The Addiction To Hate…

The Addiction To Hatefulness…

Hate is cooked and simmered in some minds like a salivating response to a bubbling pot of delectably flavored beef stew of animosity.

The operative word here is “beef” as in ; what’s your beef!

It’s ingredients can vary greatly but, when it’s cooked to perfection it eventually arrives on the tongues of the unfaithful and spews and spits out of their mouths in their scripted words of contentiousness.

Then the regurgitated small morsels gets spoon fed through the many forms of modern media to those who are poised and ready to gobble up the next serving of unfounded accusations, lies and deceit!

We call this streaming screaming in today’s broadband priming world, the News!

However unbefitting that one might think that this characterization is of those who partake in the promotions of such hate, it shall be the results of such behaviors that will self incriminate those who’ll someday own their very own words!

And as well, these examples in such despicable behavior will no doubt leave non-removable stains and stench upon their very own soulful characters.

The perpetrators of such narratives worry not about the unaccountability in their foolish slobbery while sitting at the table of a shared life on earth.

As the etiquette in morality escapes them while indulging in the belief that they and they alone are the highest authority in the land of milk and honey.

These slobbering fool’s view of the world can’t be seen beyond their indignant self gratifications, as they scream with the spoiled morsels spewing from both sides of their mouths

Yet, the importance of reflecting proper “table manners” escapes their awareness in the hurriedness in presenting banquet size servings of larger and larger portions of decaying fodder.

This is because they’ve become addicted to talking with a mouth full of food while spewing hatred from their ensnarled tongues of deception.

And for too many of these lost souls the refraining from employing proper table etiquette seems to add a delightful ingredient to the flavor!

As that tingling to their taste buds initiates the eruption of their emotional addiction to feed on more and more “hate”!

An attempt will sometimes be made to use an unsoiled napkin to disguise the salivating drool that’s dripping from the over consumed, overindulgent feasting.

Yet this charade can’t cloak what would otherwise be clearly seen as a fundamental flaw in one’s very own character.

The swiping of the lips with a clean napkin, can’t possibly excuse one from the responsibilities to one’s soulful representative.

That is for those who still have a soul and can still in someway allow a portioned light from God to illuminate upon their path.

Such exhibitions can even incite good God fearing men and woman to react in kind (or not so kind) but, such reactionary responses only feed into the further promotions of more and more hatred.

This is the objective by those who campaign to promote more and more shallow rooted hatred against their fellow humans.

For after all, the Deep State’s poison media is not in the business of sensationalizing a portrait of mankind’s capacity to conjurer up any ideas about mankind’s goodness or loving intentions.

As they are more interested in promoting hatred that ultimately creates more and more fear of the future.

For believers, these provocations are disrespecting to the “order” of God’s higher authority but, nevertheless they too can get caught up in a less than good example in the heated exchange of a lost focus in the moment.

For non-believers they are merely exchanging God’s authority for the “chaos” that comes from mammon’s deceptive ways.

This rang true even back in the days of Noah, as humanity at that time had also become extremely corrupt and violent prior to the Flood.

Matthew 24:38-39

“For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away. “

Although beyond the comprehension of one’s own fallibility, the Deep State promoters, inciters, propagators and deceivers of such a culture continue to (metaphorically speaking) try and grab the reins of the first horseman of the Apocalypse, Jesus Christ!

Their swatting actions are feverishly applied to the white horse’s gait, until the pace in the gallop of humanity races toward a prophetic destination of utter destruction.

That’s what awaits us in the course of this fevered spell of hellbent actions, which continually directs and entices a reaction for more and more hatred from and toward humanity!

Yet when the truth is to be known there will be no escape on the day of these individual’s arrival at the gate of reckoning.

Oh don’t be fooled into believing that God isn’t watching and counting the days and ways that some humans are investing their lives.

Unfortunately, some need to hear, savor and consume false narratives because their hunger for the “fix” feverishly drives their addiction to untruthfulness.

Such individuals must ingest more and more immorality in order to keep their humanity at bay.

That’s right, in the absence of viewing one’s reflection in the mirror some have come to hate humanity in the void of such discovery, can their be any doubt?

Could such behaviors reflect their loving intentions or could nothing be further from the truth?

Just observe the creative ways in which they promote things that can kill more and more humans!

Abortions, unapproved vaccines, drug wars, detrimental side effects from pharmaceuticals drugs, weapons of mass distraction, tobacco, alcohol and on, and on, and on!

They need to believe their lies! They want to believe the worst and they need to believe that their immoral minority that’s based upon mammon’s scientific technology is the true and inherited God of our future on earth.

They want total control over not just our great nation but, all of humanity!

They want to control the world’s entire population by reducing it to what they deem to be a purposeful and “useful number” of humans beings.

Truthfully, could it be otherwise when those elected officials relegate the power and control of that leadership of our nation to bureaucrats who fail us all so miserably!

