Tribal Assimilation

Tribal Assimilation

How did being a human with light colored skin get grouped into a single category called just “white people”?

Oh and how did all the other people of “color” somehow get assigned their own variations of identity and unique cultural titles…hum?

One should be asking, just how did all the different tribes in the world become catalogued into such a color coded assessment?

Oh and why and how did identifying and separating the “privileged” from the “under-privileged” by a color classification become the litmus test for evaluating equality?

No one seems to be wonder or asking why it is that no matter where you go in the world, darker colored people are culturally looked upon as second class citizens or even less.

Now before you write me off as some kind of bigot, please continue to engage the basis of such an assertion.

When I worked in Saudi Arabia I’d observe the expatriate Filipino laborers wearing long sleeved hoodies and face masks in 120 degree temperatures. When I’d ask why they were dress in such hot clothing they’d reply that if they didn’t cover UP from the sun it would darken their skin.

I was told that they did this because upon returning to the Philippines the darker their skin color the less respect they would receive when returning home to their native land.

It was said that, if they came home darker it would be recognized that they labored in the sun and this stigma would make it much more difficult for them to find a wife because of the associations with the darker colored skin and that of a lower aptitude. This would be a form of subjective intellectual bigotry.

The same went for expatriates from India, Thailand and every other group of imported laborer in Saudi whose pigmentation’s would cause them to become darker from the effects of working in the strong harsh Arabian sunlight. Evidently, this color classification stigma is an interesting cultural phenomenon worldwide.

I was introduced to this subliminal factor in cultural rankings while also working in Egypt. The Egyptians looked at the “Upper Egyptians” (darker colored) as a lower class in their overall populous.

What appears to be the focus of this worldwide susceptibility to a naturally occurring tribal response isn’t necessarily about bigotry but, an intuitive propensity to scrutinize who may be friend or foe. Subsequently, a form of prejudice gets introduced in making an evaluation about who is trustworthy or otherwise, which is based upon the known cultural differences.

Thus, in our modern always advancing societal progress one must appreciate and ultimately come to the realization that tribal prejudgement was and is a fact of life all over the world.

Now knowing this is one thing but using this to take advantage of mankind’s fallibility really just comes down to how this human subjective critiquing can be manipulated, correct?

If a stranger walks into an unknown village of another tribe well then, they would be more often than not to be seen at the very least as an outsider, right?

This is true even absent a color differential and a perfect example of this is what happens when a member of the Crips enters a neighborhood of the Bloods in south central Los Angeles?

In most cases, the outsider would be seen as a non-tribal member and because of the cultural history they’d be seen as a threat and as such they would be dealt with according to the rules and bylaws governing those opposing tribes.

Thus, in the world at large this factor encompasses many different tribes, and therefore it is a perfectly natural tendency to apply bigotry in some way, shape, color or form.

In the Elitist modern day society as we have today, a promoted perspective for tribal order has been dissected and creatively reverse engineered in order to be able to better apply a manipulation of these natural occurrences. In America the new world order has a specific objective and this to foster not the greater unity of mankind but for how to further the divisions.

Their cloaked deceptions have been hard at work micro analyzing all the tribal mindsets, which still exist in the hearts and minds of so many. They’ve steadfastly focused on identifying the distinguished yet flawed characteristic in human nature in order to accomadate there hidden agenda, which is to incite greater divisions.

And because of this human propensity to evaluate the worthiness of another in a quick witted wordless interaction this naturally occurring sizing up (so to speak) gravitates toward the least common denominators at first sight, color, height, size, facial characteristics, etc..

Now if you were in charge of a controlling government establishment of a “higher order” who were in charge of all those who qualify as being in a “lower order” then, how would you skillfully use these tribal and cultural differences to take advantage of that naturally occurring divide?

At this juncture some may be asking; Take advantage of what and who are they?

Well, that answer might just be that those who are in charge of scripting these dividing lines between ethnicity and so called racial difference in culture evidently wanted to reassign a purposeful ranking order to such identities.

But why, well maybe because those in control of the higher world order recognize that there is a naturally occurring response called an empathic response. This is when most humans see the plight of another being set up for being positioned at a disadvantage.

One may be able to recognize this in the way President Trump’s popularity has surged recently when being accused of things that aren’t perceived (by some) as being completely and fully substantiated in a fair and balanced court system rather than in the subjective court of public opinion that’s being manipulated by the media.

