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The Purpose…

This site is a composition of many forms of expression, which shall attempt to help characterize the anatomy of at least one soul.

If successful, the introduction may add a fractional meaning to the disposition of another soul along their individual journey perhaps if one chooses to appreciate such music…hum?

Disposition?… What an interesting infusion of verbiage one could say?

What I mean by this is;

“the way in which something is placed or arranged, especially in relation to other things”.

Infusion, there it is again?…What I mean by this is “the introduction of a new element or quality into something”.

Thus, what my style of writing is attempting to invite is what too often lays dormant as a string of silent notes that are left unsung?

Our words we own and as such each character in the lyrics of our personal music as well as each personality invited to partake in the musical ensemble called one’s life can also offer us an opportunity to leave a lasting transient echo.

What I’m attempting to covey by using such comparisons is that the melody and harmony of the notes in the arrangement of our very own songs can resonate long after our time has expired that is, when an if we write songs worth singing.

Our life is truly like a series of songs which can be sung or otherwise left to fall silent. The harmonizing melody of our individual stories be told can sometimes fall upon the deaf ears of the blind world but the choice to sing is ours and ours alone! For after all, if the world has gone deaf then how could a little singing hurt, right?

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music.”

Albert Einstein

I share this philosophy with you as a challenge for you to sing your own songs in the hope that “Thyself” won’t go undiscovered due to the many distractions and ultimate excuses that we afford ourselves in our hurried pace of living life!

Basically, I’m enthralled by the use of vocabulary, why? Well, I was born a Dyslexic…LOL!

No really and I came to appreciate the use of words and the investigation of their meanings much later in life than my peers. Absent the skill of processing words in a phonetic sense, I was left to arranging words in a poetic arrangement. I discovered that this practice could help me to memorize the complete word without stumbling through the jumbled assortments of letters.

Unbeknownst to me the ensemble of words would harmonize as poetry like a song. The gift of the melody in the words were beyond my capacity in vocabulary yet, I’d listen for the notes and mindfully photograph a freeze-frame image of such arrangements.

I came to discover that these arrangements would also usher in mystified prophetic events in my life from time to time! How strange but true for after all the words that came to become harmonize in a poetic harmony were not of my mindful possession at the time.

I realize that this is a tall story for some and beyond the realm of someone else gaining an appreciation for what can be understood from the threads that lace phonetic, poetic and prophetic into the fabric of our lives. Although from my line of sight this is how life really sounds when and if we choose to listen.

Sure, I know farfetched right? Some would chime in right about here by falling asleep but realize giving dignity to the individual savant that each of us possesses as a unique individual is key to recognizing the scientist within the domain of our very own mind!

WOW!…got your attention with the lure of VANITY, right! After all, King Solomon cut to the chase in discovering the most elusive culprit known to being human, VANITY, all is vanity! Thus I pose the argument, which is the greatest challenge in living a life! How do we come to better know “Thyself”.

No!…not that self image that’s staring back from the mirror every morning while shaving or putting on mascara. I’m talking about that tested; authenticate self that character of the soul that you came into this world with and the one you’ll be leaving with…hum?

It’s that self image that runs into a fire to save someone or runs from the fire to save their own ass!

I call this our eight year old self (Click HERE to read more on the Eight Year Old). It’s the person before we were introduced to our alter-ego’s earthly personality.

The question I’m asking is; who is behind that physical image that we and others arguably recognize as being our representative?

At eight we know who we are and from there we begin the journey of authenticating our very own struggle for identity among the billions of other souls.

Although this journey truly has no destination, we are driven to harvest what is planted within our DNA’s propensities while fertilizing our emotions and hydrating our logic.

If nurtured in a fair balance then these can come to bear the fruits of our labor.

Realize that what can become discovered in the farming of the soul is designed to expose us to us and often in the rawest forms of you. The results can be a palatable delight of sweet or the bitter taste of sour!