I suppose when their concocted diabolical plans are all in order then, AI won’t need so many free thinking liabilities running around, correct?

Furthermore, they’ll want to modify demographics and eventually the intelligence quotient in order to reflect the desires of the Eugenicists habitual crusade to turn humanity into a perfect super race, accountable to only it’s self, which will ultimately become a servant to those in control of A.I..

This has a name and that cloaked facade is called “humanism”.

“Humanism is an approach to life based on reason and our common humanity, recognizing that moral values are properly founded on human nature and experience alone.”

As atheists or agnostics they’ve been on the march in this crusade against God’s design for humanity for a long time now.

But, only over the past few decades has the pace so seemingly began to race toward the edge of the cliff.

AI’s technological advancements have began to make inroads in the need for more “natural resource consuming” human-beings to live on the planet.

One might not be aware of the programmed algorithms that add fuel to the fires, which are already burning!

Realize that there are teeth behind the ivory white smiles that are taking one “byte” at a time out of humanity.

This together with the utter contempt for the “lower thinkers”, who coincidentally seem to be also disproportionately contributing to the worlds swelling population…hum?

And from the Eugenist who are directing this killing machine prospective on humanity, it’ll quite simply need to be rectified!

Billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and others are convinced that they and they alone must act together as a “Consensus” in redirecting the trajectory of mankind.

They are the Wolves hiding in Sheep’s clothing who wear the disguise of a philanthropist but, if the truth could be known they are actually more aligned with being philanders of sorts?

As these are applying their wealth to indiscriminately screwing over mankind in order to achieve their hellbent goals for a New World Order!

They claim to be doing one thing for the good of mankind all along while using mankind’s prone fallibilities to be manipulated in doing the opposite.

These dark souls are witty and resourceful and like the web of a black widow spider they have woven a tactful net of entrapment for their unsuspecting adversary, the human race!

One might ask; how can a human being hate another human being for just being a human, right?

I mean it’s kind of difficult to get your mind around that kind of way of thinking, right?

Well that’s probably because you are accountable to a higher authority beyond just yourself.

Now imagine this being otherwise. Imagine if you did not believe in God?

Now look at all those who conflict with your perspective as an atheist or agnostic believer.

Yes “believer” as not believing in God is actually a belief in something, correct!

Now if you didn’t have a care in the world about mankind’s spiritual responsibility to a higher authority then you might be a lot more susceptible to the corruption of your human psyche’s fallibilities, correct.

I mean in obtaining the freedom of independent thinking from excessive wealth can’t this also be a source for corrupting one’s conclusions.

What I mean is that in allowing one the liberty to more easily justified a self originating conjecture, unabated and un-debated doesn’t it foster a greater potential for a culture of narrow mindedness to evolve?

For after all, who in an inter circle of trust would be bold enough to call out a multi-billionaire on his or her BS, correct?

In such a disconnect to being human one could run wild in concocting all sorts of fanaticism.

And of course such conjectures would be without the hindrance of rationalizing the obligation of mutual respect for a fellow human being’s gift of life.

Thus, we’d have such brilliance promoting pharmaceuticals remedies for things like; “The Morning After Pill”, correct?

We’d have lethal drugs like fentanyl introduce to the next generation of our children, correct?

We’d rip a fully developed child out of the womb and put it down like an old dog with no regard for the human being’s right to its own life, correct?

We’d create adversaries all over the planet that could justify starting wars that could kill millions all along while making trillions selling weapons systems, correct?

And speaking of wars, we’d also invent the idea of an endless war on drugs while simultaneously developing pharmaceuticals like opioids to further addictions, correct?

We’d also create many other substances used in the diagnosis, treatment, and claims of prevention of diseases in the promotion that furthers mammon’s design!

With all the side effect to boot, in order to lay claims of restoring, correcting, or modifying those organic functions of God’s design, correct?

One could also just take liberty in totally disregarding the natural order of generational advancements and allow their advance intellect to go rouge redirecting the naturally evolving continuum of humanity.

Their abundance of acquired wealth has enabled them to act as the self anointed Curators of a diabolical multifaceted program to strategically structure world events in ways that were unimaginable only a generation ago.

Yet as brilliantly initiated as their plans have been forethought, they have unwittingly exposed the world to the addiction of their hatred of mankind which blinds them as a “Consensus”.

It has been from their dependence upon the reliance of mankind that the “execution” in such planning has become exposed and subsequently flawed.

Ah ha…and this is their Achilles Heel, it’s their weakness, it’s their inability to recognize the hypocritical transparencies that arise from the promotion of lies and deceit.

They possess an advanced intellect and through the application of a collaborative upper echelon of cognitive capacity they believe that they should be honored with the rights to make emendations to the naturally evolving DNA of mankind.

