In my poem “Own Thy Words”, what I attempt to rationalize is the need for “pause” in that of assembling the words in my own “cause”…

For in the act of truly taking OWNERSHIP of one’s words, we should allow this to take place before one ever utters a single word!

What I’m reminding myself of is that before we choose to offer any words of encouragement or discouragement to another, we should engage a reflective internal dialog and challenge the synopsis of conviction in the composition of our thoughts?

We should let the decision to speak or remain silent pass the litmus test of the three gates, before uttering a single word.

In failing to swing any one of these gates open, the choice should become most clear to those seeking that most illusive culprit, THYSELF

We most certainly own our words! And in such contemplations, I believe that we should become fully cognizant of how they echo off the walls in the mind of another?

Our words may add to their infirmities or allow God’s loving intentions to usher in a soothing tranquility, the words are all ours and we shall own them all one day!

Use them wisely,…in a manner that will always allow God’s love to be heard through the amplification in the sound that emanates from your individual soul.

Matthew 15:18

18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

We all have a song, just like the CHIRPING BIRDS , and in order to sing the most beautiful melody in our repertoire, we must be still.

It is up to us as individuals to invite God’s love to work through us! We must think before we speak, as words can bite and sting others and we can never put them back into our mouths!

They will offer truthful testimony for the authorship, printing, publication, and subsequent editions to our character.

Our words tell the tale through the list of page specific events throughout our life. These become the books of “THYSELF“, which has a specific author, and a specific publisher.

Our words script “THYSELF” as a individual bibliography in the telling of one’s own unique story.

These will all represent our individuality and to that exact degree…they will descend us to the depth of our most sorrowful humility for their misuse or ascend us to receive our inheritance in God’s kingdom!

We will suffer in being presented with our final read, as that substantive accumulation in the words that we have spoken from the heart or otherwise, places weight upon the merits of our souls…hum?

Choose your words wisely…as our free choice is the gift but our use of words in applying our choices may become our burdens, in deception!


Lashing words from lips absurd puts face disgraced as portrait traces lines astound on furrowed brows so proud to tell of soul affirmed aloud!

Thy message told from words absurd makes face disgraced as portraits traced and message scolds in words so bold are bought and sold at cost to soul.

‘Tis lash from tongue for some will come a mind of wit and clothes that fit from tongue to lips all filled with spit arrives they words absurd.

Be wingtip shoes or skirts in blue thy words will dress thy view of you in tight knit tweed and high priced weaves thy ruse in words ’tis proof of you!

When lash of words unleash thy scourge thy words of wit shall tailor fit. They’ll stitch a seam that’s lean and mean and weight thy words in volume’s screams and question not from where despair disgraces face so fair?

Such lash of tongue defines our sums or leaves us standing bare. In naked stance we’ll do the dance while offered sight in mirror’s recants thy worth of soul may come be told in words on tongue in fear.

As lips part teeth and tongue deceives reflection in thy mirror, we’ll own thy words in verbs absurd to which there is no cure, or hold thy tongue and air from lungs to save one’s soul from snares!

While viewing you use words of few reflect of image clean. Beware of mimes who hide in mind betraying soul unseen.

Three gates must swing and open clean before we speak one word. The first must pass the test of truth, the second test is need be freed in speaking thoughts of truth.

The last must pass the test of kind as paid from gold in soul and measured scale of worth in heart which God could only know…

Michael Chaffee 5-20-16

Writing with the Veiled…