Whether or not the charges are true or not isn’t as important as the way in which he is being accused and treated in the press and that manipulation portrays a transparently clear example of a dual legal system that some have come to understand themselves as unfair.

Therefore, there are and increasing number of folks who gravitate toward relating to a shoe being placed on the other foot and there are those who have a greater appreciation for the misdeeds of prosecutors who use their own prejudgements of the law, to do what? To manipulate the law to their advantage!

Truthfully, Trump is keenly aware of the manipulating tactics of the emotional response to empathy for the underdog, as he no doubt knows very well how this natural accruing human response weighs in as an influencing factor to our human decision making.

His political team certainly realizes that when called upon to evaluate another’s circumstance it pulls disproportionately on the heart strings of a fair minded percentage of humans.

And maybe in making such evaluations one forgets to appreciate how some villages throughout history prospered while others got left behind because of this simple but telling human factor.

As there is a natural “yin and yang” order and merit to the philosophy of “survival of the fittest”, as well as an emotional response to scorched earth empathy.

Thus, empathy fosters in a trend of thinking about reversing the roles that are being played. What if; the shoe was on the other foot and that shoe’s sole was riddled with holes? In our modern society, of course most would loan them a spare pair, correct? Most would also never scrutinize why they were barefoot in the first place. Although that question would be most relevant to meeting the objective that could truly enable them in knowing how to earn enough for another pair when the gifted ones wear out.

So one should be able to see that the promotion of charity and empathy exclusively falls very short of meeting the objective of insuring independence. Rather what it does do is to make the recipients dependent upon something outside their very own capabilities.

Not to say that there aren’t situations where someone is so far down on the luck and circumstances that they may very well need a life line without any conditions attached. My point here is that the broadcasting of need and the solicitations of donations from so many political and charitable organizations often use illicit techniques to portray dire conditions.

The truth be known empathy is a reaction to guilt and the emotional responses are naturally occurring no mater the cognizant capacity or DNA of one’s origins. Simply said, people who feel guilty are more likely to show empathy because they are better able to read others’ emotions through the facial expressions, a new study shows.

And the “higher order thinkers” are also able to manipulate this tendency to sway empathically and by doing so it allows the establishment to coerce the masses with a ring in their noses in order to sway them into an anticipatable direction?

Unfortunately, without an assessment of how these conditions came about in the first place it’s most likely that history will continue repeating itself without making corrections for a new way-point heading, which could lead them away from the influences of “Divide and Conquer”.

One of my personal quotes goes like this; “If not for the struggle then what worth can be measured from any gains?” I refer to this as God’s little bread crumbs sprinkled along our path in using reverse psychology to help us find greater meaning to our life.

Of course by abstaining from using such reverse psychology techniques those of a higher order can script the narratives for a widened broadband propaganda campaign that can manipulate the outcome to fall very short of meeting a beneficial objective, independence anchored upon self reliance!

Reverse psychology; is a technique involving the assertion of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what is actually desired.

This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against.

This can work especially well on a person who is resistant by nature, while direct requests work best for people who are compliant. The Tribe being manipulated is usually unaware of what is really going on and therefore oblivious to where and how the switch and bait shall occur.

Evidently, the multiple “white folk” tribes who have assimilated into the American Culture from many different backgrounds are now to be considered “privileged” just for being white. Now, if you have a hard time understanding that this is by definition a bigoted perspective being promoted then might I suggest that you put that shoe on the other foot.

This whole idea that’s being promoted that “white” people universally in America have some sort of supernatural privilege is simply a bait and switch game of deception. Lets just remove the so called title, “people of color” from the scenario and see how it might look otherwise. Let’s survey the white folks that live in white Appalachians down in the Hollers of West Virginia or the many impoverished Trailer Park communities that are mostly people of no color (white). If attention was focused exclusively on these folks and the term “white” was used to employ a broad and sweeping call for empathy then they’d be uniquely identifiable as a culture from deprived or disadvantaged origins, correct?

Thus one should be able to see how such a narrative is used to create groups that by themselves have no tribal connection but, only from the appearance of a similar pigmentation they can be pulled together as a group and promoted as being deprived or placed at disadvantaged.

American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

It appears that the world establishment wants these cultural differences to be separated and categorized as different classes of people for the purpose of identifying them as having at least one thing in common, “under privileged”.

