The New World’s Disorder

Does anyone really know what was in the “Pill” that was prescribed to so many women during the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond?
What we should be wondering is; did everyone taking the Pill truly know what was concocted in the laboratory formula of science during decades of testing that kept a woman from getting pregnant?
Sure we all knew that the Pill was developed under the direction of scientist and administered through the prescriptions from doctors but, what was actually in that “Eye of Newt”? Equally important, who was in charge of validating the health, safety and welfare of women taking such a vaccination against life?
Who was empowered with the authority to extinguish life from having any chance of developing in the reproduction system of women? What are the side effects and what else lurks in the shadows when tinkering with two hormones (estrogen and progestin), which are tricked into suppressing the natural order in the womb?
Does taking the Pill optimize the likelihood for developing endometriosis lesions, diabetes, high blood pressure and or other possible forms of medically induced sterilization?
Thus, the real question should be what else may have been unforetold in the administering of such a prescription, and why? Oh yea, that’s right to keep women and men from reproducing, correct?
Yet, it was only women who were being targeted and told to ingest this formula for changing the face of humanity, as men got a free pass to continue as they always had in the past.
Do you think the developers really cared about the long-term side effects on the overall woman’s body no, of course not? And why not, simply because any side effects or possible shortening of a life from any unforeseen issues would of course be inconsequential. After all the authorities presiding over the manipulation of hormones estrogen and progestin were already aiming at snuffing out a chance at life in the womb so, what’s one more life, right?
Imagine if one could dissolve the historical premise of what was morality and inseminate a hell-bent “think-tank” mindset that snuffed out a chance for a life inside an unsuspecting womb well, just imagine what else might be possible?
Wouldn’t one of the first steps be to prime the thinking of the up and coming next generation with sex education, free love, drugs and free clinics in order to assist further huh, look familiar? In doing so, the whole idea could then grow and fester throughout the mindset of the swelling baby-booming population’s self anointed privilege in that of becoming the self indulgent “Me Generation”.
Of course the real agenda would need to be kept immersed in a colleague embraced academic clinical environment. For after all, it would only be a collegiate level of appreciation that could understand the bigger picture for how essential it was to be administering such a vaccine against life!
Equally so, it required statistical analysis to be evaluated, projected and forecasted for the need of more and more assertions against life being able to develop in the womb. Reports would need to be written and testimony given and this required the soldiers of doom to march in rank and file formation.
Those who followed the coded orders moved up the ranks and became selected for the appointments that eventually saturated the Dean-ships and Professorships with a disproportionate “demon-cratic” liberal mindlessness. A keen observational awareness ensued regarding the selection of the best candidates for recruitment from within academia allowing a focus to pinpoint who could be most effective.
In turn, this hiring prejudice narrowed it down to what would become the field of view for who the best candidates would be for scripting the future’s official policies and who would induce the minds of the next up and coming generations of intellectuals by applying a broad and general proposition of self evidence!
The furtherment of academia’s accreditation then catapulted these prodigal sons’s of this demonic into the who’s who for deciding the appointments of those who’d be scripting such policies in official government capacities. Of course in the early days, it was of crucial importance to camouflage such an agenda while working behind the scenes in order to keep hidden such scheming of these self proclaimed elitist of the learnt.
If the light of day could have shined upon the slithering serpents that lurked in the shadows, it would have no doubt raised concerns by the unsuspecting majority of the moral right minded thinking among the masses.
Therefore a shrewd and purposeful cloaking was applied to the compartmentalization of the many separate foundations, organizations and associations that were clandestinely involved. This overseeing provided a “deep state” multi-agency agenda to take form while masking the coercing efforts of strategic planning and long-term goals. One must realize that in killing off a chance at life of a whole nation, one key prerequisite would be to sharpen the scalpel.
Indoctrination through the public education system was a fundamental component, as it would be replacing the premise of what was morality with a self indulgent fulfilling prophecy in Beliefs, Expectations, Behavior and Results. This strategy was reinforced and influenced in order to achieve intellectual compliance. If you didn’t get with the program, it was not deemed to be advantageous to your GPA and equally important the appointees did not allow these tactics to become debated or visible.
The public education system was the perfect controlled laboratory environment in which to deceive morality and propagate like-minded thinking for a demonic agenda. It would become the mechanism to win the hearts and minds while being allowed more than adequate time (12-years of deputized parenting) to indoctrinate the next generation’s frame of thinking.
All along while going virtually unrecognized as a crime against humanity. The drum beat of eugenicists just took a page out of “Übermenschen” and retooled a delivery mechanism with a slightly narrower spectrum of racial hygiene.
Justifications for their approach were anchored upon the demands of technological advancements, as the new challenges would need to accommodate raising the bar or in literal terms, the average intelligence quotient (IQ).
Not unlike the Nazi’s pre-WWII mindset before them in that of their pursuit of evolving a superior Aryan race they too believed that they could deliver a new more intellectually compatible pure human being. Of course, all along while knowing that a socioeconomics retrofitting of the brightest attributes of intellectual capabilities would also need a “Blue Collar Worker Bees” sector of society, at least until robotics could fill those positions in the future.
In order to insure that a more capable human being would be available the survival of the fittest would need to become exchanged with the survival of the brightest (intellectually). Additionally, the strongest work ethic ambitions that could help formulate a specific “Worker Bee” culture would need to be induced or imported?
If population manipulation seems to be farfetched or to be hinged upon a conspiracy theory then, what can be said about the disparity between the U.S. abortion rate (19.6:1,000) and let’s say Mexico (.01:1,000)?
In this example and compounded by the open southern border policies that aid and abed illegal immigrants, a diluting has taken place of the U.S. native population in a specific socioeconomic sector, by design! Abortions and the Pill have contributed to killing off or just stomping out more than 150,000,000 (est.) plus lives!
Most all of these lives would have filled the ranks of the “Worker Bees” labor pool sector based on their potential I.Q. Thus, the untold story behind population manipulation and immigration is one of purely socioeconomics.
One might ask why abortions are legal in only fifty-eight (58) out of one-hundred-ninety- three (193) nations in the makeup of the United Nations and how this contrived notion results in meeting specific “worldly” goals, hum?
One should also be able to see clearly (If one chooses) that in the U.S. the real agenda focused upon denying as many of what was deemed to be the genetically deficient native born populous a chance at being born at all, while allowing another singular ethnicity source to invade and saturate the native demographics. Language, borders and cultures are what has separated us since the Tower of Babble so, was God a bigot?
The plan is now working to harness the power and influence of the United States government, the most funded and powerful nation on the planet all along using the native population’s tax dollars to shackle their very own free choices.
Once penetrating the halls of the U.S. Congress and their “anointed” committees they’d accomplished their ultimate goal of shaping the psyche of Americana! And they did, in 1973 they succeeded in decriminalizing infanticide! This was and is plain and simple murder by definition.
To put the blatancy in such hypocrisy a little more into perspective here is a scientific fact!