The meandering trials and tribulations along the trail-head of life can leave so much about life unharvested, if we choose to sow only sterile seeds.

For some choosing to stare into such a prospective about “life” may only offer greater confusion, as to the why and how things in our world appear as they do.

I also understand that for some such a description doesn’t lead to the finite destination that they are seeking in their own life’s pursuits and or their escapes?

Confusion of course is not my purpose but this can be the result, if one refuses to take the liberty of being entertained by another point of view.

Being Entertained…

I believe that to be entertained that it requires us to momentarily escape without fully contemplating all of our contingencies.

Believable or unbelievable is really just a process of subjective analysis, which is environmentally primed into our quick witted determinations, correct?

In using such an example, I’m merely suggesting that other possibilities for being entertained can exist when we choose to be entertained with other possibilities.

Now if that didn’t make you crack a little smile then maybe you’re not ready for what I’m attempting to share?

The Telling of Story…

My storytelling style does this by charting alternative way-points for what is at first, unimaginable!

In tacking through the “no go zone” a voyage can take on voyagers as readers and eventually as crew-members.

The decision to sail or stay safely ashore is ours individually, as we can potentially set bearings into uncharted waters during foul weather and high seas, very much like life.

It’s dangerous and that’s exactly what my writings attempt to reflect. The world is a very dangerous, yet an intriguing place as my global travels will unveil to you!

The purpose of my storytelling efforts are to reveal the obscurities between what we view as our reality and our imaginative. By doing so, I might possibly offer another variation for what lays hidden in those many unanswered questions that we all have.

In making such attempts, I’m hopeful that my views will offer up something greater in the intrigue of a story-line’s path of travel than merely fiction or non-fiction.

Thus my purpose in developing this website is to expose the world to something unique and something creative…and hopefully the discovery of something that may also be lingering in the silent acquiescence of your own imagination!

In allowing a story to be entertained in the domain of one’s intellect, one must invite the “other” possibilities to influence the Titter Todder pivoting in the decisions being made for the determinations of the contingencies for what will become our realities in life.

In the most successful accomplishments in that of telling story or living a life, a story to be told must be most effectively conveyed in between that of the text’s assembly of verbiage, not just the semblance of order in its glossary!

The greatest stories will borrow the possibilities from the imaginative and deliver something much greater from the absolutes in what we accept as our reality.

It is from the invitation of imaginative pursuits by a storyteller that our individual minds form the way-point and weave our conjectures into a believable path of travel. These can also be a mirror in our life’s accomplishments.

It is along that trek that we accept a trusted hand to pass the baton and continue the next leg of the story-line’s journey or we come to an abrupt halt and refuse to continue in a race in which only humans can partake?

However precarious this trek may seem a good storyteller can assure the traveler that the light that shines at the end of the tunnel, isn’t just a guy with a flashlight asking for directions…hum?

Thus for me, in the pursuit of my storytelling adventures I believe that to be entertained by a Writer, it requires one’s willingness to accept an alternative point of view for the creativity in what might become invited as imaginable.

The entertainment element of great story isn’t the accumulative total of our human understanding for what is real or unreal, it is what lingers as yet unknown!

The greatest stories and or accomplishments in life are what becomes visualized as our possibilities for reality in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex of the mind.

This is the area in our mind which invites the evaluations for all of our contingencies to become formulated as our decisions.

This is the part of us all that resembles the likeness from which we’ve been created.

The paralleling comparison to God’s image isn’t physical, it is the gift that resides from the power of creative imagination!

God’s infinite imagination is what conjured up us as human beings, thus what greater extension of love could be bestowed upon a child than to make available the gift of “imagination“.

What I’m attempting to shine a little light upon here is the responsibility that goes with our snap nano second decision processing.

Success or failure, believable or unbelievable all takes place behind that discerning “locked door” of the mind. What we choose to entertain and invite as our accepted reality either rebukes or enhances our greatest possibilities!