And it is quite evident that someone needs to be ostracized and criminalized oh and also inherit the generationally transcending responsibility of what is being promoted as a crime, being born “white”.

In accomplishing such a differentiation between people it essentially allows a government to show partiality toward specific groups under the guise of administering empathic caring aid. This would include using the legal system to apply special considerations for lengthier sentencing for crimes categorized as “hate crimes”. When you apply stiffer penalties to crimes being committed against segregated sectors of our society on such a premise, it is clearly from a bigoted mindset.

Answer me this; Are there any loving and caring crimes? Isn’t abortion a form of hate and disgust for life itself? Why doesn’t that qualify as a hate crime and why aren’t those committing the equivalent of infanticide being brought up on charges?

The answer is our taxes are paying for these crimes to be ignored, as well then endowments of government subsidies extends special treatment that allows for an influence to begotten in exchange for what, special privileges…hum? Who acquires equity in administering such special privileges and who does not? And of course, these subsidies simultaneously insure an allegiance to the political party that provided the substance. For after all, who would want to bite the hand that feeds them, right?

All along obscuring the application of the reverse social engineered psychology being applied. It’s very much like the one ball and three cups game. The problem is that in losing sight of the ball one fails to recognize that the ball never got placed back under one of the cups during the switch up…hum?

If the powers to be in our establishment have their way (and they are well on their way) opening the flood gates to a influx of a third world caravan of uneducated and unskilled invaders doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to project the trajectory of where the explosion will impact.

When you burden America’s economic potential by funding the hundreds of billions in costs for food, housing and medical care of tens of millions of newly arrived invaders on the imaginary revenue of a nation that is already thirty trillion dollars in debt well, the only light that you’ll find at the end of that tunnel is a guy with low battery flash light asking for directions and a charge!

Typically, these efforts have been termed social welfare but the truth be known what they are is a decisive misappropriation of American wealth by who, our elected officials. Our leadership has gone rouge and has developed a terminal case of social psychosis! They have become delusional in the sense (or lack there of) that they and they alone have all the answers.

With regards to artificially inseminating multiple third world cultures (tribes) into the first world socioeconomics, it should be very clear that the consequences will far out weigh any benefits to those first world economies and standards over the decades to come. It has become quite to the contrary in many nations who have hosted the inundation of so many refugees that have migrated due to civil unrest in their nations of origins.

No one seems to be asking why or how the civil unrest began nor why the only solution is for them to just pick up and leave their own county and introduce that infectious mindset of religious and cultural discord to other hosting nations.

Many nations are beginning to awaken to what their government officials have been up to in collaboration with the Elitist agenda for a new world order or disorder as can be seen.

As an example the European nations that have absorbed the influx of all the middle-eastern refugees fleeing civil wars has diluted the native populations so much so that many are now expelling the newly arrived transplants that have shown civil disobedience for what has always been their social norms.

Basically what the Elitist and Eugenicist have partnered up into doing is to essentially conduct plastic surgery on the face of the world’s populations. For anyone that’s not in a self induced coma one can now see how the disfigurements have become horrifically glaring!

Whereas those whose genetics have originated from another area on the globe are to now be invalidated and categorized in having just been born “white”. The utter duplicity in such a premise seems to escape recognition in its promotions by who? By not or elected officials but their “anointed” fully indemnified government bureaucrats.

Never mind that Caucasians or Anglo-Saxons or Scandinavians or Germanic or even some Slavic folk’s genetics originated from other very different tribes, they’re all to be just considered a single class of people now conveniently being called “white” and coincidentally also privileged…hum?

One might not be aware enough to catch the cloaked deceptions, which are in play in what is being employed by the globalist. But nevertheless, what has taken place has been a manipulation and redefining of the different cultures that had risen out of the smoldering embers of the European dark ages and the geopolitical dominance of hegemony imperialism.

Somehow all the offspring of these “white folks” just became assimilated into a singular tribe that’s been categorized as, you guessed it…White Americana!

The irony in all of this is that if you’re “white” you can’t expect any help form the ACLU because a white “mind isn’t a terrible thing to waste” evidently!

In employing their tactics, it allows a generalization to be imposed upon everyone appearing as “white” and then the accusations of “privilege” is scripted in the media to tailor fit a white males apparel, right? You know they say, clothes can really make the man, right!

