield of what is refereed to as the “free press right” of professional journalism.

Unfortunately the network’s have monopolized what is called the rights to a “free press” and they deem it appropriate to not just share information, but deliver it deep within the human psyche with an anticipatable cause and effect.

It is evident that buildings have been set ablaze and lives lost when the major network’s band together to promote an agenda that sets aside civility and incites serious repercussions in spinning a script for disaster, all in the name of the free press’s right!

The practices of over-hyping, hard-selling and the directional-promotions of spinning a given news story, in order to sway a liberal or conservative mindset are again, purposefully deceptive.

Such divisions only further dilute and divide a story’s facts into political alliances with clear adulterating agendas, and those who involve themselves in perpetuating public opinion into criminal activities should be held as culpable accomplices.

When news is told in a way that is festers into disobedient civil unrest and anarchy, that then leads to violence and mayhem, we should rewind the tape and review how things erupted?

When laid out in a sequential timeline, it may be seen very clearly that when an accelerate is poured on smoldering embers and continually fanned by repetitive scenes of masterfully editing narration and film clips, well towns get burned, wars get started and the masses are more easily manipulated.

Unfortunately, those who are in-charge of giving us the “in-your-face” variety of nightly news are also in-charge of bestowing forgiveness to their front-line-lime-light actors, as they are good soldiers!

These guys and gals are only following their news conglomerate’s orders in filling their prestigious positions in the delivery of such irresponsibility.

Realize that when an over zealous announcer becomes exposed for crossing the line of tolerable sensitivities (stretching the truth until it snaps), then the networks pull their “go to guys and gals” back from the lime light and use these actors in a much less obvious way.

They switch it up by applying them to quarterly periodicals, which in turn provides commentary (not news), in a more network directed agenda’s concentrated form.

The liability and risk to the network in promoting their subversive, opinionated and very often finely tuned hyped versions of world events, is mitigated by the utilization of the infamous as famous in the capacity of news consultants rather than news announcers…hum?

The general public assumes these lairs have been fired rather than on sabbatical working intelligently behind the scenes on network funded consulting assignments.

This is achieved in a similar way in that of how a President would get impeached and then might come back and be reintroduced as a revitalized “bad boy”!

Just like type casting actors for a movie role, these characterizations are used to help direct the story being told!

You see, regardless of one’s decision to disregard one’s responsibilities for proper conduct, the value of such leading actors is still retained and this is accomplished by promoting their rebellious audacity in the story-line’s scripted version.

After all, the negative publicity in defaming the authority of the Presidency while in the Oval Office becomes the ultimate “bad boy” packaged characterization for rebellion, if rebellion is what is being contrived.

Especially when the media accompanies an imagery filled expose’ with him engaging fallacio under the desk with a subordinate, oh yea and literally without consequence.

Yet that story somehow gets buried without a blemish on one’s completion and just a few years later we get the revitalized bad boy…hum?

Now as a campaigner for a new candidate his rebellious “bad boy” package characterization somehow has mainstream marketability, WOW?.

I mean really come on, if such a character can capture half a million dollars per speaking opportunity throughout the world after being impeached, then he must have something news worthy, right?

After-all a privileged life offers so many more challenges to those who aspire to such pinnacles, and who have to redefine the word “is” to explain themselves?

I mean in a right minded world such exhibitions of an undignified behavior is really just the results of us placing unworthy characters in the roles of fulfilling the obligations to leadership in the first place, so who’s responsible?

In failing to honor a dignified portrait of character and not suffering any consequence, it only illuminates how these bad examples are literally resurrected by the media in spite of any “Bad Boy” status and then promoted as celebrities.

Actually, they become the poster children of the media’s hyped agenda for the nemesis of goodness. For after all any good story must have an antagonist and a protagonist, right?

Too many in the American press have historically encouraged greater tolerance for unworthy behavior for the purpose of the glorification of unworthiness.

Such efforts simultaneously employ a fervent level of demonic creativity, which further incites incivility from their dramatization.

Little Miss Anna doesn’t just tell the news, she fully engages the packaging, the wrapping with bow and the splash of aromatic fragrance that turns spoon filled crap into something that sells as fully digestible nourishment!

They are not interested in the long term health of our American society, as it is their short term goals in which they acquire the thirty pieces of silver, which is the going price for an Iscariot’s selling out our America way of life!

