State of the Void

Exposition :

In the telling of this story, it requires providing some background on the human brain and the cause and affects that vibrations (wave-forms) have on our cognitive affirmations.

So try and “bare” with me in order to undress your opposition to things that go bump in the night.

In doing so, you may become aware of what is actually taking place between your very own two ears, absent any knowing of it at all!

Our Virtual Reality…

In expanding the lines that border “wonder” what invites us to transition the properties of thought into our physicality? In traveling in an automobile or traversing the girth of the earth on an airplane between distant lands, do you ever wonder about something that lays hidden from our cognitive capacity?

Are our interpretations of the frayed edges of our physicality really the limits or is there something that lays dormant and resting beneath the layers of the cerebral cortex’s for what can be immediately recognized for what seems to be cognitive at all?

In that span of mental contemplation for where wonder originates, are our assumptions limited to just the boundaries of our touch and feel?

Is there something else that shadows those decisions to take action or remain still?

In listening for that extra moment or so, during the stillness of the night some may hear or sense what can only seem to be explained away as a reverberating tone or high pitch frequency.

It may only be evident to certain people’s inner ear as this isn’t intelligible but becomes a shackled companion of sorts for someone who’s inner ear or sensitive skin amplifies such a presence.

Click HERE to view effects of inaudible frequencies.

Transmitting a Matrix Reality…

The mind’s coding is communicated via the corpus callosum, which bridges the two hemispheres of the human brain thus each making a contribution to the routing for arriving at a fair balance between emotion and logic.

In many regards this was once the subject of science fiction but, not anymore, it’s now a fact!

The U.S. Military in 1991 employed the use of “Silent Sound” as part of US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) tactic that was directed against Iraqi troops in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.

The maneuver consisted of a system in which subliminal mind-altering technology that was carried over standard radio frequency broadcasts.

Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to “speak” directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain’s electroencephalograph i.e. (EEG) patterns and artificially implant negative emotional states-feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness.

This subliminal system doesn’t just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds.

How we process thought has been discovered and experiments have been performed, practiced and refined to a point where our knowledge and understanding greatly influences the way-point heading of the whole world’s future destination. Thus our brain’s functions and performances are actually very well documented and have now become controllable.

So much so, that we can now influence the very core of one’s perception for what they do or do not perceive as real and we can actually cause one’s decisions to subordinate to an alternative externally prescribed influence over such decisions.

These influences may seemingly be distant or abstract but, in offering a realm of calm over the aggravated stress in one’s thoughts that relentless high pitch ringing, buzzing, and clicking is intelligible at some level, in some human brains!

Adding Wrinkles to the folds of the mind…

How would one communicate such a feeling, such a familiarity with something beyond the here and now? On what premise do we fix affinitive confirmation to something that seems to only be taking place within the folds of our individual mind?

What paralleling conclusions might confirm acceptable boundaries within such a narrow spectrum of definition for what may or may not be seen and heard as one’s reality?

Where does one arrive in acquiring that of an absolute commonality for awareness, tranquility, paranoia or a fatal destiny? Where is that destination, that dividing line between here and a State of the Void?

In viewing the diabolical nature of our human history and coming to appreciate that human experimentations have been going on in many, many forms over the centuries, it’s not a giant leap but only a small step to fathom what greater good can come from such tinkering…hum?

While balancing between the borders of imagination and perception what can actually be qualified as normal or abnormal when the two hemispheres of the brain’s communication defaults are reset to an alternative artificial reality! In such a state of void, what could evolve in the realm of the unheard? Could we be given new marching orders for a new world’s societal agendas?

By Design…

How is it that a country becomes so evenly divided about who’s to become President and then violently hate whomever has won over the other? How does the infection of the savagery of mass shootings ooze from the pores of our society?

In order to even begin to answer such questions one must rinse their minds of the septic shock of going viral, which is infecting their psyche in almost every form of media. It’s becoming more and more difficult for so many who can’t seem to put the channel changer down, turn the knob or close the window on the screen and just stop and think a little harder about what’s capturing their interest and more importantly, why?

The poison has graduated from just the promotion of violence and immorality on every channel and widescreen in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to what it is today by design, pure and simple kayos!