They’ll even add on the ornamental pieces assigned to such apparel in a criminalization called “white supremacy”, just in case being a white male isn’t bad enough…hum?

Doing so isn’t just happenstance, it’s very purposeful so that the lines of distinction (by design) between the tribes (not race) can better take advantage of exaggerating the cultural differences that creatively and imaginatively exist today. It should be transparently clear to those who are unscathed by the relentless priming of the press that an objective is clearly in the works by those who are in control of the everyday tag lines. That brainwashing AI tactic is WI-FI distributed and bot manipulated on every broadband form of social media. And of course those messages all get censored down by the overview of our intelligence agencies being promoted in the divisive narratives that create only further divisions, correct?

What’s important to understand here is that too many people have a vulnerable susceptibility to being gullible. Too many believe the bald face lies and can’t differentiate between facts and fiction. So, they get caught up in the emotions that cause friction. These bad influences are very familiar with the human psyche and are hard at work entangling a form of reverse social engineering to what was once applied toward an immigrating populous that crawled out of the dark ages era.

The gone by Industrial Revolution era’s objectives were to have immigrants abandon their nation of origin’s culture, rituals and languages in order to assimilate into their new country’s practices and standards. This was generally accomplished in one generation by the up and coming next generation’s willingness to assimilate into their adopted nation’s unified culture.

Quite possibly, God’s decision to add confusion at the Tower of Babble by giving us multiple languages must have very well foreseen humankind’s self destructive propensity coming…hum? Unfortunately, as our technological advancements provide a patch fix to this stumbling block for collaborate communication the “Walls of Babble” are becoming resurrected.

For example one might ask what is going on with the transplanting of so many being called refugees, migrants and of asylum seekers into so many countries all over the world? Whether or not these classification of the displacement of millions factually has a valid clam to the titles and are legitimate never gets addressed nor fully vetted.

What happens? Well, the truth in the matter is that a purposeful chronic migration is being exacerbated by the further promotion of wars and unabated poverty. All along while dangling the carrot of a wide open door to a land of milk and honey. What’s happening is a cause and effect response. If you can influence the politics of a targeted nation with propaganda and focused covert activities well, you can greatly influence civil unrest. And if you can infest a local government with clandestine operatives as well, then you can achieve desired results, like civil wars and bad economies…hum?

Much of which has to do with the import, export and or the availability of petrochemicals (oil) byproducts like diesel and gasoline fuels. For after all, a county’s prospective economic stability will hinge upon the cost of fuel and its availability to its population.

Speaking of civil unrest, by employing the aforementioned tactics, doing so is very much like artificially injected gasoline fumes into the flames that are already burning. When wars breakout or economic conditions become so dire that people become disparate well then, you get folks called refugees fleeing out of the third world right past the second and invading the first world nations on earth.

Refugees are a result of people fleeing what they allowed to happen to their home country in the first place, like civil wars and economic strife.

Simply by introducing and facilitating a civil war as the only solution in sight (and again creating greater divisions among opposing tribes and or neighboring nations the promoters get millions killed while banking trillions.

Too many relief organizations unaccountably dole out millions upon millions of humanitarian assistance that only lines the pockets of local tyrannical leadership, which has typically seized control over the local political power. Does the name Hamas ring a bell?

From France to Germany, from America to Canada what is unfolding is an organized and coerced worldwide effort to pollute and dilute the harmony of first world native populations with a dichotomy prone to much greater division than unification. When officials from world governments collaborate to forcibly blend independent cultures into a new world view they must also be very aware of the heighten potential for the eruption of incivility and social disorder.

So much so that unless you could justify excusing them from the responsibility of having a fully functioning working mind, the only other viable explanation is that this is some part of a grand scheme for redistribution of the world’s populations and implosion on middle-class wealth.

True this could be deemed a conspiracy theory but what it is in fact is a conspiring effort to dilute native populations with an immigrating population that is much more prone to socialist / communistic styles of a government’s control over them.

When you add a multi-generational influence on an education system’s socialist minded indoctrination of our children what you get from the next up and coming generation of a native population is misguided enthusiasm that’s willing to heavily sway toward such misguided teachings.

What’s been happening of late has its influential origins rooted in the decadal past of the very well organized and very well funded Teachers Unions.