This on high observational awareness in essence fosters a belief that those who possess such brilliance are deserving of recognition of superiority and titles as, Your Eminence!

Keeping in mind that they have only discovered and observed a tiny small fraction of what had been created.

And in being rewarded with the ability to fathom and contemplate the future possibilities in the wealth of such knowledge they too have fallen short.

King Solomon Summary

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

“The conclusion, when all has been heard is: fear God and keep his commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.”

“Solomon wrote these words as he was summing up his life experiences.

He was blessed with a great mind, wealth, political power and the time to seek and find what, in his words, was upright and true.

Solomon spent much of his life searching in all the wrong places for the things that would satisfy him.

He tried wealth, sensual pleasure, building projects and various intellectual pursuits. But he found that with each new peak experience there was a valley of dissatisfaction that soon followed.

This cycle led him to three conclusions about life and how one can be satisfied with it.

1. Fear God.

Respect, glorify, praise, recognize God for who He is. The first sin that leads to total darkness is the refusal to acknowledge God (Romans 1:21).

There can be no joy and appreciation for what we have, no matter how much of it we have, unless we acknowledge God first.

“If not for the struggles then, what worth could be measured from any gains”

2. Obey His Commands.

Solomon proved with his own life that disobedience in great and small affairs lead to destruction.

For a life to have order and avoid the ravages of sin, a person needs to seek and submit to God’s will.

How many times can we trace a heartbreaking situation in our own lives to a long line of rebellious acts against God?

The effort to obey God brings peace to the mind and body.

3. Justice will be done.

There is a truth that should comfort some and be sobering to others!

God will judge everyone no matter what they believe or own!

Solomon in his wealth, power and wisdom realized that his position and accomplishments would not exempt him from God’s judgement.

This should be an encouraging idea for those who suffer injustice and difficulty in this world, and it should strike fear in the hearts of those who think that their success and good health is a sign that God is ignoring their sins. In the end, God will judge you according to what you’ve done, not what you have.

In a society to often being religious is equated with narrow-mindedness and the judgement of God is scoffed at.”

Although truthfully aren’t those who refuse to look beyond their own tiny fraction of bestowed brilliance really the ones with this affliction?

We would be much wiser is if we’d remind ourselves and others, that life without God is meaningless.

And equally so, the unrelenting acquisition of more and more data collection, sorting, categorizing and processing into more useful data that can manipulate human beings is just in essence trying to play God.

The reality is that in their AI pursuits, AI will never be able to acquire human wisdom!

Wisdom is unique to being human and it is only gained by applying intellect to the efforts of acquired experience.

And then being able to differentiate between the totality of those accusations for making wise decisions in the blink of an eye, Augenblick!

This of which I describe is where we are today with the progressive humanistic madness!

AI can never obtain wisdom because wisdom is like an illusive horizon, which can never provide a clear view for a final destination.

Don’t be fooled into believing that wisdom can be derived from ultra liberal or the ultra conservative partisan politics, as such a mindset is merely an infestation and cancerous growth called an “bureaucrat”.

This is the where a collaborative “Consensus” of which I speak about lives in the minds of too many of the unfaithful and they receive funding from billionaire Eugenicist who hate mankind.

As “they” and although an army of many “they” are also vulnerable to the whims of inconclusiveness and indecisiveness, just like what will happen in the attempts at augmentation of the human thought process from AI.

Somehow these brainiacs think that AI can be developed in a capacity that can surpass a human brains ability to reason.

I can see how such thinking develops when looking at how easily human thinking can be manipulated but, the broader understanding for how a human mind “reasons” isn’t that simple.

You may not realize it but we haven’t been in charge of electing a President for many years now, and this bamboozling has lead to the assumption that we can be fooled, again and again!

The most recent facade is that Biden was actually elected or for that matter any of the Presidents dating back to before Kennedy.

In the 2016 presidential election the most prominent Democrats laid very public claims of election fraud, citing that the election was in fact illegitimate!

Then in 2020 many prominent Republicans (MAGA’s) also laid the very same public claims of election fraud, citing that the election was in fact illegitimate!

Thus, the Deep State has successful corrupted both the integrity of the system and has undoubtedly caused a loss of confidence in any such system.

This is a prime example of what I mean when I say that even the brightest minds in our government’s Deep State are incompetent fools!

Now we have the Republicans calling for the same ballot drop boxes and early mail in ballots as the Democrats have, which will result in the system becoming even more compromised.

The election process has been anchored in an illusionary fantasy that your vote is counted when in reality, your vote is being used to only impersonate opposition to your choice for a candidate…hum?

Now let that settle in for a minute or two longer before you reasoning kicks in…

This is why the actual results now take so much more time to become counted and validated, even with all the advancements in automation technology.

The blatant indecisiveness that is currently being exhibited in the running of our nation can clearly be seen as a decision making process that’s being ran by committee, not a Commander in Chief.

