The Forth Branch…

Deceptive facts from Deep State’s attacks and dual faced derangement, must watch thy back from Fed’s attack ’bout government’s arrangements.

These foes we know caused suffrage blows in harm’s benumbed behaving, obscured the ones and covered buns in duty’s call concaving…

The known unknowns have surly grown from stories told ’bout lost control of news and crews and half baked truths ‘n claims of fakes, who owned partakes?

In stake of claim to such insane which party has deceived us, in designs assigned who sneaks behind and boasts of claims to lead us…?

The noise that’s heard has caused perturbs in all of those who’ve screamed absurd but what’s been done in gifts from son won’t fit beneath the carpet.

Deep State’s control gets lost you know in stories told of push and pulls while obscuring face of real foes they’ll turn blind eye from crimes disguise and give a pass to guys of wise.

‘Tis topsy turvy tell of lies ‘twitch conceal these faceless spies in safe domains like FBI the spooks and kooks in CIA promote the news in fake displays.

Compartmentalized dissects the lies so no one’s caught as Deep State Spies but we all know who’s too and fro in walking earth beseeched below.

Yet mules as tools had played us fools on stacks of palettes that stuff the ballots and turned blind eyes to rights deprived and cohorts terms for malice.

Cast light on frights of promotes in fights and banners waved in leans toward right ‘cus rules in laws are meant for all not coup d’etas from election fraud.

They’ll contrive deprived as truths in lies and turn each party’s ruses to focus eyes upon untruths confusing minds to what lit the fuse.

The trick on thee which can’t let free is shadowed in the things we see ’tis right or left as claims in best that caused us all to forget the rest.

‘Tis in divide to which they’ll hide obscuring trace of who’s in race in prods of some and push of thumbs we’ve all went deaf from beat of drums.

In switch of sides and Gallup Polls ’tis those confused who’ll claim they know they’ll place their bets with no regrets on horseless race without regrets…

Matters not if mans a fraud as long as liar can post a blog, if strokes a joke then take a toke and place thy mind in shameless smoke.

Presidents will make no sense ‘cus Deep State hence and consequences has staged controls on final toll and end results in corrupting polls…

Emotions high and breathless sighs cause fog to rise and clouds to hide all reasons why yet covert oops have mastered flops from vantage points inside laptops!

Fake’s displaced leaves place no trace where issues need not tissues but in the end ’tis woe my friend when price be paid for crimes and sins…

Deep State in charge has grown so large, ‘n making claims of risk in need of frisking, intelligence then plants pretense ‘n boast of insurrection yet evidence will make more sense ’bout force Fed’s gamed contentions.

Ignoring false flag gag is bad ‘cus what’s being done is very sad, my country ’tis of thee won’t hold on to staying free if acts portrayed have their way ’twill justify more reasons why.

If we allow dark Deep State aloud to claim self-defense against the crowds then what’s being called anarchy will take control of land of free.

Data streams and TicTok Cops, information from ploys of bots, claims ’bout screams and porn unclean are all designed to distort our dreams.

Restless sleep from crime repeats all of which cause shuffled feet, in step’s retreat they’ll cross the street to plant us more divide…

Hold the rag so close to face ‘cus human kind has been disgrace by those entrusted that should get busted for the reasons behind the treason.

Misguided facts have left their tracks right back to pack of wolves in clothes of lambs the scam in plans were clearly put in play.

They’ve mastered deceit in shuffled feet impacted redacted and attempts at retracted to further promote more cheats.

No claims of dumb nor excused portrayed should be allowed in crime’s arrays, no cop of plea for squeal’s appeals should be allowed to dodge conceals…

Build those gallows tall for all who’ve sold us out and let them fall one by one they must succumb to weight of scales in kingdom come…

From justice served ‘twitch measures one they’ll come to know the cost from thumbs their bold face fonts twill come to haunt in scheming jaunts they choose to flaunt.

Inflected wounds shall leave their scars in sight of those behind the bars yet truth be told of embolden quest they tried in vain to do their best.

Writ of habeas corpus stands as right to bond for every man but secret Courts that twist the laws contort those rights for hidden cause.

Deep State exist ‘cus men will twist appalling scripts and shake their fist and rules from a FISA Court has rescinded rights of laws support.

But laws of land for every man must all withstand corrupted plans and orders of injustice, and shadowed foes that wear such cloths must come to know that they have failed entrusted.

People of America are fair ‘n just and all of those that we entrust must be of morals just like us..

Congress, Senate should bend a knee in prayer of penance for failing thee as we need the truth in answered cause absent excuses or delays or pause.

We know not why some slapped the face of Lady Liberty in such disgrace or why we now have agencies that corrupt the meaning of being free.

In seeding minds designs they’ve paved a four lane road to world’s decay excusing best for something less has switch it up and made a mess.

This beltway band or marauders just keeps feeding the fodder, no exceptions in deceptions that manipulate perceptions and promotes new direction for a well planned conception that most will never believe…

Such inceptions date back to an internal attack against all that we hold so dear, the freedoms at stake aren’t up for debate nor should be viewed from a mirror in the rear…

As they’re all in plain sight of the things that ain’t right ’bout how they divide and cause us to fight while writing new laws with a many flaws that just weaken our cause and encourage applause by those we’ve bestowed the privilege they know.

No end to such cause nor pause in guffaws ’bout plans of deceptions and gist of a nation designed to partition without our permission, ‘n continue to issue more reasons for tissues!

If we want a cessation to the crimes of a nation then we’ll need to see our way clear, as the ones in control for these things we all know must be exposed in aglow they all fear!

Michael Chaffee


The Forth Branch

Writing with the Veiled…