According to NASA’s 2015 Astrobiology Strategy, “Life on other worlds is most likely to include microbes, and any complex living system elsewhere is likely to have arisen from and be founded upon microbial life.


Yet, We can spend billions on space exploration in the quest for any form of life on other planets all along while contesting the legitimacy of what constitutes a living human-being developing in the womb..hum?.
These intellectually superior cohorts not only developed the Pill but, if for some reason that didn’t succeed in killing off the next generation we’ll then, Abortion needed to act as their “fail safe”. And once again, they focused their efforts upon the so called down trotted sectors like African American communities in the southern U.S., all along while importing a new underclass Worker Bee variety of bondage.


Why didn’t those black lives matter?


After all the manipulator’s socioeconomic experiment of importing the Blacks from the southern U.S. to work in the northern factories didn’t yield the anticipated results. Thus, by employing a disproportionate killing off of that sector of American society, it would create a void in the workforce and pave the way to creating an urgency for a new one, more immigrants legal or otherwise! Realize not just any immigrants but allowing a large disproportionate number of our southern border neighbors who had little education and a strong work ethic.
They steadied their aiming cross-hairs upon murdering millions of unborn black lives who had no words yet in which to afford themselves a defense in a court of so called law!
Statistically the African American piece of the pie of the whole American populous in 1973 was 14.5%. Since then more than 60 million abortions have been performed in just America alone and although the population has grown substantially, the African American percentage has remained at almost an identical ratio relationship while the Hispanic percentage has exploded. Is that just happenstance?
Statistically, it would seem this could only happen by placing some type of pinpointed killing device on the rate of births! The simple fact is that 47 million of those were unborn African Americans representing 70% of the abortions performed.
Now how does 14.50% out of a population of roughly 212,000,000 in 1973 remain at 14.50% while the population grows to 329,500,000 representing a +55% overall population growth rate increase in 2018?
It’s just that plain and simple, this was and is American genocide and it’s not exclusive to just one ethnicity.
If these results don’t leave a glaring bloody trail leading right back to the eugenicist’s agenda and a band of socioeconomic murdering cohorts then what could?
Now with that much of a leg up on the Americana masses what would stop the learnt of the demonic from implementing other forms of worldwide population manipulation? Thus slowly and methodically obscuring the obtuse reality of any of the side effects that would be killing off the breeders would be even better, hum?
Realize that the rate of rise in breast cancer, endometriosis and other health issues directly parallels the prolific use of the Pill. It’s important to understand that this was and is quite acceptable by the cohorts of a godless mindset of the eugenicist because dying from such inducements is just another form of population control.
This is also true for the promotion of weapons of mass destruction, wars, illegal drugs that have paid for wars, abortions, other forms of vaccines, and yes even homosexuality, as these all in their own way are just other forms of population manipulation.
The “Pill” in its all encompassing consumption of the living has spread it’s far reaching almost invisible tentacles well beyond just keeping women from getting pregnant! It’s changed much, much more than I’m sure even the inventors could have ever imagined would become the real cost to life!
It gave young teenage girls the freedom to become as promiscuous as young teenage boys and to even begin to act and look like boys. It demolished the time honored ritual of keeping one’s virginity intact until marriage by stripping away the impending deterrent that was once lingering as the risk of illegitimate pregnancy.
It helped to turn children out of wedlock from bastards into a rudderless society that makes virtueless woman, celebrities as single parents. It exchanged the necessity of abstinence with the rewards of sexual freedom without seemingly any form of consequence, except for the mandated child support payment, which acts as a reward for women and a penalty for men. It influenced the criminalization of fathers through legislation that necessitated creating a social welfare reward system in which faceless government could seize power from what was once the leadership role of a family, fatherhood.
There have been and continues to be grave consequences, regardless of them not being officially recognized and exposed for what they really have come to be, cold blooded murderers!
All along stripping men’s biblical inherited title as the head of the household in a “Traditional Family” model and becoming subordinate to a bureaucratic decision making process in the “strategic family” model for what has become termed now as political correctness.
In turn, this deputized parental controlling court’s system has become the “parent” and this gives ultimate control to the government for administering another form of vaccine, the prevention of fatherhood…hum?
