What if the whole idea of fighting wars was created to just reduce the population of a village?

Ask yourself, who have been the ones who get sent to fight the wars?

Of course, that would be the young men who’d be otherwise procreating, correct?

After all historically, tribal warfare has always been able to be made possible when a tribe’s numbers had become overgrown, correct.

Those numbers would need to be enough to advantageously ensue victorious combat against an assumed adversary, right?

Of course many on both sides would perish in fighting these battles and subsequently the number of young males would be purged from the ranks on both sides.

And of course it was discovered that rallying the young and aggressive segment of a tribe’s population with a patriotic theme could also act as the catalyst for ignition.

For after all, testosterone and ego make for a very anticipatable catalyst in the explosive nature of a typical healthy young male’s psyche.

Understand that the cytolysis of such interactions in human nature was discovered long, long ago!

And when this default mental condition became reviled to those ascending in the ranks of leadership, it became a very effective tool for the manipulation of the masses.

This was as true in ancient times as it is today!

One should realize that warring factions and tribal disputes intermingle turmoil in the confusion of raging hormones and as such, this provides great cover in cloaking the key objective of population control.

In the blood thirsty frenzies that would fan the flames for impassioned conquest and bountiful booty going to the victor, what might have escaped a mindful recognition?

With that dangling carrot of the forfeited spoils of war, could it also have simultaneously escaped recognition that the net benefit to a tribe was actually population reduction?

If so, then why hasn’t this been fully recognized as the case? And why does human kind seem to easily be lead down the road to the least common denominator, aggression!

Why have the Elders (leadership) always used their younger subjects as pawns for grabbing land, natural resources, compounding their own wealth and regional status?

It seems that the next generation most often believes that it’s got better ideas and answers than the previous one.

Yet the simple fact is that the up and coming generation has had considerably less time to fully comprehend the bigger picture.

And as well, in the progression of aging there only comes more unanswered questions…hum?

What is failing to be seen? Do we just ignore the obvious cause and effects, as well as the learned lessons?

Wisdom only comes from applying knowledge with experience, not intellect with hypothesis.

It’s from the follies that the ramifications of making poor decisions are truly unveiled.

In most every revolution it’s been the youthful portion of the demographic that’s rebelled against the old crone’s established power base.

It isn’t the old and wise that coerces an aggressive call to arms but the learnt who become engorged on obtaining more power and control over others.

If you wanted to mitigate the risk of a revolution and if you were in charge then wouldn’t it make the most sense to purge the young males from the tribe?

Even the Polynesians would cast out the young males of an island tribe forcing them to head out in Outrigger Canoes into the open seas.

This took place when the Elders decided that a given island’s resources could no longer sustain a growing population.

Then they’d purge the young males by ordering them to get in the Outriggers and start paddling!

The Elders must have realized that if the young male’s aggressive testosterone wasn’t redirected and refocused on the more pressing objective like, “self survival” well, there would be big trouble in the village coming!

Thus, those who had risen to the upper echelon of holding leadership roles within a tribe would selectively thin the herd, so to speak.

Of course, tribal warfare could and would in time also become recognized as a more aggressive vehicle for maintaining a balance to sustainable population.

Thus, tribal order and the membership of a fighting force became associated with a form of brotherhood.

As it evolved then the comradery would then be forged into the obligation of patriotic duty and become an admired reflection upon one’s manhood.

Of course wars would erupt, be fought and tribes would win or loose and of course the spoils would go to the victors!

But the simple fact is (which often escapes recognition) that wars thin the herd and often just kept the old crones in power.

If there is any doubt about this, just follow the blood line of the European monarchies that governed mid-evil Europe for centuries. Some who still rein influence over modern politics today.

Thus, a growing population has always been of threatening concern to those wishing to hold on to their power.

Now days, wars have become less effective for killing off the tribe’s young aggressive males.

As it would evolve, we now have an alphabet soup of bureaucratic delegates. They’re now the one’s given authority to develop more creative ways to thin the herd.

In our modern world we now have government Scientist and Engineers who focus their diabolical creative minds together and come up with new ways to kill more people.

Their weapon systems didn’t just kill the fighting men of an opposing force but they also found more cannon fodder in collateral killing of civilian woman and children, like at Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Truthfully, was this any less horrific than the Nazi’s rein of terror with the gas chambers and ovens!

As well, Stalin’s depopulation efforts killed millions more!

In our modern world’s technologically advanced and sophisticated approach to actions taken in fighting wars, the body count warring efforts has been greatly reduce.