It really doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum that you’re leaning toward, a sane mind should be able to see that one clear and concise influence is working overtime at drawing the crowds of opposition. No matter your political, religious and or moral meridian in conscience you are being bombarded with influence to lean, not united in the center!

Virtually every outlet of the media is a propaganda machine that is entering evidence into the court of public opinion and too often absent any real merit for the facts. In so many cases these accusation would be inadmissible in a real court of law but, ever since they started hiring News Actors (I mean Anchors) during the O.J. Trial to argue the hypothetical in a mock trial debate on live television a discovery was made about American society’s addiction to fake news.

Sensationalizing current events is claimed to be a consequence of the competition for gaining higher ratings but, when does common sense take precedence in these practices that incite incivility and yes in rare instances provoke some to commit heinous crimes and relinquish any commonalities with being human at all.

Believe it or not what’s actually going on is the evolution of what was first employed in “Silent Sound” Psychological-Operations back in 1991. Now some twenty years later subliminal mind-altering technology is carried on standard radio frequency broadcasts and these do infect attitudes.

What message could be broadcasted in such a silent subliminal prescription for so many to become homeless without any economic depression or recognizable reason for such filth and squalor to prevail in the land of milk and honey…hum?

Encoded carrier waves for a few who are sensitive to such things are often explained away as unique to the sensitivities of their own two ears or tingling upon their skin. This may be due to the variations of the inaudible frequencies together with some brains inability to decipher and translate the erratically indistinguishable patterns of such wave-forms into known language.

The instantaneous value of the input-signal amplitude in which the wave is being propagated does not process to a direct visual image in the brain. As a result this can be just written off in one’s mind as possibly even being imaginary or as so many homeless are written off to have mental illness?

The signal form isn’t identifiable as a processed thought in that of representing tangible physical properties. It is actually in opposition with the mind’s ability to place a tangible or cognitive affirmation on it’s time and space origin.

Our adult human brain is estimated to contain from 1014 to 5 × 1014 (100–500 trillion) synapses. Every cubic millimeter of cerebral cortex contains roughly a billion (short scale, i.e. 109) of them.

Broadcasting Artificial Intelligence on the Mind’s Information Highway…

In the telecommunications field a carrier wave is a wave-form (usually sinusoidal) that is modulated (modified) with an input signal for the purpose of conveying information.

This carrier wave is usually a much higher frequency than the input signal.

The purpose of the carrier wave is usually either to transmit the information through space as an electromagnetic wave (as in radio communication), or to allow several carriers at different frequencies to share a common physical transmission medium by frequency division multiplexing (as, for example, a cable television system).

The term is also used for an unmodulated emission in the absence of any modulating signal.

Hear No, Speak No and See No, Evil…

The sounds or frequencies that emanate from a seemingly distant source of broadcasting can’t be distinguished or processed on a conscious level of brain function as such, nor validated as actually being heard right between one’s own ears.

Although knowingly present the wavelength patterns disturb and distract those effected as if a foreign language was being spoken that’s absent the commonalities in vocabulary that could provide meaningful interpretations.

In explaining the effects, most seem to ascribe to them being an aliment of the inner ear like tinnitus’s ringing, clicking and or buzzing. In any case these are heard by some and these are accepted as being real rather than imaginary.

The Sounds in Silence...

These frequencies can erupt out of a deafening silence and in such a space between one’s own two ears what might be unknowingly communicated to the subliminal layers of our ancestral and genetic chemistry escapes recognition, yet it is received!

What might be beyond one’s immediate mindfulness still contributes to what becomes our recognizable consciousness, however incomprehensible, that influence resonates in between the neurotransmitters that are passing through the synaptic cleft.

Everything Travels In Waves…

Light travels in waves, sound travels in waves and even the oceans on the surface of the globe all travel in waves. From such examples the term “wave-form” refers to the shape on a graph in order to measure the varying quantity against time or distance, which allows it to be measured and identified.

Therefore a “wave-form” is the shape and form of a signal, such as a wave moving in a physical medium in the ocean, yet such descriptions are at best an abstract representation for a moment of influence from the broad spectrum of such patterns.

The measurement of frequency is a time lapse, thus such measurements are explained in the void of time as a hypothetical sort of still shot captured in a moment in time.