Elitist must depend upon the delegation too many in achieving the results that serve the few. This is why they need to employ a “Consensus” to partake in the overthrow of the election process.

In doing so, the protectionism from full disclosure is afforded operatives by an umbrella called “plausible deniability”.

In a maze of inter agency alphabet soup of acronyms a vast labyrinth of compartmentalization affords key individuals a cloaking of their identities under the guise of top secret “confidential” information of the highest order!

By laying claims to serving National Security interest the decision making process affords the Curators complete and total anonymity!

This obscurity and unaccountable culture called the Deep State is an illegitimate take over of our republic.

They have well laid plans and designs to shorten the path to reaching their final destination, total control over the masses.

Unfortunately, they need people in order to accomplish this (at least for a while longer).

Therefore, “they” can’t fully benefit from conspiring together because “they” can only accept the inefficiency in what they have to work with, mediocre incompetence.

These are the culprits who have continually written imposing legislation that now dictates to the majority more and more immorality.

These enemies within the Deep State have enlisted a hidden army that’s now fighting a full fledged war of attrition against a government that was created by the people and for the people!

Why are we at war, because right minded Americans are the enemy along with their God, ethics and adherences to a God fearing morality!

They have switched God Fearing with the many examples for human fearing which comes from the promotion of hating human beings.

For after all right mindedness needs to be incriminated and indicted by the trash talking media that spews the language of more hateful conflict in order to create and project an adversary.

Oh yes, every Oscar accredited movie must have a protagonist and an antagonist, correct!

And they’ll need guys like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton in order to keep promoting greater and greater immorality.

These are the type of guys who become associated with being on the Deep State’s hand picked team but, who picked them to voluntarily represent all Democrats.

ANSWER: The Media!

Now from there guys like this become the poster boy examples that get flaunted in the faces of who? The conservatives (Republicans).

Never mind that all Democrats don’t embrace such people nor want babies aborted or drag queens dancing provocatively in front of school children or even that all believe Biden won the election.

Because the Media will label them otherwise.

So in one hand of shuffling the cards we have these kinds of liberal representatives and in the other hand we get guys like Trump, incriminating everyone!

Each having a diametrically opposing projected imagery that lines up with a perfect 50/50 splitting of the deck of cards.

For after all, ever since the creation of motion pictures our human psyche has become enslaved by mankind’s fatal attraction to the distractions of sex, mayhem and violence.

It has been in this episode of human existence that the deceivers have been so cunning in using the promotion of distractions to dominate our every waking hour.

“Globally, more than 1.4 billion households now own at least one TV set, representing 79 percent of total households; the report notes that “virtually all” households in the developed world now own a TV set while 69 percent own at least one set in developing countries.”

So successful has the viewing introduction of Television been in manipulating our thought process that it alone has changed the very way we think!

Unfortunately, the distractions in the broadcasted and streamed of such provocations can confuse a few, who become reactionary but, don’t be fooled.

Those who hate humanity will use any such reactionary outburst to their tactful advantage and favor!

Realize what you may be seeing and hearing in the press is purposefully scripted to incite such behaviors and then edited in order to reflect a bad example of God fearing men and woman.

Keeping in mind that it’s not in a court of law but, in the “Court of Public Opinions” that such lawlessness is invoked by those who hate humanity.

Whether any such accusations have merit as admissible evidence is no longer important.

As just the mere implication and the Media’s tainting and seeding the false narratives is now enough to execute anyone who disagrees.

It no longer matters whether it’s those being ostracized as a God fearing conservative or those being called a liberal minded atheist or agnostic.

The sole purpose of the Deep State is to divide and conquer and then dictate!

But take refuge in Psalm 91 in the shadow of the almighty!

The sad fact is that we shall own all of it, if nothing is done to stop it!

When a million or more red blooded Americans show up at a rally in the freezing cold month of January in order to be heard, well I think those in charge should lend an ear.

Many Americans are unhappy with their dough faced politician’s do nothing policies.

The accusations of the non-prosecuted, treasonous crimes and clandestine activities have been engaged by who?

That’s right many of our elected officials who fear retribution from the Deep State and those who they have appointed.

Their allegiances are in fact non-partisan and the anticipatory yet illusionary bias behavior is at the root of the problem.

What we are witnessing from these non-partisan antics is a purposeful and co-conspirator’s tearing of our nation’s binding fabric right at the very seams of our republic.

We are all being duped into believing that there is an opposing counter part to our society when in fact we are for the most part all moral God fearing Americans!

The whole idea that there is a division between an ultra liberal and an ultra conservative political forces only masks the real agenda, which is more division.

If the truth be known the entire system is rigged.

Oh so you think not…hum?

Ok well let go back to the Bush and Gore’s contested election where the Democrats were disenfranchised by the election results.