Since mankind’s earliest days of tribal conflicts, technological advancements have devised many, many new ways to simply kill more and more of a propagated boggy man’s imaginary adversary!

Just look at who recruited the young predominantly Sunni Iraqi Republican Guard when Saddam Hussein’s regime was toppled, ISIS!

Why? Some would ask. Well, in order to entice the swelling population of the multi-nation Arab world’s young males to join up in the promotional facade of a jihad revolution.

The Republican Guard didn’t just evaporate nor did the Brass’s leadership command just somehow go back to being civilians.

An often ignored fact is that many of the leaders of ISIS were in fact cut from the core ranks of the leadership that was once commanding the forces of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

If one cares to to look at the swelling younger demographics in the top twenty Arab nations during this time, it becomes quite obvious that revolution was in the air in many of those nations.

See Arab Spring demographics HERE

As the monarchies and dictators of Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and other nations began to see the impending liability that was associated with a falling median age, ISIS just seemed to miraculously appear!

No one was questioning how or why a new radical Islamic group just all of a suddenly came into being.

Nor did the worlds major news outlets truthfully report what was actually in play.

What was actually being done was a collaboration from every major news outlet to silence the screams!

This was done in order to promote a consensus of understanding for a common narrative!

And that understanding presented their propagated opinions like them sharing homework at school.

This campaign would aid a great purging of what was deemed to be the most aggressive and volatile younger generation that was arising from the Arab world.

The youthful citizens of multiple Arab nations would come to heed the call for conscription.

A promotion for a hell bent Jihadist radicalized Islam became the narrative, not an example of the religion of peace!

The problem was, they had no idea who or what was gunning for them nor what was really behind such promotions and playing them.

On the surface this uprising appeared to be coming from Jihadist fatwa but, behind the “schemes” would be the greatest manipulator to ever walk planet earth.

A consortium of alphabet soup agencies that’s obscurity is cloaked and shielded behind compartmentalized acronyms of secrecy.
These intelligence gathering agencies of self described importance were promoting and in some cases creating false flag operations.

ISIS would come to know the carnage that comes when being fooled by engaging a bigger than life opposing foe.

Yet they’d never come to fully comprehend nor understand the diabolical nature of the covert activities, operations and programs that would be setting them all up on the battlefields of Syria to be conveniently wiped of the face of the earth.

All this while simultaneously achieving the goal of reducing the threat of baby-booming generation of a growing Arab world population!

Does anyone really believe that the U.S. just haphazardly leaves behind billions of dollars of military hardware in the hands of an opposing foe because of a hurried retreat?

Or is it more likely that any such abandonment was part of a long term strategy to provide more ways to kill each other.

Think about it for few extra moments and imagine how a military industrial complex accomplished a win, win when no one else is winning…hum?

The to date body count estimate of the Syrian conflict by U.N. Officials is conservatively put between 350,000 and 500,000 people that have died.

The genocidal death toll in Rwanda topped one million in the ethnic cleansing campaign, which resulted from the promotion of a dispute between the Tutsi and moderate Hutu tribes.

Does anyone believe for a second that these so called uncivil wars just somehow spontaneously erupt?

Has there really been a war on drugs or a non-stop continual offensive assault upon the U.S. population for generations.

And what is the predominate sector of our society that gets dead, our youth!

After all, the next generation comes from the last generation so by killing off more of the baby producers they can, that’s right you guessed it, reduce the overall world population!

Realize that with the introduction of fentanyl the death rate has now been ramped up to mirror the same effects that the killing machine of fighting a war once provided.

The only real difference is that those deaths get attributed to an stealthy invisible foe like a Cartel rather than a opposing army.

Maybe this is why they call it a drug war…hum?

But it’s ironic that thy call it a war on drugs. It’s not, it’s a war on life!

And who and what do we have to thank for this? Our leadership’s baser instincts.

As we’ve seen so clearly with the so called “plan-demic” our society has become corrupted by the influences of pharmacology!

These are the tinkers with chemistry that manufacturer so many other decisive ways to kill off more human beings, with impunity!

The tricks of the trade together with our corrupt government officials have indemnified and exempted the pharmaceutical producers of any future litigation having to do with harm done from the COVID vaccine.

If you doubt that the COVID vaccine isn’t going to have long term repercussions on life expectancy, think again!

How could a vaccine that did not go through the long standing ten year average of clinical trials just some how get approved in less than one year?

More importantly, how could the leadership of our so called free nation authoritatively impose orders that took total control over our freedoms, mandating inoculations!