One would need to close both eyes and ears in order to refrain from noticing the consequences for such a short-selling.

It should become most glaring to the observant, that this agenda isn’t set on strengthening America but, weakening America at its very core!

Many of today’s stories only induce further discontent by way of inciting further racial division, rioting, burning, civil unrest, disrespect of authority and public and private property damage

It’s easy to see the parallels for how this is very much like pouring gasoline on the flames of the fires that are already burning!

Furthermore, in sensationalizing and celebrating all these forms of poor behaviors, it only ramps up greater fear and anxiety by the promotions of greater instabilities and these leave us all more prone to sympathetic vigilantes who can induced even more violence.

For in offering and promoting these examples of unaccountable leadership, it only collaborates with diminishing the strongest ideals for civility in America.

The media further accomplishes this agenda by continuing to promote “unworthy” to the highest level of celebrity status and the investment of this promotion appears to continue to take center stage advantage by reading them into the daily news narratives.

Take a few moments while viewing any half hour segment of “so called news” and tally the disproportionately invested time segments to the stories being reported…hum?

Then summarize the content in a rational state of relevance, while taking time to note what subjects, personalities, geographies and conflict specific world events are being sensationalized for the purpose of hype or hope?

These are carefully worded and divisively scripted into a version of worldly view, thus continuing the “cause and effect” to continue cycling more disorder, not civility!

If this wasn’t true, then why would they continue to rant and rave about the worst examples in our world rather than more stories about the best?

If exposed, the networks simply temporarily turn the spot light down for a while and when the right story is needing the right bad boy’s storyteller’s exaggerations again, well then they just magically reappear as a crazed celebrity distraction…hum?

Of course realize, that the announcer / actors are evaluated and promoted based upon their ability to command attention of the masses, while getting fear to rise to the occasion based upon their repackaged and newly sold versions of any given story.

They’ve been well educated in that only by inciting “fight or flight” in the imaginative perceptions of the audience can the catalysts for an adrenaline reaction become appreciatively mixed, which can then bind the mind to screen and screams!

In order to drive the subliminal emphases of hypertension from a story, they are informed that one needs to employ the most refined tools of their craft masterfully all in combination!

In so many cases the stories are further fed with the attraction of stronger presentations from the physical attributes of blond bombshells, which are further amplified with their finely tuned cosmetics and revealing attire.

Anna’s personality profile is synonymous with the enigma that can be affixed to our broadcasting media’s attempts to shape and contort the attitudes of America and draw us further into the drama, which becomes the story in the story but, all too often has less to do with the actual events unfolding!

It really matters not, which variety of medium (internet, newspaper, television, etc.) is utilized in applying such methods of delivery for the messages that contort our realities, because after all they are all forms of the same medium, dramatized propaganda!

Definition; PROPAGANDA ”Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

Respectively, or better said disrespectfully, each of these instruments are design to purposefully channel our heading for a consensus (not a conspiracy) of attitude toward a desired understanding for how to better direct America’s way-point heading.

Although what seems to get past most of us is where such a vehicle is headed,…hum?

As well, in the introductions of such hypothesis for such conjectures, in that of the contrived emphases, what are the possibilities from the consequences in allowing such influences to permeate into our American psyche?

Ah yes, the American psyche! As there have been many studies done on the cause and effects on our thinking but, none so apparent as this experimental societal laboratory project call the American Press!

For after all this project has been imposed upon the American populous via the mass media’s influences for more than the past fifty years!

It’s clear to the observant eye and ear that these influences are very effective at inducing these effects on our society and for some strange reason many people can’t seem to get enough…hum?

The barrage is propagated under the guise of competing for ratings and the selling of advertisement, which we get to view from the window while riding on which ever bus of delivery we have chosen to catch a ride on.

Oh sure…we can change the channel or turn the page but, the variety in the hues and tones of colors that have been so long ago arranged in a narrower prism’s spectrum for the possibilities have already been converted into the algorithmic formulas!

From virtually every news agency’s purposeful indoctrination we are seduced and induced with a form of shock upon a mostly unprepared and unsuspecting American psyche.

This too often is unveiled while an unsuspecting audience is being duped into believing that world events are uniquely “special events” rather than just a series of episodes.