Now fast forward to the Clinton and Trump’s contested election where the Democrats once again were supposed to suck it up by a fractional loss.

And then we get the Trump and Biden diabolical that should be recognized as one of the most corrupted elections results in the history of our nation.

Well maybe some might remember the Kennedy election and the deal that Joe Kennedy cut with the Mob in Chicago in order to turn that one in the Democrat’s favor.

Let’s not forget how LBJ got into politics in Texas early on by making deals to secure ballots.

So in those lessons learned maybe the recent events just got a whole lot more sophisticated in being able to manipulate the ballot counting machines by employing co-conspirators.

Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyways) there has been a very corrupted political system that’s been in control of America’s way-point for many years now.

The forces that are at work are in charge of who gains control in a predefined and predestined decision and the facade is that it is being orchestrated to appear otherwise.

Simultaneously, this influence stages the appearance that we actually have a competing two party system with of course a small number of Independents, Libertarians and others who don’t buy into the mainstream screaming.

Unfortunately for them, the last election was so over the top staged that a ground swell of disapproval saw the election for the Presidency for exactly what it was, rigged!

Evidently Trump went so far off script that the power brokers decided that they needed to take control over the entire process, the appearance of an unfair election be damned!

The problem is that now we are beginning to hear more substantiated evidence about how long the Deep State has been up to no good.

The plan isn’t about fixing the election corruption, it’s now about making the process even more corrupted.

Now instead of fixing the problem of election fraud what we’re hearing is that the Conservatives are also going to double down and conduct themselves in a similar manner with mail-in ballots, drop boxes. etc…hum?

Does that look like leadership or does it look like a collaboration between both parties to concede to an agenda to further corrupt the election system?

It should be crystal clear what’s going on here.

The Republicans have made claims for many years that the Democrats have been working overtime at helping to defraud the election system.

Now after their long standing position about the need for things like Voter I.D. requirements and the importance of in-person voting on the day of an election being the litmus test for a fair and honest election they’ve just mysteriously given up and rolled over to doing the same exact thing that they have been accusing the other party of doing, really?

What’s next? Are they now going to bestow Illegal Aliens or Migrants or what ever name you want to call a non-native born American the same rights as a tax paying citizen?

The irony in all of this is that we the people are paying for it all to happen just like it’s going down.

The utter foolishness, naïveté, gullibility or unbridled ignorance to what’s been going on is truly inexcusable.

In the third world when a clandestine operation takes over the duly elected people’s choice, it’s called a junta.

This is exactly what’s has been taking place by the inter-agency of the CIA, FBI, NSA, HLS, IRS, CNN, ABC, NBC, PBS and other institutionalize influences that are partnered up with big government agencies right under our noses.

And what do we do, we keep writing their checks, buying their products and swallowing their BS!

Allowing such treasonous behavior to go on only encourages them to expand their command and control strategies unchecked.

These agencies have in fact been spying on everyday Americans that supported the MAGA movement and surprise, they’re collecting mountains of data on everyone, not just MAGA’s.

The MAGA’s are merely voting their free choice just like a liberal minded person would do, no difference.

Except now we are living in a just pretend made up world with imaginary foes that are seeking to overthrow our government.

I don’t believe that the vast majority of Democrats or Republicans want to start a civil war.

Oh sure there are differences in these two opposing political opinions but, in most cases these opinions have evolved from the unrelenting priming that each perspective has become prone to.

In other words most believe what they are hearing and seeing promoted without really understanding from where such priming originates.

Realize that every Hollywood production needs an antagonist and a protagonist in order to make for a good storyline, correct?

Trump was merely a symbolized figure head that allowed the “Censuses” (Deep State) to draw out and expose supporters and thus make evaluations for the height and girth of the core American conservative opposition.

What many fail to realize is that simultaneously the Deep State was also conducting thematic analysis by collecting a full spectrum of data and this includes liberals.

Thematic analysis is a method for analyzing qualitative data that involves reading through a set of data and looking for patterns in the meaning of the data to find themes.

It is an active process of reflexivity in which the researcher’s subjective experience is at the center of making sense of the data.

Realize that for a very long time we haven’t truthfully elected Presidents so, it should be no surprise that the big money behind campaign contributions have been redirecting the election rudder of the ship to primarily serve their interests.

Coincidently, those interests have paralleled the growth and increases to our American wealth and prosperity so, no harm no fowl, right?

No one could argue that our choices for a President during the 20th Century has always been narrowed down to the best of the two worst choices.

It shouldn’t be any surprise when looking at the face value of Trump that he was only promoting a populated polarity that had a pre-measured popularity propensity.

That popularity was primed into the watchful minds of a population sector that was prone to lean in a certain direction.

One can’t say that a New York billionaire would make a great poster boy for a religious moral minded crusader, that is if logic prevailed.