The answer is, they can’t!

Have we forgotten how these little bureaucratic Jolly Roger foundation kingdom-ships were delighted in the supposed power in which to dictate and mandate penalties, sanctions and fines for non-compliance with such orders.

If this is a nation that applies the laws equally then how did our leadership allow illegally actions to be taken against us without consequences to the perpetrators?

Isn’t that a form of insurrection? Haven’t these traders actually committed treason by inciting a hysterical response that clearly went against the rule of law?

“In a constitutional democracy, sedition and insurrection refer to inciting or participating in rebellion against the constitutionally established government, its processes and institutions, or the rule of law.”

It would appear that the military industrial complex may have now partnered up with Big Pharma’s demonically induced state of mind in order to collaborate in killing more and more human beings!

Realize they came up with the “Morning After Pill and if that doesn’t work they’ll pass the baton to subservient medical practitioners who parallel their hell bent goose step march against life.

And these demonically possessed cohorts then opened up abortions clinics that can do what? Offer assistance to help young woman permanently damage their reproductive organs and kill off the next generation.

The original prescription product sold as a contraceptive that was called “the pill” is plain and simple a developed pharmaceutical that had destructive effects on a targeted segment of our society, woman!

If the truth was know about all the lingering side effects that have been caused by the pill, it would become an illegal drug equally fatal as fentanyl!

What else helps to reduce our reproduction capabilities, homosexuality and the unnatural mutilation of transgender operations…hum? Anyone see a pattern?

And again on what sector of our society, our youth!

All of these and more are keenly focused upon and targeting our youth, the next up and coming generation!

In ancient battlefields 30,000 men could lay dead on a single day of fighting, we now only suffer a fraction of those losses even in a prolonged engagement of fighting a war over decades.

Thus, the power base isn’t killing off enough of those who are prone to being naively and gullibly enticed by a call to patriotism.

So let’s take a little closer look at today’s cloaked mechanisms for greater population reduction.

In dissecting the influences of patriotism and coming to view some glaring commonalities for how our human nature can be manipulated, it’s easy to should be quite easy to see the growing pattern.

Many of our world leaders are hell bent upon promoting an overall global population reduction. Why?

Well plain and simple, the elitist who control much of the world’s economic order only need so many of us to follow orders in order to meet their objectives.

It’s really just as simple as applying the mathematics for computer programming. Realize that the “order”of operations is a collection of rules that reflect conventions about which procedures to perform first in order to evaluate a given mathematical expression.

In the simplest terms it’s no different than when the Polynesian Elders came to understand the impending doom associated with the effects upon a given island’s over population.

Now we have powerful Elder billionaires funding the planning in the basement cubicles of obscure and unaccountable foundations.

These well organized and funded efforts are using their wealth and influence to invest, not the promotion of life but, in euthanasia!

They believe that this is philanthropy but they are really just philanderers masquerading as ethical moral men that are screwing us all!

Their tinkering with science experiments truly just culminates into more and more infanticide!

Is smoking good or bad for our health? Does drinking alcohol lead to cancer or good digestion, really? How many toxic under the radar products are allowed to keep killing us?

Of course if these cloaked mechanisms aren’t satisfactorily effective at achieving population reduction then extreme measures need to be turned up, correct?

If you think not then look at what’s being developing in North Korea, Iran and being prodded and aggravated in Ukraine.

Currently, we’re now back to a “1962”dilemma during the “Missiles of October” where hundreds of millions of lives could be wiped off the planet in a fraction of a hour’s fleeting moments!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, such an exchange would turn planet earth into an unlivable world for centuries!

Some of these clandestine “population reducing mechanisms” aren’t as obvious as an all out nuclear war because they remain under the radar.

But realize that The Deep State’s alphabet soup of bureaucratic acronyms now represents a covert forth branch of government that reins its power well beyond what old man J.Edgar Hover had conjured up!

The Directors of so many of these agencies have now taken the reins of a controlling influence over our lives and freedoms.

Realize that the vast majority of the media is working not just behind these “schemes” but is in plain sight promoting such hogwash.

Many of our so called journalist aren’t actually journalist at all but, lawyers hired specifically for their skills at presenting the arguments in a court of public opinion.

No process of examining the evidence, no cross examination, no questioning the witnesses and by no means, no posting of anything that runs contrary on social media…hum?

It should be crystal clear that one objective is to bastardize the meaning of a “free press” by artificially inseminating false conjectures and unsubstantiated hyperbole.