While risky for the media to angle a story’s paradox in an attempt to authenticate their investigative reporting, realize that it serves to give a harder “bite” to the parallels for what they wish to have appear as diagonal!

Infusing proposition absent sound reasoning from acceptable premises has become an effective technique in the Media’s further reach.

Noticeably this is what is being promoted between the supposedly opposing views from “conservative” vs “liberal” media outlets.

The most glaring transparency is how perfectly the paralleling lines of such opposition so perfectly line up in order to offer us all such a definite line of divide.

However diabolical such parallels may be viewed, one can’t deny that they exist.

Furthermore when these political polarities are infused with such a decisive deception as only half of the story in order to improve the “bite”, well then unbelievable can very easily put on the disguise of believable!

Of course, Anaphylactic Shock (pronounced Anna Falactic Shock for my purpose) is a severe and potentially life threatening condition but, so too as we are told is ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Hezbollah.

One may even feel their blood pressure raise regarding what can and should be expected from such groups at any given moment!

Interestingly enough, it is not just limited to the scare tactics of terrorist but, it is also the proliferation of informing us about a host of threats.

You can hear the convulsive gasp for air anytime of day, by just turning on the promotional propositions of impending doom and gloom, which of course are combined with informing us of the state of paralysis in our political leadership’s indecision.

If that doesn’t unnerve enough of us, well then they can prescribe the “red bandit” barbiturates which can enhance a further depressed state of mind by reporting about the insolvency our nation, which of course is directly connected to the paralysis of our political leadership’s indecision

If that doesn’t work to further divide us, well then it will need to be something else like;

  • Black Lives Matter
  • School Shootings
  • U.S. Murder Rates Raising
  • Other Violent Crimes Increasing
  • Stocks Falling
  • Gas Prices Increasing

As well as many other economic predictions that make many believe well you know, that it is got to be really close to the second coming or something really, really devastating that is just about to go boom!

How could things have changed so much in just fifty years (societal speaking), that it has taken America from the “Leave it to Beaver” after-school stroll down Avenida De La Tranquility, to the dark world exhibitions of a stripper pole becoming a compliment to a new bride’s Bachelorette party.

Oh yes…that is called entertainment, I forgot and it is up to all of us as individuals to turn it on or turn it off, unless you are a latch key kid being raised by a single parent, right?

In that scenario a single parent might just need to work sixteen hours a day just to keep the lights on and pay the rent…hum?

Some baby-boomers may as well recall, that kids back in the 60’s would plant their faces in front of the boob-tubes for hours on end.

Kids back then were unaware that television programming was foolish, and induced foolishness, or was only watched by foolish people, as the programming indoctrination suggestively promoted our viewing pleasures.

Nowadays kids have interactive violent killing machine video games in order to be entertained, oh how we’ve become so technologically advanced since the 60’s four channeled networks limitations.

Oh yes, and by the way the baby-boomers shouldn’t have wanted to miss that very informative segment that autumn evening in 1968 on how important it would be in the future prosperity of America to get women out of the home and working for that almighty independence of that minimum wage earnings…?

That needed to become one of several crucial societal motivations in order to hand over the latch’s keys to academia’s parental role and kick God out of schools while put killing video game machines in their hands.

So in order to sustain a middle class household’s hopes and aspirations, then a script needed to be written for the “talking heads” and it would need to promote the “buy-lines” for what dual incomes and more self authority could do for a better America, right!

Are you feeling it right about now…hum?

Thus, we can thank Hollywood for writing some of these scripts and giving us the contributions of such a visionary creativity, or we can as a society cast a bright light upon the dark minds who only hold contempt for the bygone decades of America’s past civility!

Billed as entertainment, these efforts have offered temporary escape from lonesomeness in a mundane sixteen hour workday, to child and parent alike. But really who gets rewarded in the exposure and who ends up paying?

Over the past fifty years these influences have become a parental assistant in-kind, resulting in divestiture from parental responsibilities and equally so socialistic responsibilities!

In such delegations of authority, the “Directors” have cast the bold face news anchors as bold faced font on a page for playing their parts as actors in the staring roles of this version and vision for America.

This vision has and continues to formulate the perspectives and infuse the evolving mind’s designs of the Children of Tomorrow.

