The Edge


What if, the authoritatively established limits being imposed for the boundaries in academic assessments have the equation incorrect and our way-point heading is off by just a few degrees?

What if, such thinking releases the binding chains of our popular “theorem’s definition” for society’s algorithmic prescription?

On the circumventing voyage of our earthly life, a few degrees amiss in the span of a lifetime can mean we may never catch sight of land.

Quite possibly those who choose to step outside the shadowed boundaries of that status quo imprisonment for one’s imaginative pursuits may capture a glimpse of a different hue, tone and color for the light of day on the horizon?

The Light of Day

While viewing our world with eyes and ears truly open, I believe that we can all acquire something much more from living life, our truest destiny!

I also believe that in the pursuits of unshackling a “critical thinking mind“, that we can unbind the chains from the prisoner that is being held captive, in The Cave!

Very much like the prisoners in the cave in Plato’s Allegory, we can also choose to refuse to recognize the duplicity that anchors our allegations and gives authority to our convictions for the prescription and antidotes in what ails us!

As David Hume once wrote, All our reasoning concerning matters of fact are founded on a species of Analogy.

I realize that some will see liability in affording themselves or others an early release from the confines of such, as I’ve describe here.

For in the conscription to the status quo, it offers definition for what is, and what is not painful to the eyes!

Yet only in the light of daylight are we truly exposed to an alternative “Species of Analogy”, which may cause some great discomfort from the blinding exposure to the mind’s unshackled awareness!

The Style…

My style of writing encourages the engagement of internal dialog. From that introspect, I attempt to question the rest assurances that evolve from the verdicts in my own convictions.

While staring at the shadowed reflections that emanate imaginative perceptions on the wall of life, I seek to measure the analemmas of time.

In my quest for the discovery of greater truth and a deeper meaning from life, I proposition the principles in the subliminal exemptions that life affords us all.

I attempt to peel back the “onion skin layers” of obscurities that flicker in the shadows of our contradictions while we are being warmed by only the imaganiary flames.


I’ll measure my storytelling success in the way that it entertains and provokes a reader’s imagination for the possibilities of living a fuller life in broad daylight!

Although my stories are fictional in a literary sense, to a large degree they represent characters that many could recognize as being intertwined in their own woven fabric of life.

Writing with the Veiled…