The net effect being, to make a mockery out of what was once called current events and news so that nothing any longer can be trusted as even having a fractional portion of truth!

The overwhelming presence of the media’s influence over our lives as “fake news” is unprecedented so much so that too many can’t truly explain why they lean one way or another, they just do?

They can’t recollect from where or how they came to be anchored to their contrived notions, only that this is just how they “feel” things should be.

And all this is based upon what they’ve heard or read, without further investigations that never actually conclude a finding…hum?

Most can’t actually go back to the priming (brainwashing) source that attracted them to a narrative, which corresponded to their conscription to narrow mindedness.

They’ll never be able to pin point when and where they choose to swallow the dangling bait, hook, line and sinker!

Nor will they admit after swallowing it that they are subordinating there own path of logic to that of an imaginary consensus.

This is true for both sides of the isle and it is purposefully designed to divide and conquer, not unite “U.S.”.

Nevertheless, they are each in themselves (in their totality) equally as effective in promoting more losses to life.

Whether we are stuck fighting combat wars or the many, many insurgent attacks on life, these are in fact like fighting multiple wars on multiple fronts.

The Fentanyl drug war, the Opioid drug war, the COVID Vaccine war, the Morning After Pill war, War on Pro-Life – Abortions, Homosexuality, Transgender, ISSIS, Iraqi, Afghanistan, and on and on…

These all have a common cause and effect and that is population control!

The simple fact is; if they can’t devise enough ways in which to kill more souls then they’ll come up with a super killer like a “Plan-demic”.

If at least one simple truth was known about the elder care COVID lock downs then, it would be that the number of social security recipients was reduced.

From this cynical perspective such an agenda also freed up more money for even more bureaucratic over reach and illegal alien subsistence, correct?

Oh and all that money that was doweled out during the “Plan-demic” now has a note due with inflation…hum?

This is why they’ll need to squeeze out a “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” (ROI) by hiring 87,000 IRS agents…hum?

The pharmacodynamics have been melded into pharma-economics 101 and between the funding of the vaccines, testing, and masking more than one thousand billionaires were made during the COVID diabolical.

Think of these guys and gals as Dukes and Duchies who control dukedoms!

A thousand key points of light, just like old man Bush spoke about…hum?

Now, they intend to put the squeeze on the small business sector by auditing and penalizing small and large businesses alike for any claimed tax glitch.

Whether valid or not, defending such attacks will be costly and if you try to fight back well, they’ll destroy your reputation by calling you an un-American tax dodger!

If that’s not successful, they’ll collaborate by turning up the heat on you internet algorithms to make your business invisible!

This is what we get from the planning and scheming of a hell bent science based collaborative consensus.

The vast majority of such thinking is spawned in the cesspool of the perpetuated liberal minded bureaucracies inside the D.C. Beltway.

They have become our “Forth Branch of Government” and they are diligently working in a “deep state” capacity on taking greater and greater control over our liberties, why?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Can you see how well what was directed as “applying the science” worked out?

The results were many more deaths and more lost liberties!

How many failed to follow up on the annual checkups? How many failed to get diagnosed with a curable condition that would metastasize into something incurable? How many committed suicide as a result of the isolation from family and friends?

The simple constant in the equation is quite simply, the “plan-demic” was a plan for more deaths not the saving of lives!

The facts are in and the evidence is overwhelming that, not just in the U.S. but that the entire world is under siege!

Our politicians no longer serve an America “for the people and by the people” they’re serving the interest of multi-trillion dollar killing machines.

Just like the forewarning from President Eisenhower in 1960 about the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), we need to take a long hard look at those having something to gain from the Big Pharma Complex (BFC)!

The MIC makes weapons and then promote world conflicts so that more weapons can be sold, to Libya, Iraqi, Afghanistan, Syria and now the Ukrainians!

And when these weapons get put into uncooperative hands then those hands are criminalized, why?

Because when used in a manner that runs contrary to the World Order’s interest then the terminology gets changed to being called “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

Never mind who the criminals were who sold them to them in the first place, like Chaney and Rumsfeld, MIC…hum?

It’s an identical scenario with BFC, the Big Pharma Complex.

They imaginatively develop drugs worth billions of dollars like opioids, fentanyl that cause trillions of dollars worth of human carnage!

And as well, they concoct many other drugs with horrific side effects, some many times worse than the original ailment.

And then criminalize those who try to also capitalize on an illicit sales and distribution that runs outside their own network.