You see it’s our rational that is processing the mountain of information from our outside world, which can make the inside world all that much more confusing at times.

For instance those “red flags” that are going up right about now, which have prioritized your way-point headings (way of thinking) in life. These all have to do with a primordial instinct that takes place deep within the subconscious mind.

Thus, this decision becomes the first step in formulating a consensus for that which was previously just the shadows on the wall in The Cave.

These silent suggestions shall take form beyond the impossibilities, if one’s mind is open to the yet “untold” lingerings for the greatest possibilities!

It is from the whispered invitations for the greatest possibilities in which the key can be found to that “locked door” within our very own mind.

In choosing to turn the tumblers with such a key, we choose to remove the boundaries to our doubts about our greatest possibilities. This is true for inviting a story to entertain you or for life to be entertaining.

An inquisitive reader becomes enticed with the other possibilities in the yet untold story-line’s path of travel. In this same way we set our doubts aside in seeking out our greatest accomplishments in life…hum?

It’s is also what lays tightly bound in between the bindings of a good story’s pages. Just like in life, we may choose to become inquisitively enthralled or fearfully repulsed for what is yet untold.

This is the “substance” that must take form and it must happen long before it becomes prepped and polished with obtuse vocabulary and the eloquence of proper sentence structure.

Great story must momentarily bridge the gap between physical form and what lay beyond in the yet to be discovered unknowing mind.

This must all happen in that nano second span of time in order to transfer the imaginative from mind, to pen, to paper! This must all happen in order for us to transfer the power of creativity from the likeness in image from which we were all created.

Realizing of course that such possibilities only reside within the folds of one’s individual mind, until invited to partake in being entertained with another prospective for another possibility.

I attempt here to explain how my truth becomes known and as it is seen in the half lit corridors of a wakeful mind’s residence long before it can be seen in the full light of day.

Where do stories come from…?

The seeds of our imaginations are buried in the soil of our genetics. These seeds need both sunlight and nutrients in order to become nourished and take root.

In order for any of this to take place, we must acknowledge an internal recognition of the origins of our DNA, which is only on loan.

The ownership is merely temporary as the substantive blood that runs through our veins is of a composition that has absorbed a deeper meaning for life over many generations, not just from the eyes in which you’re seeing!

This unspoken awareness emanates something greater than merely “self” from our cognitive dissonance, as we are all a part of something so much more!

How do stories entertain…?

As one’s mind absorbs the opposition for other possibilities, a sprouting ensues and ideas flourish into an array of blossoming possibilities.

For me, this can best be explained in that of viewing a pattern of blooming leaves that form a thought provoking canopy, which is simultaneously reaching and acknowledging the infinity of the universe.

Equally contributing is the photosynthesis and osmotic attraction of baited verbs as is the salesmanship in which “great story” might negotiate the exchange of one’s accepted realities for the value in something yet unrealized!

What I’m attempting to bring to light in such a description is my reality for how I see everything being connected.

If we can just allow a little light of day to shine at the end of the tunnel then, who knows what possibilities may be able to result.

In such an exchange these may even evolve to become arguably believable fiction!

For after all, what shame is there in suggesting that even a single new idea isn’t enough to initiate the convergence of critical mass thinking…hum?

To Be Continued...

For the time being, I hope that you will enjoy some of my previous writings in that of my Ballad Style poetry, which attempts to contemplate my own responsibilities for seeking out my greatest purpose?

Each of these is written in Story Form expression as a retrospect observation while peering into my own rear-view mirror of the world.

These are view-able by clicking upon the bold underline titles below, which will take you to a titled poem’s specific page.

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  1. Mike,

    Thank you for the beautiful poem that you dropped off. I will treasure it and find a place to display it for others’ enjoyment.

    This site is very interesting. Good expression of thought. I’ll be reading more as time allows.

    Blessings and deep bows to you.

    Dave Novotny

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