Visualizing the invisible…

An instrument called an oscilloscope is normally used to pictorially represent a wave as a repeating image on a physical screen for the purpose of showing frames at set intervals. By extension, the term ‘wave-form’ also describes the shape of the graph of any varying quantity against the background of a measurement of time.

Waves By Definition…

As an example, a sine wave or “sinusoid” is a term for a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. A sinusoid is also a term used for a small blood vessel that is a type of capillary similar to a fenestrated endothelium.

Sinusoids are actually classified as a type of open pore capillary, as opposed to fenestrated.

Fenestrated capillaries have diaphragms that cover the pores, whereas open pore capillaries lack a diaphragm and just have an open pore.

In this example the sine wave is named after the function sine, of which it is the graph.

Signatures of the Divinity…

It occurs often in pure and applied mathematics, as well as physics, engineering, signal processing and many other science based fields.

The open pores of endothelial cells greatly increase their permeability. In addition permeability is increased by large inter-cellular “clefts” and fewer tight junctions.

My purpose here is to focus upon where our state of “wonder” may reside from time to time and how it can be influenced?

The Domain of Wonder…

Permeability on the cellular level is such as to allow small and medium-sized proteins such as albumin to readily enter and leave our blood stream.

Chemical synapses are specialized junctions through which neurons signal to each other, and to non-neuronal cells such as those in muscles or glands.

Also chemical synapses allow neurons to form circuits within the central nervous system. These are crucial to the biological computations that underlie “perceptions and thoughts“. These allow the nervous system to connect to and control other systems of the body.

Sinusoids are found in the liver, lymphoid tissue, endocrine organs, and hematopoietic organs such as the bone marrow and the spleen. Sinusoids found within terminal villi of the placenta are not comparable to these because they possess a continuous endothelium and complete basal lamina.

Artificial Transmissions…

At a chemical synapse one neuron releases neurotransmitter molecules into a small space (the synaptic cleft) that is adjacent to another neuron.

The neurotransmitters are kept within small sacs called vesicles, and are released into the “synaptic cleft” by exocytosis.

These molecules then bind to receptors on the post-synaptic cell’s side of the “synaptic cleft“.

This is how our thoughts before we recognize them as such, are transmitted inside our brains and become what we perceived as our consciousnesses or a state of mind that is wakefully aware.

Finally, the neurotransmitters must be cleared from the synapse through one of several potential mechanisms including enzymatic degradation or re-uptake by specific transporters either on the presynaptic cell or possibly by neuroglia to terminate the action of the transmitter.

Propagating a Future World View…

In reprogramming the presence of mind (wonder) into the conscious mind’s field of view, it requires communicating to our subconscious minds. It is “here or hear” that we have the ability to process modulating frequencies, which are below the human ear’s range of actually hearing.

What goes unheard to the status of a conscious mind can be the effects that override the mindfulness of the genetically formatted defaults, which are coded in the DNA of a subconscious mind’s propensities.

Spatial Frequency

“Spatial frequency refers to the theory that the visual cortex operates on a code of spatial frequency.” .In support of this, experimentation has made observations of visual cortex neurons responding even more robustly to sine-wave gratings when placed at specific angles in their receptive fields than they do to edges or bars.

Most neurons in the primary visual cortex (the brains center for processing an image) respond best when a sine-wave grating of a particular frequency is presented at a particular angle in a particular location in the visual field.

Visualizing Perception…

In this, further research has shown that different spatial frequencies convey different information about the appearance of a stimulus. High spatial frequencies represent abrupt spatial changes in the image, such as edges, and generally correspond to featural information and fine detail.

Low spatial frequencies, on the other hand, represent global information about the shape, such as general orientation and proportions. Rapid and specialized perception of faces is known to rely more on low spatial frequency information.

Differing Views For An Image…

In the general population of adults, the threshold for spatial frequency discrimination is about 7%. It is often poorer in dyslexic individuals.

The Corporate Mindset…

What if the net worth of that contribution is to be measured in terms that equate us to us, as a piece of the whole unit, as the company or the organization of mankind?

What would we do differently in realizing that the confines and terms of this space, this time, and this reality are dictated by rules that we don’t clearly see nor understand.

What if a technologically advanced intellect discovered that if we were left to our limited formulators for our individual choices that we would cease to exist as a species eventually?