Ask yourself in the grand scheme of an economic reality isn’t this just like the Federal Reserve printing more money while refusing to call it counterfeit?

It’s just fine when they overdose the population but, when the Cartels mussel in on their territory doing the same thing, it’s called a drug war.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be asking the question about who is providing the ammunition in the first place, the drugs…hum?

Recognize that in all of this, from the corrupt politicians, the MIC, the BFC and the Cartels that they are all in the same business, which creates the demand and then feeds the supply!

Truthfully, is a pharmaceutical grade opioid or fentanyl overdose really any different than one that comes from black tar heroine?

No not really, because when you’re dead you’re dead, right?

Thus, the one factor that remains the constant is more killing of people by everyone involved.

MIC, BFC, Abortionist, Corrupt Politicians, Drug Cartels, Homosexuals and their associates who weave and bind the fabric of moral decay and a virtueless descent, are all proportionally responsible.

They are all fractional contributors, which are equally responsible for the murdering rampage upon the earth!

One remaining question isn’t who is conservative or liberal minded but, why there is an agenda designed to kill more of us, no matter what your political persuasion?

Is it any less ridiculous to believe that Biden is capable of being in charge of the most powerful nation in the world than it is to believe that Trump isn’t?

After two years at the helm it becomes pretty clear that the mutinous drunken sailors (bureaucrats) are steering the ship right of the edge of the world!

Black, White, Brown, Yellow or what ever color you wish to paint on it, we’re all being systematically killed off!

That’s the systemic misunderstanding about who’s lives matter!

We have failed to hold our elected officials accountable. We have failed to hold our so called health experts accountable. We have failed to hold our bureaucrats accountable.

And all along what we have allowed to happen is to fail ourselves.

By simply casting our votes at the ballot box and then after an election just turning a blind eye to the lobbyist influencing goings on, we essentially are signing our own death warrants!

When any of us reach an age of retirement, we then no longer represent a contributor but we become an obligation to the government via the Social Security System.

The longer we live beyond 65 years old the more that debt grows and truthfully, the Baby Boomer era has all ready bankrupted that program.

The next generation is subsidizing the last generation because our politicians have irresponsibly allocated funding for things that we can’t afford.

How convenient it was for our government officials to just lock down the elderly in elder care facilities…hum?

Does anyone believe that harboring a potential airborne virus in an indoor environment that’s sharing common ventilation systems is protecting anyone?

Does anyone believe that excluding friends and family from visitations while allowing health care officials free access is any more safe?

Don’t those health care workers intermingle with the general public while off duty?

Don’t they represent the same potential for contamination, if not even more because of their close proximity and concentrated exclusivity to those being locked down.

It should (for a thinking mind) have begun to raise RED FLAGS when such practices become implemented as mandated orders under the guise of claims of providing compassionate thoughtful protection for the elderly.

It should (for a thinking mind) have begun to raise RED FLAGS when million dollar lotteries were being offered to entice people to get vaccinated!

And where was our so called “free press” during these times of lost liberty?

Where have our investigative reporters gone? Why do we allow ourselves to be duped into being primed (brainwashed) during prime time with an unbelievable storyline of “cock and bull”.

What we’ve become is a society that accepts and facilitates those making excuses for why they should exemplify something less than their best.

We’ll look at the homeless and give them a pass for refusing or ignoring available help because their mental status is impaired or damaged from drug use.

We’ll write off their perpetrated infractions upon a civil society while urinating and defecating on a public street.

When we allow j-walking over a median strip on a busy thoroughfare to go unabated then it should be self evident that eventually someone is going to pay the price when a fatality occurs, correct?

No matter where you go in today’s world, you don’t need to look far in order to see a vibrantly colorful display of a bold in your face self-defecating statement.

What statement would that be? Well.. what I’m referring to is the sadistic addiction to the needling.

Not just the pain from the thousands of rapidly inflected pricks but, also the injection of the heavy metal ink that leaves its lasting impression on body, mind and soul.

What impression would that be? Well it’s not an impression that parallels a healthy thinking normal mind.

While I’ll grant you that tats or no tats doesn’t qualify or disqualify anyone as having a healthy mind, yet they do reflect a greater potential for something that’s brooding just under the skin…hum?

Of course in a free society such as ours today one has the inalienable right to tell the world an ink filled story.

Although, bill-boarding the inner workings of one’s mind all over their skin doesn’t help to promote the idea that one is under stable control of that mind.

Tats are often an effort at making an unspoken statement about what one has on their mind. Most want these exhibits to be seen by everyone so they’ll even go scantly dressed on a freezing cold day just to attract more attention to themselves.

