Let’m Up For Air


Brick-Mortar..."In the construction world of building things from brick and mortar the vantage point for the negotiation can all too often be seen with an aura of unrecognizable prejudice.

Thus quite literately each representative’s opposing view while sitting at opposite ends of the negotiating table has an obstructed view for the others prospective.

The phrase they’re going into it blind has a primary meaning that is most relevant to this story, as it engages the primordial biology for where our unrecognizable prejudice stem from.

The Antagonist and the Protagonist…

As a “Customer” one can justify suspicions for the true intentions of a contending “Performer” in a snap!

In that of applying such scrutiny the “perceived motivations” that can appear to be behind the spinning wheels in the pursuit of profit may give one cause to subordinate their reasoning to the fear of being taken advantage of in such a situation.

Smoldering-Embers..."In allowing one’s mind to descend to the depths of smoldering embers it requires one to spontaneously render a conviction on purely circumstantial evidence long before a jury could conclude deliberations.

An interpretation for a given behavior can imprison one sitting across a table to a form of solitary confinement or possibly even worse!

Realize that it is in such a mindset that one allows one’s cognitive capacity to formulate such impersonations.

The mind accommodations the character assassination to take place in a primordial place where the decision making process of the mind is unaware of any misrepresentation.

In an almost tribal sense any formal examination of the evidence that could go before a fair and impartial judge becomes instantaneously subordinate to an emotion of urgency in responding to a perceived threat and invoking a “fight or flight” response.

Under the microscope and on trail…

The delusions that spark such snap decisions offer very little room for a fair trial to play out, and in the justifications that anchor such prejudices, one can fail to entertain the measured weight of any real truthfulness for another person’s innocence or guilt.

Justice-Scale..."In applying such judgements one’s subjectivity is the only evidence needed to cast verdict. In such a court of injustice one’s secular scrutiny is allowed to play out as an imaginative prosecution for an illusionary defendant comes into focus.

Did you ever wonder…what really takes place behind the eyes and ears and folds of one’s mind in harboring distrust as the first believable response?

How about the kind of person who gravitates toward a conviction for another person’s misfortune, such as a ruddy completion or short stature, thus casting long shadows over what would otherwise be innocence?

How about something much less apparent, something being seen only in your mind’s eye of scuttlebutt.

How about just an internal dialog that only takes place between the blinking in the most exclusive and narrowest halls of justice in the world?. A court room so small that it only spans the distance between one’s own two ears…hum?

In that space, that span of time, between the thoughts that culminate like or dislike, believe or not believe, trust or distrust does one disconnect with the personal responsibility for allowing the “benefit of doubt” to stay or resume the passing of verdict?

On the opposite end of this metaphoric table’s place-setting, a presumably obstinate pair of eyes and ears can become framed.

That position setting across the table is often seen as opposition rather than ally, which profiles him or her in the unlit shadows of suspiciousness!

In the tribal process of separating one’s perceptions and evaluations for good or evil intentions, a substance rises to the surface from the recipe of turmoil.

This is where a mindful pursuit can subordinate to the emotion of fear, and terminate a logical process.

In such an atmosphere, fair-mindedness evaporates in the foggy precipitation and denies us the nourishment’s for our souls.

It is in this state of mind, that one criminalizes the perception of action and justifies sustaining the illusion of self deception for what are GOOD or EVIL intentions…

Absent the invitation of a belief that good predominately exists in the corridors of the mind of another, it only leaves room for the assumption that bad is looming.

The fear that an opportunistic manipulation is fluttering in the air can too often fuel further assumptions and feed our fears!

The tipping scale of balance is weighted in the evolving prejudice that becomes justified in making such assumptions and in the process chooses between seeing someone exclusively focused upon profit taking or passion giving!

In such a corruption of spirited soul the losses aren’t limited to the measurement of dollars and cents but, in a different monetary sense that’s measured in cosmic currency.

On the other side of the thin veil the causation of depravity is recognized as a debit, because in making such choices one must exchange something of value…hum?

One must lose the belief that man was created in God’s image and deprive another the recognition of a loving humanity.

The only monetary system of value that lays beyond the thin veil is loving kindness, and therefore the debts acquired here in failing to recognize the obligations to bestow loving kindness will only lead to spiritual bankruptcy.

This is a story from behind the eyes and ears while setting across that table at negotiations, many, many times and seeing the absence of a reflection in the eyes of those seated across the table.

In viewing the many different personalities in our American society an ominous feeling begins to make it’s presence known.

Some may call this feeling a sixth sense or a highly developed observational skill but, in the vast exposure to the repetitive disbelief, disregard, disrespect and disconnection of human decency a mysterious shadow navigates upon the earth…”going to and fro

This is where a void exists for the recognition for one’s obligations to exemplify human decency in the interaction with other human-beings.

This is where our society is heading and each generation is exponentially adding weight to the wagon’s downhill descent.

In a series of interviews, introductions and respectfully declined engagements to perform that have spanned the course of a forty year career in the building industry, an uncloaking takes place of a very interesting portrait of the evolving American Consumer.

The story of the accused perpetrator of the imaginary crime has been told many times, yet the view from the other side of the table has remained tonelessly silent until now!

This is a story about how we may be losing touch as humans, with humans, by humans that are alien to humanity and anything meaningfully interpretative as humanness…hum?

The names have been changed to protect the guilty, as they will in due time lose their immunity and feel the weight from making poor decisions.

As a pendulum swings a momentary weightlessness arrives devoid of impending consequences but, the laws of the cosmos do tell of an equal and opposite action…

This is a story about the choice that is left to each of us to either employ hope and faith or mistrust and subjective scrutiny for the intentions of another.

This is a fictional story-line that so closely parallels our American day to day functioning reality, that the edges of fictional separation becomes unrecognizable.

Although unnerving, the purpose is to expose my readership to another “truth” the truth that too often escapes us!

It is from our self deception that such “untruthfulness” can afford some of us temporary comfort, and in making such poor decisions our false perceptions become the debits of depreciation upon the measured weight of our souls.

Each decision to separate from being vulnerably human only further vaporizes the weight of our individual souls and in making such decisions it will only deny us the greatest rewards from our cosmic inheritance.

This story exposes the transparencies in our tribal humanness and illuminates the cause and effects that invoke further separation.

My hope here is to “challenge the perceptions for your reality,” without the threat of risk. In doing so, one might also see the misgivings of our society’s media induced and propagated behaviors.

There is no change without conflict…and if the burning flames of narcissism aren’t extinguished well then, they may burn the entire old growth forest to the ground!

Let’s man the pumps and grab a hose because as Billy Joel sings…”We didn’t start the fire But…when we are gone…It will still burn on and on and on and on…And on and on and on and on”

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