The translucent tentacles that are almost invisible have crept into the Traditional Family’s living-room and have now placed a death grip stranglehold around the neck of our future generations. The creators of the Pill in all their claims have never confessed to their crimes against humanity nor about the side effects that could and would result from administering such poison into a woman’s reproductive organs.
Nor was there any concern for the long-term exposure to the uterus the home where the next generation would bounce off the walls and inherit the aftermath of such tinkering. No one really knows if the upsurge of a wide range of social problems being associated with mental health disorders may very well have their origins embedded in a clinically altered and subsequent mutation of the human species reproductive system?
Why do we have a mysterious and exploding homeless population in so many U.S. cities? Why is it that the vast majority of the homeless come from single parent upbringing? What are the origins of ADD, Bipolar Syndrome and associations with clinical depression and yes even the exponential increase in teenage suicides? Why do we have an ever expanding crediting being masked in the presumptions of psychiatric diagnoses when there has never been a verified documented case of an actual mental illness beyond psychiatric hypotheses?
The explosion in our society of these glaring issues, which no one even seems to be aware of having any connection with the Pill may in fact very well have an association. Although what really needs to be exposed is why the creators of the “Dr. Frankenstein” remedy for “free love” have purposefully prescribed the death of a nation in many forms.
Some scoff at suggesting that eugenicist are connected to this death march but, keep in mind that the Pill has purposefully been targeting what was deemed to be the lowest potential for acquiring a higher intelligence quotient. Think about who was most likely to ingest such a prescription?
When eugenicist banded together with the learnt it aided a consensus to formulate a collaborative mindset, not a conspiracy as some will attempt to imply in discrediting these most glaring implications. The acceptance and embracing of such an understanding helped to formulate committees that did in fact discuss and debate how many forms of sterilization could be inflected upon the unworthy masses.
After all, the world had too many people and these think-tank experts anchored their beliefs to a mindset (however diabolically contrived) that in fact inspired a belief in their own authority that they and they alone had all the right answers.
They were convinced that something drastically needed to be done in order to insure that a small number of humans with the greatest cognitive capacity within a narrow spectrum could selectively breed out the ones who had the least desired potential for a “New World Order”. Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough natural or renewable resources on the planet left for anyone to survive.
Eugenicist believed that the brightest needed to get to the correct ratio and determine what the magic number of sustainability was for the survival of the human species and most importantly, what kind of human would insure the survival of the brightest. So they began experimenting in the outer communities like Puerto Rico where they could have the greatest impact on reducing the meek without raising concerns.
The birthrate in these communities and the burden that their growing population posed upon the local resources mirrored what the cohorts saw would be the problem in the very near future for the whole planet, if something wasn’t done about it. Thus, the founding Godless Mother of this devil’s crew (Bridget Banger) also wrote the encrypted code of self authority into the bylaws of these godless practices, which inspired many other organizations to band together in like-minded association. This strategy was employed in order to work in obscurity on getting drugs approved, techniques accepted and procedures authorized.
Employing this strategy the cohorts worked diligently over the preceding decades of the 20th century with a strong focus on infiltrating worldwide government agencies that could offer a clear pathway for gaining approvals. Slowly and methodically appointments were given to those who could make policy in an official capacity for the 21st century and beyond!
This focused agenda was for the specific purpose of employing a eugenicist’s perspective toward population manipulation and control by scripting the narratives that would be followed for implementing social engineering protocols and reforms. An example of this is the recent government mandate in California that’s been written into law, which denies public education if a child does not have proof of all vaccinations. What is the Pill, if not a vaccination and when does government decide who next needs to ingest it?
As the biblical story goes, 1/3 of all the angels went with Lucifer when God threw him out of the domain of heaven. They as a “consensus” of bad influence have presided upon but not over the earth and it is man’s own free will that is man’s Achilles heel.
We need to hear and take heed to those faint and fair warnings that initiate the trembling of our obstinate adolescences. It would be much wiser to lend as ear to the unspoken caution of uneasiness that imitates from our very own consciences;


“Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”


This is a story about one thing and one thing alone, the vaccine against life that’s taken more lives than abortions and wars combined. The question is; how can we unemployed Lucifer and his crew of the demonic (Pau Hana) in order to bring mankind out from the shadows of such darkness and constrictions of the serpents?
Realize that Lucifer’s time of observance has spanned many more generations and has had many more subjects in which to practice his demonic craftiness.
Job: 2:2 And the LORD said to Satan, “From where do you come?” Satan answered the LORD and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”
If we can change what is controlling the value in the currency of evil then we can come to understand the value in the “Gold” in God’s loving wisdom!
Even in his abundance of acquired wealth, King Solomon came to know of this but; the king also fell from grace and became corrupted by vanity!
Ecclesiastes 1:14 I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and indeed, all is vanity and grasping for the wind.
As this and this alone is the master lock upon our psyche and the key in which to unlock and release mankind from the chains that bind us is within our very own imaginative power!
The cloaked reality in Lucifer being expelled from God’s heaven was the jealousy of mankind’s imaginative ability, which he held contempt for in God’s creation of man.
Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Isaiah 14:12 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
It was his unwillingness to subordinate to the imperfection of mankind upon God’s order to do so that made him the glaring insubordinate to the rule of God.
Lucifer has no imagination, he can only apply his craftiness to exploit the historical relevance for how mankind has reacted to our own predicaments.
We only place ourselves in those situations due to our individual vulnerabilities to any of the seven capitol sins;

  • 1.) Lust
  • 2.) Gluttony
  • 3.) Greed
  • 4.) Sloth
  • 5.) Wrath
  • 6.) Envy
  • 7.) Pride

Our power is having been created in God’s imagination (not just his image) and no greater gift could be given to a child of God than the gift to imagine anything that’s possible!
In my story, I peel back the layers of onion skin obscurity in the pain staking truth about the devil’s own crew that’s hell-bent on intoxicating and ultimately disgracing mankind, one soul at a time!

Writing with the Veiled…