Nor would we have ever imagined that he’d be accepted as the Knight on the White Horse rallying the charge for recapturing America’s lost morality but sure enough he’s become just such an actor in the story-line.

And just like in the movies he simultaneously becomes the Anti-Hero as his bombastic, antagonistic brash style inflamed the opposition by providing sound bites of a relentless inflection of defaming insults toward who, the Democrats!

If anyone would have just taken the time to read his book “The Art of The Deal”, they could have discovered his very carefully scripted montage.

Its right there on page 118, paragraph three;

“Bad press is better than no press at all” and “Controversy Sells”!

Thus the focus of this promotion centered upon a core belief that a large percentage of the American people were fed up with many aspects of the political body’s “perceived” left leaning conduct, which by the way was primed into the minds of the listening audience on every form of media.

Many in the country had, had enough of the subtle and in many cases not so subtle discrimination being waged against conservatism, religion, men, the color white and other societal hot button issues intended to not unite but to divide the country.

The truth was that the media had continued adding fuel to the fire until the simmering pot reached an imaginary boiling point.

If this wasn’t successful enough then they said let’s propagate more images of perpetrators rioting, looting, burning and agitating more civil unrest, oh and let’s call them the left, right!

All along while ignoring the fact that they were a small group of Anarchist that received their funding from a few very bad actors.

Hiding in the shadows while pushing the primed societal hot buttons issues are a few Billionaires that have an all together different agenda for America and the rest of the world.

These bad actors are members of an exclusive club that is made up of very wealthy Eugenicist and Elitist.

The same big money contributors that had been funding the elections behind the scenes for years were also throwing money at groups like Antifa and BLM.

Many (75 million) were willing and able to cast a vote to do something about the erosion of morality in America and they thought that they just needed a real leader.

Thus all that was needed was to get a candidate that was willing to appear to take on the establishment..hum?

Trump became that guy by using his New York style of speaking about the most obvious issues concerning this artificially inseminated sector of the voting public.

It really didn’t matter to that sector how he said what he said as much as what was said would be getting done.

One big obstacle for the Deep State was the unanticipated ground swell of popularity that had raised up reacting to him saying what he’ll do, and then actually getting that done!

Oh boy was this a problem for the power brokers to now have a guy taking charge on his own agenda to; Make America Great Again!

The partisan semantics put on by the Deep State operatives had attempted to nullify the results of the election by using the fake media to turn against his newly acquired popularity.

This was accomplished by them feeding the false narratives that the President was guilty of everything from a Russian Collusion, Tax fraud, Paying Hush Money and on and on and on!

Clearly it became part of Trump’s strategy to make it appear that he was the underdog. This appearance had parallels in that of the feelings of his followers self-image.

After all, people who identified as conservatives were primed to believe that the Democrats were taking over the country and were all on their way to hell.

The Deep State’s co-conspirators and supposed adversaries (Democrats and Republicans) of the lawless pursuit have spent every waking hour over the past six years trying to defame and disable the effectiveness of not just President Trump but, the Office of the Presidency!

And in spite of their resourcefulness and affiliations with the mainstream media they have failed to destroy the evidence of his many accomplishments.

On foreign policy, his leadership had prevailed on everything front and center!

From Mexico’s cooperation on the border to the successful negotiations with our NATO’s allies to pay up on their overdue reimbursements.

The Israel and U.A.E. signing of the Abraham Peace Accord was what he made happen!

He’s opened dialog with China on the trade imbalances and North Korea on the deescalation of nuclear proliferation where the previous five administrations had accomplish virtually nothing except a greater chance for a nuclear exchange!

His domestic policies had bolstered a thriving economy and made America economically stronger as a result!

The Deep State’s efforts have employed a reactive strategy to destroy Donald J. Trump.

One very effective tool was using Dr. Anthony Fauci as a spokesperson and the threat of a pandemic.

Inside the D.C. Beltway the Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex and AI Technology Elitist have funded the support of a rallying partisan base of embedded bureaucratic operatives.

History will show that a very similar Deep State clandestine operation was waged against Richard Nixon, which ushered in his resignation.

What most don’t know was who the Watergate Plumbers were really working for…hum?

Another tidbit of redacted information was that Nixon was even targeted after his resignation in the 1983 downing of fright 007, which had departed from Anchorage, Alaska.

The passenger manifest will show;

“Lawrence Patton McDonald (April 1, 1935 – September 1, 1983) was an American politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Georgia’s 7th congressional district as a Democrat from 1975 until he was killed while a passenger on board Korean Air Lines Flight 007 when it was shot down.”

“Former President Richard Nixon was to have been seated next to Larry McDonald on KAL 007 but decided not to go, according to the New York Post and TASS”

The Deep State operatives have long ago forgotten their responsibilities to the American people by whom they are employed by, and compensated Handsomely!

Once upon a time we used to have government employees that were referred to as “Civil Servants” but, no longer!

