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My approach to poetry is to chronicle my life’s experience and assume responsibility for the abandonment of free thinking or giving tacit assent.

For in setting tack and navigating the way-points along this journey called life, our pursuits may afford us an awakening to something beyond the silent acquiescence, when invited?

I believe it is obligatory in the receipt of one’s blessings to seek out a deeper meaning from living life and poetry offers me an introspective observational awareness for what may lay hidden, until invited to partake.

We can all discover what lays hidden within the folds of our unique savants but only if and when we choose to risk giving dignity to whatever minuscule brilliance resides in the domain of our psyche.

This is my personal philosophy and I attempt in my poems to peel back and peer deeper into life’s meanings. In doing so, I attempt to also honor the inherent obligation of fulfilling the gifts of all my blessings!

It matters not that we only possess a single gran of brilliance as compared to all the grans of sand upon all the beaches on the earth. For the significance is that a single gran exist at all…hum?

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

John Donne

Thus it is our individual responsibility to become more connected in the cohesion to each granular particle, if we are to become a part of a continent.

However resistant life’s incompatibilities are to giving and receiving love, respect and acknowledgement to our individual savants, we must never loose sight of what life offers us!

Life is a chance to authenticate through contribution the uniqueness of that single gran of which we’ve received. For it is in that gift that has been given that we are afforded the opportunity to become connected in some small way to something so much bigger than ourselves!

“If not for the struggle, what worth could be measured in the weight of any gains?”

Michael Chaffee

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