Realize that a CSUN study quantified the number of murders seen on TV by the time an average child finishes elementary school at 8,000.

By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders. This doesn’t even begin to account for video games!

How the Children of Tomorrow will appear and what can be expected in the inheritance of such a society too often escapes recognition for the responsibility.

These influences are no different than evil molesters that has been given the keys to the front door of our homes.

Millions of Americans are so hooked on television that they fit the criteria for substance abuse as defined in the official psychiatric manual, according to Rutgers University psychologist and TV-Free America board member Robert Kubey. Heavy TV viewers exhibit five dependency symptoms–two more than necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis of substance abuse. These include:

  • 1) Using TV as a sedative
  • 2) Indiscriminate viewing
  • 3) Feeling loss of control while viewing
  • 4) Feeling angry with oneself, in watching too much
  • 5) Inability to stop watching
  • 6) Feeling miserable when kept from watching.

Unfortunately, the cerebration of celebrities aren’t exposed in the lacking merits of substantive contribution to our society. Mainly because the screams and piercing cries for attention from these celebrants turns the spectacles of ascendancy to their advantage, with our media’s assistance.

The measured grams of gold’s worth that resides in the souls of the future become sold as a commodities on the Cosmic Currency Exchange (CCE).

The Children of Tomorrow’s soulful currency as such, is valued only for how to inject more blemish causing impurities that can further diminish the adolescent complexion of the next generation of the American populous.

That measurement is scaled as sinful disregard for any recognition of a higher authority and the substitution of a higher authority with the greatest addiction known to being human, the addiction to self-authority!

The full weight of our sinful nature is measured in the decibels of applauds that roar from the rebellion.

The greater the absurdities in our contradictions the more it seems to obscure our responsibility for the obligation to maintain civility through our own examples.

It is apparent what can be expected from this new tragic modeling of a civilized world, which is so often promoted.

The deafening decibel level from the applause in the current political discontent only offers us a momentary distraction for what should be recognized as weakness not strength!

I often wonder, why we are where we are at today and how did we get here?

Who has been driving the bus and more importantly, who is going to be driving it over the next leg of the journey?

For we have reached the cliff side that’s absent any guardrails, and what lays just up around the next bend can have great consequences.

Oh yes many of us are all fed up with being spoon fed the poisonous lies and deceit that is now just expected from our politicians, but really;

”in what we choose to do in the least, we too shall inherit the consequence of our own sloth…”

There is an urgency to elect a new guy or gal that has the moxie to take on the role of a worthy Helmsman.

When the screaming stops, and the new guy or gal takes their seat, what will have changed?

Shouldn’t world class leadership be looking into how the world is going to deal with running out of oil, as the world’s oil supply only has fifty three more years?

The world consumes 86,000,000 barrels of oil per day currently and when it is all gone there isn’t going to be anymore.

America and the world runs on oil, by design and when that is all gone the world is going to look very different.

This isn’t like social security (SSI) running out of funding, this is like the entire world’s industrialization mechanism coming to a gear grinding halt!

In casting votes for a firm and confident hand to be placed upon the rudder, who shall it be to direct the “keeling” of attraction?

Who might become distracted and fail us in recognizing the dangers to a keel for what lays over the edge of the turbulent sea’s horizon?

Christopher Columbus: You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

We constantly hear about America being great again, as if we somehow have lost it? I don’t know about you but, I’m not buying it!…

Even if, was looking to purchase an unbelievable magical drug (absent the side effects of retinal detachment) for acquiring a matrix reality’s euphoria, would you be buying a spoon full of snake oil from a shrewd, cunning, calculating, insulting, manipulative billionaire businessman or a career politician, in any case!

It’s truly delusional to allow one’s imagination to subordinate their own logic and transfer a fully conscionable thought into a vision of lunacy for believing that there really is a man’s face staring back at us from the lunar surface.

Such lunacy can evolve when we allow the unbelievable to appear as believable!

Who in their right mind would think that a guy who has placed himself exclusively in first place throughout his wealth accumulating life (”Thinking Like A Billionaire”), could or would just all of a sudden have an miraculous transformation?

Can you see such a personality kneeling down to enter the city through;

As it should become self-evident in the boastful, prideful and fullness upon the podium of an ego driven self predicated superiority, who has always been first in securing his immanence the domain of his hiring and firing conquests?