Don’t be fooled, plain and simple unions are in fact just another form of socialism. It’s almost like a form of government that works inside a government at the street level. They also have lobbyist working with people inside the city, state and federal government that line the pockets of our corrupt government representatives to support the Union’s focused agendas.

These bad influences are very powerful people who recruit and help promote the advancing careers of more corrupt officials that they can count on to join in with their illicit obscure hidden agendas. If you become a whistleblower or don’t toe the line well then, you won’t have a career in government or a pension.

There is a deep seated uncompromising partisan mentality that’s gone rouge inside the D.C. beltway. It’s like an infection that’s also been spread throughout the state and city government agencies. This is what you get from the next up hand coming generation that’s been whined on a belief that their accomplished degree affords them intellectual superiority or not white supremacy but educational supremacy!

I belief the term that is used is called “educational bigotry”…hum?

In Europe, the influx of so many Middle Easterners has changed the demographic profile to reflect a very different social dynamic. These communities within the newly adopted nations as a whole aren’t representing the native population values nor do the invaders wish to assimilate. Whereas Europe previously had a high percentage of those aligned with a Christian faith following, the recent migrating populous is one of predominantly the Islamic faith. The naturally occurring division between these faiths dates back to the riff with Ishmael who was the first son of Abraham and the common patriarch of the Abrahamic religions. Very little has changed in the totalitarian perspective of the Islamic teaching’s that have aspired from the incompatibilities with any other faith besides Islam.

WOW!…What a great way to use religious teachings as a tool that already exist in the minds of the unsuspecting and too often subordinate masses. It’s very much like the three cups and one ball game. The art of deception is to hide the ball under one of the cups while rotating the cups. Then the Orchestrator asks which cup has the ball under it. The moral of this story is that if you don’t keep your eye on the ball you have a pretty good chance of being fooled, right?

When you infuse a native population with completely different cultures and languages it raises the temperature. So…ask yourself, what good comes from an artificially induced tempestuousness?

This factor alone is a combustible factor but when adding the fuel of a radicalized version of Islamic Jihadist to the flames of contention, it becomes transparently clear that there are forces at work that have a very different cultural mindset in mind.

The border crisis isn’t happenstance, it’s purposefully being allowed by both political parties in the U.S.. The vast majority of these immigrants are arriving with a predestined mindset about a form of government that they are accustom to and that’s socialism and communism. This redesign is obviously for a realignment of social values for what existed as the native social norms to something quite different.

The key points here are to awaken a realization for what is being done and why? The worldly order’s first objective is to displace millions of the third world predominantly uneducated impoverished people into a flourishing modern first world society. As one can see from the newly arrived influx, the ensuing riots and disorderly rebellion can shortly thereafter organize and coverage into making demands for changes to the existing social norms.

Just look at the recent protest against Israel who merely has been attempting to defend herself against another invasion and slaughtering of thousands of men, women, children and the elderly.

The newly arrived immigrants aren’t assimilating to the native culture they are assembling to rebel against it and invoking demands that U.S.policy subordinate to their antisemitism! Of course this creates a contentiousness among the native population but, unfortunately the lacking awareness to the civil disorder that existed in many of the “refugees” home nations leaves the native population unprepared in recognizing and dealing with what is yet to come! It’s very much like what happen to the Hawaiians in the 1800’s.

Metaphorically speaking, this condition is like a barrel of ripened fruit being mixed with a portion of rotten fruit.“If you take a piece of rotten fruit and place it beside perfectly good fruit what happens? The mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit and both end up bad, correct? This is the same with surrounding yourself with rotten people, in time you’ll likely descend down the same slippery slope to become rotten.” Anyone knowing how the commingling of each affects the others will quickly know what happens to human beings as well. So goes the saying; “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”

What circumstances have evolved in the world’s geopolitical climate that have somehow culminated into the promotion of such conditions? Why are forces in play that heightened the potential for greater civil unrest, lawlessness and ultimately more violence?

The answer; “Divide and conquer (divide et impera) is the principle of the conquest and subjugation of peoples by constantly inciting internal conflicts within conquered territories and then acting as a mediator of conflicting parties.”

There is nothing new here as the Romans were the first to use this principle of the conquest and subjugation of peoples by constantly inciting internal conflicts. And from this SOP they were quite successful in conquering territories and then acting as the mediator of conflicting parties.