Adjusting The Navigational Way-point…

What if observers could make adjustments to our potential trajectory while never allowing us to capture a clear view or a dead reckoning of the possible influences being asserted in that of assisting us in reaching an alternative destiny?

Is there only one absolute path that’s possible for our human sustainability, or do we have other alternative choices for our routing, if planned for?

In pursuing an affirmative direction and in order for us to prevail as a species don’t we need to discover the secrets of the universe?

Won’t the resources of planet Earth become exhausted in time long before we could rise to our calling, if the earthly population isn’t controlled? What do wars, genocide, birth control, sexuality orientation, gender modification and if necessary even nuclear annihilation of a selected few of the over breeders all have in common, population controls ?

In narrowing the spectrum of choice down to a refinement of anticipatable responses, wouldn’t we shorten our journey and increase our chances for survival if we had assistance and were aided in directing our advancement?

In doing so, our choices would require insight and assistance in administering the prescription for the methodical modifications. This tinkering would reshape our convictions and help to formulate a newly adopted premise for how the world’s mindfulness in “wonder” would need to evolve.

Writing The Prescription…

The narrowing corridors for our choices are certainly becoming recognizable as our communicable expressions, our propensities, accountabilities, and the totality of our political decisions chart the due course for algorithmic harmony.

In knowing this, how does our conduct, our individual contributions make a difference in representing the human race? What if, the hopes for our salvation were also promoted as being hinged upon our ability to act as one…hum?

One can choose to over simplify such conjectures by saying “whatever they are, they are” and whatever the course we perceive is what we are to become via our intentions. But what if, the way-point GPS coordinates for all such intentions could be swayed so that a new navigational heading could be directed as a consensus for human understanding?

Planting The Seeds Of Doubt…

What sparks the decision to isolate ourselves from maintaining personal integrity, while being attached to our attempts to justify the divisions of a singular prejudice? Are these our exclusive thoughts or insemination of seeds that yield a different fruit?

What promotes our internal interpretations for the divine directions that keep us from harming others and or exhibiting destructive behaviors like hatred? Can our internal thinking process peal back the layers of obscurity in which we immerse ourselves, fool ourselves, confuse ourselves, and dilute ourselves? What world of thinking are we in, in that which justifies the disconnection of one from another and enlistments for the killings of war?

In the depths of our self-immersions how abstract and far removed does our individualized-self need to become in order to fulfill our daily directives of self fulfillment? What are the origins of such thoughts and do all of these thoughts originate internally or externally?

The Path and The Fork In The Road…

In our “New World Order” society the communication delivery and informational data storage world of the cyber age is exponentially influencing our beliefs, decisions, thoughts and actions.

In attaining expedient accessibility we often fail to delve into the origins of the many directives that have redefined “wonder” and more concisely define the conclusions that have gotten us here and continue to direct us to where we are headed!

As mathematical bi-numerable data strings formulate algorithms artificial intelligence are making many, many decisions for us as compared to the pre-industrialized world’s idled pace.

Hidden in Plain Sight…

Our daily lives coincide with many political events that often remain obscure or go totally unnoticed to the average human being. This is basically because most all of us in our practices, habits and societal rituals choose to operate well within the guidelines of the many governing directives.

Conduit of Obstacle…

This is a story about what can happen to an unauthorized individual who unwittingly stumbles upon the basement cubicles where the scripts are written for our daily choices.

How we become written into or out of a scene and woven into today’s story-line fabric has less and less to do with chance and circumstance.

Unfortunately, if chance places you in an unforgiving circumstance, well then your choices will be narrowed down to just two…“recruitment” or “assisted suicide”.

Asset or liability is the only dissimulation for measuring value as viewed by the Collective and when I became known as a “party of interest”, my life was changed forever!

This is a story about what can happen when one unwittingly steps off the curb and enters the intersection that divides the lines between compartmentalization at the highest levels of the New World Order!

I will take you to where the secrets of your “wonder” originate.

You will become aware of where the charted way-points for human advancements are kept securely locked up in the basement and you will discover the obscurity that hides in plain sight!

Be aware of the liability, as no one warned me before I turned the key that unlocked the basement door to The State of The Void,…from which once I had passed over the threshold,…there was no escape!

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