And when confronted as being in conflict with such totalitarianism, who then employed the cohorts of decisive litigating talents to tighten the noose on his imminence’s designs for eminent domain?

If logic was applied here, it should tell us clearly that something lingers just beyond our field of view and closing our eyes to it won’t make it go away?

For after all, we would need to give up on our foundational Judeo / Christian American values and virtues in order to harness our rational to a belief that such a personality could actually improve anything of substance to our American way of life.

So…what purpose could such rants play in the political process and what agendas could best be served in the media’s blitz of such promotional escapades involving insults and character assassinations?

What is being implied in the mass media’s propagandizing of America’s desperation and the exposure to the weakness in our country’s seriousness toward the responsibility of sound leadership.

Is this era in our history just happenstance? Is all the doom and gloom just simultaneously unfolding or do such promotions leave us more vulnerable to irrationality?

What kind of incorrigible child’s vision is implied from the kind of leader that openly subjugates his or her opponents by defiling one’s physical attributes or discrediting their demeanor, as “low energy?

Would even someone running for a student government position get away with using such antics, much less the leader of the free world?

Could anyone be so bold as to be flailing such insults while competing for the highest office in the world, absent the confidence in a media’s assiduity for a predestine consensus of understanding for a scripted reality showing?

Wouldn’t this appear even more acceptable, if one had risen to the level of national recognition as an imaginary matrix reality CEO and if they had already publicly exhibited such disrespect without any regards?

At the very least, who would think that such statements would be exempt from a flanking assault for one’s own culpability, unless you had the right people on your side?

Of course in the world of “buy” the hourly rankings and ratings one would need be fairly compensated as such, if ending up a sacrificial lamb, right?

And…they probably wouldn’t need to worry about traditional funding for a campaign, just a piece of that action!

After all maybe someone just needed to be appointed the “Screamer” and take the heat for pushing all the right hot buttons, which have now become the story behind almost all the stories in the media?

In placing such a Screamer in play and out of play how do the results unfold for furthering the divisions of both parties and what role does the media really play?. Who really wins and who really loses in the promotion of such a circus?

A long time ago, when Americans respected Americans, such critiques were left to the discerning voter to contemplate in the privacy of the own internal dialog, if at all…hum?

The Children of Tomorrow…

This is of course a fictional story, because to believe otherwise would have to assume that America had gone absolutely mad!

The reality is, the Children of Tomorrow will need to read cursive from “the handwriting that is on the wall”, as it shall be up to them to form words from the jumbled string of letters that all run together!

In failing or succeeding to translate the matrix in such a scripted reality, it will allow the deviance in their own individual characters to be persuaded to default as good or evil!

This story travels back in time, in which to exhibit a chronological order over the past fifty years for just how such a journey would take placed and put the children in harms way.

It exposes each bus stop’s destination along the way and the personalities who may have been sitting right beside each one of them?

From the mind of Oswald and the influences that corrupted his character’s destiny in the assassination of President Kennedy…to the examples of a multitude of shooting stars that have all traversed the skies, yet have all fallen down.

This story attempts to shine a lime light upon an invasive fungi, in hopes that is can help to illuminate the contamination that festers and grows at the core of society.

Only by illuminating the path for goodness can the impending clouds of darkness that hangs over this society allow The Children of Tomorrow to find their way and inherit a brighter future!

They must all come to appreciate their circumstances and participate in some way to apply a prescription that can cure the disease, not just topically treat the infection.

For the purpose of this story, The Children of Tomorrow come to recognize that an elitist’s intellect alone wouldn’t afford them peace to all of mankind, because such exclusivity in mindfulness only becomes contaminated with self absorption.

Intellect alone is in itself predicated upon continually challenging what seems to appear as sound principled knowledge, and it is only from “humility” that one can begin to recognize the “truthful” rewards that may be seen from the vista of wisdom.

And wisdom is only attainable when one is able to recognize the humility in the futility for the quest of knowledge, as one’s limits are bound to the infancy in one’s intellectual capacity to begin with…hum?

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”


The only question remaining is whether or not they can expose the insurgency’s fungi threat soon enough to save America from itself?

If they can…then the serpent will be exposed in the light of truth, forcing it to slither back into the shadows of darkness from where it came to devour the souls of humankind, one at a time!

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