Instead what today’s version of civil servants are working overtime on now is inflecting a barrage of slanderous treasonous accusations and the discrediting of the duly elected President of the United States.

What we have now are layers upon layers of bureaucratically officiated policies and protocols that are being mandated as laws without any legal constitutional authority to do so.

This shouldn’t be a surprise when a war of attrition (GS Gating) in married to union rules for tenure and an upper elitist management’s mindset comes to believe that they have inherited such authority.

When we allow such a poisonous substance to penetrate the epidermis of our government institutions, it exponentially accelerates the likelihood of a much greater infection to take hold.

This infection is now self evident in them having breached the code of morality and ethics that used to be a prerequisite in the honor of being a public servant.

They are now using their growing positions of power to afford a partisan three pronged attack on the election process by an illegally conspiring forth branch of government!

The 1st assault is on our election process!

“Mail in Ballots” are nothing short of a deceptive mechanism designed to defraud the legitimacy of an election, plain and simple!

By doing so, it quite literally allows the stuffing of ballot boxes with invalid and unverified votes.

And if you think not well then, just wait until the Republicans start playing the same games and see what’s left of a legitimate election result…hum?

With the exception of those serving in the military, “Mail in Ballots” are a purposeful and divisive idea instituted for corrupting the “show up on the day of an election” voting process.

The 2nd assault is what has been strategically choreographed in the DD’s recent documentary, “2,000 Mules”.

This is where “Ballot Harvesting” took place by two thousand ballot box stuffing Mules.

They were caught on video tape surveillance systems and tracked by cell phone Geofence GPS location data.

This irrefutable evidence has physically caught not Democrats or Republicans but the illusive and almost invisible Deep State lurking in the shadows who were participating in election fraud.

The perpetrators were caught “red handed” in the act of breaking the law by repeatedly stuffing unsecured “Ballot Drop Boxes” with ballots.

Yet our legal system refuses to capture, put on trial and prosecute these operatives, why?

Well because they essentially have the equivalence of diplomatic immunity!

The same immunity that’s been extended to those working the crowds at the Jan. 6th rally. Most of us already know that Deep State operatives were working the crowds on Jan. 6th but, they are being afforded not just immunity but also anonymity…hum?

The Deep State doesn’t want elections to determine what the people want, the big power brokers think that they know better.

Furthermore, is anyone wondering why so many inside the Beltway are constantly pushing-back against the need for “Voter I.D.’s”?

We have to show our I.D. to do almost everything having to do with accountability these days and for good reason!

Does anyone else see the corresponding parallels in allowing illegitimate and invalid votes to be counted by machines that have been historically inaccurate and flawed?

Does anyone else question why automation hasn’t resulted in getting it completed faster?

Why does this advanced technology for counting now extend the time of tallying voting totals by weeks after the election?

Is it just me or are those who are in charge of keeping our elections fair and valid just maybe helping to “fix” the election outcomes?

Or at the very least just turning a complete and total blind eye to the “fixing” of n election that is so obviously going on?

We’ve seen the voting tally in real time climb and then somehow start descending…hum?

How could vote counts be able to decrease when the incoming counting process is always increasing until the last vote has been counted?

Could the influx of millions of illegal aliens invading our southern border, expose another Deep State agenda?

How about the Deep State’s attempts in New York to allow illegal aliens and also kids as young as sixteen years old the right to vote…hum?

How about the Deep State’s efforts at opening the doors to the correctional facilities so convicted felons who have finished their sentences can also be voters

Look at the level of unrelenting and continuing disrespect that’s being inflected upon the time honored right to vote in free elections in America.

This right and others are in real peril!

Just look to your so called “left” in order to see how even the Office of the Presidency has been reduced to an exhibit of a symbolic “Court Jester” that wears a fools cap.

We went from a “promises kept” President, although outspoken and often controversial, to a lying, cheating feeble minded career politician that’s merely a figure head that’s being run by the Deep State!

Half or more of America didn’t just loose an election! ALL of America has lost the war of maintaining the balance of power in the three branches of government.

We’ve been duped into aligning ourselves with an idea that Democrat and Republicans are at war with one another all along while letting the “FOX” in the Henhouse.

The Deep State bureaucracies have now taken over and have been handed a controlling interest in the Executive Branch and the vested power of the position of The Commander in Chief.

When his usefulness has expired they’ll dispose of him and empower another figure head, you just wait and watch.

In the capacity of their appointed bureaucratic positions together with the live fed agenda of the mainstream media’s wielding consensus, an infectious epidemic is injected into the minds and thoughts of many on both sides of a decisive politically charged polarity.

These traders go on to appoint (not elect) their soldiers in a war of attrition in a confounding labyrinth network of government bureaucracy that is only accountable to the big power brokers.