“All is vanity”, is the ultimate notion that even King Solomon arrived at in the end.

You’d think that those making such decisions to permanently deface their “body temple” would come to understand that not all who observe such disfigurements walk away with being impressed.

Some just internally look away while asking themselves in the silence of there own mind, why in God’s name would anyone do that to themselves?

Very much like the needling pain for some, the sight of such afflictions and inflections is painful to observe.

This could be alleviated, if those with such disfigurements could just keep them covered up but, unfortunately that would defeat their purpose, now wouldn’t it?

The irony in all of it is that so many fail to see the duplicity in making such a personal statement.

Some will portray a cross or a face of Jesus Christ, while abstaining from researching what the Bible says about tats and piercings….hum?

Nonetheless they’ll proudly display there artful blasphemy in direct defiance and in conflict with the word of God!

One would think that God fearing men and woman would have a stronger commitment and reverence for the word, especially when choosing to so proudly displayed a direct conflict for what the word actually says…hum?

Nonetheless, our modern society has many more examples of ever greater hypocrisies in laying claims to a sound faith based moral standing.

Even our current President claims to be a Catholic in good standing with his faith, yet as the leader of the free world he openly and defiantly supports abortions.

The same goes for the Speaker of the House.

Now tell me how that can be reckoned with on the basis of the Catholic Church’s position on abortion?

It is the actions of such leaders that run in direct conflict with the word of God.

They no more have a right to laying claims to being Catholic than Lucifer can hold claims to being in God’s good graces as an Angel.

As for us, by allowing the Catholic Church or for that matter any faith to just turn a blind eye away from such blasphemy is in itself a mortal sin!

May God Bless the Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for denouncing the Speaker’s sinful stance!

“The Catholic archbishop of San Francisco says that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no longer allowed to receive Communion because of her vocal support for abortion rights.
Salvatore Cordileone, the conservative archbishop, said he’d previously made his concerns known to Pelosi, D-Calif., in an April 7 letter after she promised to codify into federal law the right to abortion established by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. Cordileone said he never received a response from Pelosi.”

What we all need to recognize are our own duplicitous behaviors that fail to authentically represent us.

Just like these examples of blindness we too can get caught up in our very own narrow mindedness and tunnel vision.

When primed with only two choices for a train of thought, the train can get derailed quite easily.

When we are fed the lies and deceitful rhetoric coming from all sources of the the media well, it’s very easy to get caught up in the trappings of being branded liberal or conservative.

The truth is that this is just like getting a tattoo but, it’s a tattoo upon the mind!

The indelible heavy metal ink that penetrates the skin is very similar to the indelible words that have penetrated and tainted our thinking and stained our minds.

The human psyche wasn’t designed to accurately interpret the level of bombardment that we are continually being subject to on any given day!

What average Joe can separate fact from fiction in today’s world of thousands of channels and huge media conglomerates spinning story after story without any real facts?

Who can weave their way through the mind altering conundrum of social media’s contrive notions and come up with the real truth?

Truthfully, you can’t! Simply because we are all enticed to gravitate toward the perspectives that we’ve been accustomed to leaning toward.

The “lean”, that I’m referring to is a systematic tomfoolery in sociology that’s playing games with your mind.

Sociology is the studying of the relationships between culture and society, examining social movements, or researching how communication affects human behavior.

When algorithms are created that can established the way-points for the human mind’s trajectory well then, our propensity for a given destination can become anticipatory.

From there, those who are in control of setting the way-points can zero in and target the cross-hairs on a given agenda with meeting purposeful objectives in mind.

It’s pure foolishness and gullibility to believe that all of this isn’t currently in play and designed in a way that shapes our perceptions of our world.

Social Media invites the interaction of participation in order to collect data that can further evolve the study of our human nature’s responses.

In the same way that we have been lead down the rocky road to war over the centuries, we are now being marched down another path to another anticipated destination.

One question that should come to mind is; for who’s benefit?

If you’ve lived long enough on the planet you might be able to see that things have changed a lot in a very short time, comparatively to our history.

And contrary to what you are being primed with, much of it isn’t designed to give you more life, more liberty or greater freedom!

Where the modern world is setting our heading on, isn’t about the betterment of mankind but greater control over mankind!

In the quandary of our imaginative pursuits for seeking to advance our intellect, gain experience and when and “if” successful…being able to measure a fractional equivalence of acquired wisdom, what is gained and what is lost?

Writing with the Veiled…