“An example of the policy of “dividing and ruling” is the treatment of Jews by Aulus Gabinius – a proconsul in Syria in 57 BCE – who deliberately divided their lands into 5 smaller districts. It is mentioned in Josephus Flavius in Book I of De bello Judaico.”

There are two ways in which to lead people, and “divide et impera” is one way, and another is to lead by uniting people. By creating a shared ambition and inspiring people to build it with you!

By turning it into a life quest; the journey to build something bigger than themselves unites people. The desire to leave a legacy is why people join just such a mission. By using a slogan like “Make America Great Again” it is employing an opposing strategy to divide and conquer to uniting the masses and its probably why more than half of America is on board. The other half isn’t, and supposedly this is because of the media’s relentless crusade at dividing us further and further away from our core values.

This is the stage where stark naked hypocrisy gets dressed up as a new vision for truth and justice and when caught in such a lie they just recant a story and blur the images in the background.

What I mean by this is the unaccountable bias that is being promoted as news worthy when in fact it’s a narrowed down scripted version of current events that no more portray reality than a clip from the Twilight Zone! If people were to view their political choices more clearly they’d be able to more clearly see who is who and more easily differentiate between being manipulated on emotion verses making the sound choices in judgement that comes from logic. But of course that would require some people to be deprogrammed, as indicated recently by the emotional fire starter Hillary Clinton.

It should be glaringly apparent that we have delegated the responsibility of overseeing our leadership to many of the wrong people. In determining who is right and who is wrong, it really just comes down to identifying who is promoting what, correct? Emotion or logic…? Do you want to buy something or be sold something? In order to buy something of value you’d need to first evaluate what the value is in a price, correct? That’s called a logical deduction.

In order to be sold something you’ll only need to be distracted by the sleight of hand and therefore becoming momentarily distracted just long enough to loose sight of the ball under one of the three cups, correct? Once that is accomplished then they can slip in or remove other variations for what was imagined but yet not authenticated by physical reality. This would be the “Pig in a Poke” switch up that keeps coming out of the Congressional and Senatorial representative’s efforts at providing sound leadership. These cohorts wrangle with other lawmakers to hammer out spending bills that spend more and more money that we don’t have. Therein lies the art in accomplishing the deception and the crux in the matter stems from the occurrence of the cross contamination of our gullibility with our nativity while our self-serving politicians capitalize on our distracted confusion. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s more than likely that it’s not true, correct?

Yet when we hear and see a rising politician as the next best thing to solving all of our woes (which were voted on and passed by politicians), what do we do…? We emphatically rally support and get on his or her band wagon in order to help them get elected, again!

Although we’ve never met them, spoken to any on a one on one or even reviewed a full untainted dossier about their life’s accomplishments that make them worthy of holding office. Instead, we just go with the flow and vote along party lines. I’m for Trump or I’m for Biden is assuming to partake upon a path of logic or a path of emotion that sets the way-point for navigating to a given destination.

How many voted during the last election on the basis of simply hating the opposition? Is that logical or emotional. Who fairs better on the merits of accomplishments in having achieved something measurable?

Senator Dick Durbin Proposes Arming Illegal Immigrants, Providing Them with Military Training

If you wonder where this is all headed maybe you should really listen to what was recently said by Richard Joseph Durbin (Dick Durban). This “79-year-old Democrat who has been feeding at the public trough for more than four decades wants to give the unvetted armies of illegal aliens invading the southern border access to guns and military intel”.

“He claimed giving citizenship in exchange for military service to the migrant mobs breaking federal laws to sneak into the United States would enhance national security.

“Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at the Army, Navy, and the Air Force? They can’t reach their quotas each month. They can’t find enough people to join our military forces,” the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said.

“And there are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for this country. Should we give them a chance? I think we should.”

Well, I think this it is this kind of leadership that represents the enemy within, as Michael Savage once coined. And in making such a statement as a government official it provides evidence of his dereliction of duty and a violation of his sworn oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America.

The only question is; Why is he or anyone else exhibiting such disdain for our nation’s laws being allowed to continue to hold a Senatorial seat any longer? There should be an Ethics Committee meeting called immediately in order to vote to remove him from the chamber. Any votes in his favor on both sides of the isle should scream volumes about who else is riding with the devil…hum?

Writing with the Veiled…