Too many of these bureaucrats have no loyalty to the country’s Commander in Chief any longer as they’ve gone rouge.

In a clandestine propagation of these partisan mission statements, the Deep State has utterly dismantled the long standing model for the three branches of government.

Yes, that’s correct! They have created opposition between Democrats and Republicans by using the age old Roman strategy to; “Divide and Conquer”.

As our government grew, the people failed to recognize that working behind the scenes as the government is in itself a form of socialism!

When a disproportionate percentage of our society becomes dependent upon state paid medical plans, pensions, education grants, etc..then the producers in our society carry that weight of that burden.

Ignoring the will of the people the unlimited terms of congressional and senatorial posts become entrenched using such positions that can span generations to accommodate the wants and desires of big money.

Some become drunken from the unlimited power that is acquired by these positions of great influence over the people.

Players in this game of American politics like Mitch McConnell are merely delivering upon the promises.

He is just one of many poor examples who have reigned far too long as a Senator (since 1985).

It’s from just such a swagger that a drunkenness on power further incoherently assists the furthering of unaccountable spending and corruption.

We have career politicians on both sides of the isle that are using sectors of government like the IRS, FBI, CIA and other agencies as troops to enforce directives (not laws) that have been deployed in a military strategic command against we the people.

Then we the citizenry are to be blamed and to be shamed into questioning our very own civility, while those we have anointed and bestowed the responsibility only gain further power.

In all the strength we possess as a nation we have become muscle bound because the “Deep State’s” has incited one against the other!

By doing so, this kind of manipulative distraction obscures our attention to be focused upon the real culprit.

“They use the left hand to encourage the right hand to slap its own face!”

The muscles of our strength have begun to slowly waste away! Those mussels are the people!

In the atrophy caused by our politicians we are succumbing to an inability to move.

What we are beginning to see is a struggling to retain our balance as a people.

For anyone with the abilities of sight and sound should be able to see and hear the glaring examples of governmental incompetence are almost endless.

And we should also clearly see that many (if not most) have pledged their allegiance to something other than the American citizenry.

We’ve been bamboozled by the relentless indoctrination’s of the media’s propaganda machine, which is clandestinely promoting a further decline of American values.

“Our country ’tis of thee not Wall Street’s land of green nor Uncle Sam’s sort of scam in fighting wars like Vietnam behind the wolf in fleece of lamb.”

It’s gone far beyond repairing us back to anything that could resemble a normal life, as the;

“monkey that’s been chasing after the weasel”, is just repeating human history.

The silent majority needs to speak up or forever hold your peace won’t be just an old cliche, it’ll be the new marriage vow to an A.I. vision for America and an in slaved New World Order!

I propose a rally at the Capitol Mall on July 4th, 2023, in which the American people submit a Petition of their demands to Congress.

We need to demand changes in term limits, election contributions, the election process, congressional and senatorial benefit packages together with a host of other important government reforms.

We need to support a choice for a President that is committed to draining the swamp inside the filthy morally corrupted Beltway.

We need a balanced national budget and an end to discretionary and non-discretionary spending alike.

We need an accountable government and we need Citizenry Review Boards (CRB) that can implement actions for terminations of Judges, Lawyers and complacent bureaucrats who fail to do their jobs without bias and exemplify an allegiance to one United States of America.

We need to demand accountability from the mainstream press for unsubstantiated false narratives and write consequences into law that bites hard for breaking the Eight Commandment;

“Thou shalt no bear false witness against thy neighbor”

There is no change without conflict and conflict is where we are today!

If you love God and Country and don’t wish to see these ideas go the way of Ancient Rome then, you need to step up and be counted, plain and simple!

It’s only going to get worse by doing nothing to change it, you know it and so do those who’d like to destroy your way of life!

Make your voice be heard by demanding better from politicians, the media, bureaucrats and all civil servants that should pledge an allegiance to the United States of America not one party or another!

Stand up America for a right to life and give voice to those without a voice, yet!

Expose the evil that’s crept into our society and the perpetrators that mask the wicked doings of the Military Industrial Complex’s (MIC) agenda for continuous wars all over the planet.

We need to also expose the evil that’s crept into our society and the perpetrators that mask the wicked doings of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex’s (Big Pharma) agenda. These criminals have continuously manipulated God’s biological design for profit.

We need to hold those wicked souls accountable for all of the addiction and unrecoverable side effects that they have inflected upon humans all over the world.

We need changes and we need to get right with God, or our troubles are going to get much, much worse!

“Enforce the Eighth” is a grass roots movement for demanding a better America in the future for all of America!

Won’t you stand with us in asking the President to issue a rally permit to descend upon the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 where we can hand him a consensus of understanding for a referendum for change that can make America the best that it can be….

Stand with us America it’s your time for the Deep State to hear the silent majorities demand for reform!

Enforce The Eight

Michael Chaffee

Writing with the Veiled…